#12 - Goat

If you are using God's Creation From A to Z, please share your ideas with us.
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#12 - Goat

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Lesson #12 Goat
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Book & Project idea for Goat unit

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I found a book called "The Goat in the Rug" that is told from the perspective of a Navajo mohair goat. The story follows the goat from a "hair cut" through cleaning, carding, spinning, dyeing and the weaving of a Navajo rug. After reading it to my son, I got out the potholder frame and loops and taught him some basics of how to weave. He made two potholders that day and has another in the works. Since this unit doesn't have alot of hands-on activities this may be one to add if you have an active learner!
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Some books we used:
Farm Animals by Katie Daynes
Goats by Jason Cooper
Farm Animals by DK, photos by Philip Dowell
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One book we found and really enjoyed was Beatrice's Goat by Page McBrier. It is about a girl and her family in Uganda who receive a gift of a goat and how it changes their lives. The girl is able to go to school, the children receive nutrition, they are able to make money to survive and get clothes, food, etc. It is a true story about the Heifer Project and it's impact about around the world. It was a good conversation starter with my children. Just wanted to share.
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Printable coloring page

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Here is a coloring page that I printed...so we would have little more for the goat lessons!
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Goat Unit Idea

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We watched a "farm animal" video from the library, "Milk Cow, Eat Cheese." It takes kids through the whole process -from milking cows to making cheese and ice cream.

Also Gospel for Asia has a neat program that allows you to buy livestock for families in poverty, and a goat is one of the gifts that you can give. The website lets you read about the ways these families will be able to utilize the goat and also has an online video clip that shows how much it can mean to a family.

If interested in more info. the link for Gospel For Asia is here: http://gfa.org/gift

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Fun books to read:

G is for Goat and Oh, Look! by Patricia Polacco
Gordon in Charge by Jill Newton
Bill Grogan's Goat, adapted by Mary Ann Hoberman
Three Billy Goats Gruff by Thea Kliros

Non-fiction books with good pictures: Life on a Goat Farm by Judy Wolfman and Farm Animals: Goats by Emily K. Green

Happy reading!
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Names of Mommy's and Babies

Unread post by Kirsty »

Enchanted Learning has a fantastic list of the names of creatures, male, female and young
Great resource for whenever!
http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjec ... bies.shtml
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Unread post by kellybell »

Posted: Thu May 10, 2007 10:41 pm

Field trip idea:

Goat Farm
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Unread post by Ariasarias »

mom2h wrote:Does anyone have a quick link for some black and white line drawings of animals to make the popsicle stick puppets? A picture page for this could be used for matching game THEN cutting practice for the puppets.
Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 12:04 am

I used www.first-school.ws for black and white drawings of animals to print out.
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Unread post by Tracey in ME »

I printed these and made farm animal stick puppets. Scroll to bottom of page. I used cardstock to help them be more stiff.

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Day 1 info book:

700 Kids on Grandpa's Farm, by Ann Morris.

Goats by Jason Cooper (part of the Barnyard Friends series published by Rourke Book Co)


Using this lesson with my autism child..... (but really, this hands on activity would be good with any child in my opinion)

I knew this lesson was going to be difficult because of the integrated Bible lessons. I prayed for some time before this lesson. On Day 1 of the unit, the Lord gave me an idea.

I thought I'd try to find a toy goat, but didn't have one in the Fisher Price Farm and Barn.
Earlier in the year, my older girls made Ivory soap carvings as part of one of the art/crafts in ECC.
I declared the soap figure to be a goat.
While reading the day's Bible lesson, I put the "goat" on the table. We had a piece of paper with the word "sins" on it. We placed the sins on the goat and led it off the table.

It was really great that the soap was white and clean. It drove home the point for my "kid" (pun intended) that the goat was clean until sins were put on and that Jesus was clean too.

Just want to encourage any of you teaching an autism child that God will help you along the way as you teach His truth to them.

Also we got to visit a petting zoo to see a goat. My child was a little nervous, but she sat with her daddy and looked.

Field trip idea if you just happen to be in Indiana -- go to the Appleworks in Morgan county.

