Schedule - How much time does K require per day?

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Schedule - How much time does K require per day?

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qfbrenda wrote:How much time does K require per day?
Is it doable while also schooling older kids? I have a 4th grader and one almost-2nd grader too.
Are the supplies easy to gather? I don't have lots of extra time for that.
Did you and your kiddo(s) enjoy it?

I'm thinking my 5 yr old could really use this. I didn't think so at first, since I already have math and phonics curriculum... but this looks like way more than that. And since I spend time schooling his older 2 brothers... spend time with the newborn and 2 yr old because, well, they just naturally require lots of attention. But sometimes the mellow 5 yr old kinda gets lost in the shuffle. I'm thinking this could help me make sure I spend time with him, without having to plan what to do ahead of time. Opinions please?
Hi Brenda-
I am in the same situation as you. My 5 yr old get lost in the shuffle of the older kiddos and younger ones. I bought K for Brent and it takes us about 30-45 min for the depending on how much we do.

Because I am schooling the older ones and I do include Brent my 5yr old in their science & history, so I don't always do everything in the K TM. I usually pick about two things a week.

First we do MFWK math 10min.
Read the verse and talk about it 5min
Phonics 15min
Science 5min if I am only reading and about 15min. if we do more.
When we play phonics or math games it does take a little longer so maybe an hour tops =) but he's having too much fun so he doesn't realize it school ;)

I don't do this all in one sitting, unless Brent is willing to do that then I will.
Sometimes I will do his schooling in the evening.
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Hi Brenda,

MFWK takes between 30 and 60 minutes a day for us. Sometimes it's hard for us to time it because we do it in little chunks throughout the day and I never really add up the time. Some days we don't get done what I planned. Other days we breeze through it and manage to do a little of the next day's work.

Yes, MFWK works wonderfully with families with older kids. When I began MFWK, my son was finishing MFW/1st and we were doing CTG with the two big girls. Of course, I didn't do everything, but we got things done.

One of MFW's strengths is that all the programs that I've done so far (I've not done Adventures or EX1850 or beyond!) have had a lot of "bang for the buck" both money-wise and time-wise. We accomplished a lot of learning without a lot of time.

My two that have done MFWK have enjoyed it a lot. The projects are fun. We still have the flash cards and often I'll remind my children: "I obey right away" or "I am the light of the world" or other Bible truths that MFWK taught. We still sing the a-a-apple song too. It's a fun program that works.

Okay, did I sound like an ad?
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We did MFW K last year & it took us 60-90 min per day. But I was using it for my oldest, so we *did* do everything. My 3yo also participated in all the activities.

Supplies were very easy to gather, mostly household stuff.

*I* enjoyed it as a first-time teacher and my ds loved it too. :-) I'm looking forward to doing it again next school year for my then-Ker.
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Hi Brenda :)

I agree with the other posters here. We usually can do everything within 60-90 minutes, give or take a few. And after being queasy for the first week or so about doing more than one program, we found our groove. ;)

As far as gathering, the actual supplies aren't bad - you're given a list to go shopping by - 90% of those items I already had. However, you are asked to make a folder for each unit & collect things (articles, activities, etc.) for the different topics. That completely stressed me out - probably just a personality thing, but it did! As it turns out, there were a lot of ideas here on the boards (most of which my sister found & emailed me...), and we use a lot of information books we already have here at home. Plus, sometimes we google.

I found with doing 2 programs, I lean less on the extras. And even with that, I don't think I could give my child a better Kindergarten year than I'm providing with MFW. They give you so much to choose from, and then you get to select what works in your particular circumstance. Biased, I am. But I've also had my socks blessed off by MFW. And my five year old loves school!

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We are currently doing K in about 30 minutes a day. My 5 1/2 year old loves it and begs me, "Mommy can we do more school?" What a joy this year has been!
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Describe the kindergarten day

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You will be happy to know that K only takes 1-1 1/2 hours a day so I do not think even with a 3 years old that you will trouble finishing in the time that you have allotted. This is the amount of structured learning in the K program. The rest of the time is can be spent on learning chores, cooking with mom, playing in and outside, field trips, play date, etc.

Just thought I would add that little bit.

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tkbbrl6 wrote:If you only do what's listed in the K program - about how long does it take each day?
Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2008 11:18 am

90 min to 2 hours, depending on the activity and number of interruptions from the baby and little sis.

