Encyclopedias - Are these nice to use with MFW?

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Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2008 5:10 pm

we love ours! i bought them this fall at our library book sale for $10 and they have been such a wonderful addition to our library. i bought the world book set with color pictures. the kids love them and are forever pulling various ones off the shelf just to look at. it's fun to be able to tell them to "go look it up" and have them accessible. we have no restrictions, so they can use them when they want, where they want, as long as they are put back when they are done. i like they are comfortable with them and since they were only $10, I don't fuss about them being used.
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Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2008 12:56 pm

We are a big computer family (well, mostly my husband is and the rest of us follow along) and so anytime my 5th grader needs to find out anything or research a topic we have taught her to look it up on line if she can't find the information in one of the many other resource books we have around the house.

I personally LOVE encyclopedias and books in general and so we have used the library more and more as we move through the year. But, I wanted you to know that I believe we have been completely successful without a set and haven't missed it at all.

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a children's set

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Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2008 9:17 pm

We have a children's set of encyclopedias put out my Little Golden Books. My mother gave them to me when my oldest was born in 2000, she got them at Goodwill. If I'm reading the roman numerals correctly, they were printed in 1988. They are wonderful. They don't have everything of course, but they do cover more than I expected. At first I didn't want them because you can find anything on the web. But its wonderful to have books on hand.
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I used the wikipedia.org free encyclopedia. While I agree that World Book is more thorough, I feel that wikipedia offers enough of an article to get you going. There are some good pictures and with library books on the weeks topics, I felt things were covered well enough. You just have to skip over the portions that mention evolutionary things like millions of years on dinosaurs and the human body (U - us). Just scan through the article before you read it and only read what's relevant and helpful for the Kindergarten level.

MFW K & Encyclopedias

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Chrystal in TX wrote:OK... I cannot imagine sitting down with my 5yo and reading to him from an encyclopedia.
When I was a kid, I loved to look through grandma's set of encyclopedias. Fun stuff to do. I'd flip through it, she or my mom would read some of the paragraphs then tell me stuff.

But, with that said, I found it easier with my youngest daughter this year to use simple text, lots of pictures, small library books on the topic. It is easier that way to engage her in the book and get some information in her brain. We're enjoying what our library has and have started to look for a series of books where Allan Fowler is the author. series is Rookie Read About Science. Maybe those kinds of books would work from time to time, or to use similar kinds of books.

When I did MFW K a few years ago with middle daughter, we had a children's encyclopedia for most of the K theme lessons. It was a 2 page spread on a topic with younger text and pictures. Very readable. But she wasn't ready for older text either.

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I do use the encyclopedias (a 1989 set of my parents they gave me).If it's too long, I skim.My kids always pick something up from it.We use a lot of picture books from the library too.
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We are another family who looks through the encyclopedia. We look at the pictures and I summarize portions of text. For information on the topics, I have found that we also enjoy the "Let's Read and Find Out" books, the Rookie books Crystal mentioned or some of our Usborne resources. We often spend a time singing our A-B-C songs while finding the right encyclopedia.

My dd5 gets a charge out of getting the big encyclopedia for school. She thinks she is doing some of the "real" work her older siblings do.

Try it out with your son! He might like it!
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I am a lover of children's literature, and I have a wonderful system of libraries near me, so I went to the library often to find children's picture books, both nonfiction and fiction, on our topic each week. There are a lot of really great books out there that you can use to help your child become interested in and learn about the topics in K.
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We use appropriate books from the library on the subject and look at the pictures and sometimes read some of the text. I also have the Usborne Internet-linked Children's Encyclopedia, which I have found to cover a variety of the topics. It has bright, neat pictures and minimal facts.
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We also use books from the children's picture book section at the library. I do a search in the library's catalogue for the subject and then I narrow that to just books from the juvenile picture book section. I try to pick books with very simple text and lots of pictures. I don't have access to an encyclopedia except on-line - I have too many kids though to gather around the computer without it being chaotic. If you just have one in K, I think some nice interactive encyclopedia software would work nicely.
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I used a set of Childcraft Encyclopedias--found very cheap. Written to children--these were a great resource and the kids loved them. We also used a lot of smaller books on the topic from the library.

