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by tjkluse
Mon Oct 12, 2009 4:10 am
Forum: Ideas - Creation to the Greeks
Topic: CTG - Weeks 4 & 5
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Unification of Egypt Video

We're having such a good time with CtG that I've been trying to really photograph our experience so the kids can look back and rememebr. Whe the guide book suggested dramatizing the uniting of Egypt the kids didn't seem overly enthusiastic until I mentioned that we could video tape it. Well, that wa...
by tjkluse
Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:19 am
Forum: Ideas - Creation to the Greeks
Topic: CTG - Week 1 (including the Sabbath & Creation)
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Re: C to G about Sabbath celebration

What do you all think if we push the celebration back? Is this going to really mess up the schedule? I feel like I'm doing something wrong, but I don't think we can get it in this weekend. I knew that we couldn't 'do' the festivals the way I wanted to do them. So, my husband suggested skipping them...
by tjkluse
Sat Feb 21, 2009 7:48 pm
Forum: High School Archive
Topic: Special needs - Adjusting 9th grade (or not)?
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Re: Anyone using High School Level with an Aspie?

Thanks everyone, You had some great ideas. The really neat thing is that last night the man-child (Jake) and I, and later my husband and I, were brainstorming to see if we could come up with some workable adjustments. It's really neat to see that several of your suggestions were also things we thoug...
by tjkluse
Tue Sep 23, 2008 7:35 pm
Forum: Other Subjects Archive
Topic: Special Needs - Ideas for helping with speech
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Could I suggest looking at this from a different angle?

I'm no expert on speech problems, but can I suggest that you look at the intent of the lesson in a different way. With young children we generally teach by showing them something and then asking them to copy or repeat. In part we do that for reinforcement for them. BUT we also do it for us- It is th...