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by AudMama
Mon Aug 22, 2011 9:31 pm
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Topic: 4-year-olds - K Slowly or Pre-K? (author reply)
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Re: Kindergarden @ 4???

My 4yo won't be 5 until December but he is ready to start. My thought was to do 3 days a week since the lessons are set up for 6 days. Then it *should* take 2 years.
by AudMama
Fri Mar 25, 2011 8:59 pm
Forum: Adventures in U.S. History
Topic: Student sheets -- Useful for younger siblings?
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Re: Adventures with a kindergartener also

A few years ago I did ADV with a 3rd, 2nd, and Ker. My Ker did really well with it. He retained just as much as the older children did.
by AudMama
Sat Aug 01, 2009 11:24 am
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Topic: Record Keeping / Planners - Ideas to use with MFW
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Re: grids in the TM

We're starting week 5 of CtG on Monday, and I've been copying the grid. On the other side I print a homemade grid for individual subjects. I make notes and highlight when we're finished. I'm going to keep them for the next cycle.
by AudMama
Tue Jun 16, 2009 11:46 am
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Topic: CTG - Talk me into it
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Re: O.K. talk me into CTG ladies

cbollin wrote: If you want Bible as spine for studying ancient history and then getting the other history within that context... well, uhm.. stick with CTG.
This is exactly why I chose CTG over any other Ancients curriculum. You could always read about the feasts instead of actually doing them.
by AudMama
Tue Jun 16, 2009 11:41 am
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Topic: Books - Why did MFW choose Streams of Civ.? (author reply)
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Re: Had a chance to preview Streams....

It's definitely packed full of information that SOTW doesn't have. :-)
by AudMama
Sun May 10, 2009 1:16 pm
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Topic: Timelines - **Ideas
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My Timeline

We're starting CtG tomorrow!! I finally figured out how I wanted to do my timeline. There's absolutely nothing on it yet, but if you want to take a look it's here:
by AudMama
Thu Apr 02, 2009 8:01 am
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Topic: Schedule - 4 days a week for K?
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Re: 6 days of Kindergarten lessons

When I was working through K, we usually just did the 5th and 6th day together.
by AudMama
Sun Feb 08, 2009 9:52 pm
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Topic: Ideas: Keeping kids' attention while reading aloud
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Re: Ideas: Keeping kids' attention while reading aloud

K - keeping child's attention Post Posted Wed Aug 13, 2008 9:48 pm by Tennessee Mama I read "information" with tons of excitement in my voice and stop often to see if everyone understands. Sometimes I can be very silly with it. When it comes to a part that I really want them to remember I'll gasp a...
by AudMama
Thu Apr 17, 2008 10:21 pm
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Topic: ADV Weeks 1-3
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Re: beaded necklace

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2007 2:33 pm Just an idea... My son didn't want to wear the beaded necklace, so we made a bookmark instead with the beads laced onto the string and knotted at the ends. Tatertreezmom ;-) We did a bookmark as well... only with letter stickers on paper. Dd7 decorated hers with pri...