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Prep - Organizing everything

Unread post by cbollin »

Picture your K experience?
homebychoice wrote:I would love a picture of your K experience...your space, your organization, your kids' work, etc!
I have some pictures on some of the threads on the Kindy Ideas forum. I think I have some on Kangaroo and Penguin where we got silly. And I have some stories on my blog.

I can try to describe some of it.
I keep a 3 drawer organizer for most of the Kindy stuff. I’m at the stage where I don’t have to worry as much about little ones grabbing glue bottles out of it. I use to have to keep all kinds of things up high, but it changes over time. The drawer is placed near the kitchen table.

Top drawer I keep things like markers, crayons, pencils, little Dot ink markers, our “picture card envelope” from the Kindy manual.

Middle drawer (it’s a mess right now. I’m not sure what I planned to keep in there, but I know that’s where the craft sticks were kept for place value. And some construction paper. Other basic art supplies.

Big bottom drawer. I keep a folder of the worksheets after they are completed. And the Lauri letters fit in there. And library books for the unit.

Above that drawer, I had the area for doing 100 chart and place value and even my hanging pockets that I hope helps to introduce addition and subtraction. That hanging thing was not part of the program.

I keep the unit badges on an inside. And the flashcards are held up by letter magnets on the back door.

Other calendar stuff is on the front door held by magnets.

So, we spread out through the living room and kitchen and tables. Then my older girls have different cabinet for stuff in ECC and a little desk.

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Re: Pictures?

Unread post by Buttercup78 »

Sorry no pics BUT I can describe how I have my K stuff organized.

I have a huge canvas 3-ring binder type notebook that zips the whole way around. Inside it has 2 separate zippered sections: 1st one is a big pocket (where I keep blend ladder, calendars, etc) and a small mesh pocket (where I keep ABC cards & our wall calendar pieces). My TM goes in this section also. 2nd section has a small zip pocket and a medium pockets on the left and the 3-ring part on the right. In the pockets I keep envelopes w/picture cards, envelope w/badge inserts, letter bingo stuff in a sandwich bag, and an envelope w/our number cards in (instead of a cup). On the 3-ring part, I keep page protectors - 1st one has calendar, my weekly schedule, 100 chart and our daily weather chart. After that I keep about 3 or 4 units worth of stuff (I use the page protectors instead of folders for each unit). Behind the page protectors there is also like a folder pocket where I keep my 4-yo tag-along's completed work. The whole notebook is about 4-1/2 inches thick when it's all closed up, and I love it.

I keep the page protectors for past and future units in a folder in our filing cabinet. ABC puzzle goes on our bookshelf with other books and stuff. I keep a mason jar with our popsicle sticks for the hundred chart also on the shelf. I think that's everything!
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Kindergarten questions

Unread post by cbollin »

Crystallea wrote:I am excited to start K with my twin boys come fall. Has/does anyone make notebooks (spiral or 3 holed punched) for the reading activities or handwriting? I ask because having 2 packs of loose pages makes me nervous :~ I am open to any organizational ideas. What worked to keep the envelopes with letter cards together? Do I need a set of alpha cards for each kiddo? Thanks for your help. Crystallea
Hi Crystallea,

I ended up finding a notebook called a Case It. It had 6 file pocket, plus a 3 ring binder, and even some other slots that worked for index cards.

I took apart the worksheets and placed them in order:

Unit 1-26, Day 1 worksheets in one of those file pockets
Unit 1-26, Day 2 in other pocket
day 3 in another pocket
day 4,
day 5
the 6th pocket I originally put in the Cuisenaire Rod Alphabet book.

As my daughter finished a worksheet (except for the picture cards one), I punched it and put it in the 3 ring binder side.

It was a bulky item in size, but worked great.

I used an envelope box for storage of the envelopes. One idea: my dd cut the square from the worksheet that had just the letter on it. She glued that to the front of the envelope before we put it away.

I don't know if having more than one set of alphabet cards is needed.

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Re: Kindergarten questions

Unread post by Jami »

I used page protectors in binders to store the worksheets my son has already done. It's taken two 1-inch binders to fit everything in this year. I keep things in order of lesson and also stick the badges and art work in it. I use page protectors for everything and that gets kind of expensive, so if you wanted, you could three-hole-punch (is that a verb :) ?) the worksheets and use page protectors just for the badges or things that wouldn't work with being three-hole-punched.

