Prep - Getting supplies & materials ready for MFW-K

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Prep - Getting supplies & materials ready for MFW-K

Unread post by kellybell »

LoveBaby wrote:We are awaiting our MFW K and I want to get ahead of the game by doing any shopping for supplies I need this week. Do we need 3-ring notebooks, index cards, special papers, etc?
I don't have my K TM handy but the first two weeks are a creation study. You'll need (if I remember), construction paper, scissors, glue, perhaps some creation stickers (with little fishies, clouds, the sun, the moon, animals, trees, grass, and people), and something to color with. You don't NEED the stickers, but if you have them sitting in a drawer somewhere already, dig them out! I wouldn't go buy them just for this.

Maybe someone with a K TM nearby can correct me. The first two weeks are gentle and fun.

After that, you need the typical school stuff such as (I'm sure to forget something): pencils (maybe with a rubber pencil grip to help those chubby fingers hold right), crayons or colored pencils (I like the latter), glue (stick or bottle), some tape, a handful of brads (four years into homeschooling we are still on our first package), and some paper. It's great to get a three hole punch, clear, contact paper, a pack of sticky notes and a pack of page protectors if you can spring for that.

To "set up" for K, you will do best with 26 file folders so you can collect things for each letter (s is sun, for example). As you teach, put in little books from home, coloring pages, craft ideas, etc. that you find for the 26 letter units. Also, you'll be cutting up these alphabet cards (I forget exactly what they are called in the TM) and I stored mine in old envelopes. Little ziplock sandwich bags would work too for that.

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Ideas: Fold-out K "schoolhouse"

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One thing that I did that I like is to buy a large 3-part folding project board and tape the Alphabet cards to the inside and then on the right put the calendar and hundreds chart. Then I can close it up and store it until the next day. Just for fun, I made a drawing of a schoolhouse on the front so we can "go to school" when we pen it up.

God Bless.
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What things go on the wall?

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mikesherry wrote:I just placed my order today for K and 1st grade! I am so excited! I am organizing our school room and was wondering what items from K and 1st grade would you put on the wall? I have some other ideas, such as things from a traditional classroom to make it more fun, but couldn't remember what items would I put up already?
Posted Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:46 pm by Cyndi (WA)
I'm just reminiscing here . . . for K, I put up the flashcards - they made a very cute wallpaper-border. I also put up the 100 chart (you may want to put your two side by side, K and 1st have identical 100 charts). I posted the monthly calendar. That's all I can think of for K. Those items are all 8.5 X 11 type stuff.

There's not too many things that you have to have up, but there sure are a lot of things that you could put up! Have fun decorating!

Posted Fri Aug 01, 2008 7:49 pm by TurnOurHearts
We also posted our flashcards, but we did ours on the back of a door. We simply closed the door each day & sang our song as I pointed to each letter (my son later took on the role of official 'pointer'). One thing we added to our room was a piece of string with clothespins. Some of those MFWK & MFW1 projects & papers are too cute (or too big) to go in a notebook right away ~ they need to be displayed!! :)

I'm sure there are tons of other possibilities, but that was our experience. I hope you have a wonderful year in MFW! :)

Posted Fri Aug 01, 2008 8:04 pm by 705emily
We also posted the K flashcards up as a border, and I put the badges as we made them underneath the flashcards. We also had a long stretch of wall for the time-line, and I made a number line from sentence strips and put it up around the wall.

Posted Sun Aug 03, 2008 6:05 pm by JohnsWife
We just started last week. I have a 3 fold board decorated with the abc's and the 100 chart. I have a poster of school rules and another with sight words. It is our dining room so that is all I have.

Posted Mon Aug 04, 2008 8:00 am by RJ's Momma
I remember in K that we sometimes had a poster or clipping that went along with our theme for the week that I put up. Like a poster of zoo, farm, forest animals. I had a poster for the alphebet and numbers. Think I put sign language alphebet up for a while. I put some of her art work up when she got done.