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my dd loves the encyclopedia, in fact when my other dd was just 2 her favorite books were two Pooh encyclopedias. We also get childrens books on the topic. It has become such a rich curriculum, I am amazed by how much dd picks up! She thinks that she knows everything! LOL

My Very First Encylopedia with Winnie the Pooh and Friends: Animals
My Very First Encylopedia with Winnie the Pooh and Friends: Nature
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Animal encyclopedias...

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hollybygolly wrote:I'm searching for a kindergarten level animal encyclopedia for next year that contains several of the kinder. topics in it. The ones I'm finding include evolutionary themes (i.e. alligators have been living on earth for over 6.5 million years). Does anyone know of a DK/Kingfisher/Usborns animal book WITHOUT this content? I'd love to have one on hand for my younger two! Thank you so much~Holly
Try the Answers in Genesis Zoo Guide. It's not as informative as other encyclopedias but it does have a tom of animals in it and gives basic animal facts and it all comes from a Creation point of view. I use these a ton (they have a Museum Guide too) when we go to zoos and museum as well as studying animals to compare the evolution theory to our own beliefs.

We like the Aquarium Guide as well. I've used mine for Sunday School classes, school and for field trips. They are not as in depth but for a 5 year I would imagine there is more than enough info.
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Need help choosing encyclopedia

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nagada wrote:Trying to decide which encyclopedia to go with - Encarta, Britannica, or ???
DS1 is 5 so I want something that will be at his level - not overloaded with facts.
I'm sure there is stuff for free online but I don't have the time to look.
I had this same problem with K, wanting a good encyclopedia that was evolution free and at my daughters' level.

I ended up finding (on amazon for very cheap!) a Winnie The Pooh My Very First Encyclopedia: Nature and My Very First Encyclopedia: Animals. Most of the kinder topics are in there, each topic is about 2-3 pages of information and wonderful pictures. Hope that helps a bit!
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Re: Need help choosing encyclopedia

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Hi! I stumbled across a couple of sets of books that have been VERY helpful for K!

One is The Young Children's Encyclopedia, which is a 16-volume set by Britannica. I picked them up used on ebay, and even though the copyright date is 1987, they have been an excellent resource! Many of the K topics are covered in the encyclopedia, and they are written at just the right level for a 5-year-old student to understand. The articles do contain facts, but they're not "dry." They read very much like you're just kicking back having a conversation with your kiddo!

The other set of books we found are the "Just Ask" books, which were apparently part of a Weekly Reader series in the mid 80's. We have 36 of them; I don't know how many there are all together. (They include titles such as Why Do Leaves Change Color, What is a Butterfly, What is the Moon, What Makes Day and Night, What is Gravity, What Makes It Float, etc.) Anyway, these books also cover a lot of our topics, and they are set up kind of like a comic book where the characters have speech bubbles with words in them, but they are loaded with really good information that is explained in such a way that K students "get it." We keep both sets of books out on a bookshelf, and yesterday I actually caught my daughter looking through one of the Just Ask books on her own! Both sets of books do make mention of evolution, but this doesn't really bother us because we just take the opportunity to remind our daughter that (1) we believe the Bible teaches us that the world and everything in it was made in six literal days, and (2) we always need to be on the lookout and compare what we read to what God says.

Hope this helps! Good luck in finding what you're looking for!

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Re: Need help choosing encyclopedia

Unread post by tiffany »

When we need an encylopedia, I use the online Encarta that comes free with our MSN premium that is part of our Verizon internet service. But, we don't often use one. In MFWK we rarely used one, I used library books instead.
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Re: What Children't Encyclopedia do you own?

