Non-USA Family - Is K portable for a missionary family?

God's Creation From A to Z: A Complete Kindergarten Curriculum
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Non-USA Family - Is K portable for a missionary family?

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Hi, I'm interested in starting our children with MFWK but have a couple of questions.

First some details about our family... We are an Australian missionary family living in Israel. We have 2 children ages 5 (boy) and 3 (girl).

However... we will be taking a 6 month sabbatical from Israel and will be travelling to the USA, Canada and Australia. So now I am wondering if this curriculum would actually be suitable for us this year with it being so hands on.

Having not seen the curriculum yet, I'm not sure what is involved for the activities each week. We will have a "home base" in the countries we visit, but I'm not sure what access we will have for craft resources etc beyond the basics of paper, card, glue, scissors...

We will be taking some story books with us in case we cannot access libraries where we are. But we don't have many of the books listed for reading on the K list. Will this be a problem?

So I guess what I'm asking from the families who have used MFWK is... How usable do you think the curriculum is for a family on the move? I really don't want to do a workbook type of curriculum which is one reason why MFW appeals so much to me, but on the other hand maybe that is what would work best for travelling.

Sorry this has become such a long post, but I'm torn between using a curriculum because I think it would be great (at home) and what to do because we will be so mobile for several months. I would like to think we will still be able to use MFW even if it means some modification.
I really hope someone can offer advice to help me out.

Thanks in advance.
Blessings and Shalom from Jerusalem,
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Hello Michelle,

We'll be praying for you in that volatile part of the world.

Your 3 yo is a bit young for all of K, but would enjoy many of the activities and projects. I think the tough parts for her would be the handwriting and math activities. So, if you "do K" with her, consider redoing it with her in two years or so.

Many of the projects can be accomplished with very basic craft supplies and you can substitute the more complex projects with ideas or coloring pages from the internet. Read over the K TM when you receive it and see what projects are doable, which ones you can modify in some way and which ones you simply can't do and start looking for other projects to do instead. You might find that you are making a play (acting a story out) instead of making a craft for a particular week. That would be fine.

The TM lists a primary picture book for Day 6 of each lesson. That's the book to aim for, but you know, the TM lists an alternate book or two for each lesson, showing that the program is flexible and can be done with other books. You might not be able to find any of these books for a particular lesson (the books are common ones in the USA), but many of the activities (retelling, rewriting, an art project, acting out) could be done with other books. Substituting books surely won't "mess up" your MFWK progress!

Best to you.
Kelly, wife to Jim since 1988, mom to Jamie (a girl, 1994), Mary (1996), Brian (1998) and Stephanie (2001).
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I have a very close missionary friend who was limited as to what they could pack and take to Russia. My friend took along the book that is recommended with MFW's Preschool package, The 20th Century Children's Book Treasury. Maybe you could look into getting that if you choose MFWK? I know that at least 6 of the literature selections are in that book:

Goodnight Moon (Lsn 2)
Mike Mulligan (Lsn 6)
Swimmy (Lsn 9)
Make Way For Ducklings (LSN 10)
Ferdinand (Lsn 13)
Frog and Toad (Lsn 22)

You could also order (from MFW's K "Deluxe") the book What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs and that would get you Lsn. 8 covered.

And then perhaps you could substitute some of the other titles from the 20th Century Treasury such as:

For Lesson 15 (Elephant ) The Story of Babar
For Lesson 18 (Zebra) Curious George (since he goes to a zoo...zoo animals are the focus).

In addition, once your dc are reading, some of the selections in the 20th Century book are great......Harry the Dirty Dog, Amelia Bedelia, Bedtime for Frances are just a few that come to mind.

This is just a thought I may have these books already!
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I think MFW From A to Z is a very portable curriculum. We take care of my parents, currently a 3-hour drive away, and I've found it easy to manage using MFW K materials.

First, instructions in the teacher's manual recommend making a file for each week's theme. This was the BEST advice I've ever gotten and followed!

I added the weekly literature recommendation directly to my week's theme file. All 26 files, plus a misc. file and a "creation intro" file fit into two small square file boxes (they're nice, wooden bound with leather upholstery, approximately 15" or so squared, sturdy enough to serve as low stools). All my materials do not fill both boxes up.

I believe I could actually fit all my files into one cardboard filing box, if I was planning to travel as you are. I think the files would fit, as well as the workbook pages for your student, your teacher's manual, and several other resources that would be helpful, such as World Book Encyclopedia on CD-Rom (My plan assumes you have available a laptop or notebook on which to run the Encyclopedia CD-rom), a couple of treasury literature books such as the 20th Century book already mentioned or perhaps fairy tales compilations, and a 1" notebook. (I'd let my children make each weekly badge on a sheet to be filed in the notebook, kind of like a scrapbook.) This would keep everything portable and in a single location.

The main problem with this: if it's lost in transit, everything would be lost!!! But, it is do-able!

As for supplies, a basic set of crayons, Crayola paints, scissors, paper, glue or gluestick, tape -- you can make do nicely on a few basics, I think.

Good luck.

Karen Perkins, Mom to five
Mum In Zion
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Thank you ladies for some very helpful suggestions. I feel in my heart this is the right curriculum but the logistics of travel and homeschooling seemed a bit overwhelming. Thank you for your encouragement. We will give it a go and see what happens :-)

Blessings and Shalom from Jerusalem,
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