# 5 - Nest

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Re: Question about edible nests for K

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oohh... cool.
I haven't seen them in a bag before but a quick google search shows that popular brands of the bagged variety include:
china boy (found at walmart)

Lam's brand (location??)
and Annie Chun (which is at walgreens) brands come in a box, it looks like...

went to walmart. la choy brand is also in bags. and La Choy had a substitute that looks yummy.. crunchy rice noodles.

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Re: Question about edible nests for K

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Just a little update.
First of all, thank you all for your replies.
Yes, I did know what Chow Mein noodles are, it was my hubby that was confused and I was still sleeping when he called. I had thought about using pretzel sticks and I still might. I decided to NOT make them to go with their muffin tins on Monday for lunch. I decided to see if I can find the noodles when we go shopping. We used to have a bag of them but ended up getting rid of them a while ago because we never used them and they got stale. Whether or not we find them I will be making them with the girls tomorrow or Friday for our Kids and a Mom in the Kitchen day. (For A-Apple we made applesauce cake one week and apple crisp the other, yum yum).

If we don't find them we will use the pretzels. I guess I should have just asked if pretzels could be substituted.
Thank you everyone.
I do love the idea of using nutella. We just recently were introduced to it and we love it.
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Re: # 5 - Nest

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We couldn't use the edible nest recipe in the teacher's manual due to allergies to chocolate and nuts o we used this one instead:

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Re: # 5 - Nest

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We started K in January and the timing for the Nest unit is wonderful. We've been watching several nests that have cameras broadcasting live at UStream. The Decorah bald eagles are incubating three eggs and every once in a while we get to see them gently turning the eggs. There's a Great Horned Owl nest in Oklahoma City with three owlets. And just today I found a feed for a nest that a hummingbird is currently building.

There's a bald eagle nest not too far from us that is visible from the road, so we'll have to drive by and point that out to Hannah so she can see just how big their nests are.
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