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by CindyLou
Thu Aug 16, 2012 3:30 pm
Forum: First Grade Archive
Topic: Phonics with a regional accent?
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Re: regional accents & the /oo/ sounds (First)

My folks moved our family from Wisconsin to Texas my senior year. In WI I always scored 100% on spelling tests; my 2nd day in Texas I missed over half of the words on my spelling test. The teacher had me stay after class and tried to give me an oral test. I simply could not understand what she was s...
by CindyLou
Wed Jul 25, 2012 2:12 pm
Forum: Choosing Curriculum Archive--For Those New to MFW
Topic: Compare MFW to textbook approach & Happy with the switch
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Re: What does a day in MFW look like compared to Abeka??

My children attended a private Christian school last year for 1st/2nd grade using Abeka. They learned alot, and became very confident readers (can't say enough praise for Abeka phonics), but oh, so, much, busy, work!!! My daughter loves workbooks, so she didn't mind, but my poor son - crying, trying...
by CindyLou
Wed Jun 20, 2012 10:20 pm
Forum: Adventures in U.S. History
Topic: Independent Work in Adventures
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Re: Newbie Question - Daily Schedule

Thanks for the suggestions, ladies! Don't know why I didn't think of these! I'm really looking forward to starting Adventures!!!
by CindyLou
Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:41 pm
Forum: Other Subjects Archive
Topic: Foreign Language - Rosetta Stone age to begin? Tips for younger users
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Foreign Language - when did you start?

I'm about to push the order button, but had a few lingering questions. This question concerns foreign language (specifically, Spanish, South America). What age did your children begin foreign language? We're going to be doing MFW Adventures soon (both my DD and DS are 8 years old), and thought maybe...
by CindyLou
Fri Jun 15, 2012 11:30 pm
Forum: Choosing Curriculum Archive--For Those New to MFW
Topic: Convention - What is said by MFW that gets people so excited
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Re: SO impressed with MFW at convention

I just wrote a note of praise to MFW and thought I'd chime in, here, as well! Went to our homeschool convention today and was SO IMPRESSED with their booth! I took lots of time looking through the ADV book and recommended deluxe items. Wanted to order everything right then and there (but it's cheape...
by CindyLou
Mon Mar 07, 2011 2:13 am
Forum: Other Subjects Archive
Topic: Homeschooling despite illness
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Re: Homeschooling with Chronic Pain Issues

I, too, have had a couple of surgeries that required weeks/months to recover and currently am suffering from "IC" (which feels like a really nasty bladder infection that just won't go away - in fact, it can literally bring me to my knees and I can't breathe the pain is so bad). Currently the pain is...
by CindyLou
Mon Mar 07, 2011 1:53 am
Forum: Other Subjects Archive
Topic: Productive activities - Unstructured Afternoons
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Re: Does anyone use any "extras?"

I'm currently combining K and 1st grade for my DS (6) and DD (7); my daughter literally flies through MFW lesson(s) in less than an hour (often doing 1-2 COMPLETE lessons in 1 day instead of a 1 lesson a week), while my son takes his time and is almost through with K; but it usually takes about 2-3 ...
by CindyLou
Tue Jan 18, 2011 6:00 pm
Forum: Book Basket and Independent Reading Archive
Topic: Book Basket - You can just buy the books and stay with MFW!
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Re: Question for those of you who purchase book basket books

My mother-in-law is a librarian, and all of my husbands' family LOVES (and grew up) reading. So, I have a book "wish list" that I have compiled from several resources. If/when I find it on sale, I buy it for our home library. Also, if it's a book that we checked out from our local library and we abs...
by CindyLou
Mon Oct 18, 2010 2:00 pm
Forum: Ideas - God's Creation from A to Z (Kindergarten)
Topic: Math - Ideas for math in God's Creation from A to Z
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Re: MFW Kinder Math Question

Last year when I tried to do "K" (ds just turned 5; dd was 5 1/2 - six months older) neither of my children really grasped the concept of math. Since HS wasn't really working for my son (and I wanted to homeschool them together) I waited another year. They are now 6 and 6 1/2 and we're flying throug...
by CindyLou
Tue Jan 13, 2009 4:10 pm
Forum: Kindergarten Archive
Topic: Reading - Should I add a reading program?
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You can ALWAYS add more books on your own without having to actually purchase and formal literature curriculum. We are always adding to the reading recommendations. I like the fact that MFW has "book basket" - it's like "trying before you buy". We check out several books from the library first each ...
by CindyLou
Mon Apr 28, 2008 10:37 pm
Forum: Preschool & Pre-K Archive
Topic: Kindergarten Readiness - Private preK vs homeschool
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* I don't think I'm seeing the true core of your dilemma here. Is it pleasing dad vs. following your own dream? Is it deciding whether you are ready or need more time? Is it last-minute jitters about whether you might be wrong in making such a huge decision for your family? Hi Julie - yes, my dilem...
by CindyLou
Mon Apr 28, 2008 9:27 pm
Forum: Preschool & Pre-K Archive
Topic: Kindergarten Readiness - Private preK vs homeschool
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Thank you, Mery & Crystal, and John's wife, for your input. I'm still so torn as to what to do! DH PREFERS private Christian school but understands (and supports) my heart's desire and is willing to support me homeschooling if we take it a year at a time. He has approved the MFW curriculum, but stil...
by CindyLou
Mon Jun 12, 2006 1:06 pm
Forum: Choosing Curriculum Archive--For Those New to MFW
Topic: Conventions & Expos - Help "seeing" MFW!
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Thanks everyone!

Thank you so much for your descriptive replies. From all my researching, this truly seems to be the best curriculum that fits perfectly with what we're looking for - STRONG biblical worldview throughout the ENTIRE program (not just an added-on bible study); a mix of the best of Charlotte Mason, Clas...