All this was in our dining room, but dh didn't care, so I just put whatever fit into what we were learning:)

Box Day - MFW K - Overwhelmed!... was this a mistake...?

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kidswife wrote:My dd4 can read pretty well. I chose MFW-K due to the numerous posts I read on here involving how much people love it, and even children who can read and count, still reap many benefits from doing MFW-K. I looked at the 1st grade level. DD4 could read all the sample stories with no problem, but there was too much writing and drawing involved, and through this journey (of deciding which curriculum to go with) I've discovered that reading isn't everything. I love the strong emphasis on the Bible and God's truths too.

Now my dilemma. In reading through all the start-up involved, I feel overwhelmed. Should I even bother with all this alphabet stuff when she clearly knows it? And how about the reading? Should I go through it or skip it? These are huge portions of the curriculum, esp at the the beginning.

Popsicle sticks, raisins, ants, oh my! I realize all this stuff was on the website, describing how hands-on it is, so this shouldn't surprise me, but this is a far cry from my R&S workbooks where everything is... in the workbook! My shoulders are tensing up even as I type this, just thinking about it! They were more tense last night as I sat cutting out bingo cards for a half-hour wondering if I'd even put this to use.

And then there's my daughter to consider. After all, this is all just for her... not me. Truth be told, she'd love it. She'd love all of it. She'd even love going over the letter flashcards, I'm sure. She'd think it was easy, and that she was very smart. There's just no denying that fact. I honestly think she'd love the whole thing.

But what would be best? A burned-out mom and happy child? Will this stuff really burn me out? I have about an hour to devote to her in her schooling. That's the only time the little ones are napping and I can devote all my attention on her. Help! ---- Thanks!

First, don't fret about the raisins. Just eat the grapes and boxed raisins and do one of the alternative activities like make a weather chart for 2 weeks instead if you don't want to turn grapes into raisins. Our raisins turned out by mistake. We weren't in the Sun Unit any longer, but bought some grapes. My youngest hid one or dropped it by mistake into a cabinet or it fell off or whatever. anyway, about 2 weeks later I look in the cabinet and it was mostly turned to raisin even though it just was inside a warm cabinet. neat huh???? We put it on the top of the computer monitor were it was even warmer and it worked!!!!! so don't fret it too much. Learning is not all workbooks and worksheets. Put away most of that stuff for a while. She's 4. :-)

You can get a box of craft sticks from Walmart or craft store for "popsicle sticks" next time you are out. They are fantastic!!! for learning place value! Do it!

the cutting time is not that bad for MFW K. I got it done in about 20-30 minutes tops one day while slowing reading the instructions and being half distracted by kids. Yes, you'll play the Bingo Cards and your 4 y.o will have fun. It is about sounds and sharing time together with following rules and playing games. (you do still want to have fun with your oldest, right??? it's fun to play card games like Go Fish and concentration) The prep time is finished on that for the whole year. )

also, with the MFW K phonics worksheets, let your 4 year old do those "reading activities" except change it to letting her cut the worksheets to develop fine motor skills. she will need that practice to strengthen her hand for writing. So, yes, go through the worksheets even though they are not reading levels for her. They are fine motor exercises for her on the cut and paste stuff and copywork on some and spelling on others.

Take it slowly with the manual. Box Day should be a fun day. It doesn't have to be overwhelming. You're looking at a year's worth of stuff, but you don't have to get it all done today.

The set up of the manual isn't that bad.
You have the 10 day Creation Unit. Each day you do those 8 steps. There are variations on the steps in each day. For example, in step 1,you will vary what Bible verses you read.

then you have the 26 units.
The units are set up for each day
1.Do your math activities
2.Do the yellow sheets in phonics (it will be very easy for her, you can do it quickly and move on to the activities. But you'll want to use it for spelling lessons once you hit unit 6. Before that don't sweat it that it is easy.)
3.Then the activities section.

