Handwriting - Is this included in MFW-K?

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Handwriting - Is enough included in MFW-K?

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Karla wrote:Hi. I had been planning on using Handwriting Without Tears for my five-year-old in kindergarten. Now that I've decided to use the MFW curriculum, I am wondering just how they will work together? Does MFW have a complete handwriting program included in it? How hard will it be to substitute HWT? Has anyone done this successfully? What did you do? Do you think it would be confusing for my son to learn one way and then have his other worksheets use another method, or are they set up in a way that he could do this? I would be intererested in hearing from anyone that has substituted a different handwriting program.

Thanks so much!
Karla :-)
Author: Marie Hazell
Date: 7/4/2003

If you prefer, you can easily adapt the handwriting component in MFW-K and use another method. But this isn't necessary as MFW-K does include a complete multi-sensory handwriting program. We use a combination of methods. We suggest a number of enjoyable hands-on projects such as drawing letters in pudding, eating letter-shaped pancakes, etc. We use textured letters for a number of activities. These letters have gentle bumps on them, and students trace the letter shape with their finger. There are also some handwriting worksheets.
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Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2006 5:34 pm

Handwriting is covered in several places.

On Day 1 of the Reading Plan, you trace the textured letters with your fingers several times to get a "feel" (pun intended) for how to write the letter.

On Day 2, you use the handwriting page in the workbook plus trace the textured letters again.

On Days 3, 4, and 5, you continue tracing the textured letters and writing on the workbook pages. In other words, it's all over the place!
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Supplementing handwriting?

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1GirlTwinBoys wrote:Hi, I have a daughter that will be 5 next month and twin boy's 13 months younger than her. I have decided to use MFW and start homeschooling her in August. I'm really excited about this curriculum.

I was wondering if you supplement any? I was going to use "Handwriting Without Tears" along with MFW and wanted some input. I have not received MFW curriculum yet so I don't really know how much it covers. Thanks for your input.
Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2008 2:01 am

The handwriting lessons in K are very short, sweet, and shouldn't be tearful!

There are some student papers that the child is to cut and glue the correct words into a box that matches the correct picture. Sometimes my children would rather write the correct word, so that was some extra practice there. If you really felt like adding more practice, get some lined paper and have your dd copy a short sentence or verse. You will not need any other supplements. MFW-K is completely complete!! There are lots of book suggestions for read alouds, so you may be needing a trip to the library for those, otherwise you'll have everything you need.

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Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2008 5:46 am

If I had it to do all over again....

I would have found MFW when you did - at the beginning.

I would have allowed myself the freedom to do lessons for a brief period of time in the day and not feel like I wasn't really DOING anything because I wasn't filling 4 hours of curriculum activities every morning like the schools do.

I would have realized that the brief portion of the day we spend on "school" is not really their education. It's good to have some structure, but follow your interests as well.

I wouldn't have jumped from curriculum to curriculum looking for the best and brightest based on others opinions, rather than considering my own family make up, my teaching style and my kids learning styles.

What I DID do right:

Filled the house with tons of interesting books, accumulated Your Story Hour tapes, Adventures in Odessey, and even the Story of the World audios (which I had for the last 3 years before I started MFW).

No computer games or activities until age 8, and then ONLY the truly educational ones and for a limited time each week.

Read aloud good books as much as possible, planted a garden, raised animals.

Introduced them to missionaries and service work, taught courtesy and respect for adults.

Listen to lots of music that is NOT kids songs - from pop Christian to Baroque classical.

Sing, dance, draw and paint.

Raise ladybug larva, or butterflies, or watch worms or ants.

So supplement? Yes, but not with "curriculum."

LIVE!...And also do some reading, writing, and arithmetic.

I certainly don't have perfect kids, but I love the little and big people they are becoming, and I can see now how our efforts to provide an interesting and rich home life are paying off, IN SPITE OF some of my curriculum choices and perpetual behindedness (can I create a new word here?)

What a great time to start MFW - I am happy for the many mistakes you won't have to make.

