Readiness for K - What age did you start?

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Readiness for K - What age did you start?

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lyntley wrote:What age did you start your K'ers?
I started my ds as soon as he turned 5 and taught it over an entire calander year due to long breaks here and there. He really enjoyed starting 1st right after he turned 6 but we are blessed to live in MI so we have no requirements at to school days, hours, etc.
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I started my K child just after turning 6. He wasn't ready before that. I also have a just turned 5 year old ds, and we've tried doing some K work here and there, but he's not quite ready yet. We'll wait until just before his 6th birthday to officially start K.
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Kindergarten age

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I'll share what we have done/are doing, but I also wanted to encourage that everyone is going to be different on this one(just like there is always the "youngest" kindergartner in a school and the "oldest"kindergartner...)

Children are all different in regards to when they are "ready" to start, and of course we parents differ in our decisions of when we think our children are ready.....

My oldest(son) birthday is in the middle of October we did "preschool" when he was 5 and my second child(daughter) was 3(at her request--not his :)

We then began Kindergarten (MFW) after my son turned 6--it was easy for him (but that built his confidence as he is very perfectionistic, and would not try something if he didn't think he could already succeed at it) and my daughter (then not quite 4) followed along and everything was just right for her (sometimes a bit of a challenge, but she enjoys the challenge...)

Per good reccommendations from MFW we stopped working with 4 year old daughter to focus on 6 year old son so he could finish K in time to start 1st (as we got very behind) by the time he turned 7.

We are currently using MFW 1st grade with 7 year old, and will be starting over teaching MFW K to our newly turned 5 year old daughter, as she can wait no longer "to be a kindergartner"! As we are starting K with her in January, I am in NO hurry to get done with it in 9 months or even a calender year--we'll just see how it goes......

My next child in line is 3 (a daughter) and her b-day is in August so she will start K either right when she turns 5 or sometime between turning 5 and 6, again, we'll wait to see when she is ready.

Blessings on your journey,
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I would like to second what Debbie said...every child and every family is different, that's the way God made us...otherwise we would be really boring :). I would encourage you to start when you feel your child is ready and really keep an eye on their progress and especially their attitude toward school. Since we took a full calender year to do K it went well with my ds5 but if we had to do it in 9 months he would have been very frustrated...and that would defeat the purpose!!!

Let God lead you and you will always get it His right way!!!
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How do I know if he is ready for MFW K?

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Mommy2SabrinaJeremy wrote:How do I know if he is ready for MFW K?
Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 6:52 pm
Here are my 2 cents which I contradict a lot. Start you dc when they want and follow their pace. If they are getting burned out slow down or take time off if he isn't interested or can't do it due to his age.

It is ok to wait until age 6 for K.

I will say I am a July baby and was the youngest in my class. I never struggled academically but socially I was never where everyone else was. I always wanted to hang around kids 1 and 2 grades lower than me. That may have just been me or maybe my mom should have waited a year to put me in school.

Some times it is hard always being the youngest, smallest, last to get your drivers license, etc. Being in homeschool it is less of an effect because our kids tend to hang out with children in many age ranges but it is something to think about.

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When to start K?

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Staceyliza wrote:I have two older kids (4th and 2nd) and we're working through RtoR this year. My DD2 will be 5 the second week of October this fall. I'm thinking about starting kindergarten with her since that would put us at MFWK/Exto1850 next year, 1st/1850-Mod the year after and she would jump in to the rotation when we do ECC again.

I once talked to David Hazzell and he said that it's fine to do MFK with an older 4yo but I don't want to push her. We'd go at her pace and if we took a little longer to finish that's fine. I'd love input. She's very verbal and smart but I haven't really done much schooling with her yet. Thanks for advice!
There's pushing... - you didn't do that. ((hugs)) and hi fives!
There's looking for readiness in the student.....
There's fixing a start date and adjusting as you go along...

Is she talking about "when do I get my school?"
Have you talked with her about the idea that she's ready for her own school materials?
Are there are legal considerations with her age (these things can vary)?

What about the idea of planning to start in the fall with her, and if she isn't ready, set it down for a few weeks/month, pick it up again...

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Re: When to start K?

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I started my son (Oct. 12th bday) at 4yo because he was wanting to "do school" like his big sister. He had done well with the preschool package and showed strengths already in math-related stuff. Like Crystal and MFW said, I didn't push when we got to harder things. For him, handwriting was harder (and still is a weak subject) and some of the blending took longer for him to catch on.

In some ways I wish I would have waited until January to start him and fill that time before with more activities and preschool stuff. But, I can't get back in the time machine :-) and I just continue to adjust if I need to. I love that homeschooling gives us the option to cater to our kids' needs. You know your daughter and her temperment better than anyone.

My only other suggestion is that if you have done MFWK before (possibly with your other kids), to look through your manual and think about how your daughter would physically handle some of the activities and also her emotional maturity to handle the amount of work (i.e. you wouldn't want to have possible tears when you ask her to do something. Just throwing that in there b/c I have a daughter who would have been like that :) ).

Praying you have wisdom for your situation.
Tabatha :)
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Re: When to start K?

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If your main reason to start her in K is because of how she will land in the history cycle, then I would really, really wait. I admit that I'm a diehard better-late-than-early gal, and I believe kids learn better and faster at an older age. But basically I wouldn't worry about the cycle because it's really a family cycle and everybody gets to do the fun stuff together.
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Re: When to start K?

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agreeing with Julie. if the big reason is that she'll be in 2nd grade when others do ECC..... dont' try to make those things happen. They'll be invited to join in family stuff and fold in anywhere in the cycle...

start in september. if she isn't ready...
set it down until January start again.
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Re: When to start K?

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Part of the reason is where she is in the cycle and part of it is that fact that to me MFWK really *is* a five year old program. I did it with my oldest when he was 6 and we did it in something like 4 months. I'd rather start right when she turns 5 in October and take our time with it than have her fly through it or be bored with it later. Just thinking through things..

Thanks for the tips. I don't push my kids AT ALL. Ever. We go with the flow and when they're ready. If she's not ready I'll back off. I am excited to do MFWK again!
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Re: When to start K?

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My dd's birthday is Oct 12 too - Hi, Tabby! :) Anyway, I started her when she was 4, and it's been fine till the last year or so. It's still okay...but it's not great, and I feel more pressure than I probably should to get her ready for high school - I just wish I had that extra year. I wish she wouldn't be starting high school at 13 instead of 14. But, for a variety of reasons, we have decided to just keep moving forward - until and unless we get to a point where it is really difficult and we have to make a decision to repeat a year. We've talked this all out with dd, and she understands that's a possibility, even if she doesn't love it.

She was a very smart, verbal, eager little 4yo, and she made the public school cutoff, so I figured we'd go ahead. (They've since changed the cut off; she wouldn't make it now.) She wanted to learn how to read, was asking me to teach her.

In hindsight, I wish I had just taught her what she wanted to know, without making it official, iykwim. I wish I had not made a big deal about "Starting Kindergarten" that year, but she was my first and I didn't know any better. So, I guess my advice is, follow your dc's lead in terms of what they want to learn about, use the Kindy program if you feel you're both ready for it, but for me personally, I would not call it Kindergarten till next year, closer to age 6.

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