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Agreeing that she may just need more time and more modeling.

My oldest is 7, almost 8, and just starting 2nd grade. (We just started week 4!) He hated anything that had to do with reading and that included blending. We did MFW K. He was an older K'er, turning 6 in Oct. He hated it for the exact reason that Carin stated. It was didn't come easily for him. I did exactly what Carin described. I modeled it over and over and over again. By the end of K, he was reading CVC words, but he wasn't fluent. It still wasn't easy for him and he still complained constantly. He could do it for sure, but it wasn't easy for him. I started him in MFW 1st very hesitantly wondering if he was really able to do it even though he had completed K and was reading CVC words. (I called the office and asked here to see if he was really ready.) He still complained and still struggled. It lasted FORRREVVVER...or so it felt like. ;) Finally, around day 90ish of 160 days of 1st (the old version), he stopped complaining and actually started reading things without me prompting.

He read more and more and more. About a month ago just after finishing MFW 1st, I tested his reading level. He reads on a 3rd grade level now. He reads all the time! He told me just today, "I used to not like to read, but now I do. I love it. It's fun!" It makes my heart swell just thinking about his journey.

So, a couple of things I did:

1. I purposely did not push him hard. (In moments, I did because I felt like he was behind. I always had to readjust my attitude and realize there is a huge range of normal and he is just fine.) I did make him do the work daily, but I did not add a lot of extra. If he had not minded doing it, but just struggled, I would have added extra practice. But, I knew he really disliked doing it and it was stressful for him. I didn't want to turn him off to reading completely. In order to avoid that, I did not push and we did not practice outside of doing what we needed for school...though, I admit I did slyly add a few extra blends in on the blend latter sometimes. ;)

2. Model, model, we already said.

3. Praise, praise, praise. I knew he was on the slower side for picking these things up, but he didn't need to know that. I constantly praised him and told him he was good at...everyone needs practice...great job persevering and similar things.

4. I did look for signs that there was a learning issue going on more than just him not quite getting it yet. Mine didn't have enough signs for me to get any testing done. If he had had more symptoms, I would have sense pushing against something when there is a blockade.

5. Pray! Pray lots. Pray for your child and for you. Pray for understanding and patience for both of you. Pray for wisdom for you in knowing the words to say to encourage and the actions to take to help her succeed.

Good luck!
1mom42 wrote:Thanks ladies. Those are all good points that I have already considered. I have seriously wondered if she is dyslexic. When we do 2 letter blends she wants to add an ending letter so we can have a real word!
My kids do that too. I don't really see that as a problem. I just remind them there is no letter at the end.

If you really wonder about dyslexia, I'd get her checked. ((((hugs))))

[Editor's Note: Dyslexia details discussed here ... 891#p95883 ]
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