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Goat Books We Liked

Unread post by FreshKid »

Oh, Look, Patricia Polacco
Gordon in Charge, Jill Newton
Life on a Goat Farm by Judy Wolfman. This is life on a goat farm. It is told through the eyes of a child who lives on a goat farm.
The Queen's Goat, by Margaret Mahy
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Re: #12 - Goat

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We finished this unit several weeks ago, but I wanted to post a book that I thought was awesome and can be used through the "farm" animal units and even has some "wild animals" that would work for the "wild" animal units (#15-18)

(The Bible Discovery Collection) Bible Animals by Bruce B. Barton, D.Min. (Tyndale House Pub.)

In each "chapter", it gives information about each animal and how it was used in Bible times.


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Re: #12 - Goat

Unread post by liz217 »

We are behind so we just wrapped up G-g Goat. Our library is very limited so we could not find the recommended books.
A couple of books we really enjoyed:
Hattie the Goat by Abigail Pizer - A really cute story about a mischievous goat.
All About Farm Animals by Brenda Cook - I liked the way this was written, explained the roles of several animals on the farm, and how the farmer and his family takes care of them. The wording was thorough enough to be informative but not to wordy so as to bore young ones. My son smiled through most of this book and even my 3 yr old DD sat through it listening intently.

We read the Usborne Book of Farm Animals, but I had to skip a few sentences in each section. After it told you what a male and female of each species were called, it talked about how babies are made (in more detail than my 5 year old needs to know right now). Other than that it was ok.

We also read Mountain Goats by Billy Ivy just before reading Three Billy Goats Gruff. We talked about the differences between goats that are raised on a farm and mountain goats.

For day 6 we read Beatrice's Goat, and then talked about people who don't have enough money for food, school etc. Then I showed him the Gospel For Asia website (which is linked in this thread). He was excited about buying a pair of goats and a pair of chickens for a needy family.

Now that it is in the 50s here we can make a field trip to a farm soon. :)
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Re: #12 - Goat

Unread post by kanderson »

I read aloud to my children the book Charlotte's Web it goes along well into the next unit as well since it's about farm life.
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Re: #12 - Goat

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I found a book today at our library that I had NO idea was such an excellent resource for information about Goats! its called Billy and Nanny The twin Goats by Paul Witty. it is an OLD book. copyright 1953. but its written to go along side an Encyclopedia Brittanica film series. it even has questions in the back to ask your children to see if they were listening and what they have learned from the book! my daughter LOVED that it was about 2 little baby goats. LOL she is a typical 5 year old girl that LOVES babies!it talks about how goats grow, how to care for goats and such. Really an excellent resource if you can find it! Hoping our library does not do away with it anytime soon. :) if they do I hope they allow me to buy it!! LOL
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Re: #12 - Goat

Unread post by psalm126mama »

Mister Roger's Neighborhood - Free with mazon prime or $1.99 per episode

The Best of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Season 5, Ep. 10 "Caring for the Environment (#1620) Making Toys from Throw-Aways"

Mister Rogers makes a puppet show using boxes and materials that would have been thrown away and Mr. McFeely brings a real goat to visit. The Make-Believe garbage problem is solved with the cooperation of many people.
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Re: #12 - Goat

Unread post by lea_lpz »

allison wrote:One book we found and really enjoyed was Beatrice's Goat by Page McBrier. It is about a girl and her family in Uganda who receive a gift of a goat and how it changes their lives. The girl is able to go to school, the children receive nutrition, they are able to make money to survive and get clothes, food, etc. It is a true story about the Heifer Project and it's impact about around the world. It was a good conversation starter with my children. Just wanted to share.
We also truly enjoyed this book. The look on my daughter's face of just understanding and her eyes opening to see what other children experienced was just priceless. Not only that, but the character of Beatrice is also a wonderfull and great to emphasize to your child, such as how even though she didn't think a goat would be usefull she trusted her mother when she said she would be wonderfull and responded to her mother respectfully. Also, she had an appreciation for school and yearned to have an education. These are two areas we struggle in at home with my very strong willed daughter, and so the book emphasized these things beautifully.
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Re: #12 - Goat

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I made this youtube playlist for Goat that my kids have really loved, it has letter G videos and silly goat videos and songs.


https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... wY30MQ_tAv
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