Reading - Alphabetical order instruction

God's Creation From A to Z: A Complete Kindergarten Curriculum
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Reading - Alphabetical order instruction

Unread post by cbollin » Mon Feb 25, 2008 8:37 am

kellybell wrote: You are right, it's not weekly lessons. You start K with 10 days of learning (or reviewing!) creation from the Bible. After that, you start going through the alphabet (but not in alphabetical order) spending six days per "lesson."
I wanted to over clarify something Kelly said because I "see" this question come up in other forums and thought it might be worth tagging it into this question, even though it's not what Laura asked. But seemed like a good time to say it. <grin>

MFW does cover the alphabet in alphabetical order during the 10 day Creation Unit/intro to structured school time.

Then after that, the letters are studied in an order that is just great for learning how to read. The alphabetical order is reviewed throughout the program as well. That's when we all get to have the MFW K rite of passage of trying to sing the alphabet song along with the flash cards. what fun!!!!


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