4 year olds & early 5's - Start K slowly or wait?

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4 year olds & early 5's - Start K slowly or wait?

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

prov31sandra wrote:I am looking at options for my dd for next year. It will officially be her "preschool" year but she will turn five early in the year - November. Academically she is advanced, and very bright. She picks up everything by osmosis, and knows most of her letter sounds, how to count to 20, shapes, colors, all basic preschool knowledge sets, etc. She has a very wide vocabulary and uses words correctly.

My son was similar at her age but his motor skills were much better. Her fine motor skills are slower, but I don't know if they are slow for her age. Right now she is doing mazes fantastically. She cuts great with scissors. But then when she tries to draw or write her lines are very light and shaky. Her drawings are just now taking shape to look like anything. Of course we are not starting with the new program we choose (whatever it may be) until next August. So that gives her 6 months to improve motor skills. We are working on play-doh, and tracing and such.

If you were in my position would you give MFW K a try, or just do something else more preschool-y that doesn't really require writing?
I know that most of the ladies on this board will disagree, but I think you are safe in starting MFWK next fall. They all have great reasons and will chime in later - so I'll just let them share their side. Since they tend to have more experience and wisdom than I do, they are definitely worth listening to. :-)

I started MFWK with my dd a few months before she turned 5yo. She was already reading well and adding and had a strong desire to be schooled. Even with her reading skills, we had to go very slowly at first. And I do mean slowly. The great thing about MFWK is that the units are six days, and if that means two 3-day weeks for you to complete a unit, it works! After her 5th birthday, the switch flipped and we could pick up the pace, and 2 months after that, her writing was so dramatically improved that it's comical to compare. She is in the middle of MFW1 now, and the same thing has happened with her drawing skills.

So, I think you can start this fall if you want to and she's ready. Just be prepared to take things slow and treat it like "preschool" if you have to. It is a rich, rich program that you will really enjoy. I do wish, though, that I waited until after my dd's mid-year birthday to start the curriculum, and continued with "preschool stuff" until after she turned 5.

Clear as mud? (sorry) But you can't go wrong with choosing MFWK - it is amazing.
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Re: MFW K for 5yo Preschooler?

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prov31sandra wrote: If you were in my position would you give MFW K a try,

keep working on the fine motor skills like you said - lacing, play doh, let her keep cutting with scissors. keeping tracing shapes and cut them and play with glue bottles. Read books together. play outside. sing songs together.

MFW K has a lot of tactile activities to help with building those writing skills throughout the year.

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Unread post by 705emily »

Hi! My ds turned 5 in November also. I did start him in MFWK but we turned the one week unit into 2 weeks. His motor skills also were weak at first--but he's doing really well now! He loves to playl--so we do school 3 days a week and then I just let him play a LOT! He's reading Bob books on his own now and can write so much better. We'll just continue doing K as long as the units run--and then start MFW1.

I would recommend starting K with your dd--but as others have said--just take it slow and let her be your guide!


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Unread post by mom2woii »

When my oldest was 4 (he also has a late b'day-Dec.), I started him in "preschool", but he was doing math because he caught on very quickly. Phonics/reading came along later---he didn't read well until 2nd grade.

I think if your dd is ready, then I say go for it and adjust it to her speed. My son was eager to start school and I didn't see any point in holding him back. By letting him learn at his speed in math, it allowed him to finish all of his high school math requirements in 10th grade. He took trig. and analytical geometry last year. That is what is so great about hsing----you can tailor your child's education to suit his/her level.

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Unread post by kellybell »

I guess I'm supposed to be a disagreer (is that a word?) but I'm not. Some folks post on the board and want to do MFWK for a child who is 4 yo all year (not turning five until 1st grade!) and that I have a problem with. But, for a child who is advanced in many areas and soon going to be five, I say "go for it."

The main problem of starting a child early is that she is likely to "hit a wall" in the future. MFWK is pretty easy for many (not all) early starters. And, MFW1 is somewhat easy, although many kids hit a wall then too. And, the kids that sail through that often are frustrated when they hit ECC or Adventures and they aren't ready for that amount of work. Often, all the child needs is an extra year or even an extra semester to be ready.

