# 3 - Leaf

If you are using God's Creation From A to Z, please share your ideas with us.
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I just found this page:
http://www.first-school.ws/activities/a ... leaves.htm

It has some ideas for "L is for Leaf"

Here is a simple tracer page for writing practice:

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Re: Tree Mural

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ljudah07 wrote:We found a great way to make "I will live and grow in Jesus" come alive.
On a large sheet of butcher paper, draw the outline of a tree trunk and branches. Then cut a hole large enough for your child's face to fit in somewhere between the branches. We decorated our tree by tearing pieces of brown construction paper and putting them in mosaic form on the trunk and branches. Then we cut out leaf shapes and pasted them on the tree. When the mural is complete, hang it in a doorway and let your child peer through the hole and repeat "I will live and grow in Jesus". Then take pictures!!

It was great fun.
We took this project a step further. After making the tree and taking the dc pics with it, I hung it on the closet door in our "classroom". It could also be hung on the child's bedroom door or other appropriate place. Then, during the apple unit that we just completed, we cut out and added paper apples with the fruits of the spirit and our family's names written on them. Then we cut out two yellow birds (one per child), added feathers, google eyes, etc. and put them on the tree as well. We did this instead of the suggested yellow bird in a tree project listed in the TM. My dd then stood in front of the tree and acted out the yellow bird poem in the TM as I read it.

My dc then decided they want to add a nest with eggs to the tree under the birds for the next unit-Nests. My ds also wants to add turtles at the base of the tree during the Turtle unit. This project just keeps growing.

So far this K program has been great fun and I look forward to more fun to come.

I may post a picture when this project is complete, if I can figure out how.
Unit 3 Tree Mural for MFW K 2009.JPG
Unit 3 Tree Mural for MFW K 2009.JPG (25.4 KiB) Viewed 15014 times
Here is our completed project.

We used dollar store fabric leaves instead of cutting them ourselves. And I think the apple, bird and turtle templates all came from the dtlk kids web site. My ds didn't want to put eggs in his nest and they both used feathers of their choice for the birds and google eyes for both the birds and turtles. The hole in the middle is where they could stick their heads through when it was in the door way for the pictures.

The project was a lot of fun and my dc really enjoyed it. I think I'm going to try to leave it up all year if I can.
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Re: L-l-leaf ideas

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Tuesday wrote:
We then watched a Tell Me Why video about flowers and plants.
I just wanted to warn that we watched the "Tell Me Why" video on Flowers, Plants and Trees and found that evolution was mentioned numerous times. Especially in the beginning.
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Re: leaves

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joyfulmom wrote:I'm new to MFW and I am doing K and ECC. Both programs have the children collecting leaves and keeping them. What is the best way to do this? Do you glue them onto paper? Do you need to cover them with anything to keep them from falling apart with time?

I have dried, pressed leaves ready to go for both girls, but I don't know what to do with them. Thanks,
I've found the best way to do it is to glue them to paper and then put it in a page protector or cover the paper with clear contact paper.

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Re: leaves

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We, too, pressed & glued them to paper. We put them in page protectors and they're doing well. You could also just do the craft where you put them in between two pieces of wax paper with crayon shavings & melt it with the iron (make sure you put something under the craft and not just over it. I messed up my ironing board cover!). My kids LOVE having their stained glass leaves hang in our window.
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Re: #3 Leaf - please help explain Bible concept

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karlafoisy wrote:LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this K curriculum. Thanks Hazells for creating it.

I have a quick question. Tomorrow, I will be making the leaf badges to our kids, and we will be discussing what it means to "live and grow in Jesus". How did you guys explain that in a way that makes sense to a K? That seems like such an abstract concept. If we say that we live if we are in Jesus, then the opposite is to die, and they don't know what that means outside of physical death, but they realize that is not true. Any ideas?
If I remember correctly ( my youngest are in 4th now), the concept is that without Jesus in our life we do not grow and live on the inside. I remember explaining that who we really are, what we like, how we are different, what we are good at is because of who we are on the inside ( or our spirit) and that real part of us can not live or grow into what we should be and what God meant us to be without Jesus. Just like the leaf can not grow or be what God meant it to be apart from the plant.

