** Users explain why we love K!

God's Creation From A to Z: A Complete Kindergarten Curriculum

** Users explain why we love K!

Unread post by TurnOurHearts »

hsmomto3 wrote:I would really love to hear WHY you think MFW K is so wonderful..We are currently using MFW Adventures with our 8yods and I agree that MFW is a SUPER curriculum. Just let me know WHAT stands out about MFWK?
Hi Debbie ~
My favorite part about MFWK is the gentle way that science & Bible are made real for my sweet girl. Awesome, easy, hands-on experiments make abstract concepts more concrete. Also, having pieced the K year for my son (doing ADV this year), I have seen the Bible/character focus that we simply did not get when he was this age. My daughter has learned so many basics of life in Christ this year on her level, reinforcing what we are already trying to model/teach!

The other really nice thing is the way the learn-to-read plan flows. Kids this age, still needing/loving repetition, look forward to their favorite part of the week - for Halle, it is ALWAYS the drawing pages. :) On Day 1, she is sure to ask, "do I get to do my favorite page today?!"

Anyhoo, I could write forever, but these are a couple reasons I LOVE MFWK. These are the same reasons I regret NOT doing it 2 years ago with my son.

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 11:27 pm
Even if I knew what the other curriculum was, I wouldn't be able to compare the two. But I can tell you why I loved MFWK. :) We did not do it with my son, and then did do it with my daughter. I was SO heart-broken when I saw what we missed out on. Not academically ~ Max has been fine ~ but spiritually. *sigh* That's my favorite part of MFWK ~ the character training. Now, don't get me wrong ~ we loved ALL of it. The phonics, science & math were right on target, AND I was able to do it with an upper level program and not be overwhelmed. But the spiritual stuff was just so, so wonderful. Wonderful is not a big enough word, actually. Marie Hazell takes large, abstract Biblical concepts & helps you communicate them to your child in bite-size, age-appropriate ways. And they get it. They really get it. I can't tell you how many times this year, one year later, I have referenced those "Timeless Truths" or "Words to Remember" that we learned last year. One simple phrase & my kids are back in that moment of understanding.

I'm sure there will be others who chime in, but as someone who truly wants to disciple my children, I love what I was able to do in my home, with my children, through the MFWK program.
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What she said :)

Unread post by In Light of Eternity »

For me, it's the Bible/character element that stands out and why I'm so glad I'm doing MFW K. Every day, I'm reminded more and more that building Godly character is paramount.

The second reason is the fun science and related reading. I'm getting a lot out of adding book titles that veterans have posted in the MFW K Unit ideas section of the forum. We come home with a stack of books each Friday for the following week and ds hides away in our room to read them undisturbed. (Then, of course, we go through them together during the next week.)

Yep, the Bible, then the science.
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So many things to love about MFWK!

Unread post by Poohbee »

Now, I have not used anything else, since it is my first year homeschooling and my dd is just finishing Kindergarten, but these are the things I love about MFWK:

1st--It is Biblically-based. I echo other sentiments about how wonderful it is to have spiritual instruction woven throughout the curriculum. My daughter and I have both learned so much about God, his creation, and his wonderful Son, Jesus, this year!

2nd--It is literature-based or literature-rich...however you'd like to put it. I taught in the public schools for 4 years, and how I longed to chuck the textbooks and use children's literature to teach science and social studies and reading...well, all of the subjects! I love that MFW uses children's literature rather than textbooks to teach the various subject areas. I'm looking forward to 1st grade in which even math is reinforced through a great deal of children's books! This is a very strong component, as far as I'm concerned.

3rd--It is hands-on. Children at a young age need hands-on learning, and MFW is full of suggestions for hands-on activities you can use to teach your child.

4th--It is flexible. I have my own activities I like to add, and with MFW, I can do that. Also, I don't have to have a specific book in order to teach a particular topic. If one that is recommended is not available for me, I can always use another book on the same topic. I can adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of my children and me. It is not rigid.