So, I vote "go for it." Then, just keep an eye on her. If you see the frustration starting, slow it down a lot or even put it aside for a month (there are a lot of fun options for taking a break) instead of "pushing through it."

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Unread post by SandKsmama »

I would go for it as well - I've done K twice now with 4 year olds and they did very wel. The difficulty I found was the "leap" in developmental readiness going from K to 1st. My 4.5 year old son was MORE than ready for everything required of him in K, but when he was 5.5, was NOT ready for the amount of writing and "sit down" school work required in 1st. We wound up doing 1st over 1.5 years, and for 1 of those years, doing every "day" as 2 days. When was 6.5, a light bulb seemed to go on, and the 1st grade work was not a problem anymore at all.

All that to say - as long as you are prepared to go with the flow as far as what your daughter is ready to do/not do, I think it will be fine. K is great fun - we love it!

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Unread post by Jami »

I am in a similar situation. My son will be five in July and we are just starting to homeschool this coming fall, so had we continued public school (my oldest son is in first grade right now), my second son would not have started kindergarten until next year because of his young age. However, he learns so much from his big brother (and life) and is so excited about school that I will start K with him in the fall and plan to take 3 years to cover K & 1st with him.

So that is my suggestion, like everyone else here, just go at your child's pace and remember it's not a race to get schooling done!
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Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

I think I need to apologize for being bratty -- the ladies that I thought would chime in and advise you to wait another year didn't respond at all! I hope I didn't stifle them by saying what I did. I always question whether to give my opinion on some of these issues because I have an only child, and that is a unique experience in the homeschooling world. I've seen other people with multiple children (therefore older children) discuss how they "keep them little" a little longer. I'm happy to see so many others agreed to giving MFWK a try, knowing that you may slow it down or eventually hit a wall as you go forward.

I'm one of those people that thought I could skip all kinds of things because of how advanced my dd was. HA! I even thought I could skip K altogether at one point, and could definitely start Singapore Math while she was still in First instead of going with the recommendations. HA! I look back at some of my early posts and blush like crazy . . . . (what an idiot . . . )

I think as long as you're not as crazy as me, and you let your dd's abilities set the pace of MFWK from the beginning, you're going to love it. It is a truly wonderful year.
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Unread post by RachelT »

Hello! I just wanted to say that I am doing MFW K this year with my dd who turned 5 in December and it's working well. She is much like your dd except that her fine motor skills are one of her strengths. Last year I did MFW K with my ds who was the opposite, fine motor skills are his greatest challenge, but he was 5 and turned 6 that year.

You've already received some great responses. I just wanted to jump in and say that I think MFWK would be a great opportunity to help your dd grow in all areas, going at her pace. I think that the handwriting in K is where she can really learn / practice how to form each letter, but there are still quite a lot of cut and paste things. There is a bigger jump in handwriting in 1st grade. MFWK gives you time to also do plenty of those activities that Crystal posted above for developing fine motor skills.

I am not sure how to proceed through 1st grade with my dd next year, because now that I'm doing it with my ds, I can see that it will be more reading, writing, etc. but I am trying to think like some of the posts above, remembering that she began earlier than some and watching to see if we can take more time to do 1st grade work, if needed. Like you said, though, it's really a whole 6 months away and a lot can happen during that time developmentally. At the beginning of this year I thought that my dd may not finish K this year, but that isn't the case, so just being aware that it could take longer is a good idea.

It sounds like a fun year for you!
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Unread post by Julie - Staff »

Cyndi (WA) wrote:I think I need to apologize ... the ladies that I thought would ... advise you to wait another year didn't ... I hope I didn't stifle them...
Editor's note:
Some of the alternative thoughts that Cyndi referred to are here, for your consideration:

Also, she may well have been remembering the more common theme having to do with not skipping K, even though a child is reading:
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php?t=2314 (Lucy gives official info)

And more on choosing K vs. preschool:
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Starting K Early

Unread post by wisdomschool »

baileymom wrote:My turning 5 tomorrow son is B-O-R-E-D with my homemade preschool sheets and is more than ready to move on. He would not legally be able to do PS K this year, but homeschooling gives us that advantage right?

He knows all of his letters and most of their sounds (older brother did MFW K last year, and we own the Leap Frog DVDs). He can even write words if you spell them for him. He joins in school everyday with older siblings, can sit still for a while (enough to do MFW K), and wants to do REAL SCHOOL...he's ready, right?

