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by 3koolkids
Thu Aug 23, 2007 7:45 am
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Topic: Prep - Getting supplies & materials ready for MFW-K
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Ideas: Fold-out K "schoolhouse"

One thing that I did that I like is to buy a large 3-part folding project board and tape the Alphabet cards to the inside and then on the right put the calendar and hundreds chart. Then I can close it up and store it until the next day. Just for fun, I made a drawing of a schoolhouse on the front so...
by 3koolkids
Thu May 17, 2007 12:59 pm
Forum: Rome to the Reformation Archive
Topic: * RTR is absolutely wonderful!
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We have had such a great time

I have immensely enjoyed doing RTR this year and have 1 MORE DAY left with the curriculum. I am actually sad. We have had such a great time with it. We will probably go back over the next few weeks and revisit some of what we have done, pick out some more books, review the anatomy, and spend some ti...
by 3koolkids
Wed Mar 01, 2006 3:12 pm
Forum: Rome to the Reformation Archive
Topic: 3rd grade for RtR?
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Thanks Brooke and Crystal! Your input really helps. I am glad that you have had experience with other programs because it seems unless you've been through a curriculum, it is difficult to assess. Your info about hands-on does sway me because my twins love to do projects. We are using the Apologia As...