These are the things I love best about MFW. For me, it was a huge blessing and a definite God-send! I think it is the perfect curriculum! :-) Of course, everyone has their own teaching and learning style, but MFW is excellent, from this parent's and educator's perspective!

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Unread post by niki »

This fall I will be doing MFW K again. :)

What I love, my kids still say the little sayings of certain character traits...my favorite from Hh, horse "I obey right away" - Hmmm, I went to grab my K tm and couldn't find it! EEK... gotta go searching! HELP!

It's lovely, but do what's best for your family.

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Unread post by sarajoy »

I have really loved MFWK. I echo what has been said above. The Bible intergration is so great. It reminds me to be more intentional in working with my kids and sharing with them. The science has also been great.

Another major plus with MFWK is the planning for a whole unit takes about 10min of looking over the lessons and about 10min of online library time for ordering the next unit's books and that is it for the week.

The flexibility is great. We moved part way across the country in the middle of the school year and put school on hold for a couple of months. We have gotten back to it only recently and are pushing through the remaining units at a faster pace and should still be done around the middle of June (later than I wanted but not much later than the local schools.)

What I really like best about MFWK is that I'm so comfortable that my dd is getting just enough of what she needs with out being overwhelmed by the options. I can trust what the Hazells have put together from their experience and expertise. I can always add more if a certian topic strikes her fancy.

I know we all need make our own decisions and if you have something on hand you are comfortable with and finances aren't available you have got to take it up with God. He'll either help you through the year with what you have or He may provide you with the finances need. He loves your kids more than you do!!!

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Unread post by RachelT »

Like those who've written above, I have many reasons why I LOVE MFWK! Here are the biggies:
1. Bible character learning - yes, this is an important factor in why we chose this curriculum, but it really is on a level that my young children can grasp and I feel that it does transform them (and me!).

2. Flexible framework - I love it that I can change activities or the order of things as needed and be flexible, but I have this wonderful plan to go by so my planning time is for supplementing, the basics are already being covered.

3. Reading approach - I have never taught someone to read before and the step-by-step approach has truly worked for my son. I'm looking forward to more of that in MFW1st.

4. Science is God's creation! I love the way that we can explore all of these cool science topics and learn about our world, yet always remain aware that God created it all and I think it's given my kids a little sense of how awesome God the Creator truly is.

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Unread post by Joy1139 »

I like to overall attention to detail that Marie has shown throughout. I have found this in First Grade and Adventures, too. She has really thought of everything. I like that K is easy to teach, simple, flexible, and doable for me. The themes are just long enough that my son is learning but short enough to avoid boredom. I love the character lessons and the way they are integrated with the Bible verses. I like the workbook pages. They are not overwhelming to my son. I like the hands-on, simple math. We've done almost all the activities and have enjoyed each one. His favorite thing is to make the badges. He also likes the topics. We are doing Turtle now and it's his favorite so far. I think he is beginning to look forward to the topics that are coming up. He's beginning to shown an expectation of enjoying what is ahead.
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Which program has been most special?

Unread post by SandKsmama »

lyntley wrote:Which program have you enjoyed more, or has been most special to you. K or 1st? And why?
Wow - I don't think I can answer that....they are both so special to me, but for different reasons. I'm on my second time through K now with my youngest child, and I am amazed *again* this time through at how something that is so EASY for me can be so thorough and wonderful a program. I'm also just finished 1st with my middle child and it is an outstanding program as well. I think my favorite thing about them both is that they are so developmentally appropriate - K is such a year of wonder and discovery...right where those Kindergarteners are at that time, and 1st gives them a year to get that solid foundation in God's word as well as a solid foundation in reading.

(can you tell I love MFW? I've also done ECC, CTG, and RTR - and I couldn't pick a favorite among those 3 either!)
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Re: Which program has been most special?