I'll just have to come up with a way to make the Biblical Concepts with a little different, since he already knows those too! :)
I am usually a fan of "better late than early", and I so enjoyed that my oldest two children have birthdays in October and December, and "get" to be "older"(rather than younger) in thier grades......, but I am in the same boat with my current "K"re" she turned 5 August 15th(in Missouri, you "HAVE" to be 5 by the 1st of August to start "K"), but she did MFW A-Z(minus math/reading/writing--officially anyway--she taught herself to write and is naturally math inclined...) last year with her older sister and there is no way I could make her wait another year before she "started" school!

So, this year she is doing the math/reading/writing from A-Z and following along in MFW 1st grade with her older sister for everything else(and listening in on some of Adventures with older brother as well--this child "LOVES" school:)

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Re: Starting K Early

Unread post by cbollin »

Happy Birthday!

Sounds like he's ready for it. He might enjoy doing the Biblical concepts even though he heard them last year.

You can use some of the alternate activities listed at the back of each unit, or grab ideas from the Kindy Ideas forum. If he needs some tweaks for worksheets in K
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 179#p47744

and enjoy trips to the zoo :)

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Re: Starting K Early

Unread post by momtogc »

Agreeing with what everyone else said - he sounds ready, and it surely won't hurt to try. Be sure to include reading lots of good books along the way.

My dd is also strong in Bible knowledge and I usually face the same problem you are facing. I would go ahead and review the Biblical concepts again. He might learn something new just as we do when we re-read Scripture that we have seen many times before and the Lord reveals something new to us.

Have a great time in MFW K!
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Re: Starting K Early

Unread post by Alison »

My son just turned 5 last week and we're already on the cow unit. He loves it. It's at an appropriate level for him. We're going to slow down for the holidays and take time for more crafts, etc. It's been the perfect fit. Do what's best for your family!
I was reassured last week when we were leaving the aquarium, and I told him how proud I was of him for being so well behaved even when it was a long walk. He said, "I don't quit, I persevere" from the Turtle unit. It was so sweet.
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Re: Starting K Early

Unread post by Teresa in TX »

Not only does he sound ready, but I advise going ahead and starting him. I regret not just starting my now 6yo last year when he turned 5. We're having to plug away and do things quicker since he's really just ahead of MFWK now. He enjoys it, but I think he would have enjoyed it more last year. I shouldn't have waited. I will definitely do things differently with my 3yo.
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MFW K at 4 years??

Unread post by MFW-Lucy »

marsha617 wrote:This April my son will turn 4 yo. I am thinking ahead to next school year. My goal is to teach very basic phonics, math, and handwriting to him. Will MFW K work for him next year? I am thinking of using it 3 days a week at his own pace. I thought since I was going to teach him initial letter sounds next year MFW K would work just fine. If K would be overwhelming for him we can certainly wait till he is 5yo. or very close to it. :)

Dear Marsha,

We usually recommend waiting to begin Kindergarten until the year a child will be five years old by September of that year. Some older four year olds are ready for Kindergarten. When it's time to make the decision you can ask yourself several questions.
-- Is he ready to sit down and do 20-30 minutes of written work each day?
-- Does he have the manual dexterity to begin writing letters and words and is he interested in doing so?
-- Is your child already taking time to sit down to draw and color?
-- Is he excited about starting school? If he is not excited about starting school it is probably better to wait until the following year.

Waiting until childern turn 5 can make the overall process much more enjoyable and painless.

The K program is designed to teach letter sounds, but it moves to teaching reading by Lesson 6 and progresses each week. Although you could skip this part until the following year you would have used up all of the other engaging activities and you would then need to find something else for him.

We would strongly encourage you to take a look at the preschool package which will give you ideas to teach letter sounds in a game like environment as well as give you ideas on how to work on large motor and small motor development to better prepare him for handwriting. There are many other skills that are developed through the 100 plus activities in the activity guide.

We recommend that you add a simple Bible story book and library books on many subjects both fiction and non-fiction. This along with lots of indoor and outdoor play make for a great year of preschool without too much early structure.

If you have further questions, please give us a call at 573-426-4600.