In the beginning we were done in under an hour on some days, since he already knew his letters and didn't need extra practice.
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Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2008 9:49 pm

Popping in to add a little info from our perspective - you have lots of good answers here already!

We did K last year and it took from 15 min to 45 min most days. If we had a "gotta get it done day", we could do the work we needed to in 15 good minutes :) Most days, we worked for 45mins - and enjoyed every bit of it!

We did the program as is, and I found it to be just the right amount. The things she already knew we reviewed and there was plenty of time to work on the new things.

My dd loves art, so we did the projects and added a few (some of our ideas are in the K archive).

We also got tons (20-30) books from the library for each topic. We are major book hounds, and we have a wonderful librarian. We did a modified book basket type of thing which my dd loved. After we read the library book together, part of her school for the day was to review the book at rest time. Then we added it to her "book chair" so she could look at it again any time (also helped us keep up with the library books).

I have to say that we LOVED the K :) Hope that you will, too!
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MFWK - How long per day?

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girlboygirlboy wrote:I just received MFW K(yay for box day!), and was just wondering how long it usually takes per day as I'm trying to figure out a schedule to coincide with my older kids.
Those who also have older kids, do you find it easier to do it all at once, or break it up? And if you break it up, how do you do it? TIA!
We spend 20 to 30 minutes with the phonics/math portion in the morning. Then we finish after lunch with the Bible/Science/Art/Read Alouds/etc. Maybe another 15 to 30 minutes. Very doable with other dc. HTH
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Re: MFWK - How long per day?

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I did it differently with different kids - on average, MFW K took us 30 minutes a day, but with my son, I broke it up into 10 minute segments, because he *needed* those really short bursts, then to go and run LOL. With my daughter, we did it all in one fell swoop, and that worked very well for her.
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4littlehearts wrote:Approximately how long is your day with MFW K?
The length of time for K at our house varies widely depending upon how "deeply" we get into our unit subject. The Bible/math/calendar/phonics/worksheets portions can be done around here in 30-40 minutes or so, but we might spend up to two and a half hours reading books on our subjects or doing related crafts. If we have a busy, time-crunched day we could cut out the projects and do it all in 60 minutes or less, but I prefer not to do that. I want to mention that every day is "book day" around here, and we generally do a unit in 4 or 5 days. We finished up Zebra today, starting at about 12:15 (we start late, we're both late risers and I do chores in the morning). It took us about 30 minutes to do the worksheets (we often do more than one a day), calendar, and phonics stuff. Then we read some books about Africa and looked at some pictures of Africa's people, crafts, instruments and animals. One of the books talked about weaving, so she got out a new little weaving loom thing she got for her birthday and we started making a craft... that took quite a while. We got on the subject of African spiritual hymns and chants and we watched a video clip from the movie Glory in which the soldiers sang and prayed in this style. Gail wrote in her journal (not a MFW thing, but part of our school at least a few times a week) while I finished the weaving. We ended at 3:30 today. So that was more than three hours but it was with lots of reading, talking, looking, singing and crafting. If we had kept it bare bones, it could have been all done in an hour. But we had fun getting in depth with it. Actually, I barely mentioned zebras today :~ ... but she already knew more about the animals than she did the people of Africa.

So, to sum it up... it can be done quickly. Hour or so. Or you can stretch it out with crafts and books. Very flexible!
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Re: MFW K?

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MFW K takes us about a hour a day, sometimes a little longer, but not a lot.
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Re: MFW K?

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When I did MFW K, it was with my middle gal, and then my youngest. I did it in three 15 minute slots through the day, as they would also join older siblings in the day. Math routines were done as part of wake up routines and a few extensions (breakfast, set table... that kind of stuff). Phonics - 5-10 minute seatwork... a few games... long break to play... 15 minutes on other activities.
that was the amount of time I was giving them one on one. They did other stuff too.

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Re: MFW K?

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We always read 3-5 easy reader books related to the unit, then do our school work. We also use a basic K math workbook now, so that adds 10 minutes or so. DD is very particular on the drawing and math MFW sheets so those take awhile and she loves to play several rounds of go-fish and bingo. Considering all that, we finish up in 1.5 - 2 hours a day, depending. :)
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