Unread post by TurnOurHearts »

I think because we didn't do MFWK with my son, I will always be super-appreciative of what my daughter received with K ~ we still recite our "words to remember" & flip through our badges! I cannot choose a favorite, I do love BOTH programs (and ADV and ECC and...), but having missed it with one & gotten to do it with the other endears me slightly more to MFWK.
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Unread post by hollybygolly »

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2008 5:21 pm
Well I'm kind of new to My Father's World. I'm using the Kinder. curriculum and LOVE IT. It's fabulous and easy to use, and integrates the Bible in a natural, smooth way. I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a negative review anywhere! Everyone I know who uses it enjoys it...hope that helps!!
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Kudos from my kid!

Unread post by mommysweird »

Posted: Tue Mar 11, 2008 8:25 am
Just wanted to share a testimony for MFW. We're currently on Lesson 21 in MFWK - Butterfly. We just started yesterday and we use Wikipedia (free online encyclopedia) for the encyclopedia portion of the week. We were looking at all the different pictures of butterflies and my son looked at me and said "You're a really good teacher, mom". My DS is extremely sweet most of the time, but this just made my heart swell in ways I can't describe!

Thank you MFW for providing a program that is completely age appropriate, yet so rich! I am constantly researching other curriculums out there, only to be led straight back to MFW. It just makes the most sense and WORKS. I don't know if I would have gotten the comment from my son, should we have been doing the "school in a box" program I had originally planned to do.
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Best Week Ever

Unread post by ShanMom »

I just started K with my two kids, a second grade girl and a K boy. (I also have a 2 year old.)

We are having the best week ever. I wish I started in the fall. I've tried a few different methods the past year or so, but all leading me to mostly feel disorganized and unprepared. So, thankfully the Lord has led me back to MFW (I had used some of K prior, and also the phonics portion this year) and I really cannot tell you all how this is helping me to have a prepared plan.

My kids have the spark back in their lives and I am so happy that we are having age appropriate, meaningful learning and activities happening in our home. Praise be to God for leading me and praise to God for the gifts that the Hazell's bring to our lives.
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Teaching - The routine is so easy!

Unread post by Buttercup78 »

We are finally on a *regular* schedule with K, and in the midst of the Aa Apple unit. I just want to say that when you get into a routine, it is just SO easy!

We are enjoying it immensely. My 3yo does everything my 5yo is doing, it's amazing. Even my 18mo old was saying "a - a - apple" today! They loved making the fruit posters yesterday and making real homemade applesauce today. My 5yo begged to do the applesauce first, so we got it ready and while the apples were cooking, we were able to do the rest of the lesson un-distracted. It's just been a great week!
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5 year old says thank you!

Unread post by evey »

Hi all- I'm new to this group and wanted to say hello. MFW seems all I can talk about lately!

I started my son in DVDs. It was nice in many ways, but I also saw his frustration at not being able to understand all that was taught. He broke my heart one day unknowingly when he told my husband that mommy wasn't his "teacher," the video teacher was.

We just switched to MFW k, and it has been a hard decision. But it was nice on the 2nd day when my son said "You are the best teacher ever!" Also, my 2yr old girl can sit in with us, instead of watching 4 hours of Miss Pattycake :).

P.S. : My 5 yr old son sees me writing this and he wants me to tell you that he thinks MFW is "fun and thank you."
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Really enjoying MFW K

Unread post by tangomoon »

We're just beginning Lesson 4 - A a apple, and I continue to love the program! DD (and tag a long DS) are learning so much.

DD already knows all her letters and sounds, so we've begun the blend ladder portions early. The review is helping her reading fluency quite a bit! The handwriting component is definitely necessary, since writing is a (relatively) weak area at his time. We love the Bible themes that are mixed with the science, and the way a science topic is approached for many days from multiple angles.

I'd been concerned as a beginning homeschooler that I wouldn't actually do as much as I needed to as a teacher, and still get everything else in for the day (housework, etc.). MFW makes that fairly easy with things already planned out, and minimal planning needed on my part. I'm trying to get into good habits for down the road by jotting down the time we spend on school things (we'll be required to track hours in a year or two).

