DELUXE - Does this add a lot to the program?

God's Creation From A to Z: A Complete Kindergarten Curriculum

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Just Clay wrote:I was planning to order the Kindergarten Deluxe but the gentleman I talked to at MFW told me the Basic package will be sufficient. I was thankful for his honesty and understand that my younger two will be able to join my older two for science etc. However, several of the Deluxe items look very fun. Will I enter into the "this is too much" syndrome if I order the Deluxe? (I also do not want to accumulate unnecessary "stuff.") But, the butterfly garden, ant hill, rods, and classical music activity sheet seem more fun than work????

Thank you for sharing your thoughts,
Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 2:06 pm

What to get from the deluxe K package in your case?

hmmm.....First, you need to have the Lauri letters to use the basic program. Since some may people already have a set of textured lower case letters, MFW doesn’t include them in the basic package, but you need some kind of textured letter set for the K program. I’m assuming someone in the office explained that, but I’m saying it out loud anyway just in case it wasn't mentioned.

The other things... I’d pick and choose from the favorites and then just use them in a fun way. I agree with you that a lot of the things from the deluxe are fun. If you treat them as fun, then you can easily get them if you really want to buy them and are inclined to do so. But in order to "get enough to have school" it isn't needed between ADV and K.

The Ant Hill and Butterfly Garden are projects that could be done in the summer. Neither is really time consuming on a daily basis, but both are fun for the family. If you do them at a time of year that is separate from their K lesson, just remember to take pictures and review when you get there. When we did K that year, we did the butterfly in May and looked back at our pictures when we came to it in the curriculum (butterfly is lesson 21 or something).

There is classical music activities included in Adventures Deluxe package as well. I don’t know which one I would end up choosing between music in ADV or the one in K. But it is nice from time to time to pull out the K music in my house on a rainy day or cold winter afternoon to have something to do. So, it’s a fun extra for us to contrast with the composer study in the upper years.

The Cuisenaire rods and the book that comes with it … I think those are good to have from the deluxe if you are already inclined to want to get them. I use the rods for teaching math sometimes. The kids will play with them and the book from time to time. I guess I’d toss a coin and decide on that based on funds. One advantage with getting the rods and book is that it might be something that one of the 7 year old could do with the 4 year olds if you needed to work separately with the other 7 year old on an individual subject or something. But that depends on the dynamics of your children too. (don't overspend or buy duplicates of things you might already have)

If you decide that you want to get any of the deluxe package, just keep in mind that they are to add some fun to the day or certain lessons. Don’t overspend.
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Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 9:02 pm

Hi Annette :) Welcome! We did K last year and loved it. It is just an excellent program - lots of learning and lots of fun.

I thought the deluxe items added a lot to our year. If you have the budget, I highly recommend it.

Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2008 2:27 pm

The art book: We had so much fun with it - discussing the pics and the colors and styles.

Too, we keep lots and lots of reading material here between purchases and the library. So I enjoy getting the art books with our curriculum - pieces I wouldn't usually buy at the bookstore but ones we enjoy so much. It's nice to have a few different things on the shelf! Just my two pennies ;)
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For the Children's Sake

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In beginning to read "For the Children's Sake", I have already begun to evaluate the way I parent. Do I give too many rules, or do I enforce just the necessary ones? Do let my kids play, or do I plan too many things for them? Do I treat them with respect, like people, or do I treat them like they are inferior to me? Do I treat them like we are on a spiritual journey together, or do I act like I do so much better than them on my journey? And what do all of these questions look like when they are lived out?
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What to pick from the K Deluxe Package?

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Jamie wrote:If you could only get a couple of things from the Kindergarten Deluxe Package, what would you choose? For those of you who have used items from the Deluxe Package, which items have been the most beneficial to your Kindergartener? Thank you!! I have a 5 yo daughter who will be starting K in the fall.
Hi! I am so excited for you. K is such a fun year (and a great curriculum)!

