Prep - Laminating?

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Prep - Laminating?

Unread post by mamaofredheads »

mikesherry wrote:How much did you laminate for 1st and K? I am going to laminate the K cards so they last, but is there anything else everyone has laminated also? Do you just go to office depot or somewhere like that to laminate?
I don't know if you have a Mardel in your area, but they offer laminating for .25 per foot (do it yourself), which is much cheaper than anyplace else I have found.

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Unread post by kellybell »

I didn't laminate (but wish I did) when we did K and 1st. Maybe someone who did can say what cards/pieces/papers they chose to laminate (and if they made the right choices!).

For laminating, I bought a laminator at KMart and it was on sale for $25. The sheets are still a bit pricey so I don't laminate very much stuff.

I wish I had laminated our calendar numbers (we have a pocket calendar).

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Unread post by Mom2MnS »

Hi :) I laminated almost everything - except the 100 chart - lol! I went ahead and colored the timeline pieces and the reading chart myself and had them laminated by the sheet. (We'll be doing timelines again, and there was PLENTY of drawing and coloring of other things for dd to do.)

I was so glad that I took the time to do this! Our materials and game pieces held up nicely, and they will be in good shape for the 2nd and 3rd times around.
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Unread post by Lucy »

Remember too that although you can reuse the games for later kids that each set of student materials will come with new games and calendars etc. The K does not come with another set of A-Z cards so those are probably good ones to think about laminating. Just a thought since it can be costly.

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Unread post by kellybell »

But also keep in mind that you CAN purchase the A-Z flashcards (Lucy, am I talking about the right cards?) separately. If you have just two kids and laminating costs as much as the cards (about $11 or so, I'm too lazy to look it up right now), it might make more sense to just buy that second set of cards after the first set dies. Our cards made it through both kindergartners just fine. I actually DID buy two sets. One to play with and one to put up on the wall (sort of gave my dd's room a "convention" feel -- all it was missing was that huge black umbrella-y sort of thing and a credit card machine).

Somethings really do need at least a sheet of clear contact paper to extend their life. Page protectors work well too for things like that 100s chart that you want your kids to write on and then erase. Slip your 100s chart or worksheet into a page protector and use dry erase markers. Erase when done.

We just got done with a long road trip (DID I MENTION THAT I GOT TO MEET CRYSTAL IN PERSON) and during the trip the kids played car bingo ("Look, I see a car top carrier! Hey, there's a U-haul, BINGO!") and we put the sheets in page protectors and could reuse them.
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Unread post by Melissa&3 »

I laminated just about everything for K and 1. I borrowed a laminating machine but the sleeves to laminate are expensive. I think it was about $30 for the box. We just officially started school today but I am already glad that I laminated. My 2 y/o had fun playing with the K alphabet cards today and I didn't worry at all about them. I even laminated the 100 sheet and the kids have had fun writing on them with dry erase markers.

Before I laminated I found myself being very protective of the "school" stuff. Now I am at ease if they want to play with them or practice even when I am not around. I will laminate some of the other thing (i.e. timeline materials) after we color them. Hope this helps.

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Unread post by Sweetpetunia »

I just covered them with contact paper. I think, iirc, that my oldest DD actually did it for me. She liked doing that sort of thing back then, so I let her. :)

I had her cover all the blue cards and the alphabet song "sheet". The blend ladder and vowel cards (I left the vowel cards intact) were not covered and they're in very very good condition. I may cover them with contact paper when gearing up to do K with DS next year. We'll see.

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Unread post by Lucy »

kellybell wrote:But also keep in mind that you CAN purchase the A-Z flashcards (Lucy, am I talking about the right cards?) separately. If you have just two kids and laminating costs as much as the cards
Yes, those are the alphabet flashcards. That is a good thought too about how much it cost to laminate verses just buying another set later.

I like the idea of laminating the 100's chart too, so that they can write on it over and over again. It's worth it too if it keeps you from worrying about the kids messing them up too!

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Laminating Machine? Yes? No? Maybe?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

lisabee wrote:Gosh. There are so many little cutouts and games in the MFW Kingergarten package that I'm strongly thinking about getting a laminating machine so that I can keep these from all getting messed up so i can use them for my other children in the future...not to mention there is always all the bulletin boardish stuff that you use over and over...

I have some self sticking NON machine needed laminating packs, but they are fairly expensive and don't come very large...I priced out on Amazon a machine with the supplies and came up QUITE happy...

Is this something that others of you invested in? Are you glad you did? Of course I have to convince the hubby that it would be a worthy investment...
I have a laminator that dh got at work or something. I did laminate some things in the elementary years, like timeline pieces and I remember the Jewish calendar in CTG and some Bible verses etc. Now that youngest is a rising 10th grader, I haven't used the laminator in a long while. I think if you're going to get one, do it now while you have littles :)

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Re: Laminating Machine? Yes? No? Maybe?

Unread post by TriciaMR »

I've used mine quite a bit. I like laminating the timeline pieces. And in 1st grade, I laminated some of the things I used regularly, plus the timeline pieces. I've found lots of good uses for it. But I can see by the time the youngest reaches 9th grade, it being unnecessary. But, definitely games and such that we reuse, I try to laminate. And I made some of my own file-folder games, and laminated the pieces for those, too.

