Schedule - Condensing K units to 5 days or less?

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Schedule - Condensing K units to 5 days or less?

Unread post by RachelT »

mrs_mike98 wrote:Has anyone condensed K to 5 days instead of 6? If so, how did you do it, and do you feel it was fine to do, or put too much on your Ker's plate? Thanks!
Hi Erin! My experience with condensing K into 5 days is that a few times I did it because of travel plans or field trips and wanting to complete a unit. Usually, I think it can be done if you just find a time to do the Day 6 Book Day activities during the other 5 days.

However, it was soooo nice to have 6 days most of the time because we had that 6th day to do our book activity and catch up on anything else that we didn't get done the other 5 days. When we did Day 6 as scheduled (with outdoor time, but nothing else) it was really nice to have a lighter day. Just my thoughts!
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Unread post by TurnOurHearts »

Hi Erin :)

I think it's definitely doable in the beginning. Your daily workload is lighter & you cold most likely swing it. As the year progresses, the workload increases. You might see how your K'er does with the extra activities. Maybe just plan to be flexible? Some units we read the book on Day 5 and did the activities on Day 1 of the next unit as a review, since Day 1 is consistently lighter.

Have a great year in MFW!

Unread post by cbollin »

Let me state the obvious... the K program is not designed as do school Monday through Saturday. :) Each alphabet letter unit and its corresponding science/character units are designed to take 6 days. There are 166 scheduled school days in the K year.

Condense it to 5 day units? You can do it that way if needed. I certainly had many units where I did it. We ended up reading the books from "literature day" (day 6) on several days. But, then we were done quickly. That in itself wasn't a bad thing, but then I had to do other things to fill in the time before she was ready for 1st grade. I was a little too obsessed with the idea that each unit had to start on a Monday. I look back and think -- why did I think that? It worked for us to do it, but maybe I should have been rethinking the situation. Or maybe not.

Some things to think over as you decide what your child needs and how to do it:

*an older child in the K program might need to the condense the number of weeks in the program. This is the case with a child who is 1st grade age, but needs to solidify short vowel lessons before moving on. There is a suggestion in the K manual on how to do that.

* If you have a K'er who is regularly using items from the deluxe package, it can be beneficial to do those extras (music, the Cuisenaire alphabet book) on that "lighter" day 6 of the unit. I've heard of some families out there who are organized who always make sure the Literature Day falls on Friday, then the next Monday they keep going on in the unit. I haven't done it that way, but the theory sounds nice -- especially if you have another student in one of the other programs with a "light and independent Friday". Unlike me, they are less obsessed that every Monday had to start a new unit. :)

hope some of that helps you decide and plan.

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Unread post by Dannielle »

We condensed down to 5 days. It just worked better for us. The problem we kept running into was after a weekend of play and fun, when Monday rolled around my son had somewhat forgotten what we were working on. I also have a 6th grader, so starting them both on new material on Mondays was easier for me to stay organized.
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Unread post by Poohbee »

Warning...very long! :-)

I just finished K, and I also condensed it to 5 days. I started out using the 6-day schedule, but I soon discovered that 5 days worked better for us. I didn't always start each unit on a Monday. It just depended on when one unit ended. Sometimes we had some days off during the week. My daughter went to the zoo one day a month and learned about animals, so that was school for that day. Also, I did activities for the various holidays. For Presidents' Day, we learned about Lincoln and Washington and did read some books about the presidents. We had a Valentine's Day party with some other homeschool friends for Valentine's Day. We did different activities for Christmas and Easter. Etc. So, our units were not all packaged into one week. They flowed from one to the next.

However, as we began K, my daughter knew the sounds of almost all of the letters, so I was able to eliminate some of the things that taught the letter sounds, because she already knew them. And, later in the year, we usually did not do Blend Ladder-Part 1. We just went to Blend Ladder-Part 2, because that is what my daughter was ready for. So, if I eliminated some of the activities that she did not need, then I took the other activities and bumped them up a day or something like that. I found that it worked best for us to read the Bible verses on the first day, when I introduced the week's topic and Words to Remember. The Bible verses were the basis for the Words to Remember, and we made our badge and started learning our Words to Remember on Day 1 instead of doing the badge on Day 3. Eventually, we fell into a pattern that worked really well for us.

