#25 - Quail

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#25 - Quail

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Lesson #25 Quail
Rebecca in Ohio
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Wedding between Q and U

Unread post by Rebecca in Ohio »

We had my older 2 children (ds5 and dd3) dress up as a bride and groom. Ds played the part of Q - he had an upper case Q taped to his front and a lower case Q on his back. Dd did the same with dd except that she was U. Then we had a little wedding ceremony joining Q and U to illustrate that Q was always followed by U.
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Books we used with this unit:
An Alphabet of Animals by Isabelle Brent (gives facts about one animal per letter, lots of the MFW animals)
Thankful Together by Holly Davis (a Christian book)
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Coloring page

Unread post by sweetlucyhope »

Here is a quail picture to color:

http://www.dltk-teach.com/t.asp?b=m&t=h ... qquail.gif


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A great bird unit!

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We just finished the Quail unit today. I had checked out a number of children's bird books from the library, and surprisingly, none of them had information about quail. I used info. from Encarta encyclopedia for that aspect, and of course, the stories in the Bible about quail recommended in the K TM.

It was a fun unit on birds, though.

We spent one day learning about parrots (I had a Zootles--like Zoobooks--magazine and a craft about parrots).

We spent another day learning about birdwatching. I had a book called The Birdwatchers, by Simon James, that we read.

And, one day, we learned about ducks. It went perfectly with the activity recommended in the teacher manual in which you put oil on one feather and leave the other plain to see how the oil keeps the water off the feather. I found a neat book at our library called Ducks Don't Get Wet, by Augusta R. Goldin, which talked about how the ducks activate their oil glands and spread the oil all over their feathers when they preen. Great book! I see that there is an updated version available on B&N.com.
But, one of our favorite books was called Don't Fidget a Feather, by Erica Silverman. It has a duck and a gander, and even a fox, in it, and it is just a delightful book!

Another wonderful book was The Bird Alphabet Book, by Jerry Pallotta.
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Unread post by RachelT »

More books to explore:
The Magic School Bus Flies from the Nest -Cole
Ernest and the BIG itch - Barnes
Feathers for Lunch - Ehlert
Birds in Your Backyard - Herkert
Song for the Whooping Crane - Spinelli
Shorebirds from Stilts to Sanderlings - Miller (we visited the east coast recently).
We revisited "The Best Nest" by PD Eastman from our nest unit.

I picked up a DK Eyewitness Explorers "Birds" and DK ultimate sticker book "North American BIRDS" (re-usable bird stickers) and they were informative, but had great real photos of birds.

We had fun viewing a National Geographic kids video from our library called "All About Animals: Feathered Friends". We also watched an Eyewitness BIRD video that had some neat things in it (but it does have references to evolution and mythology stories, so we talked about those).

Our best lessons were the ones that God wrote - while watching real birds. He timed it perfectly so that after day 2 of this unit we were able to attend a Saturday annual event at a nearby wildlife refuge where we were able to observe lots of feeding birds and see a real bald eagle during an educational presentation!

The other lesson from God was watching the dove that nested in the crook of our basketball goal! We noticed the nest the week before this unit, then at about day 1 we saw a baby bird that had fallen (it was alive, but didn't survive). Then about day 5 we rejoiced when we saw the other baby out of the nest, perched next to it's mother on our fence! We haven't seen them back, but we are still watching for them.

These two lessons are the ones we won't forget! So you never know what real life experiences God will place on your path!
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Paper Quilt project

Unread post by sweetlucyhope »

Well, we were working around my 6 yo dd's broken arm for this unit! She was limited at the time in activity ability. Outings were difficult and she couldn't cut or handle stickers even. She couldn't do anything that required two hands for sure.

So, I let her pick three colors of contruction paper and used our paper cutter to cut them into 1" squares. She then designed her quilt on a piece of cardstock. She enjoyed it so much that she used the leftovers to make another one the next week and has asked again recently to make another.

Hopefully none of you will HAVE to use something so simple like we did but it turned out to be a neat little project that your kiddos might really enjoy! Qu - Qu - Quilt!

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Unread post by mom2h »

Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2007 6:08 pm

In preparing my folders for MFW-K, I noticed "Q-q Quail" to be a little thin, so I have been keeping my eyes peeled. I have found two things lately...An animated Christmas video starring three quail (which I have not previewed, from CBD), and a "Find the hidden Quail" drawing in the "November" Patterns, Projects and Plans book by Imogene Forte (from Incentive Publications, Nashville, about $10.99 at my local school supply store). This booklet has some wonderful Thanksgiving material, also.

