Schedule - Kindergarten can be spread 2 years, BUT many wait

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Re: Advice for those who have slowed K down or set it aside

Unread post by MuzzaBunny » Tue Nov 20, 2012 9:28 pm

Well, we did K over 2 years. At 4, dd was very eager to start some "schooling". I didn't want to rush her, so we bought the K program and split it into a pre-k and a K year. We did the first 12 units, then the last 14 the following year, pacing Tues., Thurs. one week, and Mon., Wed., Fri. the following. We did a day's work in one day but she had more time to absorb and we didn't advance into reading that first year. It worked out well.
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Re: Advice for those who have slowed K down or set it aside

Unread post by lea_lpz » Wed Nov 21, 2012 3:40 pm

Thanks so much for the feedback. Gives me something to chew on, and it's nice to be reassured a break will not undo what was learned. Anyone else who wants to chime in feel free, even if you haven't held off or slowed down K. ;)
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Re: Advice for those who have slowed K down or set it aside

Unread post by Ruby » Mon Dec 17, 2012 3:45 pm

okay, i love mfw, but after reading ruth beechick's " dr. beechick's homeschool answer book," i prayed about k with my just-turned-5-november 28th-daughter. in said book, the dr. states twice that in america kindergarten is not necessary. i can see that. in public schools and homeschools. some parents push their children unnecessarily. you really have to have God lead you in this endeavor. i don't think i'll be doing k phonics or math as written in the program with my dd. i know she's capable of reading and handwriting but capable does not mean it should be done. i will still do science and bible, and real life math; counting real things and adding real things and taking away real things, but i'm not going to do formal reading, writing and 'rithmetic. i know my daughter will benefit from this pace, and i daresay, when she does start reading, it'll be fast, like an explosion. then there won't be enough books in the library to satiate her!

i skipped k with my ds, jumping right into mfw 1st and he was able to keep up, reading before the end of the year.

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Re: Advice for those who have slowed K down or set it aside

Unread post by Julie in MN » Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:44 pm

Ruby wrote:okay, i love mfw, but after reading ruth beechick's " dr. beechick's homeschool answer book," i prayed about k with my just-turned-5-november 28th-daughter. in said book, the dr. states twice that in america kindergarten is not necessary.
Another option is just to wait and do kindergarten a year later, instead of jumping into 1st to start. My grandson is in kindergarten this year, and he's almost exactly a year older than your dd. He's also a smart cookie and catching on very quickly, but it's nice to still let him be little.

These days, kindergarten curriculum tends to give a foundation for reading, unlike back in my day when K kids just learned their colors, so skipping K might mean jumping in the deep end for some kids. MFW 1st grade says it's for kids who have had a solid foundation of reading short vowel words for 9 months. So, another option would be to do K later, and either just call the K program "1st grade" if we like :) -- or, I had no problem doing K at age 6 and still calling my kids kindergarteners up until almost age 7, because that way the child isn't the youngest in the group, and graduates a little later. I did that with my oldest son, who was a very bright child and is a working engineer now, so it didn't hold him back to spend even more time Ruth Beechick style when he was little :)

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How could I strectch MFW K ..1 1/2 yrs?

Unread post by dschurma » Tue Apr 23, 2013 7:49 am

mom3littlekids wrote:Hi again!...Still deciding on MFW for our first yr hs next yr!..i would like to use it for sure with my middle son..he turns 5 in Jan, and thought i could start K in Jan, and just stretch over 1 and 1/2 yrs..

could u school 2 or 3 days a wk instead of 5??...anyone tried this? would this work?...I have read its a pretty "gentle" K thought it would be ok to start even with just turning 5....thanks so much, so glad to have somewhere to ask those who know more about this than i do!
We started when my son was 4 yrs, 8 months. The only thing that challenged him was the handwriting. Everything else was right on level for him. I made my own handwriting pages for him in order to make it a little easier, but by Christmas (when he turned 5) he could handle the official handwriting pages.

We started out doing 3 days per week, but completing a unit in 5 days. So we did a little faster than one unit every two weeks. Gradually, he grew to want more. We increased to 4 days per week. After Christmas, we sped it up to one unit per week. (We work in the day 6 activities throughput the week.)

All that to CAN slow it down. You may find that your son wants more as time goes on, and then you'd be able to speed it up if you desire.
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Re: How could I strectch MFW K ..1 1/2 yrs?

Unread post by MelissaB » Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:44 am

It's been two years since we've done K. Looking at the Table of Contents in the Teacher's Manual to review how K goes ... Here's a link in case you want to take a look over it, too:

This is just one idea ... You could start by doing one of the 26 units each week, doing only those activities that he enjoys and is comfortable doing. (There are so many wonderful - and easy! - hands-on activities in the K curriculum, your only problem will be choosing. :) ) That would be half of a year. I don't think I would try to do everything in the curriculum yet; Choose the ones you think he'll enjoy and learn from the most.