Ideas on what to do with the Creation Unit with an early reader:
In terms of the going over the alphabet names and stuff during the Creation Unit, you can work on just putting them in alphabetical order, and having her identify and tell you what letter comes before M, what letter comes after B? And then make a 2 minute game out of it. In other words during the 10 day Creation Unit, for steps 3-6, you can modify and just turn it into a game of putting the letters in order, making 2 rows of the letters A-M, N-Z one on top of the other and asking her if a letter comes in the "first half" of the alphabet or the "second half". This is a fun game for a kid and important for pre-dictionary skills.

So, I think it is worth it to go through the Creation unit and learn what happened on each day and to make the creation notebook.

That's probably just as overwhelming as Box Day was for you. But, hang in there. The cutting prep work is done if you did the Bingo cards and other things on the blue paper.

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Re: Box Day - MFW K - Overwhelmed!... was this a mistake...?

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kidswife wrote:And then there's my daughter to consider. After all, this is all just for her... not me. Truth be told, she'd love it. She'd love all of it. She'd even love going over the letter flashcards, I'm sure. She'd think it was easy, and that she was very smart. There's just no denying that fact. I honestly think she'd love the whole thing.
Sounds like my dd. She was reading at a 2nd grade level at age 4, and I seriously didn't know what curriculum to get. I was raised on PACEs and didn't really want to go the workbook route, because I know a "month's worth" of workbook could be done in one sitting, and not much really gained from it - plus, it's not just not that engaging.

I spoke with David Hazell (and didn't even know it was the David at the time) and he encouraged me to go with MFWK, because the topics are activities are so well suited to a K-age child. I am soooo thankful for that advice. My dd loved MFWK and she learned so much! She didn't need to learn to read, but she thoroughly enjoyed making words with the blend ladder. The Bible and character traits are just irreplaceable for a child that age. It was the perfect amount of work to keep us busy for 45-60 minutes a day, and let her just be a kid. We added a ton of extra library books, which I highly recommend. I agree with your statement -- "I honestly think she'd love the whole thing."

And the hands-on stuff is not that time-consuming or difficult to do. Look at it in units, not as a whole. "Oh, for this unit, we're going to have a butterfly garden. I can do that." I am not crafty, and I was never into hands-on stuff in school myself, and if I can do this program, anyone can.

Pray about it, and if God really steers you to something else for your family, by all means, listen to Him. But IMHO, you can't go wrong with MFWK. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
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Unread post by SandKsmama »

I can't add anything more to the above posters about the content, but as far as the time you have to spend...I've done MFW K twice and it is VERY doable in under an hour. I too think your little one would love it, and I promise it is not overwhelming once you get started. In fact, I've looked at a number of other programs and MFW K is one of the least overwhelming out there. Really!!! :-) Blessings to ya - I know that "tense shoulder" feeling. It will get better.
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Unread post by my3boys »

I am doing MFWK with a 5yo and 7yo with a 3yo tagging along (they were 2,4, and 6 when we started). When I first got the guide I was very overwhelmed as well - the set up makes it a little hard to visualize what your K day will look like.

After the first week we were in a routine and it was super easy. There is a lot of repetition to the program which makes your routine click pretty fast. I have a bulletin board with a weather calendar, a regular calendar, and the 100 chart - in a basket near there I keep the letter cards, number cup (a plastic mug), marker, popcycle sticks, and elastics. We sit there every morning and fill out the charts and do the math activity - then we look at the card of the week and usually read stories/sing songs about whatever the theme is. Your 2yo may be able to participate in this time.

After lunch we have a reading lesson and later in the afternoon we have another story time. The math in K is very simple but profound - my older ds did Singapore Earybird and did not learn as much as my younger children are learning in MFWK.

