Math - Kindergarten w/1st grade math...ok? :o)

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Math - Kindergarten w/1st grade math...ok? :o)

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Winni wrote:I think I'm going to do Kindergarten w/1st grade math...ok? :o) Has anyone ever done this?

I have a 5.5yo son (he'll be 6 on Sept. 15) who is in the middle of the Kindergarten stuff--except that he isn't really "reading" yet. He works on the blend ladder, but it isn't quite clicking. I don't mind, I'm not pushing. He'll get it when he's ready. He can do the letter sounds fine, though. He LOVES those letter sound games! He also isn't writing much yet. We're still working on those fine motor skills! :o) I plan to finish the K year w/him for 2008/09. I just back up a bit when we get to the blend ladder, etc., pages.

However, I really think he is ready for some math. I think I'm going to go through the 1st grade math w/him up to whatever level he can handle. Then, in 2nd grade, or whenever I can tell he is ready, I will probably just start him in Singapore. Sound cool?
It is easy to add your own math to MFW K. You will have a great year.
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It sounds completely workable to me, especially given his age. You can always watch how he does and back off on topics if you need to. I had to skim some of the topics the first time through because my dd just wasn't as ready as I thought, but then the second time through she grasped everything so well. It is such a wise thing to go through all the math topics twice in MFW1.
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Hello! We did some of this while my oldest was already doing 1st grade. It was easy to read aloud a children's literature book about a math concept and then have a short lesson or pull out a worksheet from CBoM for each of them to do at their level. I would recommend looking for books at the library or on the internet by Stuart J. Murphy. He has written a whole bunch of really good stories that explain math concepts.

Each year we have done K we have also put together a small binder with our calendars and our 100 charts. Although the calendars come with K, my children like to make their own calendars each month at

Have fun!
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1st grade Math Workbook Help/Suggestions

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shawnaandmatt wrote:My son is finishing up MFWK, but we have been working through the math workbook for 1st for the last couple months. So far everything has been pretty easy for him, a couple things that we worked on for a couple days until mastery.

We have now come to the section for a little more advanced addition. The book goes from allowing the child to add the number from pictures (4 squares + 3 traingles = 7) to adding those same numbers without pictures. Now it is adding higher numbers (7+8, 9+6, etc) and it does not make any transisiton by using pictures or anything. He did great with the smaller numbers without pictures (5+4, 6+3) but now is having a harder time.

How did you all make this transistion? Should I pause the workbook and work on this portion of addition for a while? If so are there any keys to helping them "get it"?

Thanks for any help!
My suggestion would be to stop the workbook and play math games. :-) The MFW1 TM is great at that. Play games that use manipulatives - like 2 m&m's plus 1 m&m equals three. Then eat them. Or play grocery store. Eggs are $1 and milk is $3 etc. Then have them check out and give you the correct amount of play money. They will get it and have fun at the same time!
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Re: 1st grade Math Workbook Help/Suggestions

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I don't have the TM for 1st yet. Plan to order that in a couple months.

It has gone great -- using lots of "games" that were suggested within the math workbook (colored pastas for sorting and patterns, rolling dice for addition practice, etc). Just didn't know how to help make the higher number addition easier and more fun. Basically I didn't know if it was ok to use pictures for a while or if he should be able to go right into 7+8=_ in his mind :~

Thanks again for any suggestions!!!

Re: 1st grade Math Workbook Help/Suggestions

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It is perfectly ok to draw pictures or use manipulatives..... that will be a normal part of teaching for his age.
He should NOT have to go right into 7 + 8 = 15 in his mind. ;)

While I like the real life objects for teaching math..... I wouldn't do many problems with him that involve an answer greater than 10 when adding right now. so.. don't do those parts of the Complete book of Math right now...

You have reached a point in the book that he is not ready for -- that's 2nd grade portions of the book. I think you are far enough ahead that it will be ok to not do that book for a several months.

instead.... do you have the Patterns Books (either K or 1st grade)? work on those for now.
or for math --- work on reading a clock with hands

You're going to love the first grade hands on stuff that dawn mentioned in this thread. good stuff too when you get the manual.

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Re: 1st grade Math Workbook Help/Suggestions

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Hello Shawna! Yes, the CBoM jumps in topics. I know what you mean. My son could do some of it in 1st and more in 2nd. My dd did some things in K, but can do more now in 1st. I think some of the topics like shapes or patterns are easier to do with younger kids, so you might try some of those and the Patterns section has some fun, hands-on ideas for those, I think. I would view CBoM as a supplement, not a full curriculum. The 1st gr. manual has games and activities for math, book lists for math topics, and a grid that gives you a plan for going through the topics in CBoM, but not doing every page of the book. We also use the animal patterns and attribute blocks.

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Re: 1st grade Math Workbook Help/Suggestions

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Dear Shawna,

I just wanted to reiterate that when MFW added The Complete Book of Math to the program it was only as a supplement to the daily activities and hands-on activities that are the main part of the 1st grade math lesson plans. There are even instructions in the T.M. about beginning the memorization of facts AFTER a student has had lots of hands-on practice.

We would recommend to wait until you are ready to begin the 1st grade program and use The Complete Book of Math as a supplement to the lesson plans as written in the T.M. Some children use very few if any pages from this book and transition well into Singapore in 2nd grade.

If you have more questions, please feel free to also give us a call at our office at 573-426-4600.

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