Unread post by cbollin »

The Complete Book of Animals (used as optional in ECC for 2nd/3rd graders) covers about half of the K topics. You can find the book on the ECC page, as this book is scheduled in ECC as an optional reading comprehension book for 2nd and 3rd graders in ECC. Additionally, MFW is suggesting it might be a nice book to use for EX1850 for younger sib while doing the Animal Kingdom semester.

I noticed as I was extensively reviewing this book, that it would be an awesome resource for MFW K when you need a quick reference for many of the units in My Father's World A to Z. It will be age appropriate for reading to your Kindy children to learn some basic facts. The cost is low and then you'll be able to use it again in a few years because you will not have used the whole book anyway in K.

Complete Book of Animals has useful articles on the following topics in MFW K:
Insect (lots of insects)
(didn't see fox yet?)
and maybe a little bit on birds when you do Quail.

I hope that helps someone who might be considering a quick resource for those Day 1 Kindy science lessons when you teach facts. I haven't read the entire book yet for content and all of that. So please preview each section if you use it. But it's just enough facts

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Recommendations for Chn's Encyclopaedia

Unread post by Julie in MN »

cookislandmommy wrote:Does anyone recommend a great children's encyclopaedia that is not anti-Christian in content.
My oldest really liked the Childcraft set, which is a pre-Worldbook set. It was pricey, but he was just enthralled with it.

I can't remember whether Childcraft was Christian-friendly. I think it included worldwide things, probably equally with Christian things, but as I recall it was at least Christian-pleasant? I'm pretty sure there was some dinosaur type stuff that very likely was zillions of years ago ;) , but I'm not one to think a bit of old earth means the set was anti-Christian, since I was an old-earth Christian for many years :) . I'm probably no help, as I don't have the set any more and can't recall a lot. But my oldest did dearly love the Childcraft set!

When my youngest son came along, we already had the "real" Worldbook encyclopedia and he never used the Childcraft set much.

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MFW-K Encyclopedia?

Unread post by cbollin »

tnsunshine3 wrote:I am very excited that we have begun our first year of homeschooling! As I was reading through the MFW-K manual it recommends use of an encyclopedia such as World Book (I think that is the name). Is this a children's encyclopedia or a set? I really don't want to have to spend a lot of money on encyclopedia set.

Ideally, a children's encyclopedia would be great, my son has the Pooh Bear and friends encyclopedia for animals and it has lots of colorful picture and tidbits of information about each animal etc. We used a computer encyclopedia when I was in school and it worked well for me, so maybe that could be an option. I would love to hear some encyclopedia recommendations that are similar to the one he has now and that will also work with MFWk, or what encyclopedias others are using and success/failure with them.
I didn't end up using Encyclopedias. Although there were some inexpensive sets at local library book sale.

Instead, I used simple, age appropriate library books on the topics.
Another possibility for about half of the topics would be the Complete Book of Animals. MFW sells that book in one of the other programs (Exploring Countries and Cultures - http://www.mfwbooks.com/products/M50/40/10/0/1 and scroll toward bottom)
more info on that on this older link when it was fresh in my brain

Then, I liked using some science books by an author Allan Fowler. now I did have to filter for age of earth issues. That author holds different from mine. But it was easy to just say "long ago" instead of "millions".
The main take away point that I got from the non fiction idea is to have something ready on hand to teach just a few facts about the science topic.
We looked in library for smaller books with large type and pictures.

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Re: MFW-K Encyclopedia?

Unread post by alisoncooks »

I'm doing MFWK right now and we aren't using encyclopedias either. We've just been using a good nonfiction book for each topic (from the library). Some are better than others, but we've had good luck so far. Some of those "first-look science" type series, have great pictures and simple text. That's been enough for us.
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Re: MFW-K Encyclopedia?

