Academics - Has anyone's child learned to read with MFW-K?

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Academics - Has anyone's child learned to read with MFW-K?

Unread post by LSH in MS » Sun Nov 26, 2006 7:53 am

Happy2BMotherof3 wrote:I was curious to know if anyone's child has learned to read from the MFW K curriculum? I'm thinking about starting my 4 yo dd. She'll be 5 at the end of March. She has already taught herself to write the letters HOPE and now she's doing the letter F in caps. She seems to be a pretty fast learner. I'm really not sure how she learned.....maybe from her older two siblings or just watching them.....? Would you recommend I start her with the MFW K ? I do want to buy the wood peg number toy from the preschool section because I think it would be good for math.

If anyone can give me some advice on the reading part of MFW K and how your child has learned to read from it I'd appreciate it. TIA!
I've taught 1 child to read with it and am in the process of teaching another one. It is very easy to do, with good results. My 6 yr old kindergartener learned with MFW K when nothing else worked. They loved the activities that went along with it.

My sister has successfully used it. She did the activities, phonics, and read alouds when he was 4 and did the writing pages when he was 5. SHe is doing the Bible and activities again except this year she is expanding the science topics with non fiction library books on his level. He loves it.

As long as you go at their pace, it's great. It takes some children 3 years to do MFW K and MFW 1st. THey are both fun!

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Unread post by cbollin » Sun Nov 26, 2006 12:37 pm

My 2nd child used MFW K while she was learning to read. I know she knew her letter sounds when we started. She could also sight read some common words before we started. But, she learned to put it all together and blend the sounds into words and was reading c-v-c words while using MFW K. She started right about the time she turned 5 (a feb. birthday). Within a few months, she was reading.

I like that the program was simple on me as a mom to use. It covers everything without being overwhelming on me or my child. I also liked that you do both upper and lower case together in MFW K for writing.

(I didn't know about MFW when my oldest child was K/1st age. )

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Unread post by kellybell » Mon Nov 27, 2006 7:27 am

My ds learned to read via MFWK and MFW1st. My youngest dd is learning to read via MFWK.

It works. It's hard for some moms to trust MFWK because it lacks the bells and whistles of some of the more colorful and complicated reading programs. Sigh. Sometimes we get to believing that more is ... more when in reality, in many cases, less is more. MFWK and first grade are gentle and effective. There's no need for expensive phonics programs with lots of colorful (uh, expensive) videos, tapes, gadgets, games, etc. They work too, but they cost a lot and take a lot of mom's time...

My older two learned to read before going to kindergarten at a Christian school (I had rightfully heard that the Christian school hit the ground running and that the kids who could read before starting kindergarten had an easier time -- I taught them using another program which also worked but was boring and neither girl liked it).
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Unread post by Tina » Mon Nov 27, 2006 4:01 pm

I taught my ds (2nd child) to read with MFWK and MFW 1st grade. It was easy to use for teacher mom. He, however, needed a lot of games and we did a lot of flashcards and things with him, but he did it. I would slow down when necessary for him and review when needed. I didn't know about MFW when I taught my dd to read.

We've been using MFW since dd was in 1st grade. She is in 5th now, and we are happy with it.
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Thanks for your replies

Unread post by Happy2BMotherof3 » Wed Nov 29, 2006 5:50 pm

Thank you for your replies. I think I'm going to take it easy with her for now......and after her 5th birthday I will purchase the K level for her and go ahead and start. This will give me some time to save up for it as well.

Although right now I'm contemplating whether or not to get a handwriting program or just show her how to write the letters myself (especially since the K MFW level already teaches how to print both upper and lowercase letters).

Has anyone used or taught how to print the letters before they got into the K MFW level?

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Unread post by Heidi » Thu Nov 30, 2006 8:42 am

I have two readers from MFW-K and MFW-1 and starting my third soon.

MFW-K really does take care of teaching your child how to write with plenty of practice too. I would suggest that if you are going to wait until your dc is 5 that you just concentrate on having fun with Christmas and holidays. I also waited until my second dc was 5 - she was ready to write at 4, but did not have the attention needed to sit for 5 minutes. With my third who will be 4 next week - he is the opposite - he is learning his letters without any help or program other than doing fun things - and I am waiting for his fine motor skills to develop enough to write in order to be able to do the MFW-K program which does emphasize foundation in fine motor skills.
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Unread post by Homeschooling6 » Sat Dec 30, 2006 9:47 pm

Interesting thread. Lots of encouragment. I just ordered MFW K and 1st grade and I really like what I see =)
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have all you MFW folks only used MFW

Unread post by peavey » Mon Sep 22, 2008 11:51 pm

Chrystal in TX wrote:I'm new to MFW. Just bought my box this past Friday at our local homeschool bookfair. I heard David Hazell give a seminar, loved the philosophy...