It is a mature concept but what I've found is that my kids can grasp concepts about God sometimes easier than I can because they can accept it on faith. My kids have such a strong foundation and understanding of who God is, in large part because we have used MFW. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised when you teach the concept. They'll get it.
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Re: #3 Leaf - please help explain Bible concept

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What's really neat is that in the next lesson --- you talk about If I stay in Jesus I will have much fruit. So, remember that you'll have some time to develop this lesson with the next one and make more connections about growing in faith, and character.

So, with my youngest (who has autism, and all of this language stuff is hard, and any abstract is hard) -- I had to lean on the Spirit to touch her the right way. I used the concept to show the abstract, but I think it was God who "revealed" the abstract to her.

I didn't go with the opposites comparison approach of live vs. die. I focused on growth and living, and hugging Jesus. Here's something I wrote last year....

Aug 10, 2008 4:04 pm
MFW K with autism

L L Leaf

We again used very simple text and many pictures in the books we found for trees. I made a large picture of a tree (on easel paper) showing leaves, branches, trunk and roots. I made another picture of a Jesus tree and put my daughter’s picture on the Jesus tree. We wrote our words – I will live and grow in Jesus. For Jesus tree we just traced a picture from a Children’s Bible and took some artistic liberties to show His hands and arms as branches, etc.

Again, we covered it in prayer.

We played outside in a few trees. My daughter enjoyed hanging upside down in a tree. Every opportunity to tell her "I will live and grow in Jesus".

She enjoys playing with crushed leaves and crushed grass. I would just simply say: that leaf is away from its tree, it did not keep growing.

hope something sparks some ideas....
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Re: #3 Leaf - please help explain Bible concept

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Thanks ladies,
I got these responses after I had already discussed the plant and lonely leaf with them. But I read the verses, from Psalm and Jeremiah, with them out of the Kids' Study Bible, and it included some great questions that really got them thinking. One of the questions was, "How are we like a tree/plant that is close to water?" Some of their answers were, "Because water helps the plant grow, and God gives us what we need to live and grow." Of course, I wonder if they are just giving pat answers, so I asked, what does it mean to live and grow?" and one of the kids said, "We try to love Jesus, and we will be happier than if we are selfish and do what we want to do." And I thought, "Okay, I couldn't explain it any better than that. We'll stop here for now."
So, thank you for your encouragement, and I look forward to helping them to see what it looks like to love Jesus practically when we talk about the Fruit of the Spirit."
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Re: # 3 - Leaf

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The books we used for L-l-Leaf were:

Johnny Maple-Leaf : Tresselt, Alvin R.
Look what I did with a leaf! : Sohi, Morteza E.
Fall is for friends : Spafford, Suzy. (Just a cute story that we enjoyed together.)
Why Do Leaves Change Color? : Maestro, Betsy. (Excellent)
Fletcher and the falling leaves : Rawlinson, Julia. (DD's very favorite)
The apple pie tree : Hall, Zoe
The tale of three trees : a traditional folktale : Hunt, Angela Elwell (Mommy's favorite)
Leaf Man : Ehlert, Lois. (One of DD's favorites.)
I am a leaf : Marzollo, Jean.
It could still be a tree : Fowler, Allan. (This one fit into the lesson so nicely.)
Leaves : Stein, David Ezra.
Leaf jumpers : Gerber, Carole.
Be a friend to trees : Lauber, Patricia.
Leaves! Leaves! Leaves! : Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth. (The best informational book we found.)
Once there was a tree : Romanova, Natalia.
Leaf trouble : Emmett, Jonathan. (One of DD's favorites)
The little yellow leaf : Berger, Carin. (Beautifully illustrated, sweet, touching story)

Hope this list helps someone :)
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Re: # 3 - Leaf

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Mister Roger's Neighborhood on amazon on demand (free with amazon prime or $1.99 per episode)

Season 4, Ep. 1 "Families (#1551) How People Make Orange Juice"
"While planting a seed, Mister Rogers talks about how long it takes for plants to grow and that learning to wait is important. He shows a video about how people make orange juice. In Make- Believe, Cousin Mary is planning a visit."

