5 year olds - They will turn 6 during the school year!

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5 year olds - They will turn 6 during the school year!

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Help With Placement Please
HSMom03 wrote:I am thinking about next school year already. My son will not turn 6 until late November but he is already reading. Which MFW package would you recommend for him for this coming fall? K or 1st grade? Thanks (and let me know if you need more info)!
I vote for K. One of the benefits of MFW K, even with a reader is the fine motor skill practice each week.
The TM has a section for "What IF My Child Is Already Reading" giving examples how you can expand reading activities for additional challenge. I have an ADV & a K'er. (My k'er also has a late Nov. bday)
1st grade is FUN too, but I would not want my boys to have missed MFW K, it's such a precious tear free year :O)
Another thought, you can always decide to do K a bit faster than it's written

This may help http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=543
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Re: Help With Placement Please

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How is his handwriting? Does he do well with the fine motor skills?

My son is about the same age as yours, and we are halfway through MFW K - intentionally using it as a K4 program. We are loving it, and I would recommmend starting there because it is a great program that shouldn't be missed. I think it would be easy to supplement the reading or add a bit more math if you find it is not enough. (If we hadn't done K this year, that is exactly what I would do.)

I feel that my son's fine motor and handwriting skills are not strong enough to move to MFW 1st next year, so we will be stepping away from MFW K for the next year. I also don't want to push him along too fast in case we hit a point where maturity keeps him from being ready for the material in a later MFW year. (Does that make sense?)

So my recommendation would be to go with MFW K, be prepared to supplement if needed, and let him enjoy this wonderful, hands-on year! (By the way, it could easily be adjusted to 5 days per unit if you wanted to go a little faster!)
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Re: Help With Placement Please

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Thanks everyone! I think I am getting stuck on the idea that MFW K is "for a 5-year-old" but he will be 5-3/4 when we start MFW K (Sept. 2013), which is ALMOST 6. At this age 3/4 of a year can make a big difference... so is 5-3/4 too old for the program? I just don't know if I should think of him as a 6 year old next school year or still a 5 year old. If I think of him as a 6-year-old isn't that 1st grade age? I know, my train of thought is odd and I analyze way too much!

That being said, I do strongly believe in delayed "academics" and taking it slow esp. in the early years. I am just so confused with him already reading and all, and the fact that he will be ALMOST 6... I just don't know what grade to call him! As for his handwriting, he just started. If the past is any indication of anything, he might be writing pretty well in the near future (they always seem to take off on a skill once the time is right). Either way, I do worry that we shouldn't miss K. I don't know! Appreciate the input :).
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Re: Help With Placement Please

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My son has an Oct birthday. I tried to start him in the K program just after he turned 5 even though technically by public school standards he wouldn't have been in K till the following fall. He wasn't ready. It wasn't that he wasn't ready for the material. It was that he needed to mature more before using a formal program. I ended up putting it away in Jan till his official K year would start the following Sept. So, when we started the K program, he was a month shy of turning 6. He really enjoyed the program and it was a great intro to "school." It was relaxed and fun, but a formal curriculum at the same time. Mine wasn't reading, but it could be easily adapted to a child who is. At the time, being a month away from turning 6, my son would not have had the maturity to sit for 1st. It is longer and has a good bit more handwriting. It moves very quickly. I was glad he was "older" and in first. It gave him more time to just be a kid and to mature. (Here, he did K the same school year he would have started K in public school. So, he is not behind.) Sometimes what level to put them in has more to do with maturity than academic ability. I will tell you that toward the end, we sped the program up a good bit. We often did 2 days in 1. But, he still did it. We would have finished early if it wasn't a learning year for our family. (I also have two sets of twins who are younger than he is and I got pregnant toward the end.) If we had finished early, I would have just started him in 1st early. As it was, we started 1st in July. '

My son is now 7 and he is halfway through first. I feel he is in the right place and I'm glad I didn't push ahead. Your son is not behind if he starts K as an older 5 year old turning 6. Typically, children start K when they are 5 in Sept, whether their b-day is close or not. Someone in the class has to be the oldest. I've found being the oldest to our advantage. My first set of twins (age 5 now) have Dec b-days and I might start them soon in K, but will go slowly and very likely will just end up waiting till fall. (My daughter is BEGGING to do "real" school, but her twin brother not so much. LOL.) My last baby also has an Oct b-day. I was happy with his b-day as long as he was born AFTER Sept 30 for this very reason. My current 2 year olds have April birthdays and I wish they were in the fall too. Ha Ha!! Being older means more mature and ready for the material and amount of focus and time it takes to complete the work. As you said, even 6 months makes a difference at this age.

And lastly, pray about it. God will lead you to the best program for your son. ;)
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Re: Help With Placement Please

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HSMom03 wrote:I think I am getting stuck on the idea that MFW K is "for a 5-year-old" but he will be 5-3/4 when we start MFW K (Sept. 2013), which is ALMOST 6. At this age 3/4 of a year can make a big difference... so is 5-3/4 too old for the program? I just don't know if I should think of him as a 6 year old next school year or still a 5 year old. If I think of him as a 6-year-old isn't that 1st grade age?
I personally think the wording on the website is unfortunate, because I am a died-in-the-wool better-late-than-early gal. And my kids are now 28, 26, and 17 -- starting abstract academics at a later age has only been a good thing in their lives.

But even so, your student would not be "allowed" to enter kindergarten until age 5-3/4 in Minnesota, because a student must be 5 years old by September 1st in order to start school. My youngest had taught himself to read before starting public school kindergarten, and in first grade they were not able to place his reading level because he could read all of their testing materials. That made no difference to the schools, they still admitted him into kindergarten at age 5 years 10 months, and he was a first grader at age 6 years 10 months. Therefore, I don't see how you could feel K was a wrong placement ?? !!

I think MFW-K can work just fine with your 5-3/4 year old, as long as you will be comfortable starting him there and not worry that you are "behind" all year.

Those very basic "learning to read" lessons might seem "too easy" and it is easy enough to move past some of them and do more "spelling" and "reading" with a child who is already reading, and you might want to do that. But I do like to mention that, in fact, those simple lessons may be important, too. In fact, my youngest didn't get *enough* of the kindergarten lessons, since his teacher would set him aside to read chapter books while she taught the class. When I brought him home to school in 3rd grade, I found he couldn't alphabetize because he had no idea where any of the letters were -- he hadn't worked with the alphabet at all, besides singing the song. He also had been memorizing and had no idea of phonics patterns when approaching new words. Here is my learning-to-drive-analogy :)
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 131#p79131
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 979#p77979

Praying you find peace soon, as you worry your precious little one,
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