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Re: Good Times in K...

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Our ants literally came in just a couple days before we began unit 11. God's perfect timing, and ok, a well organized hint in the teacher's manuel, too. Love that even remembering your ants and butterflies is in there as a heads up!
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How is everyone's school year going???

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The K'er is on Tt unit. She was excited to see some simple words in the next few days (sam/ann) and her eyes got all big, "I am reading?!" She is my youngest, the last K'er, plus she has apraxia, so this slow move towards reading is huge!
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Fun moment with K

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I enjoy reading others' bright moments, so I thought I would share this one. We are just a few units into MFW K.

Tonight we were reading from a Bible storybook and a picture caught my daughter's attention. She made me turn back, then pointed to an illustration of Jesus with light shining behind him and said "look mom! Jesus is the light of the world!" (From the Sun unit for those who haven't used K.) Made my heart smile! I hope you are all having good moments too!

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Re: Fun moment with K

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That is so sweet! Those moments are priceless. Thanks for sharing. I loved doing the Kindergarten unit and can't wait to do it one more time with my youngest.

I hope you get a chance to "grow" the butterflies. That was a highlight for my daughter...there were many, but that was one of the best. The ants were cool too. ;)

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