Books - K Complete? Really?

God's Creation From A to Z: A Complete Kindergarten Curriculum
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Books - K Complete? Really?

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MeAndMyBoys wrote: Fri Mar 23, 2007 5:51 pmWhen they say complete does that mean complete? Will it come with all the books that I need to teach? I am not the library visiting type, I'd rather buy it all ahead of time in a package, it is worth it for me. I don't want to get started and see that it isn't complete in that it is telling me I need a certain book or something for that lesson. For me, this means it is not complete and would mean I will not be able to purchase it :(

Thank you so much for reading this!

We are currently doing the kindergarten program and love it! The kindergarten program utilizes the encyclopedia to teach each 6 day lesson. It will way something to the fact of having you show them pictures or read them things from the encyclopedia about the sun (or whatever week you are on).

I have found all the information I need on on-line encyclopedia's or my computers encyclopedia. So if you have at home access to the internet or a set of encyclopedia's or your computer came with an encyclopedia you're set there.

Secondly, on day 6 they have you read a book pertaining to the subject you're learning. I do go to the library for these, but there is a nice list in the backof the manual that tells you every book you use. [These are now included in the Deluxe package.]

Other than those two things, and of course glue and scissors and construction paper and the like, you're set!

It's a wonderful program. Totally hands on, which my daughter loves, very thorough, but simple for parents to use!


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Hello and welcome,

It's so hard to know what to buy when you can't really get your hands on it and sit down undisturbed for an hour or so to just peruse it.

LIke any program, you need some school supplies and craft supplies such as scissors, glue, colored pencils, construction paper, grocery bags, etc. Nothing exotic. It's all listed in the TM.

And, MFW K does recommend that you get some books from the library but I think you could do the program quite well without these library books.

After a 10-day creation unit, you go through 26 units, one for each letter of the alphabet. Everything you need is in the unit. Sometimes you'll have a craft to do, etc.

Day six of these six-day units is a book activity day. You read a recommended book and do a little activity (they vary) sort of tied to the book. And the book is tied in to the theme of the six-day lesson. So you read an apple book at the end of the apple lesson. However, each of these day six lessons has a little disclaimer saying, "If you cannot find this particular book, read your favorite book on apples/cows/frogs," and all but the Jewel unit (I think!) recommend a few alternate books. In otherwords, MFW acknowledges that there will be weeks that you can't get the recommended book.

The program doesn't fall apart without those library books. You'd do just fine. Plus, since many of the books are ones that I've seen on other homeschool book lists, I'm guessing you'll probably have a few of them sitting around at home from when your older kids were little.

What you might want to do if you think you'll not be at the library is to get the TM a month or so before you think you'd start the program and look over the day six books and see if you have any of them. For units where you don't have the main or alternate book(s), you could simply check your shelves for a book that might fit in. If you don't have a book that fits in, then simply pick a fun picture book and just enjoy yourselves and maybe do a coloring sheet or craft or recipe for your activity. You're an experienced homeschool mom and you'll have a lot of tricks up your sleeve.

Both times we did K, we did just fine, even when we had to substitute a book for the recommended one on Day Six.

So, I guess the answer is, yes it is complete besides very common and inexpensive craft and school supplies. You don't need a library, but it does make it a little nicer.

You'll find that MFW has less required reading and less fill-in-the-blanks than your former programs.

I hope some more current K users can chime in.

Again, welcome. Keep asking questions and we'll try to answer.
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Yes, you have to find a few reading books, either by purchasing or by library (again, the list makes this easy), and gather a few craft supplies, but the reading plan, math, science and Bible are all in there. As other posters have mentioned, we also have used the internet for our intro information on each theme/unit (the kids & I have had a blast googling articles, pictures, & web cams...).

That said, if you have natural readers, you may want/need to add. Do you think this child will be reading in K or will he be learning to read? My girlie-girl, in K now, would rather color than do anything. She's right on target with the program, and is sounding out words, learning to read. For us, it has been a perfect fit. Not too heavy, not too light. Coming from Sonlight, it may give the appearance of being lighter, but I would say looks can be deceiving. Less reading doesn't mean less meat. ;)

Oh, one other thought: When I got the TM in my hands, there are instructions on the "Gather & Prepare Materials" page which encourages you to start 27 file folders & gather information on each of the units to help you teach it. I really nearly panicked! Honestly though, that is all additional to the program. I haven't depended on those folders AT ALL. I have found things (a coloring page, a puzzle, science experiment, etc) from time-to-time that made me think, "Ooh! I'll stick this in the '____' folder." But it really has just been icing on the cake. You will find extras along the way. The best extras have been the ones I knew God placed right in front of us in teaching the character/Bible lessons.

Anyway, I hope this helps. You know your family, & I encourage you to rest in God's ability to guide you to the right thing for your family. He is good!

Take care,
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Thanks so much everyone! Yes, by complete I did mean that I was thinking it should include any books that you need, that would mean complete to me. It is great to know that you can do it without having the exact books that it recommends. I will be praying about this. I appreciate the time you all took to respond!

Blessings in your homeschool journey :)

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I always thought what MFW meant by "complete" was talking about the subjects of the program. In other words,

it covers all subjects in one manual. Bible/character math, science, phonics and language arts.

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my idea of "complete"

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We are doing MFWK this year and loving it! My children have learned so much!! What I think "complete" means in this program description is that Marie wrote this curriculum to be a "complete" year of learning for Kindergarten. In other words, you don't have to buy this program AND purchase other things in addition for math or language arts or anything else to get a "complete", well-rounded year of learning in Kindergarten. If you use the deluxe package, you have all subjects needed - phonics, reading, handwriting, literature (read alouds), Bible, science, art (crafts), music, etc.

This is our first year of homeschooling and I spent countless hours researching so many different curriculums, went to our state convention, etc. We are so happy we chose MFWK for this first year and we are looking forward to continuing on with MFW1st in August! This curriculum has given us a great framework, but has some flexibility in switching around activities or the order of the lesson so that it works for us.

I am sure God will lead you to what is best for your own family!
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