When Kindergarten "officially" starts, you can begin with the Creation Unit, then go through the year reviewing the letters he knows well and spending a greater amount of time on those that he may still need a little work on. The K curriculum is flexible enough that you can easily adjust it as needed. (LOVE this curriculum.)

Also, the math activities are wonderful.

Those are just a few ideas. ... Once you have the whole curriculum and can look at all of the activities, you'll be able to easily make a plan that works great for your sweet son.

Enjoy Kindergarten... such a precious year.
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Re: How could I strectch MFW K ..1 1/2 yrs?

Unread post by Julie in MN » Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:48 am

I agree with Dawn (and Melissa who I see just posted) that it would be easy enough to slow down K. During some units, there are ideas for field trips that relate to learning. At the end of most units, there are extra hands-on activities that you could do. On the literature day, and in the literature list in the back of the manual, there are lots of book ideas you could add. And most of the games and songs and books in MFW-K could be done even more often as fun and reinforcement. There's nothing better than having plenty of time to review those fun and meaningful things.

Here are a couple of threads about slowing down K or doing it over 2 years.

Many of the posts about "waiting" are for families with 4 year olds. I think a 5yo might be fine going slowly, without the need to consider waiting. I know my grandson could have enjoyed most of K as a 5yo.

HOWEVER, I must add that dgs was at a perfect age at 6 (or nearly 6) to really absorb the Bible lessons and to thoroughly get the reading lessons, painlessly and without just memorization. It was also fun to do something new that he hadn't seen before. Either way (waiting or stretching it out), I'm confident that at age 7, dgs would find 1st grade stress-free and exciting.

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Re: How could I strectch MFW K ..1 1/2 yrs?

Unread post by gratitude » Tue Apr 23, 2013 11:52 am

The two times I did MFWK I started at their 5th Birthdays and did three times a week. I had to double days to finish in a year with summer off. If I hadn't doubled it would have been 1 1/2 years. So if you do 3 days a week it will take 1 1/2 years. My dd really enjoyed it this past year. Enjoy!

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Re: How could I strectch MFW K ..1 1/2 yrs?

Unread post by mom3littlekids » Tue Apr 23, 2013 1:20 pm

Thank you so much!..i think 3 days a wk, when he turns 5 in Jan may be just what he needs. i do like waiting til later, rather than pushing too early....but i feel he will need something after we finish these preschool lessons....hate to wait another 8 mo til Aug rolls around to start him ...just talking out loud i love any other suggestions!

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Re: How could I strectch MFW K ..1 1/2 yrs?

Unread post by kewkew34 » Wed Apr 24, 2013 1:29 pm

Just wanted to say we have been using K with my two older daughters. We started in August. Tabitha turned 6 in January and Amelia is 4 (will be 5 in June). Our 3rd daughter is 3 and is sort of tagging along. We do school 3 times a week. We have play group on Tues and have had co-op on Wednesday (but that just ended). So it is very doable to stretch the K program.
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Re: How could I strectch MFW K ..1 1/2 yrs?

Unread post by lea_lpz » Fri Apr 26, 2013 8:38 pm

I've been meaning to chime in but so busy lately.

I think that not only is doing mfw k over a year and a half doable but also perhaps more enjoyable. Since you are waiting for your son to turn 5, I don't think he'll have trouble doing the math & Lang.

We have spread out mfw k over 15 months and schooled year round taking about 12 weeks off total, and so did an average of 3-4 days a week and we really loved the flexibility it gave and the extra time to do some of the extra suggestions as well as ideas from this board. It also gave us some time to spend on extra curricular activities.
We even repeated book day sometimes with the additional book suggestion sometimes.

We also had more flexibility to do extra curriculars and field trips. For example, instead of doing outside time on book day, we might do it on a completely different week day with no school commitments and enjoy being able to spend a longer amount of time doing something or go in a big field trip on a week day, such as visit the zoo during the units on wild animals. When we studied butterflies, we spent two weeks, so last Wednesday we went to Cal Academy in San Francisco (we live about an hour away) to see the rainforest simulation where they have these awesome, huge rainforest butterflies. We didn't have any school commitments so the trip up was less stressful to prep for, we could get on the road early and take our time once there. Last fall, my kids did Music Together on Mondays and KinderClass Wednesdays and so we would often do school tu, th, fri that semester, and that flexibility was great.

