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by MercyMamma
Thu Sep 09, 2010 10:27 am
Forum: First Grade Archive
Topic: Non-USA family - Is 1st complete?
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Re: some more questions...

1) You should be ok. Book basket in this grade level is more like "find books on worms" and you're set. ;) Whatever science topic you're studying for the week and you're good. Now they also do expect you to get books from the library to go along with the math topics you are studying, so you might wa...
by MercyMamma
Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:41 pm
Forum: First Grade Archive
Topic: 5 yrs old or younger - Ready for 1st?
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Re: Using 1st Grade with a 5 yr old

I'm doing 1st with a 5 year old. I know that its not for everyone, but for my daughter, at 4 last year she was ready for K and did well with it. We are doing 1st and so far she is enjoying it and right on target with the learning level of things. If she struggles we'll slow it down of course, but tr...
by MercyMamma
Sat Apr 03, 2010 7:33 pm
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Topic: Lunch & Breakfast
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Re: OT-resources for healthy lunch ideas

No new ideas really, but my kids are in love with "Muffin Tin Monday", basically serving lunch in a muffin tin. Sometimes I make it extra special, sometimes its just cheese and crackers in a muffin tin, lol, but they love it! There are some photos of MTMs on my blog - onelittlewordsheknew.blogspot.c...
by MercyMamma
Sat Jun 06, 2009 7:53 am
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Topic: Book Reviews - Kingdom Tales
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Re: Kingdom Tales... better than Nancy Drew!

I LOVE the Kingdom Tales books, they are absolutely precious. I read them as a child.
by MercyMamma
Tue Jun 02, 2009 8:41 pm
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Topic: Prep - Organizing everything
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Re: Kindergarten questions

Thanks for all the organization ideas. I'm trying to decide between putting everything in page protectors and just using the file folders system where I would have a file folder for each topic with the unused worksheets in it and then once its done, well then it has the done worksheets in it. lol Ma...
by MercyMamma
Fri Jan 30, 2009 5:26 pm
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Topic: Read-Alouds - Patricia St. John books--wonderful!!
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Re: Loving St John Books

I'll be starting K next year, so I've not used MFW yet but the St John books are one of the things that first drew me to this curriculum! My mom read us Treasures of the Snow every year starting December 1st, leading up to Christmas. She always cried at certain parts, its just such a special memory ...
by MercyMamma
Sun Jan 04, 2009 11:58 pm
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Topic: Missionary Bios - Questions, Testimonies, & can we add m
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David Livingstone

Posted: Sun Jul 06, 2008 7:31 pm I did want to comment that my own dad was a missionary kid who grew up in Pakistan. He learned to walk on the boat over there and came back in 8th grade because my Grandpa had gotten some form of Hepatitis for the third time and the missions organization had them co...
by MercyMamma
Tue Jul 01, 2008 7:57 pm
Forum: Rome to the Reformation Archive
Topic: Read-alouds - Are there narration ideas or discussion questions?
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You are the one(s) sitting with/lying with your babies, listening to them gasp with anticipation, holding them when they cry in sorrow , and raise their little eyebrows in confusion. ...You will see those looks, those moments, and I don't think you'll miss a thing. Just be in tune with the Spirit a...