What a great program for our family!
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Re: Really enjoying MFW K

Unread post by Poohbee »

What a wonderful report! Thanks so much for sharing on the board!

I agree that MFW K is a wonderful program! We are enjoying our second time through. We've just completed Day 8 of the Creation Unit. My dd is loving kindergarten. And I love that MFW's K program works so well with another program. I am doing ECC with my eldest dd, and I can easily complete our work for MFW K with my 5yo in an hour while my 9yo works on independent work. Everything you said about MFW K is so true! It is such a rich year of learning, and yet it is so much fun!

So glad you discovered MFW and are enjoying it so much!
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Re: Really enjoying MFW K

Unread post by beaglemamma2008 »

Glad you're enjoying your K year! We did it two years ago, and we enjoyed it so thoroughly that I now recommend it to anyone and everyone who will listen! :-)

I know some people choose another program because they look at the phonics and think it's too light for K. Personally, I feel like you made a very wise decision by using K and just tweaking the phonics as needed. That way you don't miss out on the priceless science and Bible/character training!

May your year continue to be blessed!
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Loving MFWK the 2nd time around...

Unread post by rtlmom »

Loving MFWK the 2nd time around...
even more than the first!

We're in week 2 Mm Moon, and today we made alka seltzer rockets (we used vinegar & baking soda). The boys LOVED this - and it went well with our week 5 ADV study of the stars, too. Loving these fun days! :-)

[For those who asked about the rocket idea:]
You need a film canister. Here's a http://mpassero.tripod.com/rocket/seltzer/seltzer.htm. What I found is that my boys enjoyed it just as much without all the paper (it gets wet after the first time).
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We just love MFW K!!

Unread post by samandsawyersmom »

I am newish to to MFW. . . we are in K. My son is a late birthday. . . late Sept. He really wanted to start school in May but we put it off till after his birthday. So we started in Nov.

We just love MFW K!! Most of it is really easy for my son but I think, from what I heard, 1st would be just to much writing! I think this way he is getting a really good base in the phonics and it is a great intro to "school". Well that is for both of us!! LOL!! I have learned, from this forum, sometimes easier is ok so that you can start a great foundation!! I am dreading 1st and it being a little more structured? :~

We are just in love with MFW and tell everyone we see about it! LOL!! I have even talked to a couple of Amish teachers about it and they are interested because they could teach more than one grade at a time! LOL!! Love MFW!! :-)

God Bless You in your decision! :)
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I wanted to ease us all into homeschooling

Unread post by spaldingclan »

My dd turned 6 last week (Jan. 3) but at the beginning of the school year she already new most of the K stuff. However, I went ahead with K because I wanted to ease us all into homeschooling together and decided it would be better if it was too easy and do more (go wider not faster) than if it was too difficult and she grew frustrated and not like school. It was most important to me that she come away from K with a love for learning , exploring and spending time together as a family.

It was the best decision I could have made for all of us. My dd6 has really blossomed this year and we are cruising through K and enjoying all of the activities. As it turns out, we all needed the gentle approach to phonics and reading and she is reading quite well now and exceeding my expectations.

Best of all, the K program is wonderful at introducing God to kids. My girls are really learning about the heart of our Lord for them and for the whole world. I know this continues on throughout MFW curriculum and I am so happy that we started at the very beginning so that we all can benefit from the entire program.

I used to be on here a long time ago when I homeschooled my 8th grader using MFW. I am loving MFW K so much this year I am positively giddy!
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...the themes are my favorite

Unread post by tangomoon »

I'm so glad that we decided to do K. Some parts of it are very easy for DD, but it's been great to cement her skills in those areas and we've been able to push just a little ahead in those spots with the phonics activities in a fun way. With math it barely feels like we're doing much, but I've seen such improvement in counting by 10s, writing numbers, and place value!