Unread post by MelissaM »

We like books by Gail Gibbons (she has lots, on all different subjects) and Magic School Bus books, and I just did a search in the library catalog for whatever the subject was (apples, for example), and found some books that looked good. I'd pick one to read, or we'd read a different one every day, or whatever we felt like doing.

One resource that was handy was the Kingfisher 1st Animal Encyclopedia, but I already owned it. I don't think I would have bought it specifically to use with K, but there were a lot of animal units, and if I forgot (blush) to reserve library books, or just needed something quick on hand, it was good for that. The articles are listed alphabetically, so I could do a little casual teaching with ds of how to look things up in the index, what the table of contents is, etc. The articles are short - just a page or 2 with lots of nice photos, and age-appropriate information. So. I already had that resource and I like it and we used it, but it wasn't necessary to have.

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Re: MFW-K Encyclopedia?

Unread post by Yodergoat »

I don't have room for a set. :~ I think that an encyclopedia CD could certainly work, or (if you are short on time or didn't get out to go to the library) you could even just look up the subject on the internet, finding pictures and explaining in your own words.

Any time I am in a thrift store, llibrary book store (where children's books are usually 25 cents), yard sales, etcetera, I keep my eye out for books about any upcoming subject. Since I have done the A-a-apple song daily for weeks now I know what is featured for each unit and my eye is usually drawn to those items. If they're cheap enough, I buy them, then I file it away in the folder for that unit. I seem to have lots of books under "Penguin" and "Insect" but nothing yet under "Rock" and "Jewel." ;) No, wait, I do have one book for rock. But that penguin folder is going to burst if I don't limit myself! Anyway, if you frequent the sorts of places which have cheap books, and you have familiarized yourself with the unit themes, you can go a long way toward building your own little collection of informative books.

That is, if you have time for that sort of thing.

I just know you're going to enjoy K... it has been great so far!
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Re: MFW-K Encyclopedia?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Since no one's using encyclopedias, I'll just chime in for the family who has and uses theirs :) And might as well buy them early if you're going to. We bought ours new when oldest was in elementary school, and he's 27 now -- we're still using them! Although we did upgrade once through World Book. I've also read many threads from folks who bought them used at a very low price. And of course many threads where folks just don't use encyclopedias...

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Re: MFW-K Encyclopedia?

Unread post by psalm126mama »

tnsunshine3 wrote:...my son has the Pooh Bear and friends encyclopedia for animals...
Did you know that there is also a Winnie the Pooh & Friends encyclopedia called "Nature". It is just like the Animals one in style. I found a used one on amazon for around $5.00 It has everything I needed about trees, apples, sun, moon, water, rocks, etc.

I have both of the Animal & Nature encyclopedia and between the two of them I think the only non-fiction books I had to buy were for the goat unit & the cow unit as these topics were not in the Animal one. I also bought a book about the 5 senses.

It is hard for me to make it to the library consistently. I chose these Winnie Pooh ones in particular because of the beautiful, clear pictures and that the writing is already on my daughter's comprehension level. And most importantly SHE likes to look at them. And even though they cover most topics in MFWK they are not big & bulky. Together, both books take up about 1.5 inches of space width-wise on my shelf.

We are on Turtle week and is working well for us.
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Re: MFW-K Encyclopedia?

Unread post by fdjoyce »

I'll just say that we did not use encyclopedias for MFWK - age appropriate topical books like those mentioned above are much better. However, we di buy a used set of encyclopedias for our family & they have been a huge hit with everyone. My older boys used them quite a bit during ECC & my husband loves to pick a letter & read it. We even use them to look up historical figures, etc even though we have the Internet. So, I would not rush right out & buy a set for K but if you intend to continue educating at home I would keep my eyes polled at library sales, yard sales, etc. We sold the set I had as a kid (very cheap) & bought a set off ebay that are 3 years old & with the exception of current people like President Obama there were not a lot of changes. Another thing is that if you have multiple children & only 1 computer like us they can not all research at once- but with encyclopedias lots of folks can research together.
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