I keep all of our K stuff in a storage box (the fabric square cube type so it looks a little nicer to leave it out...if that matters...2 for $12 at Target). The binder, unused worksheet pad and teacher's manual fit right in and then I have a small shoebox also in the storage box and in that I have the ABC cards, letter envelopes, a tupperware with salt in it that we use for tactile writing for every letter, and a school box of colored pencils. Our alphabet Lauri puzzle doesn't fit but I just lay it over the box when we put it away. The storage box has a hangle on it so my son can pull it to the table and pull it back to where it belongs.

Regarding the ABC flash cards...although I am only doing K with my 5 year old, my 3 year old is always there with us and one set of cards is fine. We only use them for the song and to introduce the letter/words to remember. They'll play with them sometimes at the table (or else I'm sure they'd get lost) but I think one set is enough. They are not too expensive though, so you can always order another set if you think it'd be useful.

Have fun! We are finishing up our K year and we LOVED it! I get to use it at least three more times and am excited about that.
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Re: Kindergarten questions

Unread post by mamanamadee »

I am a perfectionist by nature, but out of necessity, I became a minimalist this year with Kindergarten. :-)

I just hole-punched all the pages and stuck them in a binder. The 1" binder I have everything is not quite big enough :) I put everything except the binder in a small clear tub from Wal-mart.

For the letter card envelopes, I just stored them in the box the envelopes came in. Tacky? Maybe. But it worked to keep them all together and fit into my tub. ;) And if I felt like taking the time I could have covered the box with decorative contact paper or something. Maybe next time around.

Have fun in K!!!!!
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Re: Kindergarten questions

Unread post by nagada »

We are only starting K (just finished unit 4), taking our time.
I have decided I want to get a binder with page protectors for his completed sheets and any pics he draws. I have a sketch pad that I have him draw some things in.
For the picture cards, we use an index card box - only because that's what I had. So I have a tabbed card for each letter and we keep in the front the letters we've done. I don't use envelopes at all.

For each unit I have a folder with the pages for that unit, a "lesson plan" so I can check things off, and any notes I've gathered. I've used regular folders but am wanting to switch them all over to file jackets. Just seems easier to me.
I have all these in a box for storage along with our rods, number cup, etc.
For everyday use, I have a desktop file holder with a couple hanging files in it - one for current unit, one for next unit, one for all the cards, one for the rod book pages (that I tore out).

This works for now. Not my perfect set up but sufficient.

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Re: Kindergarten questions

Unread post by Crystallea »

thank you ladies for the ideas. I think "tacky minimalist" is just my style. With the addition of each kiddo, everything has had to become very functional. So I really apprectiate the ideas that have been field tested. looking forward to implementing these ideas. Can't describe the excitement and thrill I have when organizing and thinking about using this curriculum in the fall. Also am anxiously awaiting the arrival of ECC come June. Again thank you thank you thank you
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Re: Kindergarten questions

Unread post by jasntas »

I was also wondering how to organize these pages. When I received my K package my dh actually commented to me about how I will hate those loose pages.

This question is about the Case-it notebook. Crystal, where did you get your's if you remember? I think I found one on Amazon but was wondering if a store like WalMart or Staples may carry it so I could look at it and feel it to see if it's something I might want to use.

The one I found is called: Case-it Zipper Binder with Removable Tab File.

Technical Details
3-ring zipper binder with 1 1/2" D-ring
6-Color tabbed removable expanding file
File's back panel flap becomes extra pocket
Two inside mesh pockets
Rigid body construction

Is this the one you use?

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Re: Kindergarten questions

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Some more storage ideas for student sheets etc:

- old used manilla envelope with contents identified using a heavy black marker

- 10 cent folder, with everything I need for one subject in that folder

- magazine file, with sheets needed at a future time, stored in a location where it won't be spilled

- 3-ring binder with either pages hole-punched or pages inserted in page protectors

- clip-board with storage compartment inside
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Re: Kindergarten questions

Unread post by cbollin »

jasntas wrote:I was also wondering how to organize these pages. When I received my K package my dh actually commented to me about how I will hate those loose pages.

