Choosing K vs 1st - Why is MFW-K not to be missed?

God's Creation From A to Z: A Complete Kindergarten Curriculum
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Choosing K vs 1st - Why is MFW-K not to be missed?

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shera wrote:I am still lurking around and trying to decide what to do next year. I have seen alot of posts saying that k should not be missed but no explanation why.

My ds would probably be inbetween k and 1st if I went with MFW. I do not want to put him ahead of his grade level.

Part of my hesitation is by the time we do math, writing and phonics/reading he is ready to be done with school and so am I. We never get to anything fun. I would hate to put money into a program again and not be able to fully use it. Do you think that would be an issue with MFW?
For me THE reason MFW K should not be missed is the Bible lessons. The phonics are great, and we love the rod and alphabet book for math, but the Bible lessons are what really makes me love the program.

Every morning my little girl's eyes open and she asks for her Kindergarten. She loves the activities, loves making a little book, and doing all the great things Marie has included. She loved the leaf project, flashlight in the mirror for the moon, all the Bible words, catching the toads and froglets, etc.... I really can not say enough good things about this program.
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I think it is always good to know the Why's of any decision in schooling and not just the "what's".

Why did I decide not to skip K with my 5 y.o who was already reading short vowel words? Because life and school is more than learning to read. I don't want to define all of my children's education and who they are based on just an ability to read. I want them to have time to enjoy learning, being a child, and hearing God's word in an age-appropriate manner. It let us get to the fun stuff in the day.

just my experience.

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I haven't done K but I wish I had! I can only contribute past conversations on this topic that I have enjoyed...

This post in the K Archives has some answers by Marie Hazell, herself:

MFW-K Could you describe the philosophy behind it (& author response)

And there are lots of other good ones in there to help you:

MFW-K Units - Special memories?

Praise Report about how God has used MFW K in our family

Also in the Share Your Experiences sticky at the beginning of the General board:
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Hi Sarah :) I need to begin by saying that I have loved our year in MFWK (we have two weeks left). My dd and I have enjoyed every single topic and every single day! So you need to know that there are many, many reasons why I could say that I wouldn't want my children to miss it.

My main goals for our hs are: #1 that our dc will come to know and love Jesus more each day, and #2 that they will enjoy learning.

There is one reason I would recommend MFWK that reaches far beyond all of the other wonderful reasons to do it. This curriculum presents Biblical concepts each unit that my dc can apply to their daily lives - at 5 years old!! I know many adults who struggle to do that. The concepts are interwoven along all that we do during each 6 day unit - my dd has come to really understand them and take them into her heart.

May God bless you as you seek His heart![/b]
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Here is a link to a thread that was not too long ago about
Why We Love MFWK ... highlight=

I contributed to that thread and continue to love MFWK for the reasons I wrote back in April.

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I'm really getting excited about using K again. I'm starting my fall planning going through my TM's and last night I read through K!

I see things I missed the 1st time through because that's just how life is! So I am really excited to go through it again (with some HSing practice under my belt - translated - have become less rigid and more fun). I guess that's part of the blessing of being a youngest! She can hardly wait until fall (but we really need the break)!

K surely cannot be missed! He will look forward to using it because it is written to really interact with our kids. What I'm looking forward to is getting that one-on-one time with my youngest and watching her soak in the Truth that penetrates this and all the MFW curriculums!

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Thanks for the responses. It definitely gives me something to think about. At least I have until the middle of July to decide, thats when the AZ convention is when I am hoping to nail down my plans.

Thanks Again
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