First, did you notice that the A-Z Textured Letters by Lauri are required? So, get those for sure. As far as the other items, I can tell you what we enjoyed, but I was teaching my son, so it might be different with a girl. He is not artsy at all, but totally hands on and a science kid for sure!! That said, we really enjoyed What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? ; the butterfly garden was a bigger hit than the ant farm...surprising, but true; he really liked the Cuisenaire® Rods and I thought the book was great (he liked it, just didn't love it). We didn't listen to the cd much or do the activities, but I think that was his "I'm a boy that doesn't like to color or dance around like the ballet" ;)

I also enjoyed For the Children's Sake, but that is just for mom...not the kiddo :)

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Re: What to pick from the K Deluxe Package?

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Just agreeing really, my dd loved (and still loves) the dinosaur book. We also used the Lauri letters very often, not just during blend ladder. And the butterfly garden was probably the highlight of our year -- the frog and butterfly units were very special to us. Those are my top three items.

It was about half-way into the year that I started to see the wisdom behind the rods and the alphabet book - it developed a lot of reasoning skills.
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Kindergarten: Basic or Deluxe?

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sarahwalker143 wrote:Hello everyone! My daughter is ready for kindergarten. I noticed that you can either order the basic kindergarten package or the "deluxe" package with lots of extras. Please share your experiences of the deluxe items and whether you thought they were worth the extra money.

Thanks so much!
My advice would be if she is your oldest then definitely yes. Go with the Deluxe. Even if she isn't your oldest that you're teaching and you think you'll have time for the "extras". Again, yes. If you have older dc in another program that she would be tagging along in and you don't want to do the extras or if money is an issue then maybe not.

For us they were definitely worth it. I was able to pull off all the extras in K and ADV and we really enjoyed all of it. HTH
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Re: Kindergarten: Basic or Deluxe?

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We have enjoyed having the deluxe package. We enjoyed the ant hill habitat. We have just orderd our caterpillars for our butterfly kit and are looking forward to doing that. My ds has asked all year when we were going to do the butterflies. He has been so looking forward to it and is so excited that the time is finally here. We have enjoyed the cuisenaire rods and math book. The A-Z textured letters have been really great. We use those almost everyday. I wanted the "For the Children's Sake" book for myself. We already had the "What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs" but now we have two. With 3 children and one on the way, I see this as a good thing. It would not have been cost effective not to get it. I would not have saved enough to to leave it off. I see it as an extra goody. It is a great book! For us, I am really glad I got the deluxe package. I have 2 olders doing ECC and am still glad we are doing the extras with K. My Kindy is not really into doing much ECC with us. He does a little, but he is really enjoying "his schoolwork". If I had to do it over again, I would definitely order the deluxe package.

Just my opinion...
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If you had to pick and choose. Kindergarten

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Mexmarr wrote:If you had to pick and choose, rather than get the whole deluxe package, what would be your top choices and what would be lower priority? And why? I will be getting the Lauri Letters, so I am not even listing them. But what if I can only get 3-4 of the remaining 7 items?

- What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?
- Butterfly Garden
- Ant Hill
- For the Children's Sake
- Introduction to Classical Music
- Cuisenaire® Rods
- Cuisenaire® Rods Alphabet Book
If I had to choose (Just my opinion)
I would get
- What really happened to the dinosaurs (unless you can get it at your library)
- The Cuisenaire® Rods
- Cuisenaire® Rods Alphabet Book
- Then if you can afford it the music (unless you could get it at your library)

The aunt hill and butterfly kits are a little ways into the curriculum so you might have money then to purchase them later.

I would get the dino book because very few Christian books about dinosaurs. I would do the Rods and books because it's great textile tool to use. The music because my dd really enjoys the music and likes to dance with it.

I would hold off on the Ant's and butterflies because you can probably watch them in your back yard. Not the same as the kits but still fun.
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Re: If you had to pick and choose. Kindergarten

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New to these boards, but not too new to MFW. I'm using the K program this year for the 2nd time. Some of it might depend on what kind of learner(s) you have, but if I had to pick I would get:

- Butterfly house and Ant hill - all kids ime love these
- For the Children's Sake - this book made such an impact on me and really helped me pick out and define my goals for homeschooling and parenting, and I've read it several times since.

I would check out classical music cd's from the library - this is easy to sub.

