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by finley3001
Wed Aug 03, 2011 6:05 pm
Forum: Book Basket and Independent Reading Archive
Topic: Audio/DVD/Website - NEST videos
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Re: NEST videos for Adventures

If you live in South Carolina, you can get free access to Discovery Channel's United Streaming website for Educators. I was thrilled to see ALL the US History NEST videos on there in full episodes! If you live in SC, send me a message and I'll direct you to the place to register for free access. We'...
by finley3001
Thu Mar 24, 2011 1:08 pm
Forum: Adventures in U.S. History
Topic: Reading - Reading aloud vs. independent reading on grid
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What are you using for reading for Grade 2/Adventures?

Are you using a specific reading program, or? Thanks for sharing. We're using the Pathway Readers...not the whole program just the readers. My kids love them and they are perfect for their reading level. I'm interested in the R & S Pathway readers but cannot seem to find a list of just the book...
by finley3001
Fri Aug 20, 2010 7:53 am
Forum: Choosing Curriculum Archive--For Those New to MFW
Topic: Combining K & 1st - Experiences teaching them together
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Re: Doing both MFWK & MFW 1?

I'm currently doing K and 1st. My K'er is sitting in with big sister for the 1st grade Bible, science, activity and read aloud. He's doing the worksheets from K as well as the math. He sat in alot last year when we were doing Kindergarten with my daughter so I didn't feel the need to do the badges, ...
by finley3001
Mon Aug 16, 2010 8:42 am
Forum: Book Basket and Independent Reading Archive
Topic: Book Reviews & Extras - Classics
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Re: Your Favorite Classics

We've been enjoying the Classic Start Novels by Sterling Publishing. We're using those as read-alouds for my DD (1st) and DS (K). Right now we're reading Anne of Green Gables and will be reading the Adventures of Tom Sawyer after that. THey are abridged versions but stay true to the classics and can...
by finley3001
Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:34 am
Forum: Kindergarten Archive
Topic: Schedule - Can I start MFW-K in the wrong season? Midyear?
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Question about time of year to start K curr.

I am considering starting MFW Kindergarten curriculum next January with my son, but I was just wondering if any of the units are dependent on being done at a certain time of year. Is it going to throw things off if we start in the middle of the year instead of the beginning? We started K last March...
by finley3001
Sun Feb 07, 2010 8:29 am
Forum: Kindergarten Archive
Topic: Schedule - What if our day is too SHORT?
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Re: What do you do the rest of the day?

Great question!!! I have 4 children- K, 4.5, 3.5, and 3.5 so right now we're just doing "school" with my K student. We've recently started doing a chore system that has been so helpful in teaching the kids responsibility but also occupying their time. We do chores right after breakfast and...
by finley3001
Sat Nov 07, 2009 6:41 am
Forum: First Grade Archive
Topic: Readiness for 1st - What could I use between k-1st gr?
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What to do if K'er finishes K early ??

I am not looking forward to ending our A-Z adventures and neither is my dd. We have enjoyed it so much. She has even been wanting to pick out her own units to study. If we stayed on schedule my dd would be finished with K by the end of January. I think we are going to take a break from the regular ...