I also did not make the raisins -we just ate some raisins and talked about how they are made - and we are waiting until summer to do our ant farm. You may not want to do all the reading lesson activities, but a lot of them have simple cutting and writing that would be great for your child's dexterity. My 7yo knew all his letters and sounds already, but needed to work on writing - these activities have been really good for him. I also add a reader to his reading lesson time. So you can make this year less about phonics and more about practice reading and learning to write. I have used several K programs and MFWK has been by far the most enjoyable - so don't let the look of the guide deter you.
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Unread post by mamanamadee »

Your dd sounds very similar to my 5yo. She just took off reading on her own. (And she's a lefty.) When I first opened my box of MFW K I was soooooooo excited and very overwhelmed as well. But as I got into it, I found that it is really very easy to do, especially since my dd is already reading. I do have to take it just one week at a time, though, or I start to feel overwhelmed again.

Now I have to admit, that I don't follow the TM exactly. (I look forward to doing some of the missed activities when my 2yo reaches K age.) Right now it is just easier for me to be the "fun" and "relaxed" mama if I don't let myself stress too much about doing every single thing in the TM.

Our K time (after the creation unit) generally works like this:
1. Fill in the calendar and say the day and date
2. Fill in the 100 chart and count the popsicle sticks
3. Do a worksheet
4. Do an activity out of the TM--we always do Day1 and Day2 according to TM, but after that, I just pick whichever one I think I can handle on that particular day, or substitute by reading extra library books related to the topic. Most of the time I do simplify the activities in some way.
5. Occasionally I will remember to sing one of the alphabet songs.

That is usually it for us. Sometimes we will play one of the games when I have a little extra time. It usually takes me about 30 minutes. A few times I have started to feel like I'm not doing enough, but then I think about all of the time that she reads to herself, reads to me, listens to me read aloud, spends time drawing, plays with educational toys and puzzles, and plays on Starfall and I know that she is learning all she needs to right now. So much of ordinary playing really is learning at this age. I do look forward to doing the program more fully next time, but for this season of my life, our abbreviated system is working beautifully.

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Unread post by RB »

A few quick thoughts...

1) In an overwhelmed moment this year an experienced homeschooling friend encouraged me to remember that curriculum is a servant, not a master. We, too, skipped the raisins :) We've skipped a few and added a few and it all works out.

2) MFW K is good for the heart. I keep having people tell me that my son is a changed boy this year. He is, by nature, a bit strong-willed and stubborn. He had a personality conflict with a girl in his co-op class last year and this year they are so sweet to each other. I'm sure part of this change is age, but I truly know that God is using this curriculum to soften his small heart, and it is priceless!!!!

3)The organization of K freaked me out at first. I loved 1st and Adv last year. I'm a grid girl. Like books, hate crafts. But K is amazing. I felt at loose ends for about 2 weeks and then settled into the routine nicely. We spend 30 min or so a day, since ds also joins in for parts of ECC.

4) i may have to have a couple more kids so I can teach K again :)
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Unread post by Sweetpetunia »

We did K too but it took us 3 That was because of circumstances out of our control and my very different, right-brained learner. She was not ready for any formal school until she was about 6 1/2 or 7. I caved and taught her how to read using 100 EL when she was 6 after some pressure from a relative. It resulted in tears and frustration for both of us but we finally got through it.

After that she was ready to learn so when she was 7 I ordered MFW K. We loved it! It was a perfect review of phonics and she loved the activities. I don't remember it being overwhelming in the least. I think someone else mentioned you fall into a routine pretty quickly and I agree. That's one of the things that makes it so easy.

One of our last lessons was completed last summer and I have pics on my blog. Here's the direct link:

I'm really looking forward to doing it again next year with DS. I know he's going to love it because he very much enjoyed tagging along this summer. I think you will enjoy it. I've never heard of anyone not liking MFW K. :)

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Unread post by kidswife »

I am feeling most encouraged with all of these replies. I'm starting to realize that the curriculum doesn't control me. I'm still the teacher and can do what I want. <deep breath> I'm feeling a lot less stressed tonight.