Maybe this will help someone.

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Unread post by Rox »

We enjoyed a local birding festival. We got to go on a pretend bird migration and see many birds on display. The local news paper was there and took a picture of the boys at an exhibit. The paper published the picture of the boys and a quote from me about our homeschool study of birds. I was especially excited for this opportunity to promote homeschooling as it is unusual to do so where we live.

We discussed how the male bird is often more brightly colored and often has a head crown of feathers. We made crowns using colorful craft feathers glued to a paper ring. The boys then acted like a bird wearing their showey crowns.

A good book: HAVE YOU SEEN BIRDS by Joanne Oppenheim
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Quilt coloring pages

Unread post by Colleen »

My girls spent lots of time during Qu-Qu-Quail days coloring these quilt patterns. I even did one myself! There are lots of designs to choose from. We found that it helped to print out an economy copy of their colored version so the kids could see the patterns better.

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Snack ideas for Q?

Unread post by Julie - Staff »

mamanamadee wrote:I want to have a snack or recipe to go with the letter or theme of each K unit. I have found recipes for most units, but I have run out of ideas and was hoping that one of you creative people out there could help me out with Q-Quail.
Posted: Fri Jul 25, 2008 1:07 pm
Author: dhudson

Doesn't Marie have a snack for nests in the TM? You could re-use this for Quail and add little colorful choc eggs.

Posted: Fri Jul 25, 2008 6:42 pm
Author: Amy in NC

I couldn't resist jumping in here. When my oldest went to Christian school K they had a wedding where Q & U got married & served wedding cake and punch. It was very cute. I don't know if that's something you could pull off at home, but maybe some teddy bears could pose as q & u.

Posted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 9:25 am
Author: firewarrior

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Re: #25 - Quail

Unread post by mmaokee »

I wish I had found this when we did Quail. You can buy an incubator and quail eggs to hatch and release. It costs just under $40. http://www.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=7370912
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Re: #25 - Quail

Unread post by Melissa »

I found a fun book my son really liked at our library called True or False Birds by Melvin & Gilda Berger (ISBN# 978-0-545-20203-9). It is published by Scholastic and it just a fun true or false book with lots of great information about birds.

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Re: #25 - Quail

Unread post by cefcdana »

My girls are scared of owls so we took the opportunity in the bird unit to study owls. Here is a funny video of an owl turning its head upside down. They girls thought it was a real hoot - ha ha. You can find the video on Youtube by searching for BURROWING OWL HEAD TILT. IT'S DIGGER - LIVE!
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Re: #25 - Quail

Unread post by mnmmomjen »

Some books about birds we liked:

Urban Roosts by Barbara Bash -- makes for a fun scavenger hunt for us city folk!
Feathers For Lunch by Lois Ehlert -- everything this author/illustrator does is terrific, but we especially liked this for the fun, rhyming story, informative labels, and the usual beatiful, bold illustrations.
Even an Ostrich Needs a Nest by Irene Kelly -- very informative, with realistic illustrations. YouTube videos of most of the birds in this book made for a fascinating way to watch the natural behaviors of these birds.

Enjoy and thanks to all for the terrific suggestions!
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Re: #25 - Quail

Unread post by psalm126mama »

Mister Rogers on Amazon Streaming - free with Amazon Prime or $1.99 per episode

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Volume/Season 2, Ep. 8 "Competition (#1483) Big Bird Visits the Neighborhood"
Amid much excitement, Big Bird visits Make-Believe and reassures Henrietta that X the Owl will always be her best friend. Mister Rogers helps children know that even "When a Baby Comes to Your House," no one can ever take your place.

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Volume/Season 4, Ep. 2 "Families (#1552) Families Come in Different Shapes and Sizes"
Mister Rogers shows a film of a bird family, and an origami artist shows how to fold paper birds. In Make-Believe, puppet couple Betty and James adopt a baby daughter. Mister Rogers says there are many different ways to be a family.

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood 1997, Ep. 1717 "Episode 7"
Magician David Copperfield teaches Mister Rogers how to do a magic trick. It takes lots of practice. In Make-Believe, X is giving flying lessons, and there's a video of what the world looks like from a bird's point of view.
*** I chose to fast-forwarded through the magic part, but my daughter still enjoyed the bird's point of view video.