Re: MFW K at 4 years??

Unread post by cbollin »


I've noticed from hanging around with lots of kids and moms over the years that I've been a mom, that a lot of times 4 year old BOYS are not as ready for Kindy programs as a 5 y.o boy will be. They need more time to be ready for school. Kindy doesn't have to be hard. Easier to get it done - doesn't mean holding back. It means we are going to have more success for their first years of learning as well as learning how to teach that child.

There are lots of great ideas in the Preschool Activity Book that MFW has to really work on those fine motor skills and cognitive steps along the way that really help a 4 year old (especially a young one) be even more ready for school.

It might not look like there are workbooks or worksheets in MFW's preschool program -- but that's because when we use the Preschool program we get to create our own worksheets. There are ideas in the activity book for use the shapes to trace and then cut. I can remember reading the story The Snowy Day (by. Ezra Jack Keats) to my kids. Then, I remembered, oh yeah, the preschool activity book suggested using the shapes... So we traced some circles and cut them out and had a craft to go with the story. We had selected that story just because it was a featured story at our library during preschool library time.

There really isn't a need to rush into using MFW's Kindy program. I know some places/people will say it is a preschool program -- but it is not a preschool program. Most preschool programs do not teach the child how to read short stories, or write several words in one sitting. They aren't working on place value in math, or lots of addition/subtraction concepts. That's school.

4 year old still need to learn how to listen to a longer story than they did at age 3.
4 year olds still need to learn how to use their hands and fingers for scissors
They can be tracing shapes, or using finger paint for letter formation -- well prior to using pencil and paper.
They need to learn how to clean their room, put things away, etc.
They need to learn how to follow instructions.

In Kindy program -- the product does matter as much as the process. You have a soon to be 4 year old boy --- work on process over product right now. If you are wanting him to know his ABC's and the initial sounds -- that's ok. Nothing wrong with that. MFW Kindy -- that is reviewed in the beginning or in some cases it will be taught for the first time.

So, if you get the Preschool package, you'll have these lace and link letters....
Go grab the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
play with the lace and link letters while enjoying that book. I think your son will know what to do as he follows along in that book. hee hee heee..

then, later you can select one of those Letters and tell him the main sound that letter makes.
Take the letter with you in the house.
Place it on an object that begins with that sound
and say the name and sound "b" "b" Bed
b b bathroom
now -- ask him if he can find something else in the kitchen with B B sound (banana, beans,)

My guess is that he isn't asking for a full kindy program and pencil and seat work.
I think the Preschool program will fit his active needs and learning needs.

Lucy mentioned adding in library books. Once upon a time, MFW sold a collection of stories called The 20th Century Children's Treasury Book. See if your library has that book. Not all of the stories will fit all families, but with about 44 choices, you'll find something. Chicka chicka boom boom -- is in that book

another idea in that book: Freight Train (by donald crews) ---- read that story with your child. Now, can he make a similar color train out the Preschool Number Pegs? and then play train for the rest of the "school time" -- line up chairs, or play with trains. Can he make a train from different colors of construction paper?

another "easy' idea in that book: one of our family's favorites -- Goodnight Gorilla! Read the story with your 4 year old and then see if your child can retell the story (act it out) and get it in the right order. keep reading.... let him try again. Now -- you've just done a literature story and had him "narrate" it back to you. That is language arts for a 4 year old and done in a fun style. Ask him to notice closely in that story --- how does the zoo keeper(and therefore gorilla who is watching) know which key to use? (simple.... he matches up the color of the key to the color of the cage.) Add in more dialogue in the story. And that's creative writing lesson now.

Wee Sing Bible......

4 year olds enjoy game time and learning. You'll never get these years back with him.


Postby cbollin » Fri Feb 12, 2010 9:33 am
As a family we fell in love with that Goodnight Gorilla story when we saw the video version from weston woods during Family Storynight at the library.

then... the librarian retold the story during Afternoon story time once --- and that was when she added dialogue and action and all of sudden all of us in the audience realized "wait a minute.... she keeps saying words that aren't in the book!" Goodnight Gorilla barely has words! She was telling the story from the pictures..... "so he matched up the color of the key to the color of the cage and followed along with his friends. Where do you think they were going?"

that is where and how I learned to be a preschool teacher with literature -- I watched the really good children's librarians tell stories, share videos, and even get Keith (from the AV department) to come in and play his guitar and sing songs. they had take home crafts to do. (thank you Mary F and Patti C and Keith from AV, and mary jane and joan....)

and my 14 year old is over here saying "how come I don't get to do Goodnight Gorilla anymore?"