With a 5 year old there are a lot of mommy ande type classes you might still be able to do or join a co-op or park day once a week without stressing about squeezing in school time with them.

In fact I am considering trying to school over the summer for mfw 1st so we might be able to do only 4 days a week or even 3 a week if we're feeling ambitious so we can maintain that flexibility. There is a co-op on Tuesday for a nature and horseback riding class Tuesday mornings for both my soon to be 4 & 6 year olds I'd love for them to do without having to do school afterwards and I want to have a whole seperate day for the nature walks, journaling as well as field trips. My light days for mfw k, or day 6, tend to be days we often get in extras or do any activities we missed through out the unit or maybe we'll do an additional suggested activity from the book or board that day. I like that we can just pack up the car in the morning and go to a nearby county or state park for a hike or an educational field trip like The Children's Suscovery Museum or Monterey Bay Aquarium.

I think you'll find plenty to keep you busy at this age doing official curriculum 3 days a week.
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Stretching MFW 1st over 2 years?

Unread post by DS4home » Mon May 19, 2014 10:46 am

HSMom03 wrote:Has anyone stretched MFW 1st over 2 years? My 4.5yr old is ready for K but I don't know what I'd do with him the next year. I know there is also the option of adjusting MFW K for fluent readers. I don't know, any thoughts? I think if I could do it over I would have started MFW 1st with my oldest this past fall, taking 2 years to finish. Thanks for being patient with all my placement questions! Guess I just keep spinning my wheels :-).
I think it would be easier to stretch out Kind for two years rather than 1st personally. The easiest way is to achieve this is to only do Kind work from the TM every other day. Younger kids (pre-K) don't necessarily need to do hard core school work everyday, even when they seem ready! On the off days, you might want to make sure to include him with older's science experiments or art or something fun like that. It's pretty easy to stretch out the theme of the week with more books from the library also.

I think by the time they are starting 1st grade you will want to be doing it every day though. 1st doesn't have a theme for the week like Kind does. So I think it would be harder to try to stretch it out. I have no experience in doing that so I guess I don't have much to offer there. :~
HSMom03 wrote:I don't want my 2nd child to miss out on K like my oldest did, but he will probably be beyond it if I wait another year. Then again I don't want my 4.75yr old to miss out on MFW Preschool either :) . Hope that made sense!
What would you think of doing some of the preschool activities for a semester and starting Kind in January? Then you get the best of both worlds! :-)

You could then stretch the two years (Kind and 1st) over two and a half years. In other words, they wouldn't have to be stretched quite so much.

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Re: Stretching MFW 1st over 2 years?

Unread post by HSMom03 » Tue May 27, 2014 1:22 pm

That's a great idea, Dawn. That might be the best solution for us. Thanks!

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Second guessing preschool choice

Unread post by Julie in MN » Fri Jan 09, 2015 9:14 pm

mtmom9107 wrote: I have a young 6 year old going through MFW K right now. We are loving it! I have a young 4 year old going through a letter of the week program and MFW Preschool cards. And a newly walking 14 month old! :-) For my oldest the MFW 1st grade is a no brainer, I actually already have it waiting on the shelf.

For my middle child I was going to do the Horizons Preschool next year and then move on to MFW K the following year. I'm second guessing my choice now. The teacher guide looks very complex for a home school preschooler who has an older sibling that she could sit in with. My other options could be going ahead with the MFW K for her next year (she will turn 5 the november we would be doing the program). My hang up with this is that my first and second are two years apart, but would it be an issue for them to be only one year apart in school? My other options would be for her to listen in with my oldest doing MFW 1st and then have some workbooks for her "special" work. We can also redo the MFW preschool cards in that option.
Curious what peoples opinions/advise is on this?
Hi Laura,
Have you noticed that there are some changes in the MFW preschool & preK programs on the website now? I wondered if any of those look like possibilities: ... e_Contents

Your preschooler could also "sit in with" some of the 1st grader's activities, as you mentioned. Have you done some combining this year with MFW-K?

I know nothing about the other program you mentioned, but if you do go with MFW-K this year, one option would be to slow it way down. The reading and especially the writing might move too quickly for most 4 year olds. Although, I have to admit that I'm a better-late-than-early gal, and even though my kids were bright (aren't everyone's LOL!) I think that school went faster and was more successful with a little more age under their belts. It hasn't hurt my kids; my oldest was 6 when he started K (public school) and he has been a working engineer for quite a while and is also in grad school now.

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Re: Second guessing preschool choice

Unread post by Poohbee » Fri Jan 09, 2015 11:52 pm

HHere is how it is working for us, and it occurred to me that this might be a possibility for you. My son turned 5 in May. He is autistic and has therapies 2 days a week. Last year, I did the Letter of the Week program with him for his preschool curriculum. That went well.

