Reading - Children who flip letters and numbers??

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Reading - Children who flip letters and numbers??

Unread post by mansmom » Thu Nov 03, 2005 7:51 am

Here is my question -- I have a "young" kindergartner -- she was just 5 in August. She has a terrible time writing her numbers and letters bc she is always flipping them - lower and upper case.

Do I have her erase it and rewrite it to practice writing them the correct way or let it go and it will work itself out with practice?? She gets very frustrated writing bc of this problem. So I want to help her but I am not sure how to go about doing it. I don't know if it is related at all but when "reading" a number -- say 72 -- she will often read it to be 27?? And if this matters - she had trouble telling the difference in 6 and 9 when she was younger or letters like M and W?? Do I worry or will her brain develop and she will work it out????

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Unread post by kellybell » Thu Nov 03, 2005 11:01 pm

I wouldn't sweat it too much, just applaud the effort. Five is young! When my 5 was in kindergarten, the teacher (at orientation night or something like that) said that letter-flipping problems often persist into first grade and that they don't make a big deal about it, but try to help the students without frustrating them. My nearly-five constantly reverses S's and sometimes other letters or numbers.

We practice our letters in a dish of salt (a sealable shallow dish so we can reuse it).

Also sometimes I use a highlighter to write words or a series of letters on "kindergarten paper" and she traces them (and therefore gets them right).

Work on it but don't stress.
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Unread post by Guest » Fri Nov 11, 2005 10:38 am

Letter and number flipping is quite normal at the K-1 level.

I have often asked my dd to rewrite a letter or number while acknowledging her attempt to jot it down correctly (ie. "Yes, b-a-t spells bat. Can you rewrite the first letter so the back comes first for 'b'?").

Other times, I acknowledge a correct answer and rewrite the letter or number on a dry erase so dd could see the corrected flip (ie. if I asked her to write number 6 and she did so but backwards, I would acknowledge that she chose the correct number and then would rewrite it and say, "Be sure to form your 6 in this direction").

My dd has some learning challenges that could really make it difficult for her to "unlearn" flipping the way other children might. Thus I do correct, but I am careful to acknowledge the correctness of the letter or number chosen and to be gentle in pointing out the need to form each letter or number correctly.

For flipped 'b' and 'd', I ask, "What comes first for 'b', the back or the donut?" This really helps her to concentrate on which part of those letters to write first. Also, I use the following for number formation;

-A straight line down and 1 is done.
-Around and back on the choo choo track. 2,2,2!
-One belly, two bellies just like B. That is how we make the 3.
-Down, across and down some more. That is how we make the 4.
-Here's a back. Here's a tummy. Put on a hat and 5 looks funny.
-Slide down to a loop. 6 makes a hoop
-Walk across and down from Heaven. That is how we make the 7.
-Make an S but do not wait. Come back up to make an 8.
-A balloon and a line make number 9.
-One and zero. Ten's my hero!


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Unread post by kellybell » Fri Nov 11, 2005 4:23 pm

Toni, wonderful rhymes! Thanks so much! I'll be using them (and thinking of you as I do).
Kelly, wife to Jim since 1988, mom to Jamie (a girl, 1994), Mary (1996), Brian (1998) and Stephanie (2001).

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Unread post by mamaloya » Sun Dec 04, 2005 5:06 pm

I have not been here in a while, but could not help but responding here. Yes, some flipping is normal and will work itself out. My dd9 is mildly dyslexic. She is just now "getting it". It will happen in time.

I would advise correcting her mistakes. If it is a letter she flips consitantly, gently take her hand and form the letter with her.

Do not let her continually look at the mistake. Even if she does not fix it, I know it can be frustrating, you erase it and correct it. Do not criticize. Let her know that she will get it and that her effort is all that matters.

That said, I am so glad that I am using MFWK. The way Marie has incorporated the multisensory skills into the program is awesome. It will definitely help avoid some of the things that my dd went through. I wish I had had it back then. Some children learn better through feeling. I spent a lot of time researching tactile exercises. It was hard, but after starting them, dd started improving. I could have avoided so much hard work and frustration on both my and dd's part if I had had Marie's expertise way back then.

I would spend time on the exercises she lists using tactile experiences such as the clay, textured letters, etc. She lists some on page 18 of the K tg. Focus on the letters that need reinforced. My kids don't even know it is part of school.

Oh, and my ds6 is getting M and W mixed up as well as I and Y. Oh, and G and J. Like the others said, don't sweat it.

Sandra Loya
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