Lisa - with four kids now 13, 11, 8, and 7
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Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2008 7:02 am

I have twin boys i am homeschooling for K this year. I got them Handwriting Without Tears and used that for a bit but what i have found to be MUCH better is having them copy a simply sentence that they have created. I really have found the writing in a "textbook approach" doesn't really work. They are so much more excited about writing their sentences and their writing is SO much neater because of this. So i would really use simple copy work! Hope this helps and praying for you on your journey!'
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Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2008 11:37 am

The curriculum is complete with plenty of built-in opportunities for enrichment. It is well set up to do all at once or break up into small sections throughout your day.

Adding handwriting to K curriculum?

Unread post by cbollin »

ausmerican wrote:HI! I'm new, I'm an american living in australia homeschooling my two ds's, eldest in K and youngest in pre school. We're using MFW and so happy that I came across it on the web. We're on Nn nest starting tomorrow.

My concern is that there's not enough handwriting for my eldest ds (6 in june). There's only one handwriting sheet per unit. He was going to a private pre-school last year and his handwriting was getting quite good. So, I'm wondering if I should have him do a handwriting worksheet maybe every other day? Is that too much? Also, I think that if we aren't doing enough of it they get out of the habbit and it's almost more challenging. He's ready to learn to read as well, but I know that will begin to happen in the next few lessons. Is there more writing gradually as well? I actually haven't looked ahead to see. I appreciate all you ladies with so much experience and would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions. Thank you!
G'day and welcome along!

In MFW K -- there are several "hidden" handwriting worksheets and writing is included on each day of the phonics in the units. MFW K uses a lot of multisensory worksheets with handwriting. I found it a good amount of practice each day. But at the same time, you can have paper and pencil around and let them write words that they are interested in and need more.

On each day in the phonics lessons (that's the yellow sheets), here is the "handwriting practice". With that said, if you want to have them also practice on regular practice paper, you can.

day 1 of the unit: Step 5 -- all of that tactile stuff (salt tray, pudding, shaving cream on bathtub wall, etc.) is one form of handwriting practice. And is considered the worksheet for the day. It is building the muscle memory needed for all of it. It seems like such a simple step, but it is very helpful for working on lots of skills at once and benefits handwriting.

day 2 of the unit - step 2 is the paper worksheet in the student page

day 3 - step 2, with the textured letters -- that tracing step is your multisensory worksheet. I think it is also ok to have them finger trace when you build the syllables and words with on the blend ladder.
day 3 step 4 - handwriting page for numerals - handwriting is even carried over in math and other activities in the program.

day 4 - step 2 and 3 - each of the blend ladder sections has a time for tracing, and on step 3 you have the child write words that are dictated. Some children will use the textured letters and trace, others will vary that and use pencil, some will be like my kid and do both. Some of that will not start until the next unit (T T turtle). But it's there.

day 5 - step 2 -- the drawing page has time to use pencil and paper for handwriting

also on the Cut and Paste worksheets where they can cut the word from the top and glue into the right box --- my daughter decided to just write the words instead.

But after "school is done" -- you can have regular paper out and let him draw, write, scribble numerals... I don't think you have to had a whole other handwriting curriculum to get it done.

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Re: Adding to K curriculum?

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If he is a workbook lover and really wants to write more, there are plenty of handwriting workbooks available. We've occasionally used Reason for Handwriting at our house, when I thought more practice was in order. For a lot of kids at the K level, handwriting is difficult and laborious, so I was glad there wasn't a lot of handwriting in K. By first grade, you will have plenty, but if your kid can't wait and loves it, a workbook might be a fun idea. I would make it optional for him though, instead of something he is required to do daily.
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Re: Adding to K curriculum?

Unread post by ausmerican »

Thank you ladies :) I think I will just make the most of what Marie has put together and use the curriculum the way it is written. Thanks for your input :)
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MFW K Handwriting?

Unread post by JENinOR »

girlboygirlboy wrote:I will be using MFW K with my 4(turning 5 in Sept) in the fall. I couldn't quite tell from the sample, but will I need some type of handwriting/printing book(I used HWT with my other kids) or is that included with the student sheets?

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I just got mine a week ago and they a practice sheet for each letter (capital and lowercase) and number practice as well. There may be more, but that's all I can remember off the top of my head!

Re: MFW K Handwriting?

Unread post by cbollin »

The instructions for letter formation are part of the K manual.

MFW approaches handwriting in K using multisensory methods.
There are some "non paper handwriting" practice "worksheets" (for lack of a better term) before doing the paper worksheets that Jen mentioned, (good memory for having it a short time!