This question is about the Case-it notebook. Crystal, where did you get your's if you remember?
I got it at the sidewalk exchange at the local recycling center. I don't know where to buy them new. I just assumed they were at office supply. Maybe fancy side of school supply sections of stores??

wow. I didn't realize there was a whole line of those things. gulp.

The one you described sounds almost like it.
*Except my expandable tab file folder section is not removable.
*and mine is velcro instead of zipper.
*no carrying handle
*and I think it's 2 inch ring

It is a S-800 model.

The S-915 and S-815 model pictures on amazon are the closest things I see.

oh. so that's what those pockets on that side were designed for -- to carry CD's. ha ha ha... I put the Kindy phonics routines on colored index cards (matched to the colored tabs in the file pockets) and put those in the Cd slots. And the ABC charts went in one of them. And the Blend letter went in a longer slot. The short vowel song cards are in the "business card" section. Flashcards went into inside mesh zippered pocket. And the bingo cards and game cards went in the section with the appropriate day's worksheet.
I hope the S815 model is like that. as it looks like S-800 isn't available any longer?

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Re: Kindergarten questions

Unread post by RachelT »

When we did Kindergarten I used a plastic accordian file with almost enough dividers in it for each unit (I doubled a few). I put the loose pages in it organized by unit and then had a place to file any other ideas, coloring sheets, or other info. about each unit. I waited until the end of the year to put it all in page protectors in a binder, but now we put things in page protectors and then in our binders right when they are completed and it helps so much! Our Adventures binders are practically done, with just a few extra things that I went through and will add in.

Rachel :)
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Re: Kindergarten questions

Unread post by MercyMamma »

Thanks for all the organization ideas. I'm trying to decide between putting everything in page protectors and just using the file folders system where I would have a file folder for each topic with the unused worksheets in it and then once its done, well then it has the done worksheets in it. lol Make sense? The page protectors idea sounds nice, but big and expensive... I can't decide...
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Re: Kindergarten questions

Unread post by nagada »

MercyMamma wrote:Thanks for all the organization ideas. I'm trying to decide between putting everything in page protectors and just using the file folders system where I would have a file folder for each topic with the unused worksheets in it and then once its done, well then it has the done worksheets in it. lol Make sense? The page protectors idea sounds nice, but big and expensive... I can't decide...
This is what I am doing now - putting the completed worksheets back in the folder. I thought it was great until grandparents came out and DS1 really couldn't show off his work without getting everything out.
So my next project it to start putting them in the page protectors in a binder. All in one place to show off.
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Re: Kindergarten questions

Unread post by cbollin »

MercyMamma wrote: The page protectors idea sounds nice, but big and expensive...

My local Staples store carries several kinds of page protectors. One box of the "lower end" quality (but still works well) was 200 sheets for less than $15. I've used them for handwriting practice, and geography game boards, all sorts of stuff. So, check around on the shelves at an office supply store for the stuff that's non super heavy duty style and the price might be more in range for you?

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How we organized K this year...

Unread post by inHisgrip »

I'm no expert... far from it (this being our first year homeschooling). Someone (I think it was from here) asked awhile ago about organizing K, and was looking for some ideas. I wanted to share a post from my blog that I've been meaning to write for quite awhile and finally got around to. It details some of the ways we organized our school this year.
  • This post is a long time in coming. I don't feel "qualified" to give advise on homeschooling, but I've always been an organizer. I have my messy piles around (all over right now), but I do enjoy planning and organizing. This has been our first year homeschooling, and I have a ton to learn... but I thought that someone may glean an idea or two from how we set up our school this year. So here it goes...

    I'm writing this to a My Father's World user (since this all we know), and again it's for teaching only Kindergarten (again... this is all we know, so far!!).

    This is our "School Cabinet". It was a Target buy, years ago, and perfect for all our supplies. I outfitted it with drawers (also from Target). The bottom cabinets hold all of our arts & craft supplies. There are bins for colored pencils, one for paints, one for glue - tape - glue sticks. One compartment on the very bottom holds the boxes of extras that came in the deluxe package (ant hill, butterfly garden). In the top of the cabinet we store our "daily" stuff. Drawers that hold our Cuisenaire Rods and Rods Alphabet book, textured letters, preschool bins that came with the MFW preschool package, a roll of the ever handy contact paper, and my "teacher's file boxes". At the very top of the cabinet are horizontal paper holders which house our construction paper. Really my "go to" item daily is just the one green lidded file box in the top cabinet. Here it is:

