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Re: #21 - Butterfly

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Oh what a wonderful unit...we spent 2 weeks on this unit, covering about 3 days a week of curriculum so that we could have more time to pursue additional activities and go on field trips. I thought I'd share some of our week since this has been one of my favorite units.

We did use many of the suggestions on this board and have the butterfly house. What a wonderful experience that's been. We have two butterflies that have emerged so far and 3 crysalises left.

We live in the Silicon Valley so for a field trip we went to the Cal Academy of Sciences and went into the rain forest simulation where a beautiful, large butterfly, the blue morpho, landed on my dd's head. We have read many books on how to attract butterflies to your garden based on the mfw k booklist, and plan to spend this Sunday afternoon going to our local garden center to locate flowers to attract our butterflies and plant them. We did many of the additional activities suggested in the teachers manuel and all of those listed, including our butterfly chart, which has been such a great experience to see the drawing go from small catepillars, to fat, to crysalises to now butterflies. We also did the more elobrate craft suggested for the life cycles because any excuse to use paint gets my kids extremely excited! One of the funniest things was having my children outside on a sunny morning acting out the stages of the butterfly. For the crysallis, I did wrap them in tp and let them "break through" which was very fun to them and as they acted out being butterflies, we used a party favor to act as their probiscious (happened to go to a b-day party last Friday) as well as made sugar water and let them drink a tiny bit with a straw on a plate. This made them giggle.

We also made butterfly shaped soft sugar cookies, like the type you can get at the store by LoftHouse, using cake mix. It's very easy. I'll include the recipe.

Cake Mix Soft Cookies:
1 box Vanilla or White Cake Mix
2 eggs
1/3 c. oil
Pastel colored frosting (homemade or store bought)
Sprinkles (we found some pretty little butterfly ones)
Cookie Cutters in butterfly shapes (we found a 3 pack at Michael's with a tulip, daisy, and butterfly)

1. Mix cake mix, eggs and oil together in a bowl. You are basically following the directions to make cake but not adding the liquid (water or milk you'd usually use). Stir the dough until it starts to come together. You'll probably have to mix it together by hand near the end. Bunch together to form a ball.
2. Wrap in wax paper. Let chill in freezer for 10-15 minutes. Meanwhile, pre-heat the oven to 350. We learned from experience that the dough gets to warm and works better to roll with it being chilled, otherwise when you try to transfer the cut outs to a baking sheet they fall apart.
3. Roll the dough sandwiched between to sheets of wax paper, about 18" long into a rectangle about 1/2 inch thick. Use cookie cutters to cut into cookies, fitting in as many as you can. Ball up the left over scraps and roll out again. Repeat until you are out of dough to roll. You should get about 18 medium sized cookies.
3. Bake for 12 minutes in pre-heated oven. Allow to cool on cooling rack before attempting to frost.
4. Frost with pastel colored frosting and add assorted sprinkles. We used Betty Crockers Strawberry frosting and some McCornmick butterfly shaped sprinkles in pastel colors.

These cookies were just as soft and tasty as the ones sold by lofthouse at the store and quite easy to roll. Very simple and quick recipe to do with the children. My dd helped to stir dough, shape it together, pre-heat oven, frost and decorate cookies.

I also wanted to add that I was so impressed with the Bible stories and Bible verses we covered in this unit in God making us a new creation in Christ. This is concept so dear to my heart as a born again Christian and everything we did illustrated this so beautifully. I'm glad my dd is able to grasp such priceless Biblical truth. As we approach the last 6 weeks of K, I can't begin to express how much growth in understanding of the Bible and the nature of God she's gained. It's such a blessing, and she is thrilled beyond words to be able to spell God and is genuinely excited about learning to read her own Bible next year!
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Re: #21 - Butterfly

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For the butterfly unit, we used many fun materials to make a Butterfly Life Cycle craft.

Background paper: sturdy, white, watercolor paper
Leaf: Each child drew a leaf, and we cut them out
Egg: Drop of hot glue, cooled, painted white
Caterpillar: Kids drew a caterpillar on felt, and we cut them out. Black permanent marker dots for eyes.
Chrysalis: Cotton ball, stretched a bit and shaped, wrapped in green tissue paper and clear gift wrap tape, then taped to a twig from outside.

Butterfly: This craft was mentioned in the Teacher Guide, but we did it on a smaller scale, so it'd fit our Cycle page. Have the kids wet a piece of paper with water, (we used half a sheet of plain, white copy paper, folded in half, and painted water onto both sides.) Then, kids paint one side with spots of color. Fold the paper in half and press. When you unfold it, the colors have transfered to the other side! Cut into butterfly wing shapes. Popsicle stick for the middle.

My daughter's buttefly worked really well. My son's butterfly didn't transfer all the blue (he wanted solid blue), so he painted all of it blue. Both are lovely, I think. :)
Dd's Butterfly craft
Dd's Butterfly craft
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Ds's Butterfly craft
Ds's Butterfly craft
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