I would put the cuisenaire rods on a wish list for the future, because they're so versatile and kids seem to like them so much, but I wouldn't worry overmuch if I had this exact book to go with them. Actually, when I bought the package a few years ago, it didn't come with cuisenaire rods, but "Math Sense Blocks" - which my kids just love playing and experimenting with. But any base 10 blocks or even legos could be subbed in until you (if/when) get the cuisenaire rods. And if you don't have any of those things, you can just do other hands-on letter activities and there are lots of free ideas on the web for those.

Just my .02, hope it helps!
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Re: If you had to pick and choose. Kindergarten

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You will get a lot of different opinions on this b/c some things work better for some families and others for other families. It's a hard decision.

I vote for:
- Butterfly Garden and Ant Hill
- C-Rods & Book

I really like the book For the Children's Sake but love David Hazell's cd's even more. (Sorry about adding in more to think about) These could be 'wish list' items.

Workshops on cd:

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Re: If you had to pick and choose. Kindergarten

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My top 4 would be:

1. What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? I only have one other Christian book on dinosaurs, and I find both invaluable for my dinosaur curious boys.

2. If they don't know their alphabet the Cuisenaire Rods & Cuisenaire Rods Alphabet Book for #2 & #3.

2. If they do know their alphabet letters:
or (#4) Ant Hill - well because we are really looking forward to ordering ants about 5 weeks from now! :-)

3. Butterfly Garden - we did this once when my kids were younger (it was a birthday present), and it was a fabulous experience for them. The caterpillars grow to chrysalis then to butterflies. Wonderful hands on fun! We look forward to doing it again.

4. For the Children's Sake - I actually read this before I ever started home schooling, and enjoy the contribution the Schaffer family has made to Christian literature on many fronts. Great book.

Blessings in your choices,

Re: If you had to pick and choose. Kindergarten

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Are grandparents willing to buy some of it as Christmas presents?

- The Cuisenaire Rods and Book are math and critical thinking skills. I'd go with those even if they know their letter names and shapes. It's about math skills and thinking.
- Dinosaur book because hard to find creation based dinosaur books in libraries.
- Music CD with the activity sheet - nice gift too. You could probably find children's classical favorite in library (if your library doesn't charge for CD's) and maybe even a book for activities to do with young kids and music. but for all of that, I'd just get the CD and enjoy.

I'd check library for copy of For Children's Sake. It's definitely worth having some reference book out there on Charlotte Mason educational philosophies to understand why we do what we do. It was everything I had read before I even knew I would homeschool.

I'd ask for Butterfly Garden for Christmas present
Ant hill - maybe as a gift.

and of course the Lauri letters, but you said that was a given......

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Re: If you had to pick and choose. Kindergarten

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I kinda skimmed your other answers, and I think I'm just repeating.

- I'd get the rods and the alphabet book -- I wasn't really impressed with those until my dd started using them. They are great for developing critical thinking skills. And then you can keep using the rods for math manipulatives in later years.

- The Dinosaur book is great. What kid doesn't like dinosaurs? And this is a great creationist view. Good stuff.

The Ant Hill. Well. We did it, and dd enjoyed it, but I wouldn't "save up for it" or anything. It's bugs. You have girls, right? Do they like bugs? Sorry to those who don't share my opinion. I just had the heebie-jeebies the whole time that those ants were going to escape . . .

The Butterfly Garden is a nice project. We did it twice, once in K and we redid it for fun at the end of ADV. The butterflies are beautiful. My dd remembers it much more from when she was a bit older, even though it wasn't tied into a unit. You could always wait and do it later. I'm just rambling . . .

Classical music is classical music. My dd went to Kindermusik. We listened to the classical station on drives. She watched Little Einsteins. She learned the most from Little Einsteins. :-)

"For the Children's Sake" was good for my insomnia. Again, sorry to those who don't share my opinion - which I'm sure is most of the homeschool moms out there. It just wasn't something I'd recommend purchasing. Your library might have it, or at least something similiar. (It's a Book Basket book for parents!!! 8[] }

The great thing is that you don't *need* any of the deluxe items to have a full program. MFWK is awesome!
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Re: If you had to pick and choose. Kindergarten

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Thanks all. What a wide variety of opinions! Actually, I found it helpful to see how the opinions varied. It gave me a better idea of the pros and cons of each item, and I have a better idea of my first choices.

