Combining K & ADV - or should we all just do ADV?

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Re: What would you choose?

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I would buy the ECC student sheets. I bought then for my 4 & 5 year olds and am glad I did. They enjoy coring the different pages like their big brothers. Yesterday we did U.S. Map pages and I helped mark what states they've been to. They enjoyed that a lot. As soon as I pull out sheets for their brothers, they are asking where their's are too. I wanted to save money, but am glad I didn't skip buying those for them.
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Re: What would you choose?

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I also intend to use the student sheets from ECC with all four of mine, even Jack who is 3. I was talking with Paige at the MFW office and she was such a blessed reminder of the intention of pulling the family together for learning, even if it's as simple as scribbling on a country sheet. Not that money isn't precious ... I know that it is ... but I figure $16.95 x 3 = two trips out for dinner. ECC is money much better spent. :-)
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Re: What would you choose?

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the other side of the equation is:

yes, it's only about 50 cents a week per child for extra sheets. In some families, that is a great value because younger children will want to do some of the same stuff. worth the peace and even if younger doesn't do all of the sheets, it's not a big money loss.

In other families - togetherness is not achieved through worksheets. My youngest wasn't interested in having her own worksheets - even to scribble on. She was connected to the ECC year by the cooking and crafts!

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