This year, I started him in MFW kindergarten, but because of his therapies 2 days a week, I only do MFW K with him 3 days a week. (I don't do school with him on his therapy days). Thus, it takes us 2 weeks to work through one unit. At that rate, we will only finish about half of K this year, and he will finish K next year, and then start 1st grade when he finishes K. When you finish the Confessions preschool program, if you feel that she is ready for MFW K, then go ahead and start her, but maybe do it half-speed. Just do it 3 days a week and let her just play the other 2 days. My son still really loves his play time, and many kids at that age do, as well. That way, it would give your daughter a chance to mature a bit while she is doing K, but she will still be moving forward.

You just have to kind of assess where your dd is at and then go at her pace. I had to change my plans mid-stream with my son. We started Letter of the Week in January of last year. We did not finish that program, so I had planned to continue it this fall when we started school and wait to start him in K when he turned 6. Well, over the summer, my son matured a great deal and even started reading (completely on his own), so I decided the Letter of the Week would be too easy, and he was ready for many aspects of K. It has been nice to go through it slowly with him, though, because writing is challenging for him, and so is sitting still for longer than half-an-hour, so the slower pace is allowing him to mature and develop more before starting 1st grade. It has been a great fit for us to do it this way!

Just wanted to suggest that you could go ahead and start K with your dd but just go through it more slowly. Also, I don't think it would be an issue for your kids to be a year apart in school, if it ends up working out that way, because with MFW, you teach your kids together for many subjects, but they do math and language arts at their own levels. It should work out just fine.

May God lead and direct you in your decision-making!
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Re: Second guessing preschool choice

Unread post by mothermayi » Sat Jan 10, 2015 3:03 pm

I also have the Horizons Preschool material, MFW prek cards/toys, MFW K through Adventures. I agree, the Horizons PreK is over the top. It is so very wordy and written for a classroom. Reading it sucked the joy out of learning for me and I already know my alphabet :-) . After opening it, I put it on the shelf and it has been there for two years. Luckily it was given to me for free but I will not ever use it. I would sell it.

Perhaps you can do the MFW PreK advanced topics for older students for a short time, then begin MFW K as dc gets closer to 5. If dc likes workbooks, the R&S books are an inexpensive and effective way to practice skills on paper.
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Re: Second guessing preschool choice

Unread post by HSMom03 » Sat Jan 10, 2015 6:58 pm

I was in your position last year! I ended up choosing MFW Pre-K + Rod & Staff preschool books + an excellent craft book for my older 4yo. I chose MFW 1st for my older 6yo. In hindsight, I wish I had chosen MFW K and Adventures. It just would have worked better for them. My older 4yo (now 5) was ready for MFW K and my older 6yo (now 7) is desperate for US History. Those are just a couple of reasons. I'm still thinking of using MFW K with my 5yo this upcoming year (will be an older 5) but I will likely beef up the math & reading. It would have been perfect this past year though. I've always hesitated to use it with an older 4yo, but I won't hesitate from here on out. I don't want anymore of my kids to miss it though, like my oldest did. For my 7yo, had I done Adventures this year (instead of waiting until the 15-16 school year) I probably would have had to adjust the writing requirements (be his scribe - no problem) and maaaybe stretch it out to 1.5yrs instead of 1 but only if the school day was too long for him. It might not have been though, due to his interest in US History. That's just what I would have done had I known what I know now. If you decide to wait on K though, the new MFW Pre-K/preshool pkgs look great!

Just wanted to add that my young 5yo is pretty happy with his stuff this year except he did end up finding an unused Singapore Math workbook (EarlyBird Book B) that I had and he started working through that. He also likes to grab The Reading Lesson off the bookshelf and bring it to me. It would probably help if I was just more consistent with him.

He also participates like crazy in MFW 1st. I am even kicking myself for not ordering an extra set of MFW 1st student materials for him, my young 5yo! I had no idea he would have benefited from them, but he would have. He begs for "first grade". He also LOVES the lessons from Drawing With Children (so do I!), even makes me repeat some with him! And my oldest REALLY needs US History. I'm adding some in for the second half of 1st grade. He can't wait any longer. It just feels like we've been waiting FOREVER for MFW K and Adventures. So, guess I'm a year off as far as placement in this house!
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Re: Second guessing preschool choice

Unread post by mtmom9107 » Fri Jan 16, 2015 11:31 am

Thank you everyone for your advice! I'm really super excited about the new preschool packages. I'm going to have to get some new things to add to the old packages that I already have. And I think the idea to do the MFW K three days a week is pretty much brilliant! So that's what I think we're going to do with my middle child.

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