And yes, I have girls, but they LOVE bugs, as does my almost 2 year old little man. They carry them around in jars all the time! I agree that those will make awesome presents. We have birthdays in November for my 2 oldest. Grandparents sometimes take requests, sometimes send money and sometime buy whatever they want. So, we will see what happens.
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Re: If you had to pick and choose. Kindergarten

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I was in this same position and I bought the Dino book, and the Cuisinaire Rods book (we already had the rods). I plan on purchasing the Ant Hill and butterfly garden later.
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basic vs deluxe?

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Meamommy wrote:I am trying to decide between the deluxe vs basic packages!

For K, do you like the cuisenaire rods? We did the butterflies last summer (but would love to do them again - so neat!) and we are actually waiting on ants to arrive any day now! :) So I can't decide if I want the extra on that one or not.

Thanks so much ladies! I can't wait to place my order and wait for box day!!!! I am entirely too excited over this lol!
Hi there!! DD loves the cuisenaire rods. She looks forward to that every week. (We do them on book day.) She also loves the music and doing the activities Marie suggests - dancing and balancing and painting... I'm so happy we bought the deluxe package! Hope that helps a little bit!
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Re: basic vs deluxe?

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We picked up the basic package, then I decided to get the rods/book- we haven't officially started yet, but the day I brought it home all three of my kids (9, 7, and almost 4) had a great time with the rods and the first couple of pages. They like building with them as well as checking out the book activities. I was able to purchase both rods and book for $8.50.

We did the butterfly experiment two years ago, so we have the parts except for caterpillars so we will order them on I found different style of ant farm on for $2.99 (with free prime shipping). And I do plan to get the Music CD when I order the last couple of things I need for ECC.

As far as the books go, there is a list in the back of the manual. After reading through it we already own a lot of the books that are listed, then will use the library for the others. I'd suggest checking out your local thrift stores/library sales as most of the books are very popular and are readily found there if you do want to "own" them. It does take time to look, but I have found it worth it :)

Re: basic vs deluxe?

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I'm always glad when we get deluxe stuff. The catalog description of calling it a "deluxe deli sandwich" is a little weird on the food analogies for me. I think of the basic as the full sandwich. Deluxe is your side order or special dessert. if you didn't have it, you're ok. but, it's nice to have it.

C. Rods -- we like them even beyond Kindy year.

basic vs. deluxe... I'm hungry now.... I want a deli sandwich and it is the MFW catalog's fault! y'all know what I mean, right?
page 33, top of the page of 2012 catalog?

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Re: basic vs deluxe?

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Thank you SO much for the comments, that helps a lot. :) I am SO so excited to order!
- Brooke :)
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MFW K minimal order and a few ?

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albanyaloe wrote:We're really enjoying ECC and I am thrilled with MFW and the change it has made to our home, our HS and school for my 8 and 10 yo's, but my 5yo dd is really frustrated during school time and I realise, with regret, that I should have ordered the MFW K for her at the same time. She really needs a bit of time with Mom and I need something with a schedule so I don't have to "reinvent the wheel".

We probably will be able to order MFW K soon, but, we cannot order the Deluxe edition. Some of the items don't ship international anyway, and we own For the Children's Sake. We do have a lot of books at home and own 8 of the titles. We have just been granted kind access to a private school library as well.

So, will I be okay with ordering the Basic edition, the dinosaur book, the 2 Cuisanairre items and Classics cd?

Also, I've read the old posts about placement and have learnt the hard way about pushing children who are not ready. But just need reassuring, she reads phonetic words, if they're long by sounding out, and a few sight words, (I think you call them Dolch words?) but no real books as such and so I believe K would be the correct placement. She enjoys Math and can do addition without manipulatives but not subtraction. I want her to have a better foundation than my other children did. She turns 6 on Oct 13th. I wouldn't be holding her back would I?

Thank you for this lovely board and life changing curriculum.

We honestly would have thrown in the towel if we hadn't found MFW.
Glad to hear your homeschool has been revitalized by ECC!

Here is some advice from someone who really isn't all that experienced! ;) I have only done K and am about 14 days into First right now.