But the themes are my favorite. I just love the way the words for each week are tied in with the science theme in a really child-friendly way. They're not just memorizing verses, they're really getting an understanding of the concept behind them at an age appropriate level. There's a nice variety of activities each week, with plenty of room to add in extra books or activities if you want, but no pressure to do so if you don't.
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Unread post by MelissaM »

I hope you LOVE Kindergarten - yesterday was our last day, and ds put together a scrapbook of all his "badges" and we finished filing all his worksheets in his notebook. He just LOVED going through them all and remembering everything we did all year - he has a much better memory than I do!

This is my 2nd time through the program, and it was even better than the 1st. Already looking forward to using it again - but that's not for 3 or 4 more years, lol. Enjoy!


Post by MelissaM » Thu Jul 09, 2015 1:11 pm
I get to do K again in the Fall! I am SO excited, it's my absolute favorite.
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So, how is everybody doing?

Unread post by Yodergoat »

We've definitely found our groove, but like some others here doing K we don't really have a strict schedule. We don't do school on Daddy's days off (Sundays and usually Tuesday), but Sunday is of course for church and Tuesday is usually devoted to some sort of educational thing such as birdwatching by driving around in wildlife refuges or lingering at the lake. That will continue as it gets colder, as that's when the waterfowl come in. 8] Loons and grebes and ducks, ducks, ducks! Gail is patient with our birding and if she's not exploring the area while we use the scope, she is coloring and drawing.

Our weeks do end up being sort of broken up.... no school Sunday, school Monday, no school Tuesday, school Wednesday, no school at home on Thursday (but we go to co-op from 10-2:30), school Friday, school Saturday. So we only have two consecutive days of actual curriculum each week. It's fine by me, but I think it would frustrate some. We are not very consistent on what time we do school, but as long as it is done before Daddy gets home at 5-ish it is fine with me. I actually prefer doing it in late afternoon, since Gail and I are not morning people.

Gail goes to my parents' house on Wednesday morning while I go to a precept Bible study, and I often send some school work or activities with her so they don't just sit her in front of the TV (we don't do TV, they do and don't see any issues with it, long story there). It gives them some insight into what kindergarten is about, gives me a couple hours of time in town, and she likes the change of pace. I also send her AWANA Sparks handbook to review verses, so between MFW and that, they get a nice little dose of the Word, too!

My 11 year old nephew is homeschooled and stays with them while his parents work, but his schoolwork is rather mysterious to them since he does almost all of it on a laptop. Nothing wrong with that, it works well for him, but I like for them to see also that homeschool can be very hands-on and fun, too... instead of just mysterious computer stuff!

We are taking a little longer on some units than what is written, especially ones of great interest or for which I have lots of material from the library. We were on N-n-nest for a long time, because it held her interest and we kept finding other things to do! We're just now starting T-t-turtle, although we did some accidental rearranging and did U-u-us out of order because we had the material for it but not for turtle. So we're just now ready for blend ladder and such, excited to start that! Gail has a few-months-younger friend who did "Learn to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" over the summer, and he is reading well now (words like "nursery" and such). I can tell it bothers her that he can read, yet she can't... especially since he is more immature in most other ways. She will be glad to start the blend ladder, although I fear that she will get flustered and nervous, even tearful because she expects to get it quickly and easily. She has a huge vocabulary and writes like a much older child, so I think she has too-high expectations for herself in this area. Reading came very naturally to me at age 4 without any sort of phonics training (it just clicked one day), and I am clueless about how to teach phonics. My husband was the same way, and he says he just can't hear the difference between sounds, much less teach them. So I'm glad it's all laid out in the TM! I'm trying not to put any pressure on her, but I sense a tension in her regarding this and I hope the gentle introduction with the blend ladder will give her confidence.

She is grasping the character teaching and Biblical concepts for each unit, and the rebellious leaf especially made an impact on her even though she had surmised from the beginning that it would die. We were discussing my brother-in-law, a very outspoken and bitter atheist, one day a few weeks after the leaf unit. Gail paused and shook her head sadly and said, "David is like the rebellious leaf who thinks he doesn't need God. He doesn't even believe in God, so really he is a fool even though he thinks he is wise." (sort of mixing Romans 1:22 and Psalm 53:1) She added with great sadness, "That leaf died and withered up apart from the plant, and David will die apart from God." She began praying for him more that he would believe in God and come to Christ so he wouldn't die "like that foolish, rebellious leaf." Where is the happy crying smiley?