You've used HWT, so you're familiar with wet dry try as one way to have handwriting practice. MFW does similar hands on stuff with tactile methods, and also tracing the Lauri lowercase letters. Some of the hidden handwriting worksheets will be when the student builds a word on the blend ladder and then traces the words before writing them on the side.

There are some number practice worksheets (those are the ones that look like envelopes on the student sheets).
cut and paste pages -- can be either cut and paste, or as child's skill progress, they can copy the word
And then the write/draw word....

those don't make tons of sense until you see the instructions in the K manual, but.. you won't need an extra handwriting book, unless for some reason your child would just want/need it for other reasons.

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Re: MFW K Handwriting?

Unread post by girlboygirlboy »

Thx to both of you! That was exactly what I needed to know:)
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LArts when does MFW start?

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cookislandmommy wrote:When does pre-writing activities start?
What are the pre-writing activities done in years k-2?
Thanks :)
MFW K has the student focusing on phonics, cvc words, etc.

For writing, there is a handwriting page in each unit, for the child to practice writing the letter of the unit. Starting at unit....6, I think, the "blend ladder" is used and the child soon starts writing short words, after sounding them out. Each unit also contains a drawing page and a math page, both of which have the student drawing pictures (this is helping my K boy so much!) and writing letters and/or numbers.

Each worksheet also has a Name line, which is great practice for a K'er.

Primary Language Lessons and spelling start in 2nd grade, and Writing Strands in 4th.

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Re: LArts when does MFW start?

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In first grade...

The child starts by copying the proverb once a week, and writing words everyday or every other day. Then, you add in the Bible notebook. First, it starts with just copying the title of the Bible lesson into the notebook and drawing a picture, and then builds to summaries. The child also does oral narrations starting somewhere around day 50 when the Bible Lessons start.

In second grade, you start Primary Language Lesson (PLL), continue on with summaries and notebook pages (we've never done adventures, but I'm sure those are in there), copying verses, dictation of verses, Rod & Staff Spelling, Etc.

Plenty of LA mixed in with the unit studies... Read Alouds, narrations, notebook pages, timelines...

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Re: LArts when does MFW start?

Unread post by cbollin »

tagging on a bit with the K info:
You asked about "pre writing". That is in Pre School with the various fine motor skills in the activity book.

handwriting in MFW K is done in a multi sensory fashion. So even on the non worksheet days, there is "salt tray" practice approach to letter formation. On the story word pages, some children enjoy writing the words instead of cut and paste.

and in K and 1st: pre spelling activities are part of the phonics. some children end up using them as spelling if the phonics is review material for them.

On the Language Arts page of MFW's website, they list it in grade order for the "non unit study based things"
http://www.mfwbooks.com/products/21/Lan ... mendations
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Considering MFW K

Unread post by Yodergoat »

sweetgrace wrote:Hello, our son will be 5 in September and we will be starting kindergarten with him. I have a concern about the handwriting part of K. My son has not had any handwriting lessons and I am worried that the math will be to hard for him because he can not write numbers or letters yet. Is handwriting something that he needs to know before we start or is this part of the curriculum?
Postby Yodergoat » Wed Feb 27, 2013 2:18 pm
I will try to answer the questions that I can. We used the first edition MFW K, so some things may be slightly different.

Handwriting is taught as part of the curriculum. You will be working on one letter and one number a week (if it's like previous edition). This will be a combo of handwriting sheets and suggestions for sensory ideas (like writing in salt or shaping letters from playdough, etc). This is done in such a way that it is a good introduction for children who have not had any handwriting yet.
sweetgrace wrote:I love the sensory ideas. I had no idea MFW had some of these learning styles included! :)
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Kindergarten Handwriting

Unread post by NJCheryl »

campermom wrote:I'm a first time homeschool mom. I was looking over the samples of the K curriculum. I am wondering how handwriting is taught. Do they actually teach the correct way to write each letter and number? I'm wondering if I want to add a supplement. I really want to make sure he learns to write correctly from the beginning. Thanks!
The teacher's manual has step by step instructions on how to write each letter. The child begins at the "starting dot" and you demonstrate and read to them exactly how to form each letter.

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