I've read the first couple chapters of the "For the Sake of the Children" book and am fascinated. I underlined a part about educaters taking the "easy" route rather than what is best for the child. Very... convicting! I'm in this world to serve not to be served.

Thanks again for all the encouragement, although I must admit, it would be nice if I had someone out there respond with why I should skip MFW-K. Anyone??
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Unread post by Michele in WA »

Skip MFW-K???? No way!! Im going to guess you wont get any positive answers on that one!! Now, if your dd was an older 5yo or even 6, then sure, move on to MFW 1st. But she is only 4. Even though she is reading, she will love doing the K projects, stories, science, etc. You as the mom/teacher will learn along with her. I personally have gone through MFW-K with 4 of my children so far, and every time has been a great time of wonder, and special moments with my little ones.

I don't want to repeat what's already been said, but you already have the curriculum - start with day one, skip what you don't want to do (if that means the phonics review, then have her read something else, or Crystal had good suggestions on the workbook sheets), and see how the day goes. If it wasn't too bad, move on to day 2 the next day. You'll get the swing of things and discover why we all love MFW K.


Re: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Unread post by cbollin »

kidswife wrote:Thanks again for all the encouragement, although I must admit, it would be nice if I had someone out there respond with why I should skip MFW-K. Anyone??
here's the short version....

*Are you worried that she is going to forget how to read if you use MFW K?
Don't be. If she really learned how to read, then she will not forget. If, on the other hand, she only learned how to do the lessons in 100EL, then you will still be in better shape using MFW K.
She needs the practice in age appropriate books.

*She's not even 5 years young yet. She should be in a Kindy level program from either MFW or another kindy level program. You don't have the time to devote to it. you will have a burned out child, burned out mom and no one will be happy.

I think you're just having the same jitters that we all faced at that stage. We haven't asked you to just speak honestly and say what you are worried or scared about if you actually use MFW K. Why do you want to skip it? we're all around the kitchen table together. What are you scared of? don't worry -- we're not going to flame you. We've all been there at some point.

with many ((((hugs))) and much love,
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Reply for Crystal... and others who are curious....

Unread post by kidswife »

Why do I fear this? I've thought about this a bit. ---

Really the big 3. My "wasted" effort teaching her to read early, holding her back (from what? I'm not sure. That phrase is a bit overused... and wrongly used), and the burden of more work for me. But I forget, in many ways, I'm just "starting" to homeschool. So there's supposed to be more work on my part. Those fun reading lessons and worksheets we did in the past were just to pass the time in a productive way.

And the big conclusion: We did the first lesson of Creation today! She liked it well enough. We had a "conflict of interest" during the lesson, because part of the school supplies that were listed included clay, which I placed in her "school supply" box. She kept asking over and over when we could play with the clay. So lesson learned.... only have out the stuff we'll actually use that day in the supply kit.

I think this will work just fine. In asking her to retell the Bible reading of the first day of creation, she had trouble retelling just what I read. Instead she tried telling the whole story of creation. So we ARE learning new skills. How about that? In just the first day!

<big sigh of relief> You have no idea... ok, maybe you all DO have some idea... how wonderful it feels to have settled on a base curriculum. There is just SOOOOO much out there. But I've found that MFW seems to really be a mix of all of it. And wouldn't you know I already read that from several posts on here when I was doing my research! So many online forums, web sites, magazines, books, catalogs, oh my. I'm done!

Praise God! I can get my life back! Hey!! Now that I don't have to spend time researching curriculum, I'll have more time to start this Homeschool thing!! --funny...

Thanks All!

Re: Reply for Crystal... and others who are curious....

Unread post by cbollin »

kidswife wrote:I fear I've wasted my time with the 100 EZ lessons
and here I was worried I scared you away. I forgot to offer chocolate on this thread.