Our looked something like this, with variations:

Each day, we did our calendar, hundred chart, coin cup, etc., at the appropriate time for each to be introduced. Also, I usually integrated music several days a week (the classical CD in the deluxe package or some praise songs I found to go with our units). And, on certain days, we did the science or math experiments recommended in the manual. But this list is just the basics we did each week. Also, these plans probably reflect the last half of the year more than the first half.

Day 1--Introduce letter and sound, Picture Cards Page, A-a-Apple Song, Bible verses (usually recommended on Day 2, but we did them on Day 1), Words to Remember, introduce unit topic (sun, moon, etc.), read-aloud time.

Day 2--Short Vowel Song, Handwriting Page, Sound Discrimination Page, Cuisenaire Rods Book, Picture Box Activity, read-aloud time.

Day 3--Math Page, Cut and Paste Page, Letter Sound Bingo (now and then), read-aloud time.

Day 4--Blend Ladder--part 2, Blend Ladder Page, Letter Name Concentration or Letter Sound Go-Fish, read-aloud time.

Day 5--Word List Page, Drawing Page, Cut & Paste 2 Page or Story Page, read-aloud time.

I put the Word List Page and the Drawing Page on the same day so that she could read the words from the list and then choose her words to draw and draw them on the same day. Also, since my daughter knew all of her letters and almost all of the sounds, some of the extra letter practice and letter sound practice was not necessary for her, so I just eliminated that. This list does not reflect all that we did. We also learned the Spanish Word for our unit topic each week and we did various art projects and other activities.

School took anywhere from an hour to 2 hours each day, depending on what activities we did that day. We had school in the morning.

One thing I found is that Day 5 got a bit heavy with a lot of reading for her when we did the Word List Page and Story Page on the same day, so in doing it again, I would try to rearrange that a bit, I think. Although the Word List page words did prepare her for reading the Story Page, so it is not too bad to do it that way.

Also, I have a passion for children's literature, so we had a read-aloud time every day rather than just on Day 6. I have access to several libraries, so I found the books that were recommended in the TM on Book Day (I usually tried to use all of them), plus I found books on our science or theme topic for that unit. I usually tried to use children's books on our topic rather than using encyclopedia articles, so I would find several fiction and nonfiction books on our topic, and we read them throughout the week, with the most informational one being read on Day 1. We read at least one book each day toward the end of our school time.

So, my recommendation would be to start with the six days, following the activities as Marie has written them, but as you discover your child's abilities and needs, you can make adjustments as needed.

The way I did it is not necessarily the best way, but it worked well for my child and for our family. We had a wonderful year! I absolutely love what Marie and family have done in writing the MFW curriculum, and I highly respect them and appreciate all of their hard work!

In Christ,
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K in 5 days

Unread post by dsjl »

Hi Erin,

We finished MFW K in earlier this May.
I actually started out condensing it to 5 days, then got down to 4 days as more field trip type stuff came up.

I did not do all the suggestions in the guide book, and we used a different math, but
here is how our days kind of went:

Day 1--Introduce letter and sound, Picture Cards Page, A-a-Apple Song, Bible verses (usually recommended on Day 2, but we did them on Day 1), Words to Remember, introduce unit topic (sun, moon, etc.), read-aloud time.

Day 2--Short Vowel Song, Handwriting Page, Sound Discrimination Page, read-aloud time.

Day 3-- Cut and Paste Page, Blend Ladder part 1, read-aloud time.

Day 4--Blend Ladder--part 2, Blend Ladder Page, read-aloud time.

Day 5--Word List Page, Drawing Page, Cut & Paste 2 Page & Story Page, read-aloud time.

We did not do the Letter sound games as we had other games that were similar, and these we did as a family 2x a week after dinner.

Also, later in the year as my son got better with reading I moved the Word list to Day 1. We introduced it, then hung it on the fridge. He would go over and read the words while I made dinner or other duty in the kitchen. And I totally eliminated the Picture cards page and blend ladder part 1 as we went along with the program. You can really have a great time with this program and it is flexible.

For example the Cut & Paste Page we would cut the pictures out and the words, then I would tape the pictures up in our living room. I would hand the boys a cut out word and they would match it to the picture. Just something different. My kids love games!

Hope this helps.
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Unread post by sarajoy »

We will be finishing up MFW K next week.