I don't know.... I'm not sure algebra is getting done today. ;) it will.

blessings. no matter what you use to teach your 4 year old --- make it fun so that when you are remembering it 10 years later, it will bring some smiles, even if it is a bit messy.
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Re: MFW K at 4 years??

Unread post by hollybygolly »

Just popping on to say~Crystal, you have some fabulous ideas for teaching those kiddos on the brink of kindergarten! I love the idea of taking the letter to different parts of the house and putting it on different objects with that same sound. I may borrow some of those for my soon to be 3 year old. If you ever write an e-book with those wonderful teaching tips~I'll be first in line!! :)

I actually have that 20th Century Book and rarely use it. I should pull it out and read it with my younger ones. (Never noticed the key~cage relationship in Goodnight Gorilla!). ~Holly
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Re: MFW K at 4 years??

Unread post by marsha617 »

Based on Lucy's and Crystal's replies we will probably wait until the year he is turning 5 to start Kinder. He is interested in joining us at the school table but only for about 15 minutes. He doesn't know how to cut yet and he just beginning to draw pictures. So we will wait. Thank you!!

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Working on routine, independence, and attention span

Unread post by Mom2theteam »

I have 5 who are 5 and under. We tried to start K this year with a young 5 and just turned 3 year old twins. (They weren't doing the K, but you know, they wouldn't exactly leave us alone either. ;) ) Plus, I have twins who were around 8 months at the time. (They will be a year in less than a month now.) I just couldn't make it work. It was partly that my 5 year old wasn't ready.

So, we are working on getting into a routine, helping them learn more independent play and have a longer attention span. I will try again this fall. My 3 year olds will be close to 4 and the babies will be 16 months or so. Hopefully, it will go better. I know by seeing others who have several young children, it can work. I'll be happy when we have our first year under our belt. It will be a good confidence booster for me. :~
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Self-control and temper issues, any suggestions?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

spaldingclan wrote:Hi! We finished up K a few weeks ago and have been taking a little break before starting MFW1. Academically the girls did really well this past year.

However, this past month both girls have been really struggling with other things right now. My 4 year old is especially lacking in the self-control department and has a temper that fires up in half a second. So, although she may be a year ahead of her peers academically, socially she is right there with them, if not a little behind. She is extremely outgoing, friendly, charismatic, and caring toward others, but the self control and temper thing is doing us all in! She is extremely impulsive.

My 6 year old, is very sweet and tenderhearted, cares about others and wants to do what's right. She is the most obedient one of the three girls, but she is now starting to push back a little bit and dissolves into tears whenever she gets in trouble. She can be very bossy at times and is trying to "mommy" her little sister. I

I am so thankful that I am homeschooling . This way I can deal with issues and behaviors as they come up and be creative with how to help. That being said, I am a little bit at a loss and feeling frustrated with this behavior, especially with the 4 year old (she will be 5 in July). These behaviors seem willful, and yet they also seem so impulsive. Her enthusiasm (she is very enthusiastic about life) seems to over take her ability to reason and think things through.

Is it because we are not doing school (the lack of schedule)? I would love any input, suggestions, or stories of how some of you have worked with your children who may have behaved in a similar way. Thank you so much!
<hugs> to you, Kim. We all have our days... and weeks :~

My first response is about your 4yo. Age 4 is my least favorite age. Sometimes it's quite late in the 4s, but to me it's the age when kids have sort of a second-stage 2-year-old thing happen to them. They take "no" to the next step up. When my son babysat a 4 year old, he came home and told me that the child was the worst child in the world. I told him that he had a "terrible 4 year old" and not a "terrible child." The child will come out of it. Of course, some traits are more in the child but many I think are just a phase in finding out their place in the world.

And I just have to add, since I'm a better-late-than-early gal, that trying to keep up in K could have put a little stress on her that none of you realized (not even her).

