Teaching the same topic for 6 days in a row...

God's Creation From A to Z: A Complete Kindergarten Curriculum
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Teaching the same topic for 6 days in a row...

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ainsleesmom wrote:We Got Our Box! We had so much fun looking through it. I like that there are several activities to choose from. And the flashcards are beautiful!

In our previous program, my dd got bored reading the same book five times, and I wonder if she'll get bored being on the same letter or animal for 6 days? Should we shorten our week to four days and have one day "off" due to the fact that she already reads, etc.?

P.S. oh wow the sticky with K unit studies is very, very helpful. I need to read the TM as well more carefully.

You mentioned something about how you hope your child won't get bored with the same letter/animal for 6 days. Oh, goodness, there are so many wonderful children's books out there for each topic that 6 days isn't even enough days to do each topic justice.

Instead of reading a book only on Day 6--Book Day, I found enough children's books at our library and in our own collection so that we could read a new book each day. I used both fiction and nonfiction books, and we read a different book on the topic during our read-aloud time at the tail end of our school time each day. For some topics, there were so many books that we read two books each day. We learned so much about each topic, and we enjoyed many, many wonderful children's books during our kindergarten experience!

As far as getting bored with each letter, there are a variety of activities to do to keep it fresh. If your child is already reading, instead of focusing on the letter, you could focus more on different words that begin with that letter.

We just finished MFWK in May, and we had a fabulous year! I hope you and your child enjoy your kindergarten year, as well! :-)
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Just some input on the 6 days. Actually it it set up to take 6 days but only 5 days a week so that you are continuing or reviewing the letter once again in the next week and then starting a new subject. The 6th day does not include phonics but is dedicated solely to a literature focus. I know that some people do condense it and put the lit. day into another day.

Jen, thanks for mentioning that you read science literature all through the week as well as reading other books too that relate to the science topic.

You will find it is not just animals either. Some of the concepts are quite a bit more complex but the activities are just right for a K child. When you look through the TM I think it will make a lot more sense. There is a list of the bible/science topics in the back of the book as well as a list of all the suggested literature books for the year.

Your going to have so much fun!
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Well, we certainly don't need letter retention. However, I am seeing the wisdom in doing K even though she reads at (let me gasp and brag a bit here) an older 3rd or early 4th grade level!!!

Her attention span and interest level is that of a early 5 year old still. Even doing the reading test, I couldn't get her past the "initial test" -- she was just "done" by then (in 5 minutes) so she wasn't trying. Not that it mattered of course. It just showed me that just becasue she can read doesn't mean she's ready to work.

So I appreciate all of you who pointed me in the direction of K.
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