For our family I started out with 5 day units at the beginning and realized some of the day 4 and day 5 reading stuff wasn't added on til later, so I switched to 4 day units, with dance and field trips, or whatever else needed to get done on that 5th day.....

Then my husband got a new job a third of the way across the country and we ended up living in limbo and moving from Dec. - Mar. Since I had trouble focusing on school with everything else in upheaval and my house on the market (live a house for sale???), we got a ways behind.

When we were restarting school, after the move, I found that if I did 4 day units we'd be schooling until late July, not what I wanted considering we started last year in July because she was begging me to.

So...I'm really hesitant to confess this, especially here... Anyways, we condensed down to 2 day units, doing 2 a week and having an off day for grocery shopping and the library. Not the most ideal situation; however, my daughter has made the jump to being a reader in this circumstance and she knows her Bible information for each topic. We only do 1 or 2 of the science activities. But, we had our ants, our caterpillars, and the rock tumbler going on all at the same time. Some of the things I just don't want to miss have been added to a "fun-summer-things-to-do list" that I hope will give us opportunity to review what we've learned and to remember that we really never stop learning.

It's crazy and probably not the best...but it is working for us and it goes to show how great this program is at being flexible.

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It can be done

Unread post by Heidi »

My dd - then 5, began with doing K 6 days.

Then, we condensed it to 5 days - I eliminated the first cut and paste and some of the things that repeated - but, only because she has excellent motor skills and did not need the extra practice and she was catching on very quickly.

Then, we condensed it down to 4 days. Here, I eliminated the first blend ladder stuff - she did not need it.

Would you believe by the time we were half way through - she was doing each letter in 1-2 days!? She finished the whole program in half a year. She loved the worksheets - so I let her do them. (We left out one cut and paste page and one other one that seemed to repeat - it varied each week.) I saved them all - just in case. We picked and chose between K activities - she was doing science and stuff with her MFW-1st grader brother.

The next year she did MFW-1 and tuned in for most of Adventures with her older brother as well - even doing most of it with him by the year's end.

She is now almost 7 1/2 and doing 2nd grade work. We are doing ECC with older brother.

Interesting to know - my now 4 1/2 year old ds - he will probably be the reverse and need all those extra worksheets I saved and need several more lessons per letter. So far, he is doing it in 6 though. We just finished "u" - and are on our "celebration day" (day 6).
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Unread post by Mom2MnS »

We began the year doing 6 day units and continued that until a few weeks ago. We have enjoyed having time to really enjoy the topics and have added 20-30 library books to our topic studies (we are serious book hounds around here :)

The schedule I used was:

Monday Tuesday - Thursday Friday - Monday Tuesday (with every Wednesday off) the next topic then would be done on Thursday Friday - Monday Tuesday - Thursday Friday

This was a great schedule for us, as the Weds off allowed us time for a library day, field trip, day off, catch up day, add on day - if she wanted more art or books, etc on a topic. We also used Wednesdays for the cuisinaire rods alphabet book, the classical music cd lessons, and exploration days.

Here at the end of our year, we have condensed to 5 day topics. It is going well, though we are seeing the topics fly by!
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Unread post by dsjl »

I think with all these posts the greatest thing to see is the flexibility of MFW! You really can tweak it to fit your family best!

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Unread post by Lucy »

Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2007 4:37 pm

Just to really make sure any other readers understand: it is not 26 weeks but 26 lessons with 6 days in each lesson. This works out to be 156 days which is about 31 weeks. As Julie said when you add the first 10 days of K which focuses on the days of creation then you get a total of 166 days which is 33 weeks.

Some people do squeeze in the Literature day into another day in the week so as to take only 5 days per lesson. Doing it that way would free up 26 days which would be about 5 weeks worth. So if you want to do a 5 day lesson schedule per unit but only 4 days a week you would be able to finish the program in the same 33 week time period as if you did 6 day lessons. Your day 6 would be a co-op day or whatever you like.

Others do a shorter week (like Heidi does) and just opt to either squeeze more into a day or not to do all of the activities in a unit.