I started to make a quicker and easier supply list for the units in K. I was thinking of you and trying to figure out something to help a bit. I got some of it started. ... 939#p45939

Just snuggle on the couch with the kids from time to time. I barely remember any longer about the work. I remember having a 6 y.o 3 y.o and an infant. We snuggled on the couch, and did lessons at the kitchen table and put an ice cube on the high tray or let youngest make a mess in the kitchen. Fun memories. I'm sure at the time I was exhausted.

one day at time. You'll do great!!!

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Tell me it's ok.....

Unread post by RachelT »

nagada wrote:I am planning on starting K on Monday with DS1. Tell me it's really ok that I don't have everything together yet. I am so excited but so nervous too.
Hi there! I used to teach music in an elementary school and I would always panic before the first day and my husband told me this, "You just need to be ready for tomorrow. You don't need to be ready for the whole year!" I'm sure you can continue to organize and get things the way you want them over the first few weeks!

Happy schooling!
Rachel ;)
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looking for compiled mfw k information

Unread post by cbollin »

mommyofgirls wrote:I really like the Science/Bible, etc. of MFW K, but I was hoping to find a curriculum that didn't require so much "legwork". Has anyone put together some sort of "package" wherein they have found the information on ants, leaves, etc.? I would love to buy one if such a thing exists...
Here's a resource to consider using for those Science lessons:
The Complete Book of Animals (sold by MFW in the ECC section of their website). it's about $14.95, scroll down on this link......

I noticed as I was extensively reviewing this book 2 weeks ago, that it would be an awesome resource for MFW K when you need a quick reference for many of the units in My Father's World A to Z. It will be age appropriate for reading to your Kindy children to learn some basic facts. The cost is low and then you'll be able to use it again in a few years because you will not have used the whole book anyway in K.

Complete Book of Animals has useful articles on the following topics in MFW K:
Insect (lots of insects)
(didn't see lots of fox information yet? there is a little bit)
and maybe a little bit on birds when you do Quail.

That's half of the topics in Kindy. I haven't looked for the other topics. But have wondered if something else is out there for them.

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Re: looking for compiled mfw k information

Unread post by baileymom »

I've been a minimalist throughout our K year...we used our 20 yr old set of encyclopedias, for crafts, and library books (when we could get there to get them). Our year has gone fine, we've learned a lot, and my Ker has had FUN his kindergarten yr!
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Re: looking for compiled mfw k information

Unread post by homebychoice »

check the list of ideas in the kindergarten section of this site.

I am starting to save what I find online on my delicious account, and you can see them all here: you can click on the tag that says MFWK then you can also narrow them by topic. We are just on apple now, and I'm just now starting to really save what I find. We did leaves last week, and I didn't do much at all (I thought), I actually felt pretty crummy about it since things kept coming up, and I was doing minimal work on the lessons. But, everywhere my daughter goes, she is picking up leaves and asking questions about them!
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kindergarten books

Unread post by nagada »

mommywings2006 wrote:I've got a question about the kindergarten recommended reading list from the main MFW website. What if these books have been checked out at my library on the week that I need them? Am I thrown for a loop in the teacher's manual? Can I pull something else? :~
Thanks! Bev
What I've been doing is looking ahead a couple units and requesting the books I want to look at. Our library lets you renew 5 times (3 weeks at a time). So if no one else is requesting it, I can have a book for 15 weeks!

Also, you can really do any book on the topic. I've had 10 or so books here at once for a single unit. Only because I want to. LOL
I've been trying to read a story about the topic we're on every day. Doesn't always happen, but that's my goal. We love to read and I figure why not add some more in about what we're learning.
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Re: kindergarten books

Unread post by cbollin »

Sometimes I login to the Kindy Ideas forum
look up the unit and see what books that others have found that they liked and try one of those. Nice thing about reading list in Kindy, you don't have to be tied to the exact title.
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Re: kindergarten books

Unread post by tiffany »

There are usually two alternate selections for your literature selection for the week. So you will have 2 or 3 choices. Your other reading time would come from any children's literature you prefer. Honey for a Child's Heart helps with those selections if you need ideas. I never had a problem securing Kindergarten books. Some I had already in my own library, and some I purchased because I wanted to own them. The remainder were easy to get at the library. Our library usually had more than one copy of these classic books.
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Newbie getting started???