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood 1993, Ep. 1662 "Episode 2"
Mister Rogers goes to the aviary to see lots of different kinds of birds and talk with the ornithologist there about how he feeds and cares for them. In Make-Believe, Lady Elaine plans an exhibit and a "soap opera" about love.
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DVD review: The Quails' First Christmas

Unread post by Yodergoat »

In preparation for the Quail unit, I had ordered a video (very cheaply) from CBD called "The Quails' First Christmas." I put it away until the Quail unit and forgot to ever preview it.

It is a short video, probably only a half hour long. I did get a chance to view it right before school one day, but after doing so I hesitated to let my daughter watch it. But she had already seen the surprise and wanted to watch it, so we did... cautiously.

It was a sweet idea for a story... three quail witness the events surrounding Jesus' birth.

But the plot involves lots of eavesdropping and lots of being captured. After overhearing the angel's announcement to Mary, the quail both worry for Mary and look forward to the birth. They are then captured and kept in a cage for months in Herod's palace, where they hear of his plan to kill the baby. After escaaping the palace, they also see the announcement of the angels to the shepherds, and are again captured (this time by the shepherds) and given as a gift to the infant Jesus. While there, they overhear the wise men talking about how they will return to Herod. But, knowing Herod's plan, they decide they must stop the wise men from returning to Herod and disclosing the location of the baby. Their attempt to stop the wise men is thwarted and they learn that God has already made provision to protect the child. A far-fetched plot, but it is about talking quail after all. ;)

I can say that the animated quail looked really cute.

But unfortunately, it was not as appropriate as I had hoped it would be. The quail characters (especially the two males) were VERY rude to each other and did much name-calling... like "fat" and "stupid," etc. And, sadly, even the shepherds which were supposed to be coming to worship the infant Jesus were joking and name-calling even when in the stable.... silly stuff about big noses and the like. The innkeeper and his wife were constantly insulting each other, and there were jokes about the stable smelling like "poop." It is a British production, I believe, and mayhap I just don't get the humor, but it was not really what we deem acceptable in our family. We do have fairly strict guidelines about what we watch, and this was very borderline. We watched it together just once, with discussion. My daughter said, "Don't worry, Momma. I can barely understand what they're saying, anyway, because of their England voices. So I probably won't hear too much rude talk." But she did, and it bothered her that the quail, which claimed to be "like a family," were so rude to each other.

We also had to discuss how the events surrounding Jesus' birth are often portrayed loosely in film... we don't know how many wise men came and it was not right after the birth, what did the angels really say and do when they announced His birth to the shepherds, how did Mary really react to the news, etc. I don't suppose there was anything actually blasphemous in the film, but it seemed to take quite a bit of license with the Bible account.

I had high hopes for the video and thought it would be a special treat. Just thought I'd give a little review in case someone else wants to pick up the video for this unit. With our strict standards, it isn't worth a repeat watching. But, having said that, I think it is probably better than much television fare. Much will depend upon your family's standards for films, but be forewarned that there is much rude talk and name-calling packed into this half hour video and a very loose adaptation of the Bible account.
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Re: #25 - Quail

Unread post by bethinga »

Since the book we used for this unit was "Inch By Inch", I had my son measure 1" strips on two colors of construction paper. Then, he cut them out, and I taught him how to weave a checkerboard place mat. The place mat was to remind us to be thankful for our food when we eat, since this unit is about being thankful. At first, it was tricky for him, but after watching me make one, he wanted to take over and try it himself. He was then able and eager to make his own, I just had to get it started for him. (It helps if you glue or paste the first row.) I plan to laminate them, so we can really use them as place mats.

In the book, Inch by Inch, many birds are mentioned. Although we've talked about birds in both the Nest and Jewel units (Little Jewel Bird book), I'm choosing to focus on local game-type "hen" birds. We have Bobwhite quails here, Guinea fowl, chickens, wild turkeys, and a beautiful pheasant at the local zoo. My son has always enjoyed looking through the bird guide we own, so this unit, I plan to use this to look up pictures and facts about these birds.

The Vegetable unit was a difficult one for my kids to enjoy, bc they don't like to try new vegetables. So, we used this unit to expand on the idea of being thankful for the food God has given us. I plan to remind them how yummy their favorite foods are, and will encourage them to tell God thank you for making such good foods for them to eat. My kids love pb and honey sandwiches, so I'll remind them how God causes peanuts to grow, and gives bees the ability to make honey.
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