Whatever you decide I think you will be able to work it out just fine. Just remember as you are doing your planning you have 6 days to complete each unit. You can change those days around, add more activities to a day, skip activities, have a coop day or any number of things. Just use the 6 days to get each lesson completed and you will still finish in the 33 weeks. You can also decide to extend the year to a few more weeks since most states do a 180 day school year. These extra days will allow for some field trips beyond your regular schedule as well. My thoughts, just plan it out so that you do not get to the end of the year and realize that you will not finish.

Hope this is helpful as you are getting your planning done for the year and that I have not confused you in trying to give you some options as you think through how to work out your year.

Have fun in K!! They grow up so fast:)


Shortening K for summer or 1st trimester?

Unread post by cbollin »

matriarch918 wrote:I read on the site and in my manual that the K curriculum can be shortened to about 3 months by doing each unit for only about 2-3 days. I have a quick 5yo who has already done a year of kindergarten phonics and math, but isn't quite ready for 1st grade material. I think I would like to do a shorter K with her and start 1st grade in the fall. Has anyone done this? How would I shorten 6 days of the phonics and math into 3?
A lot of the time when the K program is shortened, it is for children older than 5. And basically you do 2-3 lesson days on one school day.

I personally wouldn't rush to start first grade in the fall (as in August or September). But your child might be more naturally ready to start in November, or January in first grade. The you can take the time to enjoy the Science and Bible activities in MFW K as well as working on handwriting. That way he can work on fine motor skills and getting more character lessons and fun stuff for this age.

Sometimes it is time that is the ingredient to helping a 5 year old get ready.

Even a quick kid can still have fun at this age. You might condense a unit from 6 days of lessons per unit down to 3 or 4 days.

I've used MFW's Kindy program 2 times and both times, it was with kids who were already reading. I have some ideas on another thread that I did to tweak the phonics lessons to use for handwriting and pre spelling.

Here's that thread.

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Re: Shortening K for summer or 1st trimester?

Unread post by Amy C. »

First I have to say that I am using MFW for the first time this coming year (ECC and K) so I do not actually have any "MFW experience" yet. However, I did start my oldest son in 1st grade instead of K with another curriculum because I thought he did not need K since he had been going to a church preschool for 2 years prior to homeschooling and had a lot of what I thought would be the same teaching. I thought he would be bored with K.

I really regret doing that. I did use the K program with my second son, and I then I saw that my oldest would have really enjoyed it. He kept wanting to join in with us (they are very close in age). I kept trying to make him work independently while I did K with my second son. What a mess I was that first year! &) I know that you are not considering 1st grade, but I so wished I had done K with him even if it was a repeat. He is now 5th grade, and I see that the years are flying by and am sad that I rushed it. :( Not to mention that the year-ahead thing caught up with him the last couple of years, and he was miserable with his schoolwork. I think probably because it was above his head and his maturity level did not match his grade level course work (not that he was/is not intelligent). Of course, on the positive side, that was the catalyst for me to see that we needed a change and now we have found MFW so that is a plus. :)

You may have other children and realize this, but I found out that our children grow up so fast, and I want to enjoy every minute with them while I have it. These are precious years. My third son is a happy-go-lucky little fellow that has helped me to realize this, not just with him but with my other two as well.

So, my humble advice (and I really mean humble because I realize I do not know your child and your situation) is to not rush things even if you think it is a repeat. In my experience, I wished I had done things differently but can not go back and change things in the past.

I am sure Crystal has some good advice on the thread that she mentioned.

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Re: Shortening K for summer or 1st trimester?

Unread post by jasntas »

I just started K this week and this is my first experience with MFW. We are doing "summer school" 2 days a week and for the summer I am doing 1 unit a week in K. Days 1-3 on day 1 and 4-6 on day 2. We are modifying where needed. i.e. shortening the lessons where needed, only doing the "A-a-Apple Song" once a week, etc. I started with Lesson 1 Sun. We should complete 6 or 7 units this summer. Then we will do the Creation section the first week or so in the fall. After that do two units a week and leave Friday for extra reading, etc. My goal is to start MFW 1st in January. If we stay on schedule we will probably finish K in early Nov but I might stretch a couple of units out.

My dd's b-day is in February and she was sooo ready for K work last Jan that we did explode the code bk 1 and Singapore Math Earlybird Kindergarten 2A and almost finished Earlybird K 2B. She also worked on handwriting practice sheets. At the end of ETC 1 she started to get a little bogged down but loved the math.