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samandsawyersmom wrote:OK so. . . . What is the best way to get started for your 1st yr of homeschooling? I mean I will be starting MFWK with my oldest end of Sept. after he turns 5yrs old. What kind of prep should I be doing? Besides the general school supplies? I mean should I read most of the TM and get all supplies so I am ready or is it better to just read a few weeks ahead? I am so clueless!!! I just want to get it right and not get caught without something!! Thanks for your time!! You guys are great!! :-)

I would read "For the Children's Sake" By Susan Schaeffer Macaulay. It is included in the K package. I would read the K forum on this board. I would caution you about reading a bunch of books on homeschooling. It can get overwhelming and confusing. But I would read a few good solid ones. Of course your going to ask which ones. Other then the one above I don't have any suggestions.

May God bless you as you enter this adventure!
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Re: Newbie getting started???

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Hi Stacey,

Welcome to Homeschooling!

MFW K is a fabulous phonics/ character program for this age group. I wish I had used it with my oldest. I just started using it this spring for my second ds5, and it is fabulous! :-)

I am only a couple of years into homeschooling (unless you consider it since birth, which it has been), but I will share my limited experience with you.

My best advice is to take it slow. Most 4 -5 year olds still have fairly short attention spans. My oldest ds did, and my second ds does. My sons at five have been able to listen to me read for longer periods of time, but handwriting or reading to me seems best in smaller spans of time. They mostly still desire play at those ages.

I guess I would also say the slower it goes the more you and he will enjoy it, and it will give you a chance to ease into homeschooling curriculum.

I started my second ds5, after his 5th Birthday this spring with MFW K. I began with 2 days a week, then 3. I am planning on doing 3 -4 days a week this fall. His curriculum really has some delightful hands on materials. To prepare for adding him in this April I read and bought materials for the 'first 10 days' section. Then about 1 /2 way through that part I read the math & reading sections and the first 3 weeks of the character/science and had materials ready for the first 3 weeks. After we finished those 3 weeks I felt like I had a rhythm for MFW K, and could easily integrate it with my older son. I also seperated materials into folders that I bring out when it's his time.

I would also suggest listening to David Hazel's CD 'Occupying Preschoolers & Toddlers while Homeschooling'. He really did a good job of changing my thinking regarding the younger 3 last winter. His ideas helped a lot.

The other thing I guess I would add is enjoy your kids. They are only young once, and it's such a gift to be home with them.

God Bless.
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Re: Newbie getting started???

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samandsawyersmom wrote:Thanks! :-)

Carin- When we did the first 10 days I just had the stack of student papers sitting out what did you do to contain them? And I do have the folders for each unit so that should help. Hope I can get more organised!! :~

Thanks Again!

Hi Stacey, When I started with MFW I tried file folders for the first time (instead of 3 ring binders). What a difference it has made for me for ease of use. For MFW K I used one file folder (thin) for the first 10 days of materials. Then when I started the units I put together 3 file folders. One contains the teaching supplements for K. The second is a 1 inch thick file folder for all of the student sheets for all 26 units. The last file folder (1 inch thick) is student sheets ds has completed. I keep the file folders on a shelf with the TM and away we go.

It sounds like you have a great start. I never have used 100 easy lessons, but I know people who have used it with great success. It sounds like you are doing a great job!

Many teachers say boys can take awhile to be ready for handwriting. I know my oldest ds wasn't 'ready', other than occassional writing for fun, until he was 6. My second ds though is ready at 5. They are all so different.

Enjoy! :)
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