Here is my question. So do we just drop what we've been doing? Do we stop the other stuff cold AND...

have all you MFW folks only used MFW to teach reading?
Posted: Mon May 12, 2008 9:46 am
Post subject: If it makes you feel any better,

We have ONLY used MFW to teach reading. We have a son (9), twin boys (8) and a daughter (5). They have all been thru MFWK, the boys thru 1st, Adv, & ECC.

My kids are living proof that MFW alone works. I NEVER worked with any of them before MFWK on letter sounds. In fact, they didn't know their letter names, either. I just read TONS of books to them.

I can see, if you don't have little ones running under foot, the possibility of adding other things with the first child. But, as mentioned, when you add more kids to the mix, you have much less time to add other curriculums in.

BTW - Although the kids (in K & 1st) were a little behind their PS counterparts in reading, they quickly caught up in 2nd & 3rd. They are now reading at if not better than their PS counterparts. That could possibly just be the teaching skills of their mother. =)

Hope that helped ease your "fears"!

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Unread post by amelasky » Tue Sep 23, 2008 11:25 pm

SuwaneeMom wrote:My 13 year old had been homeschooling, but it's been through the Public School System and I am about to adventure into homeschooling for the first time with my 5 year old in the fall.

I came across this in a online search and just felt a tug that my son Kaden would really like it. He loves all of God's creation and it seems to be laid out in such a fun way! Am I really about to teach my son to read? I guess so.

Looking for some encouragement form you seasoned homeschoolers who can share there experiences and fears.
Posted: Thu May 15, 2008 4:28 pm

I thought that I would add my two cents in as well. My daughter and I completed MFW K last year, and just finished MFW 1 this week.

She is reading everything in sight these days, and has excellent math and handwriting skills. She's even learned cursive (just for fun).

I was reading at 4, and really didn't know the phonics "rules" prior to MFW K. I LOVE to read, and read to my children as much as possible. I think that she values reading because I always have.

That being said, we LOVED both years of MFW. The lessons in MFW K were wonderful. Not too much to overwhelm her, yet just enough to challenge her. She was reading fairly well by the end of the year. She had developed a love of God's creation, and really loved the Bible stories. She can't wait for her brother to start K next year (09-10) so that he can learn everything that she did.

First grade has been awesome. The Bible reader and Bible Notebook were our favorites. I think that the teacher's manual is so wonderfully thought out and is organized very well. I really opened our box, pre-read the manual, made sure I had the supplies needed and ordered libray books to pick up. There isn't a lot of 'teacher" prep work to do.

My point is this: If I can teach this program successfully, I believe that anyone can. It really is easier to teach them to read than I first believed it would be. The program really does teach them, and it really is simple.

Be encouraged and hang in there. God will enable you.

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Unread post by Tracey in ME » Tue Sep 23, 2008 11:28 pm

Posted: Thu May 15, 2008 4:56 pm

Just wanted to say: Not only CAN you teach your son to read...but it is unbelievably rewarding and exciting! And...sometimes frustrating. Just don't push.

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Unread post by Mommyto2 » Tue Sep 23, 2008 11:29 pm

Posted: Thu May 15, 2008 5:26 pm

We are just finishing K and used it along with Adventures. My dd loved K because she could quickly get through it and then go play. At first I was a little worried that it wasn't enough.

How silly of me. We have one week left and she is doing great in math and it is so wonderful to put her to bed at night and listen to her read simple books out loud to her animals.

I didn't really teach her to read. She taught herself as we went along.


Re: About to buy MFW K - math and other questions

Unread post by cbollin » Mon Jan 11, 2010 11:44 am

Angel in FL wrote:I am new here and am about to buy the MFW K program for my daughter. I think she will thrive with the program because it seems like so much fun. I am not good putting together hands on activities myself so I need a program that does it for me. I just have a few questions.

1 - My life is about to get more complicated because we are relocating my parents from AL to FL. I will be the main care giver. So, MFW will be planned for me and all I need to do is gather library books and get supplies for the projects? Do they mostly use household items?

2 - I'm not sure I understand the math portion. Will I need to buy another K math program?

3 - Is there enough in the program, if we use K and 1st, to teach my daughter to read or will we need to supplement? It is complete? I read different boards and it seems a lot of people add things. Do they do it because it isn't complete or do they just want more? I really don't want to over complicate the process.

I have homeschooled my three sons since 1999, graduated one in 2007, the second graduates this year and my youngest son is a junior at the public high school... he wanted to go back last year. None of them started homeschooling from the beginning though, so this is new to me. Thanks so much for any advice and information you can give.
Hi Angel,
Welcome along!

1.((hugs)) as you enter into this season in your life. MFW is planned out so that you have to get library books, supplies and maybe spend 10-15 minutes per week looking over the unit so you have some familiarity with the lessons. I think to help cut down the library searching for those information books, you could consider getting an optional book from MFW’s ECC program called Complete Book of Animals. That will cover about half of the topics in the Kindy science with basic facts.

Here is a list of the supplies/items needed to help you know for Kindy. I had most of the stuff at home ... 381#p45939
Additionally, in the manual itself there is a supply list for standard school supplies needed all year.

