Co-op, Daycare, or School - Using MFW-K

God's Creation From A to Z: A Complete Kindergarten Curriculum
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Co-op, Daycare, or School - Using MFW-K

Unread post by my3boys » Fri Jun 06, 2008 2:04 pm


We just finished our first month of MFWK. We are having so much fun with this! I have used SL, WP and my own pieced together invention, but MFW is definitely what I've been looking for. With the other curriculums it seemed to take so long to get each individual thing done - there were always things that didn't get done, or subjects that didn't get covered. With MFW I'm able to teach so much more in so much less time and it is enjoyable for everyone.

I am teaching 4 to 6 children five days a week (but only 2 are learning to read).

In the morning we have 'circle time' which consists of calendar, 100 chart, weather chart, alphabet song with flash cards, bible story or devotional. Then we have a song, story, and/or activity that goes with the science topic for the week.

In the afternoon I have individual reading lessons with each child which take about 20min for each kid (while the other plays computer games). Then we usually still have time for a storytime before we go outside.

Fridays usually end up being very light, leaving us time to go to the park.

My boys are enjoying the reading lessons instead of crying like they did with our previous lessons - they like all the hands on cutting and drawing stuff + there are only one or two worksheets a lesson. I just thought our experience might help those that are deciding.

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