    In it are two hanging files. One of which houses the things we use sporatically: Blend ladder chart, Bingo game cards, extra calendar pages, etc. The other hanging folder houses the manila folder for the unit with all the worksheets in it, our 100's chart and calendar page, Lucy's awesome Kindergarten Daily Schedule (from the MFW-K Yahoo group), and my Teacher's Manual. In the front of the box are our jars with our 1's and 10's sticks in them, our flashcards, a ziplock with the textured letters we've learned to date, and teacher's pencils, stapler, eraser, etc. (stuff I use everyday). This box is all we need for school most days. We've gone for camping trips where all I need to do is grab this box, and we are good to go. I store the other unit manila folders in an additional box, pictured here...

    The folders are put in order of the curriculum and as I find things that I can use for that unit I just stick it in the appropriate folder. If we happen to have books around the house that go with that unit, they go in here too. I've torn out all the worksheets and also put them in the right folders. I put sticky notes in the folders several weeks before the ant and butterfly unit so I remember to order the critters. I also put in notes about special things we may have done for that unit that may come in handy in two years when we repeat K with my daughter.

    When we get to the end of a unit, I simply take the 100's chart, calendar page, and my Teacher's Manual out of the current unit's manila folder, and I file that folder back into this box. Then I take the next unit's folder out of this box, and put in in my "school" box : ). Easy peasy!!

    My kids each have a box of their own too. They are the same as my box, but in it are their school supplies (pencils, dry erase board, their badges for the week). When it's time for school, I just tell them to get their school boxes and the three of us sit at the dining room table and go to it. By the way, my daughter (3 years old) has coloring books, and some MFW preschool items in her box, as well as some age appropriate worksheets to keep her busy when I need one-on-one time with my son.

    I've noticed some posts on the MFW board asking what mommies do with all the worksheets once they are completed. What is working for us is a large 3", 3 ring binder with page protectors. (You'll see this in our cabinet next to my file boxes. At the end of each unit I put the worksheets for that unit into his "K Binder". My son loves to show this off to people, and it's a great reminder to me of how far he's come this year. As for the "stuff" (art projects, etc.) that don't fit into page protectors, I either put it in the pocket in the front of the binder, keep it on display around the house, or it goes into his school box (for now).

    One other important part of our school day is our "book basket". Quite literally a basket... Not required in Kindergarten, but this is where we house the books we've found around the house that have to do with our current unit. The "bag" in the basket houses the books we've checked out from the library on our unit. A cozy corner that I can send my kindergartner to when my 3 year old needs one-on-one time with her "school".

    I hope this helps someone. More than anything, I pray that other mommies that are using MFWK for the first time are as blessed as I've been this year. I would love to hear other ideas too that may be helpful, as well as ideas for years to come...

    Thanks for reading - Amy
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Hopefully I did that right.
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Postby inHisgrip » Mon Jun 22, 2009 3:35 pm
I just wanted to thank everyone for their replies. It really looks organized, although I'm really not an organized person... it's just that if certain things are not that way my brain feels so frazzled. The way Marie and David wrote this K program is why it's so easily contained in my "boxes". We love going camping and I'm finding a lot of the units are great in God's beautiful outdoors (like the leaf unit!! Many more trees in the mountains than in our neighborhood). I'm sure I'll have a lot to learn when we start 1st... which won't be for quite awhile because we went so slowly this year in K. But, we will get there.

God Bless,
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blog and Better Binders??

Unread post by mamacastle2 »

HeyChelle wrote:I read through a blog about organizing MFW Kindergarten using Better Binders and now I can't find it. Anyone know the blog? I think the writer is a member and posted here.

I need to re-vamp my organization this weekend. I planned to use the hanging folder from Mardels, but it's too heavy for the wall hooks and I don't think I want to put nails in the wall. :-)
Here is the blog - ... h-fun.html. I used these ideas and they are working great. Thank you, Melanie (the blog poster) for your wonderful ideas!!!
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Re: blog and Better Binders??

Unread post by Joyhomeschool »

Hi Mama, I wanted to chime in a bit I did a binder thing for K, 1,ADV and ECC I took all the pages off the spiral binding and put them in sheet protectors and have them in a binder. We like it alot better! I did file all my weeks as well but in a filing cabnet complete with books and student pages.
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How to organize student sheets for K?