And recently she said, "I obeyed right away," which I recognized from the Horse unit... but we haven't DONE the horse unit! I asked where she had learned that, and she said with great confidence, "It's from My Father's World, the horse lesson. We learned it in Mrs. Kim's class at co-op last year. 'I obey right away!'" Indeed, they did a 20 minute per week MFWK study, basically just learning the letter sound, the character trait and Bible truth and coloring a picture of that week's theme. For one TWENTY MINUTE class she heard those words to remember, and (gasp) remembered them! Whoa! That one must have really stuck in her head! (Mayhap not in her heart just yet, grin, but her head at least!) So way to go MFW for making memorable, applicable lessons!

I work with kindergarten age children at church, most of which are in public school, one in private Christian, and two (including Gail and another MFWK user) homeschooled. Sometimes I listen to the public school children talking about school... sometimes it seems like they know lots of things. They all know the same catchy songs about right hands and left hands, the same weird story about some sort of all-seeing invisible elf that hides in their house, and they know what is "cool" and what is not. Gail doesn't know the same catchy songs.... she knows old hymns that glorify God. She has no clue about the weird elf thing. She is decidedly not cool. But she hears during school that she is fearfully and wonderfully made. She hears that we die apart from God. At times when I have a tiny glimmer of doubt or hesitation about if we're doing the right thing, I make a little checklist in my head of what I do want her to know... and MFWK is fulfilling that!

So, we're doing well here. A little disjointed, perhaps, in our schedule. But having fun and learning, and isn't that what Kindergarten is?
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learning to read by MFW K!

Unread post by Yodergoat »

Gail, doing MFW K, has begun to read CVC words and has quite a few sight words as well. She knew her letter sounds and had a list of memorized words (love, Bible, Jesus, Daddy, etc) before starting K, but has learned all her blending and such from the K program.

I want to thank MFW for putting out such a gentle but effective phonics program in K. If left to my own devices, I would have pushed way too hard and Gail would have been very discouraged. She is a little perfectionist at times and loses confidence quickly at any mistake, no matter how soft the correction. She even balked at the blend ladder at first, although now she enjoys it and likes to play with making words on it. Learning to read by many of the other programs I have heard of would have terrified her and crushed her sensitive spirit, but thankfully not the slow and gentle pace of MFW K. Now she is reading and gaining confidence to try other words besides just CVC.

Just having a happy moment.
I'm Shawna...
... a forgiven child of God since 1994 (age 16)
... happily wed to William since 1996
... mother of our long-awaited Gail (3/15/2006)
... missing 6 little ones (4 miscarriages, 2 ectopics)
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Our first day with K

Unread post by Stephc »

I am so excited that we get to use K this year. It's my first time ever with K, even though we used 1st and ECC (didn't et through them though).

Both my 5 yo and I loved our first day. I'm really getting it when it comes to MFW's constant pointing to Jesus. That's what we strive to do in all things and have always used mostly Christian curricula, but MFW is different. It's just deeper in that way.

I gave also always HATED teacher's manuals. I do not need to e told when to breathe, send kids to the potty, or say this or that verbatim. It also really bugs me that the bigger Christian textbook companies just sell their Christian school curriculum to homeschoolers, so that we get assignment's like "measure your teacher's desk". however, I was not irritated at all by MFW's TM. Maybe it's because I feel things are so out of control with our living situation right now (DH unemployed, living in 3 bedrooms in parents' house) tht I need the extra organization, but I've loved going through the preparations to set up the curriculum. Before it would have made me snarl, I'm most certain. Lol.

I have been a curriculum hopper since 2003. I'm happy to say that unless we get a clear signal to move on, it's MFW from here on out. It's just too perfect a fit. I love how God leads us to (or back to!) wherever we need to be if we are willing.
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