2. Math in Kindy. You have the calendar activities and in that they are doing patterns and other things as well. It’s not just days of the week. There is an emphasis on hands on learning for place value. Then, when that place value is covered with 100’s chart – you go to a unit on money and coins and then add in a unit on addition and subtraction concepts.
The Rods and Book are there and suggested once a week for use for critical thinking skills in math.
I don’t think another math program has to be added. Some people prefer to use whatever math they want to use or strongly want a worktext based program. MFW K covers all standard Kindy level math goals in hands on informal methods and doesn’t complicate it.. Some of the math gets covered in the activities section in literature day (such as time and clock reading) or in other ways in the science lessons (charts, graphs, etc.)
Typical math routine each day in Kindy is quick, effective and is plenty in spite of it not being hard to do.

3. There is plenty in the program itself to cover all needed skills and phonics for learning to read, In K – short vowel and fluency in short vowel reading. 1st grade – all necessary phonics to cover the rest to produce an independent reader and works on composition too..
People tend to supplement or add just out of their desires, but there really is enough in the program that you don’t have to. It is thorough and yet will give you the time you need to tend to life without leaving behind academics.
Some times some children want to read more – so parents grab more library books. Or you get a child who is a tiny bit ahead of the curve and need something “more”. Given that you’ve been homeschooling for a while, you’ll be fine even if you haven’t done it from the beginning before.
I know I added to MFW K only in controlled ways that fit a specific need for my child, such as speech therapy (she has autism), or letting her watch videos on a subject, or playing games more.
And there were times I’d tweak a lesson in the phonics so she’d work a little longer than day on something. And then people change or add ideas just because their child has an interest in the topic or wanted more.

I'm sure I left something out of there to help you see the unseen. Looking forward to other answers too


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Re: About to buy MFW K - math and other questions

Unread post by OtterMommy » Mon Jan 11, 2010 12:14 pm

Hi! And welcome! We are doing MFW K this year, and we love it! We've tweaked it a bit to work for us, but it is great on its own! In the Deluxe version, the rods and book are included. We do them once a week. (It helps me to think of school in 2 sections: the unit-study and the phonics.) We have chosen to supplement for Math because my son is not so good at numbers (blame his father :-) ! However, you don't need to, and if your life is busy, your daughter will get plenty from MFW K as written!

Also, the rods and book are not number-based; it is more conceptual math, not numerical problems.

Hope this helps some!
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Re: About to buy MFW K - math and other questions

Unread post by tabby » Mon Jan 11, 2010 1:05 pm

Hi Angel,

I am currently going through MFWK with my second child and thought I could add a few words of encouragement with using the program.

When my daughter went through the program the first time I did EVERYTHING that MFW recommends in the basic and deluxe packages. I found it to be a solid program that was easy to teach. I was impressed that the quality of her education was achieved through what I felt were simple, effective and foundational activities. Now my son is going throught the program. Since I am teaching him as well as my older daughter I find that I mainly stick to the basic package and add a few of the options from deluxe as time permits. Guess what? I am still impressed with what he has learned thus far!! He is reading, understanding about the world around him (science), picking up great math skills and most of all learning God's Word and principles! Every child is understandably different but I wanted to encourage you with my story and hopefully others will share their experience with MFWK.

To address your questions...

Math - The simple answer is that yes, math will be the 100 chart and calendar everyday. There is also practice with number writing on Day 2 of each lesson's phonic page, as well as working with number concepts on day 3 worksheet. The beauty of its simplicity is that I find I can make the chart and calendar more on some days when I feel ds needs more "math" or just do the minimum when a day needs to be a little shorter. I have him lay out his sticks and count the tens (he can count by tens to 100 now!) and the ones. Without knowing it he is adding "tens" and "ones" together. I can tell him to take away two and recount or do other little problems with his sticks too. The calendar is useful in teaching all the days of the week and showing how time passes. Sometimes we place special days or holidays on it to do a countdown with him. As the math program goes on you will also add a money activity (in my TM it starts after lesson 16). I also use opportunities when they present themselves to reinforce his math knowledge. To ds at the grocery store, "Could you please pick out 5 apples for me?" At home to ds, "Would you like your sandwich in halves or quarters?" "How many cookies are left after you and your sister have eaten one each?"

Planning - I find it easy to plan for each lesson. I reserve books online for each lesson and add the few items that might be needed for supplies to my grocery list. That's it!! Sometimes I don't even need to reserve books because I have The Complete Book of Animals with my daughter's ECC books as well as some personal children's books that we have collected (by no means do we have a huge selection, but I have been surprised at what I can pull from our books to use for lessons). The internet can also be a valuable for simple facts on the introduction portion of each lesson. As far as supplies, I usually have many of them around the house already or I get creative.

Completeness of the program - As stated earlier, I have been well pleased with the program and feel that it stacks up nicely when compared to ps or other curriculums. I checked our school system's very long "checklist" for what a child should learn in K and MFW covers them all and more!!

BTW, I was happy with 1st grade too! ;)

I hope this helps some. :)
Tabatha :)
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