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Re: Laminating Machine? Yes? No? Maybe?

Unread post by robertb10502 »

I have one and I use it quite a bit. I put off buying one for awhile but after using contact paper for a year I gave in and bought one. I think it was so worth it. Wish I would have got it sooner.
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Re: Laminating Machine? Yes? No? Maybe?

Unread post by kaiakai »

I purchased this one about a week ago, already laminated all of our MFWK materials (the included sheets were enough to do all the short vowel game pieces, ABC chart, all the flash cards, badges, the blend ladder, and I also ended up doing the 100 chart. )

[Scotch Thermal Laminator Combo Pack, Includes 20 Laminating Sheets]

I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase and just ordered a pack of 50 extra pouches for $12 (and free prime shipping that I have from Amazon Mom)
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Re: Laminating Machine? Yes? No? Maybe?

Unread post by kjknits »

I bought a laminator at Costco when our family first started homeschooling. That was 3 years ago. It came with a whole array of different sizes of the plastic films. We use it all the time, not just for school, but for personal use as well. Luggage tags, ID cards, flashcards, small maps, random crafty husband owns his own business and he has several uses for it, too. It was around $30 and I think it was a great purchase!

As far as using it for MFW specifically, I used it this year for our ADV timeline pieces. I'm sure there will be other reasons to use it too. I recommend going the Costco/Sams route just because they include so many of the films with the machine. We have only had to buy one set of the large 9x12 films so far, three years later. :)
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Re: Laminating Machine? Yes? No? Maybe?

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

Just for cost comparison for you -- I took the timeline pieces for CTG to Office Max today. (Last minute decision to laminate after coloring.) I had all of them done on 5 sheets for $5.50 plus tax. I probably could have scrunched them onto 4 sheets, but I wanted plenty of margin.

It sounds like if you do alot of laminating, it may be worth getting a machine. I don't do enough laminating to want to give one space in my house.
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Re: Laminating Machine? Yes? No? Maybe?

Unread post by lisabee »

Thanks for the advice!

I'm going to Costco on the 15th, so I'll look for one there. I've heard there is one at Wal*Mart too...but it doesn't come with the films. It would be nice to get one for about $30 with the films included...but Amazon IS a great place to get the films. Since I have a Kindergartner and then another son 5 years younger...I'm thinking it might be a good investment so that all this good stuff doesn't fall to pieces!
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Re: Laminating Machine? Yes? No? Maybe?

Unread post by Buttercup78 »

I love, love, love my laminator! I got it at Aldi for $20. They usually have them every year but I can't remember what month.
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MFW-K what to laminate

Unread post by Poohbee »

blessedmomx3 wrote:I am going to the teacher store this week to have a few things laminated and wondered from those that have used the kindergarten curriculum before if I should have any of the materials/game pieces laminated - any suggestions? I have triplet boys so the materials will be "handled" quite a bit but looking for recommendations of what others think should definitely be laminated. Thanks in advance!
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When I did K with my first dd, I laminated the alphabet flash cards, blend ladder chart, ABC chart, ABC (blue) game cards, alphabet bingo boards (blue), and short vowel song cards. When it came time to do K again with my 2nd dd, I just used those materials again. You use those things a lot, so with triplet boys, it would be good to have them laminated. If the cost is too much, you could probably get away with not laminating the alphabet flash cards, but it is nice to have all of the other stuff laminated, and it is all small enough that it probably wouldn't add up to too much to have it laminated.
blessedmomx3 wrote:Thank you, Jen! Exactly what I needed to know!
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Re: MFW-K what to laminate

Unread post by Dusenkids »

If you are using the c. rods book, I also laminated mine with all that other stuff. I tore out all the pages b/c the rods slid on the open book. I've got 4 boys and knew the pages would get torn up if I didn't. If you don't laminate them, I would at least put them in page protectors ;)

I also laminated the badges so I could use those for review games.

Enjoy K. We finished A-apples last week and my boys are loving it. Your boys should love it too!
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Re: MFW-K what to laminate

Unread post by beaglemamma »

Agreeing with Jen's (aka Poohbee) reply. We laminated the same things, and they were in like new condition when we used them the second time around. And about the Cuisinaire rods book ... we used page protectors instead of laminating the pages. When things are laminated, they're usually slippery. And when you go to put the rods on the book, it's frustrating for the kiddos to have them slipping all over the place. If you do page protectors, it's easy just to pull out the page you need. Just a thought! :)
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Re: MFW-K what to laminate

Unread post by MuzzaBunny »

I "laminated" all the same things and did the page protectors with the C rods - BUT, I used contact paper to laminate. For all those small things like alphabet cards, and bingo cards, I laid out a larger piece on contact paper, placed all the cards, layered a contact paper over top and cut them apart. It wasn't too hard as long as I didn't try to use big sheets and it was a *lot* cheaper than laminating.
Best wishes, I LOVE K!!!
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