All that to say that I, too considered starting her in MFW 1st in the fall but decided to go with K and double or triple the lessons and Start her with 1st in Jan if she's ready. I'm going to play it by ear and see how it goes. I don't want to rush her but don't want her to be bored either and due to her b-day and maturity level I think this might be best for her. (Just the opposite of my ds. His b-day is also in Feb but always seems to be about 6 months behind. Go figure). Anyway, if she starts to get bogged down I'll slow down. I did the "my child is ready for the hard stuff in K" with my first and sooo regret it. He is still struggling. Not to mention the 6 month behind thing with him.

For reference my ds is doing PLL, Singapore Math 2A and All About Spelling Level 1 and joining in on the "fun" K stuff with my dd this summer.

With only one week under my belt I can only say so far so good.

I also wanted to add that I will stretch out MFW 1st into a year and a half if I need to.
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Introducing myself with a couple of questions

Unread post by cbollin »

Mom2theteam wrote:Hi. I'm new to homeschooling and new to MFW. I just ordered my K package last night, along with the pre-k package and a couple extras for my younger kids. I have 5 children. My oldest just turned 5 a month ago. He has had no formal schooling. I wanted to start working a little with him before now, but I've been busy having 2 sets of twins back to back. ;) My second children are girl/boy twins. They will be 3 next month. Then, I have 7 month old boy/boy twins. We just moved a couple months ago also. So, things are crazy around here, but I think settled enough that we are ready to start. :-) I feel totally out of my element with homeschooling, but I feel strongly about it and am confident this is what God is calling us to do. We are all excited. I've been looking through the boards and getting some great ideas and tips. Reading those has really helped me to get excited and build confidence.

I do have a couple of questions.
1. Do most people stick to the 6 days in the unit or squish it into 5? I'm not really into starting the units on different days each week if I can help it. So, I was going to add in some read alouds throughout the week and just eliminate day 6. Am I setting myself or my son up for failure by doing this?

2. By squishing into 5 days, I'm hoping to finish up by early to mid-summer. If things go well, I would have like to have him start 1st next fall. Does that sound reasonable, assuming things go well? I know I may have to adjust based on my son and I am totally willing to do that. I'm thinking if it's too fast for him (or for me since I do have 5 kids 5 and under) I would switch and stretch it over both years doing 3 days of school each week and the full 6 days per unit. Since he turned 5 after Sept 30, just 2wks later, if he were to go to public school, he would not start K till next year. So, if he starts 1st next school year, technically, he would be ahead. (But, he is ready for more structure than a pre-k program provides.) So, it isn't really a big deal if he does K over 2 years if he needs to.

3. Should we just wait till after the new year? We will need to take 2 wks off over the holidays. So, we would work for 3 wks and then be off for 2 and then pick back up.

I appreciate any thoughts you have. I am looking forward to diving into MFW and homeshooling and to getting to know all of you and the board. I'm sure I will have many more questions. :) Hope every has a wonderful weekend. :-)
Here's a quick idea for adjusting for doing the units in a way so that a new unit starts each Monday. Do that 5 units in a row, then plan the next week to be a week of doing the Literature units from the previous 5 letters/units and call it review.

I would not skip the material entirely. Those are fun and relaxed days to enjoy stories together and do the extras from deluxe package and enjoy learning together.
I would not squish it all together to do more. He's not late. You're not behind.

Enjoy Thanksgiving and maybe you'll be ready to start right after that.

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Re: Introducing myself with a couple of questions

Unread post by Wendy B. »

Great idea Crystal!

I'm in a similar situation with a child who is 5 but would not be starting K until next year. We are taking our time working through K. I do not want to rush our way through the material and if it takes us 3 years to work through MFW K and MFW 1 we will still be "ahead".

I have found that with a younger 5 that taking a week every once and a while and reviewing previous weeks works really well. I am going to steal Crystal's idea and plan on having a review week every 5 weeks with a week of the literature units! We are on unit 12 and my dd really stressed when she saw that long list of words this week. I'm thinking that we will spend the next 3 weeks reviewing and start unit 13 after New Years. recommendation. Enjoy and work through MFW K at a pace that works for ds. Next school year don't think he should be ready to start MFW 1. Maybe he will but it is more likely that he will just be really ahead. I wouldn't necessarily try to stretch out MFW K so that you complete it next school year either. There is a lot of material to cover in MFW 1 so if you want to stretch out a program so that your school year starts in Sept that would be the program that I would stretch.

