#22 - Frog

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#22 - Frog

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Lesson #22 Frog

Frog web sites

Unread post by Tuesday »

Author: Tuesday
Date: 6/23/2001

Hello Everyone,

Here are a couple of links for frogs:

For information:

For frog sounds:
Sounds with Shockwave

Love in Christ


Frog site

Unread post by Lisa »

Author: Lisa DIckinson
Date: 7/10/2003


Came across this fun froggie website with a lot of frog stuff!!
Has a list of frog talk in many different languages!! (ribbit!) from HEBREW to HUNGARIAN!!!
Now doesn't that just fit the "world" theme!


Lisa Dickinson

Frog multiplication song

Unread post by Janie »

Teaching multiplication:
This sounds like a fun game (for long car rides). It is called the frog game. To play this game you must first learn this sentence. "One frog, two eyes, four legs in a pond, ker-plunk, ker-plunk, ker-plunk."
One person says, "One frog." The next says "2 eyes." The next says "Four legs" the next "In a pond." The next "Ker-plunk." the next "Ker-plunk", and the next says "Ker-plunk."
Then begin again with "Two frogs." next one "four eyes" and so on it goes. Remember, you need one "in a pond" and three "Ker-plunk"s for each frog. You have begun to teach the multiplication table up to four.

I have more for you but no more time for now. Have a wonderful day in MFW!!

Janie <><
alyssa p lancaster

Fun Frog idea

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I bought those birthday party blowers that you blow into and it curls out (not sure what they are really called!) We said they were a frog's tongue. Then we cut out small pieces of construction paper and rubbed them with a glue stick--they were flies. So, we played a game of trying to "catch flies" with our "tongue". It was fun for my 6 1/2, 5 and 3 year old. :)
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Unread post by Winkie »

Extra Books we enjoyed with this unit:

Info: From Tadpole to Frog by Wendy Pfeffer

A boy, a dog, and a frog by Mercer Mayer (just pictures, no words)
(also available on video)

The Adventures of Grandfather Frog by Thornton W. Burgess (this book has 23 short chapters, it's sweet and old-fashioned, somewhat hokey but stresses good values, and my son loved it)
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frog book

Unread post by Bevin »

One extra book we enjoyed that has a great concise presentation of frog life cycle facts is Growing Frogs, by Vivian French. It sets the information as a story, which attracted my daughter's attention, but gets alot of basic information out there over the course of a short read. There are two "sets" of text - one larger that tells the story to the child, and one slightly smaller that gives more details about each stage that the child may or may not be ready for.
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Activity to teach using tongue wisely

Unread post by lfloyd »

I got this idea from a family devotional-type book (Introduction to Family Nights). It fits this unit to a tee.

First you have the student squeeze all the toothpaste out of an almost used-up tube of toothpaste. Then you ask him to put it all back in. Of course, he will soon learn that this is virtually impossible! Explain that, like the toothpaste, once words are spoken, they cannot be taken back. They can be forgiven, but sometimes forgiveness is hard. It's better to be careful with the words we say than to say words we will regret. It ties in nicely with Day 2 and the reading of Prov. 21:23.
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a button jacket

Unread post by Mom2MnS »

Hi :) Here is something fun to do when you read the "a lost button" chapter in Frog & Toad Are Friends...

We will be making a "button jacket" just like Toad did for my dd to wear. The jacket is going to be a surprise project, so I won't tell her about it - just that each of the following things we will be doing will be parts of an adventure project.

I am going to let her choose the buttons she likes from my button collection one day. The next day we will stop by the consignment shop and pick up an oversized sweatshirt for her. The next day, we will cut and stitch the sweatshirt to make a jacket. The following day, I will read the story to her and tell her afterwards that there are lost buttons all over the house that we need to find. She will have a special pocket to collect them in. After she finds them, we will design her jacket and stitch the buttons on.
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Frog sounds

Unread post by LoriB7 »

My kids and I enjoyed listening to all the different frog sounds on this site.


We even found the ones we hear at night in the spring/summer.
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Song and Book

Unread post by sweetlucyhope »

My kiddos, ages 6 and 2 1/2, loved singing, "Five Little Speckled Frogs" all week long for this unit.

Also, we re-read The Caterpillar and the Polliwog by Jack Kent. It probably fits this unit better than the one on butterflies.

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Unread post by RachelT »

We were able to view a video of The Caterpillar and the Polliwog by Jack Kent. I agree with Lesa that it fits this unit better than butterflies. Very cute story and short!

The Life Cycle of a Frog by Bobbie Kalman had good information.

But, my children especially enjoyed the silly picture books Froggy Goes to the Doctor and Froggy plays in the Band by Jonathon London.

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Unread post by mommytomonkeys »

This is a cute recipe to make frogs you can eat!
http://www.kraftfoods.com/main.aspx?s=r ... e_id=56689

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Unread post by semushlich »

A Frog Thing (Book & Audio CD)
by Eric Drachman
ISBN: 0970380933
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Unread post by Rox »

TALE OF THE POISONOUS YUCK BUGS by Aaron Reynolds supports the lesson of Proverbs 12:13.

