Reading - Should I add a reading program?

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Reading - Should I add a reading program?

Unread post by cbollin »

jlcoubles wrote:Hello everyone! I am doing K with my five year old son this year, and he is doing great. I am thinking about adding something to the curriculum... My sister in law, who homeschools 4 children, had great success with her son who is also five, and he is now reading at a solid 2nd grade level. I just wanted some advice on if I should just stick to MFW, or add an additional book as well. Thanks!
All children learn to read at different times. Some children are ready to read at a 2nd grade level when they are 5 and others aren't. It really isn't so much about the reading program, but the children. I vote for not changing curriculum that is working. Your sister found what works for her. You found what you like and you said your son is doing great with it.

MFW likes to keep a balance of skills. Your child most likely will be reading at a 2nd grade level in one year IF he is ready. That's where the MFW 1st grade program ends --- with all the phonics necessary for an independent reader.

These two particular books probably won't work well together because they are so different from each other. Children really do learn to read with MFW K and 1st. At the risk of this sounding the wrong way.... it is not a race to have cousins reading at the same time on the same level. {hug}. My oldest did learn to read with a different program (I hadn't heard of MFW then). When she was 6 y.o she was reading at the same level as her cousin who was 9 y.o. And that cousin's little brother was 5 y.o and didnt' know his letters. Grandma was smart enough not to compare and my SIL and I didn't care either. :) btw, my nephews are now both avid readers.

Here's a neat little story about the children of the author of MFW. David Hazell tells this story a lot in homeschool conventions, so I guess it is ok to say it here. Their children learned to read at different rates. One son (their 3rd child) didn't learn to read until he was 8 y.o. By age 12 he was fluent in Russian and English. At 16, he was a senior in high school. The youngest child was reading on a 2nd grade level when she was 5 y.o.

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I agree with Crystal. I know it can be hard when one child is reading ahead of their level (my 10yo dd), and one "seems" behind (my 7.5yo dd). But, really, I am learning to just enjoy whatever "level" they are at and not push. :o)
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I would stick with MFW. I haven't used it, but with my oldest son Josh, I feel like I pressured him way too much when he was 5yr old. My sister's 5yr old dd was reading at a 2nd grade level (without my sister teaching her). So I would get frustrated and stressed out with my son. I kept switching his curriculum, thinking the next one would 'work'.

He is now in 3rd grade and still has not finished a complete phonics program and struggles with reading. He is currently doing a 2nd grade program with his sister.

I strongly feel that if I would have let him go at his own pace and would have stuck with one phonics program he would be reading better now and have more confidence in that area. My poor guy went through at least 4 different programs that we didn't complete before he was 7 years old. No wonder he was so confused!

My 7yr old dd reads at a 3rd grade level, while my 8.5 yr old son reads at a low 2nd grade level.

Like some of the others have posted they all learn at different ages.

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I'd stick with MFW. I used another program with my first, but I like MFW K better. If you want to add something, get additional read alouds from the library.

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I agree with the others. We are using MFW 1 right now (dd, age 7) and everything she needs to know is there. In fact, I've slowed it down for her. Like Crystal states, children will learn when they're ready.

Is this your only/oldest child? Dd is my only, and I know it can sometimes be hard to look at others and NOT compare them.

If you plan to continue MFW, it will be enough.

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I would also recommend sticking with MFW. You can drive yourself crazy (and your child too) switching around and adding different things that might only muddy the waters.

We used another program with our oldest - we started it when she was K age - 5 years old. She moved through it, but did not have confidence even towards the end of it. We ended up starting MFW 1st last summer (June). She has since turned 7 years old (in October) and is now beginning to read very confidently.

Sometimes it's just a matter of maturity level, but I want to say that the methodical way that the MFW phonics are taught are excellent and have "done the trick" with my daughter. Also, practice, practice practice with books that your child CAN read.

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Reading - Should I add literature?

Unread post by Lucy »

fancymud wrote:Hi, I'm very new to homeschooling. I plan on starting next Fall when my dd is 5. She loves anything and everything about animals so the K program looked like it would be very interesting for her. However, I plan on doing another literature based program together with it, but I'm not sure which package is the right fit for me. Please help me. Thanks
Dear Heather,
I am not sure you will need another literature based program. There is a literature component to the K program. Each week you study a different thing that God created: sun, moon, leaf, horse, insects, butterfly,etc.. It is suggested to gather books from the library on these topics. As a note regarding the deluxe package ,that is why the Dino book is included since it is close to impossible to fine a creation based dino book in the library.

Each lesson also has recommended fiction literature books that come with plans on what to do with the book. You can see a sample on day 6 here: . There are some times more than one book listed with activities. It is recommended to only do the activities from one of the books but to enjoy as many of the books as can find at the library. Here is a list of these books by theme for the K program:

You can always add more books, but I just did not know if you were aware of the amount of literature already in the program.

K takes 60-90 minutes of structured time each day.
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Unread post by baileymom »


I just wanted to second Lucy's thoughts on the K program being VERY literature rich.

We don't do the Day 6 Reading/Outside day (my kiddos go outside every day they can, and we're always reading).

I get as many of the books listed in the unit as I can (and then some...), and we just read them throughout the week.

Really, if you compare the reading lists with other literature based/CM style K homeschool curriculums, you will find MFW's has a lot of the same books listed.

It is a VERY complete program, we have the deluxe, but I'm agreeing with Crystal, it would still be thorough without the extras.
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Unread post by CindyLou »

You can ALWAYS add more books on your own without having to actually purchase and formal literature curriculum. We are always adding to the reading recommendations. I like the fact that MFW has "book basket" - it's like "trying before you buy". We check out several books from the library first each week and almost always end up buying the books we love to add to our permanent home library.

My mother-in-law is a former librarian, my husband grew up without a TV and they were always reading, and my kids (lucky for me) have the same thirst for books. I just want to make sure the books we read are great "living" ones, classics, etc.

So as time allows, go ahead and read, read, read! But don't worry about actually adding on a formal literature curriculum. MFW has that covered and is so flexible; it's very easy to add more books all on your own!
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