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Re: Introducing myself with a couple of questions

Unread post by Mom2theteam »

Thanks! That's a great idea, Crystal! I think I'm going to do that. :-)

Getting back to starting a new program in the fall is my goal. Ideally, I would like to follow the public school schedule, but I know we don't have to. If we can make it happen, great. If not, oh well. And, like you said, it might end up being 1st that we stretch out. We'll see. I like to at least have a goal in mind even if it ends up changing often. ;)

Thanks for the helpful tips.
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Re: Introducing myself with a couple of questions

Unread post by cbollin »

Even if you follow the local school system calendar, you don't always have to start/finish the materials along the same thing. You mentioned you've been reading various post over here. One awesome lady, Julie in MN, follows her local school's calendar and doesn't always start all subjects and materials at same semester. So, it's best of all worlds on it. Maybe she'll chime in and explain it better or find a link to where she did that or something.

You'll do fine! or at least as fine as any of the rest of us.

Remember if you run into ideas in the K program that seem "out of season" to check the Ideas Forum for a different idea, or try to tweak it. I'm thinking off the top of my head about idea of field trip to apple orchard. I did local produce shop instead one year. Or different ways to make raisins from grapes if there isn't a lot of sunshine. So, be encouraged to look around or ask for fresh ideas to tweak if needed. We might find an older post that just said it great, or find a link to someone's blog with cool pics, or something.

welcome along!

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Re: Introducing myself with a couple of questions

Unread post by mamacastle2 »

I use the "lighter" 6th day when we have a busy day during the week. For instance, we attend Bible study all morning on Wednesday, so I do day 6 with my dd in the afternoon. And it doesn't really matter if it's the actual day 6 of the unit or not, we just do the literature part that day. We actually take much longer than 6 days to get through a unit, but I'm in no rush. If I could make kindergarten last 4 years, I'd do it. It's so much fun!!
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Re: Introducing myself with a couple of questions

Unread post by jasntas »

My advice, for what it's worth. You could do the 2 week Creation intro before Christmas. Then Break for Christmas and start the first unit after New Year's.

I wouldn't rush through K but not drag it out too long either. It is such a sweet time. I would shoot for a year even if that means starting 1st in the middle of next year. Just find what works and move at that pace. 1st gets more intense pretty quickly so I would want to slow down 1st over slowing down K. That would give you a year and a half, if needed for 1st.

Just one opinion. :)
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Re: Introducing myself with a couple of questions

Unread post by Poohbee »

As far as doing the units in 5 days or 6...I've done it both ways, and I've liked it both ways.

With my 1st dd, we did most of the units in 5 days. We just did a read-aloud book about the topic each day, and I worked the literature activity, Cuisenaire Rods book, and classical music activity into the other 5 days.

This year, with my 2nd dd, we are doing the units in 6 days. It doesn't bother me a bit to not start the next unit on a Monday. In fact, it is quite freeing to just go with the next day of work on the next day, no matter when it falls. And, my dd isn't bothered by it either, because one unit just flows into the next. The day of the week or the weekend break in the middle of the unit don't really matter. I am just taking my time working through it with my dd. There are so many good books to read about each topic that I still read one or two books to her each day, but we read one of the suggested ones from the TM on Day 6. We do the literature activity, dd does the Cuisenaire Rods book, and we listen to the Classical music and maybe do the activity to go with it. It has worked really well.

For what it is worth, I really like Crystal's idea for the 5-day units with a week of literature/extras/review every 6th week or so, too. I think that would be an interesting way to do it, as well. I also really like Tammie's suggestion to do the 2 week Creation intro. unit before Christmas and then pick up with the letter units after Christmas. The Creation unit runs quite differently from the rest of the letter units, which flow into a very nice routine.

One thing you could do is to try the units in 6 days as suggested. Do that for a few weeks, and if you don't like how it is working out, just start condensing to 5 days per unit, and work in the stuff from Day 6 on other days. Just an idea for you.

Enjoy K! It's a wonderful year! Actually, they're all wonderful, but I do really love K! :-)
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