Thoughtless words cut like a sword. But the tongue of wise people brings healing.
Proverbs 12:13
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Very goofy thing to do with K-frog unit

Unread post by evey »

We did this goofy thing for the frog unit (when studying the tongue). We put a red blanket on a desk chair that spins, and pretended it was now a tongue. When the tongue was not guarded, mommy came up and spun it around out of control (with the child on it) which led to much dizziness and "calamity." My2 yr old and 5 yr old had fun- perhaps a little too much for "calamity!" :)

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frog unit

Unread post by evey »

We also used straws and pieces of paper and played a game to see who could suck up the most paper "bugs" as possible. I modified this from another post where you used party blower type things.
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Re: #22 - Frog

Unread post by Jami »

At Toys R Us today I saw a frog habitat where you send away for mail order tad poles and observe them turn into frogs. (the same company as the Ant Farm and the Butterfly Garden I think). I'm not too excited about having a frog in our house but I know my kids will LOVE this so I am sure we'll get it when we get closer to F-f-Frog.
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Re: #22 - Frog

Unread post by FreshKid »

I had to chuckle at Jami's post. We didn't do ants because of a bad infestation in the kitchen a while back. I just couldn't let them in on purpose. When the butterfly larvae arrived, I kinda got the "willies" that I was bringing worms in. %|

We will finish the frog unit tomorrow. Here are the books we used or will use:
Watch me grow: Frog by DK -- non-fiction
Frogs by Gail Gibbons (non-fiction) There is a page that talks about the male frog having to be close to the female to fertilize the eggs as she lays them. It looks like they are riding piggy back. DS asked why the dad has to "fertilize" the eggs. His dad has just fertilized the pastures last weekend. So, I think that was the kind of fertilizer he was thinking of. Not ready to talk about the other kind of fertilization yet. ;)
Froggy Goes to Bed by Jonathan London (Froggy uses all of his tactics to not go to bed. Finally, mom goes to sleep reading a bedtime story. Froggy tells her good night and goes to sleep. What I didn't like, was when Mom would tell Froggy it was time for bath, bed, etc. He would answer with "Wh-a-a-a-a-t?" That is not an appropriate answer in our house and we talked about how Froggy was not answering nicely.)
Over in the Meadow by John Langstaff
A Boy, A Dog, A Frog and A Friend by Mercer and Marianna Mayer (This sketch book has no words. I'll let DS make up the story.)

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Re: Books

Unread post by mommameier »

With A Boy, a Dog, and a Frog (by Mercer Meyer), because there are no words, we let DD tell her version of the story and we wrote it down and made a little book. If time/skill allows, the child could write their own story on appropriately lined paper.
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Re: #22 - Frog

Unread post by Yodergoat »

We borrowed a set of tiny frog counters from the library, and used these to explore addition and subtraction concepts. We also made patterns with them, as they had varying stripes/spots/colors on their backs. We had a great afternoon doing this, lots of fun and learning! There were 63 frogs, which was really too many and overwhelming.

If you can't borrow frog counters, an alternative might be to buy a couple of those bags of little plastic frogs from the Dollar Tree or similar store for $1 each. I think there may be ten frogs in a bag, so a couple of bags might have enough for lots of math play. Good math fun and little frogs to keep for playing.
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Re: #22 - Frog

Unread post by bethinga »

We read the book, "The Berenstain Bears Forget Their Manners". It went along with the theme of using our tongues wisely. The whole bear family learns to speak kindly to one another.
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Re: #22 - Frog

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I tested the game with party blowers (frog tongue) and black dots of paper (flies) using paste, as described above. It didn't work with our blowers, because they were plastic, instead of paper. Remembering the saying, "You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar", I tested it with honey on the party blowers. I dipped them in honey, and it worked! That phrase really goes with our unit, too! I plan on making it a game by reading them a Bible verse from the frog unit, and having them tell me the meaning. After they tell the meaning, they can try to catch some flies. Or, I may have them tell me some kind words before each try. I have some plastic frogs from the dollar store to give them as rewards, too.

P.S. Don't try this with vinegar! Lol! Thinking I could stretch the metaphor by trying it with vinegar, too, I tested this out. It splashed vinegar into my eyes. Yeah, I won't be trying that with the children. ;)
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Re: #22 - Frog

Unread post by bethinga »

3 more verses which go well with this unit,

Ephesians 4:15, "Speak the truth in love...."

Proverbs 15:1, "A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger."

Ephesians 4:19, "My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry."
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Re: #22 - Frog

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I made button peanut butter cookies with kids the day we read ch.3 "The Lost Button" in Frog and Toad Are Friends. They were really easy, fun and cute. We like to do one cooking class a unit, so this is another add in ;)

Link to instructions below. I used a Hershey kiss peanut butter cookie recipe, listed below, also:


https://m.hersheys.com/recipes/recipe-d ... 20Blossoms
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