Unread post by jhagberg »

PEI Mom wrote:I just got my kindergarten materials and am so excited to be starting this program with my dd in a few weeks. I was surprised to see that the student worksheets are not hole punched to be put into a binder. I can see this pile of papers becoming a big mess of disorganization in a hurry in my house if I don't come up with a good plan, fast! How do you organize these papers? File folders? Do you hole punch them yourself? I'm wondering what has worked for others.
I use the clear top-loading page protectors that fill a 3-ring binder. I don't load the pages into the protectors until they have been completed. :-)

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Re: How to organize student sheets for K?

Unread post by Mom2theteam »

I got myself a 3" 3 ring binder. I got dividers with pockets for all the units. Then, I 3-hole punched all the student sheets and put them in there behind their unit. In the back, I had a section for the calendars and other random stuff like the badges. I didn't 3-hole punch my calendars. I put the extras in the pockets of the page dividers or in one page protector. I got my kids (oldest did it last year and my 5 year old twins are doing it this year) a 1/2 in binder. In that binder, I put their calendar and 100 chart in page protectors in the front. Then, behind that I put all the pages for that unit. I also have a divider for anything extra, like page I print from the internet or kids LOVE worksheets. I had a section for math with my oldest because I used a different math program with my oldest...but I don't for my current K'ers.) For every unit, I pull out the used sheets from the completed unit and put those into my master binder and put the ones from the new unit in the kids' binder. In the pockets of the dividers, I put random things that I couldn't 3-hole punch, like badges before I was hanging them up. So, the master binder works as both an organizational storage system for the students sheets that haven't been used and a filing system for those that are done for me to look back on and keep for records. It has worked out great for me. I do take them out at the end of the year and put them in a box...actually, I use the white boxes that MFW sends their packages in. They are the perfect size to store one year of work...I reuse the dividers.

ETA - Some people use an accordion file or file box with the same idea as the above. :D
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Re: How to organize student sheets for K?

Unread post by froggiemomof3 »

I got 27 hanging file folders(actually 36 so I had them for future years). I labeled each one for each unit and put the student sheets into the corresponding file folder. I remove the week at the start and keep it in my binder that I have the TM in. As my son finishes each sheet in the unit, I put it back in the file folder. Once we finish Kindergarten, I will transfer all the sheets to one file folder for the year, and I will reuse the hanging file folders for the following year.
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Re: How to organize student sheets for K?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

My grandson is just "afterschooling" so not a huge endeavor, but we store his pages in a "3 hole velcro storage pocket" or "binder pockets" from Walmart, Target, Staples, etc. They are usually sold individually, I've never seen them in groups (they are not "dividers" and don't have "pockets on both sides"). They have a 3-hole punched strip and then a big pocket with a velcro closure, so nothing will fall out. They fit about 25 pages or so comfortably. They are about $1 on sale or maybe 1.50 or $2 regularly.

At the end of the year, we'll likely choose some special papers or groups to create a nice notebook, but for now my grandson just likes seeing the pockets fill up and taking them all out sometimes to look at all the pages.

There are some more organizational posts here:
All years

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Re: How to organize student sheets for K?

Unread post by romans8x28 »

My first time through, I put every page into a page protector at the beginning of the year. As we went, we pulled it out, used it, and returned it. This next time, I've got file folders which are already set up for my 2nd grader. When I get my K sheets, I'm going to fill them in according to her weeks.... I've got a little grid made up so that I know her Week 1&2 is his Creation. Her week 3 is the first 5 days of S. Her week 4 is the last day of S and four days of M, etc. If I was doing it over with an oldest child, I would do one for each of the 26 letter units plus creation.
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Re: How to organize student sheets for K?

Unread post by schelean »

I have a 2" three ring notebook for completed work and a 1" three ring notebook for student pages not yet completed. I put all worksheets for a letter/unit together in one page protecter. I just pull out the page as I need it. When completed, it goes in a page protecter in the 2" binder. It couldn't be easier!
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Re: How to organize student sheets for K?

Unread post by PEI Mom »

Thanks for all your ideas.
I live in PEI Canada and I have 5 children ages 10, 8, 6, 4 and 1. I have used MFW preschool, and am currently using MFW pre-k, kindergarten, and ECC.
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