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Re: MFW-K hit our first little snag

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I have a young K'er and while the majority of A-Z is great and easy for her, the handwriting is not. I've told myself just not to bother with it, let her try and we'll get there when we get there. I let her trace mostly and it works great! Yesterday we did the drawing page for U and she did SUCH a good job on her name (dotted up there on the grey lines) and the two U's and the words Sam and Ann that she chose to do from her word list! She was so excited, because she knew she'd done well too! I've really seen an improvement since we began! :) So in my opinion - dot away!
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Re: MFW-K hit our first little snag

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MuzzaBunny wrote:We're doing it over 2 years
Just wanted to say I've done exactly this. My DD started K as a 4 yr old, and we took 2 weeks to do each unit. She really struggled with handwriting at first and I let her trace. Then I let her just do uppercase for everything cause they were easier for her. Now a little over a year later she no longer needs the extra tracing and has almost completely switched over to writing lower case.
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