7+ years - Using K character & Bible for summer or extras

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7+ years - Using K character & Bible for summer or extras

Unread post by kellybell » Mon May 14, 2007 2:24 pm

Using K character and Bible for fun summer activities? I think that would work fine. I'd probably add a related Bible verse for each Bible "concept" that K has. The K TM has the verses you could use. Pick your favorite version and see how much you can memorize. Some things you could do include:

1. Make cute stationery with the verse or saying and a little drawing of a leaf, elephant, moon, whatever. Use it for writing to Grandma, etc.
2. Invite friends over for craft time, etc., related to the Bible study.
3. Make a Bible cover out of denim or other heavy material and decorate it with the things you learned in Bible for K such as "H is for Horse" or whatever.

Just some ideas. Have a nice summer.
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Character Training When Missing K?

Unread post by Julie in MN » Sat Apr 30, 2011 3:37 pm

sewgirlie wrote:We will be starting our son with MFW 1st grade next Fall. He used another K program this year. Reading here, I feel like he's missed so much character training that is included in MFW K. I feel the same way about my 5th grader who is doing ECC this year.

Is there some way to modify MFW K to use it just for character training? Thanks so much!
Hi Carrie,
If you have the funds and a little bit of time during your school day or the summer, it might be fun to just do the K literature studies and the K character traits. Maybe make the badge and talk about how you see those traits in the literature you read.

Just a thought,
sewgirlie wrote:Thanks Julie! That's what I was wondering about. Can the character be done separately?
Well if you look thru the sample of a K unit here:
I was mostly thinking of doing the badge (day 3) and the literature (day 6), but I'm sure you could get an idea of what you might do from the various activities in the sample.

Hopefully someone who has actually taught K or is teaching K will chime in, too! I'm just speaking as a mom who wishes she had done MFW-K and a grandmother who is thinking about doing some of the K activities with a certain grandson ;)
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Re: Character Training When Missing K?

Unread post by Millie » Sat Apr 30, 2011 4:28 pm

I am doing K right now with my 5yo dd, and my 3 yo ds joins in sometimes. We are doing it faster than it is scheduled, 2 lessons/week because dd is reading and we plan to start First in the fall. I decided to do K mostly for the character/bible, and go quickly through the phonics portion just to make sure we didn't have any major learning gaps before we start first. If you are only interested in the character/bible part, I think you can easily skip over the phonics and daily math and just do the activity days. It shouldn't take much time to double or even triple up on days if you want to, and I think you would be getting everything you are looking for in the K program, plus A LOT of fun, hands-on activities. The activity portion of the program (6 days/lesson) is really what teaches and reinforces the biblical concept and "words to remember."

I will say without hesitation that it has been so worth it to fit this in before First Grade simply for the character training and "words to remember" for each lesson. I'm really looking forward to doing it again at the regular pace in a couple of years with my son!

Just thinking about this a little more... if you do decide to just do the activity portion, you could really cut down on what you need to order to do the activities. Just a thought!


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Re: Character Training When Missing K?

Unread post by sewgirlie » Sat Apr 30, 2011 9:31 pm

Thanks Millie! I think it will work for us this Summer. Any advice on what I'd need to buy? If I do have to order it all, I have a 2 year old that would use it in a few years.

Any idea how I could get my 5th grader involved too? Maybe she could read the stories to him?

Thanks so much!


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Re: Character Training When Missing K?

Unread post by Poohbee » Sat Apr 30, 2011 9:42 pm

We are doing K this year. It is my second time through it, and I can't tell you how much I love MFW K! I was just telling my 6yo dd the other day that I am sad that her K year is almost over, and I am glad I get to go through it once more in a few years with her brother.

MFW K would be a great thing to do over the summer for the character training before you start MFW 1st in the fall. As others have said, you can just skip the math and reading portions and focus on the activity portions. For each letter/topic, you read a nonfiction book or use a factual resource of some type to learn about the topic. The character lesson ties into the topic, so I would learn a bit about the topic, maybe using some good children's literature and nonfiction books from the library or your own bookshelves, and then you can discuss the "Words to Remember" for that topic. If I were you, I would also read the Bible verses in the TM that go with that character lesson. Then, you could pick and choose from the activities listed for that topic. Sometimes there are science activities or art lessons...lots of fun activities to choose from. You could easily focus on a topic for one or two days and then move on to another. I would think it would be an easy and fun thing to do over the summer. Enjoy!

Oh, as I was typing, I see you were writing, too, Carrie. If you only wanted to do the character lessons, all you would absolutely need is the Teacher's Manual. There is a literature list in the TM so you could check out books from the library. However, if you have the funds, it would be neat for you to get the literature that was added to MFW K. That would make sure you have at least one book on hand for each topic. Also, the Cuisenaire Rods and book are a fun activity for your son to do to review his letters and have fun with it. And, if you haven't done an ant hill or a butterfly garden before, I highly recommend those! We are actually doing the butterfly garden right now, and two of our butterflies emerged from their chrysalids today! It was so exciting! One last thing...the "Words to Remember" badges for each unit are now premade and included in the student sheets, but you could easily make your own, as was recommended prior to this year. All you would absolutely need is the Teacher's Manual, but since you do have a younger one who would probably use the materials in a few more years, you could order as much as you are able, knowing that you will use it again.

Oh, and as to your question about how to involve your 5th grader, many times as I was reading a story to my kindergartener, my 4th grader wanted to listen in. She read the stories to my 6yo sometimes, too. And, many of the activities are so much fun that my 4th grader wanted to do them, too. Also, many activities can be adapted to different age levels, as well. And some of the activities would work well as cooperative activities. Your 5th grader would likely enjoy your "summer school" as well.
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Re: Character Training When Missing K?

Unread post by sewgirlie » Sun May 01, 2011 6:27 am

Thanks Jen!

Now I'm so excited, I'll have a hard time waiting for Summer!


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Re: Character Training When Missing K?

Unread post by Millie » Sun May 01, 2011 6:53 am

I completely agree with Poohbee... all you'd really need is the TM, and I would highly recommend the Ant Hill and Butterfly Garden, and the literature pack is FABULOUS. We ordered our ants last week, and my daughter is so excited, she watches for the UPS truck at it's usual time each day! The premade badges in the student sheets are wonderful for us, but definitely not required. There is a 10-day section on creation at the very beginning of the program and there are some student sheets that go with it, but definitely not required as you could find your own coloring pages online or just skip the creation part this time around.

Just a heads-up when you do the program fast... in the first few lessons, there are activities that take more than two or three days to complete (making raisins, watching the leaf wither). We were moving pretty quickly through those units, so each day I went back to do our observations on those things before we started the activities for our next topic. I think the raisins took 6 days and the leaf took about 5. It was no big deal to move forward in the units and just keep looking back and doing observations.

Involving your 5th grader should be easy. The character lessons are timeless, and the curriculum weaves them in with the activities so seamlessly; it doesn't feel forced or silly. When you get your library books for each lesson, you could get a few books that are more age appropriate for your 5th grader, and I would imagine that your 5th will have fun helping and teaching your Ker. What a fun summer program for your kiddos!!


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Re: Character Training When Missing K?

Unread post by beaglemamma2008 » Sun May 01, 2011 1:22 pm

Agreeing with the others that you could easily add in the character part of K during the summer. Julie's idea would be a very easy way to get it accomplished!

But I also wanted to mention that you'll also get lots of character training in 1st. The weekly Proverbs are priceless. (And honestly, I think my character was trained just as much as, if not more than, dd's by memorizing one a week!) ;)
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