From what you have described, your daughter sounds as if she could be placed in either K or First... have you looked at the checklist for readiness for First that's on the website? What are her writing skills like? There is quite a bit of writing in First. And how about her maturity for sitting attentively for longer lessons? Considering her young age, it could be better to err on the side of K, just so she will be more mature for the next year's work, and the next, and so on. Plus it's hard to imagine missing those great Bible lessons in K... they really are awesome! Well, First is great too, of course. But K is really sweet and special. I personally think the program would be worth it even just for this and the suggested unit study and book activities. I have even heard of some folks doing this, and just adding in their own phonics and math portions.

It is clear that you don't want to push, and K can certainly be used with those who are already reading. There are lots of suggestions in the archives for this. I haven't been homeschooling long, but have been teaching children in church for years and really believe that this is true: I feel like it is better to add a little more to a program if the child is advanced than to try to make a harder course easier. Does that make sense? So I think K could work, and it is lots of fun, and the Bible/character lessons are fantastic and very age appropriate for a 5 year old or young 6. The phonics and math portion of the program are often called by some "too easy," although I prefer the term "gentle and foundational." But the phonics instruction is just going to be review for her (not always a bad thing). And you may want to supplement the math early on with some addition and subtraction workbooks (instead of later in the year as the manual suggests). Since she will get to participate in so many of the ECC activities also, I don't think she will be lacking at all!

You sound as if you need scheduling, and the specialness for her of having her own program and Momma time, and K would certainly fit that. If you feel it's too easy for her, you can supplement, or just let her enjoy having a fun year of great Bible lessons, letter review, reinforcement and confidence-building. You said you wanted her to have a better foundation.... I think that K can give that, and I'm not sure how possible it is to really hold a child back if they're ready to move forward! As I said before, you can always supplement if needed.

For what it's worth, I was reading at a very high level before entering Kindergarten in public school, and could do some math as well, but I was still a kindergartener in every other way maturity wise and emotionally. I know I would have loved MFW K!

As to what to get to round out the program, I think it would be fine to just add the Cuisenaire rods, rod book and music CD. It sounds like you'd be pretty well set with books since you have many of them and have access to a library. You may want to look around in your local area to see if there is something equivalent to the butterfly raising project that uses native South African butterflies. That was a great project! if your family adheres to a young earth creationist belief, you should also get the dinosaur book. It is hard to find anything about dinosaurs that does not come from a very evolutionist stance, so it is refreshing to have this. Or, Answers in Genesis puts out a higher level dinosaur book that might also appeal to your older two... "Dinosaurs For Kids" from Answers in Genesis, my husband keeps it in his Sunday School class at church for his first and second grade boys. They love it!

Hope this helps and didn't just muddy the proverbial water. :~
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Re: MFW K minimal order and a few ?

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

albanyaloe wrote:will I be okay with ordering the Basic edition, the dinosaur book, the 2 Cuisanairre items and Classics cd?

Also, I've read the old posts about placement and have learnt the hard way about pushing children who are not ready. But just need reassuring, she reads phonetic words, if they're long by sounding out, and a few sight words, (I think you call them Dolch words?) but no real books as such and so I believe K would be the correct placement. She enjoys Math and can do addition without manipulaitves but not subtraction. I want her to have a better foundation than my other children did. She turns 6 on Oct 13th. I wouldn't be holding her back would I?
Yes, you will have a complete Kindy curriculum with ordering those items. The Basic program is actually complete in and of itself, and the other items are "gravy," although nice to have. It also sounds like you have plenty of books to enjoy on "Day 6." The Cuisanairre book and rods are great to help with visualizing math - that's a good choice. Also, since the dinosaur book is written from a Creation viewpoint, it is great to have for that unit since most library books will be evolutionary in content. The Classics cd is nice - you could really enjoy any classical music. The goal at this age is exposure and enjoyment.

She sounds like a perfect fit for MFWK. She is the right age, interested in learning, and enjoys math. You are definitely not holding her back. If you need any help with beefing up K for her a bit, there is plenty of advice available in the archives and lots of people here who can help out with that. My dd was reading at a 2nd grade level (only child - a bit advanced learner) when she started MFWK and it was still a perfect fit for her because it is age-appropriate material. I think you're in for a very rewarding year with your dd.
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Re: MFW K minimal order and a few ?