I applaud you for keeping them at home to train them (I was not so wise when I was a younger mom). And I do think your idea of a schedule would help. Even if it's not "school," you can still have a brief schedule in place -- a general period of time each day when the kids do family things such as eat, clean, play games, listen to read-alouds, go to bed (and the implication about things that "won't" happen during those times, such as TV). I posted it on the fridge when my kids were young.

More <hugs>
P.S. If you scroll down this board to the threads starting with "Encouragement - " then maybe you will find more to encourage you during this time:
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Re: Self-control and temper issues, any suggestions?

Unread post by Claire »

Hi Kim,

I really love all that Julie said. I agree with her 100%. Just keep doing what you're doing... address bad behavior in love and let her know it's unacceptable. My kids are all still little but already I can look back on the difficult days knowing that we persevered through the challenges together and the Lord strengthened our relationships and gave me patience and taught her valuable lessons because of it. My kids are 6, 4, and 2 and I find that structure helps so when we're not doing MFW we still have morning activities- even if it's just coloring and then doing puzzles and then outside for play, etc .... I don't know if your kids are in any way similar. Keep persevering and I agree 4 is a difficult age esp with a strong willed child. It will get better!
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Re: Self-control and temper issues, any suggestions?

Unread post by spaldingclan »

Julie, Thank you so much for your reply. That makes perfect sense! I guess I just needed to hear that and be reminded to take it slow with her and that her behavior is normal for her age.

Thank you so much Claire. It looks like our kids are close in age. We are resuming a more normal schedule tomorrow and I definitely think that will help. She is such a sweet little girl. She just needs direction and correction, and frankly, sometimes, I get tired of directing and correcting :~ Praying for perseverance, and energy for each day!

Have a wonderful Easter!
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Re: Self-control and temper issues, any suggestions?

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Wow! This could have been my own post last summer, except I had a 4 year old boy instead of girl. I thought we were having a bad summer because we had a new baby brother in the house. But, after 2 months of hearing "What's next? or What are we doing tomorrow?" It finally dawned on me! My kid NEEDS structure. (Probably because he was a Babywise baby! haha!)

He couldn't read yet, so I made a schedule chart of what we were going to do by pictures. I took pics of him doing all the normal things we do all day and put them in a schedule chart from the teacher supply store. That way, if I needed to change things around, I could because they weren't glued down. It only took 2 days and he was back to my sweet little boy again! I felt horrible because I realized it was basically my fault that he'd been acting out. But, I got over that soon....we moms have enough to feel guilty about! HA!

I'm stopping to lift you up in prayer right now that God will give you wisdom in dealing with this and that your sweet girl will change her ways quickly! In Christ, Amanda
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Preschool or K for my son? HELP!

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StefInIdaho wrote:My DS will be 4 in July. He knows all his letters and sounds they make. He knows is numbers and can count to 20. He knows all his shapes and colors. He can do very simple addition and subtraction. He can write his name and his sisters name with out having to trace or copy it.

I know he is young, but I think the preschool program is too easy for him. Thoughts on the kindergarten program for him?
I found this in the FAQ on the MFW website (and it's toward the back of the catalog):

Is my child ready for kindergarten?
My Father's World Kindergarten is designed for a child that is ready to begin to read. MFW usually recommends waiting until a child is five years old before beginning Kindergarten. Some older four year olds are ready for Kindergarten so it's important to carefully discern readiness.

  • Is he ready to sit down and do 20 - 30 minutes of written work daily?
    Does she have the manual dexterity to begin writing letters and words and is she interested in doing so?
    Is your child already taking time to sit down to draw and color?
    Is he excited about starting school?[/color]
You could always give the K program a try and see how it goes. It will take a good hour or more of your time if you don't take breaks. If it's too much for him, then put it away and try it again in 6 months or so. Or you may just need to go slowly through it, stretching it out over the next 1 1/2 - 2 years. Did you check out the MFW K samples on their website?

Also, another option could be to go with the preschool program and supplement it with preschool workbooks if he'd rather have some kind of book to work on. (I use Rod & Staff's preschool collection; they have samples on their website). Do you have other children to teach, or is he your oldest? That always makes a difference for me; now that I have older kids to teach I tend to wait until my kids hit age 5 before I start the K program. :)

Those are my first thoughts....hope they help some.
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