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I am doing MFW K and think that if you are adding on to the Basic package the cd, cuisenaire rods & book, and Dino book are the best ones to get! We use the cd and cuisenaire rods on day 6 as scheduled in the tm. My k'er and 3 year old love to do silly dances to the music and I feel like the cuisenaire book is agood way to wrap up reviewing the letter of the week. As another poster mentioned, although there are plenty of resources for dinosaur books at the library (kids just love 'em) they are typically not from a Biblical, young Earth view, so good to have a solid one on hand.

As for the butterfly and ant farm, Marie includes in the tm suggestions for making you own ant farm in a jar and luring the ants in. As a young girl, I remember gathering caterpillars one afternoon and making a home made habitat with a jar filled with some twigs and grass, leaves, etc. to help them out. They formed cocoons and everything! Very fun! Turned out they were moths but still a great experience, so could be an option. Of course they are not until later units, so you might consider them as birthday or Christmas gifts later?

Anyway, I really love MFW K, especially the Biblical truths taught: I can't say enough! Truly they have made an impact ony dd's behavior and understanding of character! As for K or 1st, you know in California the new cut off is now Nov. 1, next school year it'll be moved to Oct.1, and 2014-2015, when my ds is going to be 5, it'll be Sept. 1. One of my good friends daughter is born Oct 15 and is going to do Jr K this year instead offered through the ps. She has a very energetic little girl who just doesn't seem ready. Really, the demands of K are so much different then when I was in K (and I'm only 27) that I think waiting is good; we should let them have time to be kids! :-) K seems perfect for her, and as others said, it would be easy to step it up a bit if needed.
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Re: MFW K minimal order and a few ?

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Hi! We just finished MFW-K at the end of May and my son was 5 when we started last September and turned 6 in January so he was 6 when we finished. He was already reading short words when we started in September and knew all of his letter sounds. He can do very simple addition if given objects to work with but I knew we'd be doing MFW-1st (which we'll start this September) so I didn't push addition. He can count up to 100 and write out all of his numbers. In saying all that, he had a pretty good headstart for kindergarten when it came to phonics and counting. But we still had a really great year of learning! The hands-on projects were a lot of fun, the Bible lessons were great (although I did supplement with our own Bible stories/Bible reading time first thing in the morning) and he improved his handwriting greatly. It's fun to go back and look at all the work he's done (we put all of his worksheets in a large binder) and see how he's improved. There were some games that we skipped over and sometimes we went a little faster just because he already knew something but that's the beauty of homeschooling :) If you do start with kinder and find that your daughter isn't being challenged or needs more, I would still push through with the Bible lessons because they are great and maybe move a long a little faster (i.e. let her read some of the stories sooner than the manual requires, do two letters per week if needed, etc.) If you ended up finishing sooner, then you could just start 1st sooner. After reviewing the 1st teacher manual, it calls for a review of letter sounds and handwriting (which can always be improved!) but I see that we'll most likely be moving through the first week or two at a faster pace since my son has been reading more this summer. I'm really looking forward to all of the solid Bible history and lessons that will be the backbone of 1st grade and that's what drew me to MFW-K as well. Hope that helps!
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Re: MFW K minimal order and a few ?

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Hi, Lindy,

I think you'll do great with the Basic MFW K, Dinosaur, Cuisanairre & cd. Absolutely! :)

And I think you'll love MFW K math. :-) Using the hands-on activities in the curriculum, our youngest daughter developed a very strong foundation of basic math concepts. It's excellent.

Enjoy your school year!
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Re: MFW K minimal order and a few ?

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Thank you so much for all the replies. I really appreciate the great advice and information. I actually learned a lot about K, and found I have more questions too :-) which I'll post in another thread.

I think we will go with K. My son pointed out that it is only the live parts of the kits that cannot be shipped, I thought it was the whole kit. In other words you can't use the coupon, but that's ok. So maybe as one poster suggested, those can be gifts for later, filled with South African butterfly and ant species :)

I hope we can do this soon. I'm looking forward to those Bible lessons and the time with her. I think that combined with Mommy time, is just what she's needing, perhaps, dare I say, more so than academics at this stage.

Thanks so much,
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