Season 2001, Ep. 1 "#1761 - Celebrating the Arts - All About Trees"
"Admiring trees and how they grow from seeds, Mister Rogers is inspired to draw an oak tree. In Make-Believe, Prince Tuesday at first is upset with his drawing of the Eiffel Tower, but his neighbors like it and help him appreciate it."
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Re: # 3 - Leaf

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Re: # 3 - Leaf

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Re: # 3 - Leaf

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On Netflix Streaming:

Sid the Science Kid: Feeling Good Inside & Out, Episode 4 - Don't forget the leaves - "Everybody thinks flowers are special, but Sid wants to know what makes leaves special. When he and his friends investigate, they discover that leaves are food for animals, provide shade and help make nutrients so that flowers and trees can grow."
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Re: # 3 - Leaf

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As we find ourselves doing the Leaf unit in early summer, I'm focusing more on the nature of leaves, trees, and other plants, instead of falling leaves and changing seasons. With that in mind, we're planting a flower garden, instead of doing the leaf collection. I'm taking pictures along the way. (We also found many interesting books in the library about identifying trees by their leaves.)

First, we weeded the much-neglected flower bed in front of our house, then removed most of the rocks. Next, we purchased pretty rocks, from a nearby stone supply store, with which to build a border. Today, we purchased organic soil, and asked questions at the garden supply store about how to help our soil grow healthier.

We read in Ruth Graham's "Step into the Bible" children's devotional, "Good Soil" (based on Matt.13:3-8, Mark 4:3-8, and Luke 8:5-8), and "Seeds of Faith" (based on Matt. 13:31-32). This week, we plan to purchase our flowers and plant them!

This has been such good timing! I've never been much of a gardener, but have been wanting to do a garden with the kids. I knew if I was going to do a flower bed this season, I had to start now. I didn't have time to do both the leaf collection and the flower bed, so we just took advantage of the theme, and worked in the garden instead. I've been learning right along with the kids!
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Re: # 3 - Leaf

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More GREAT books about trees and leaves:

Meeting Trees by Scott R. Sanders (A boy and his father wander around in the forest identifying trees, leaves, seeds, and bark. Beautiful illustrations and story-like narrative introduce facts about leaves and trees in a gentle way, while also focusing on the special time between father and son.)

Crinkleroot's Guide to Knowing the Trees by Jim Arnosky (A funny little old man with a walking stick and long beard guides us through the forest learning about the trees he calls his friends. We learn about the different types of trees, stages of a tree's growth, and many other introductory facts. Pretty illustrations, and whimsical feel. Like having a guide on a nature walk.)

Poetrees by Douglas Florian (My 5 yo son enjoys reading and re-reading these factual, but whimsical poems about many unusual trees. Watercolor illustrations are strange, but intriguing. We found ourselves looking up facts about the Dragon Tree and Banyan trees, because the poems peaked our curiosity!)
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Re: # 3 - Leaf

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We took our best leaf rubbings this week and painted over them with watercolors. They turned out so beautiful, my ds is helping put them in frames we found at the thrift store and giving them to grandparents, aunts, and uncles for Christmas gifts! Just a thought for a neat kid-made project that really looks amazing on the walls!
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baking powder biscuits - Bee Tree

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hsm wrote:Does anyone have a good and simple recipe for baking powder biscuits? The book activity for The Bee Tree is to make baking powder biscuits but there isn't a recipe included. I know I can google a recipe but thought I would see if someone already made them and would like to share their recipe?
I use Bisquick and just use the recipe for biscuits that is on the Bisquick box. They are very simple and quite tasty with honey or jam on them. :-)
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Re: baking powder biscuits - Bee Tree

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I'm not sure if baking powder biscuits are something special or not. We make a bisquick substitute and use it for biscuits, waffles, & pancakes. My husband did not like it the one time I used half wheat flour/half white! I thought it was fine though. :)

Biscuit Mix (Bisquick Substitute)

8 C. flour
8 t. sugar
2 t. salt
1/3 C. baking powder
2 t. cream of tartar
1 C. powdered milk
1 ¾ C. shortening

Sift dry ingredients three times. Then cut in the shortening. Pack in air tight container. (I just dump it all in the kitchenaid and it works perfectly!)

Biscuits Ratio: 1 C. mix to 1/3 C. water. Mix and bake 450° for 10-12 minutes.
Pancakes: 2 C. mix; 1 ¼ C. milk; 2 eggs; 2 T. sugar; 2 T. oil
Waffles: 2 C. mix; 2 T. oil; 1 egg; 1 1/3 C. milk
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Re: baking powder biscuits - Bee Tree

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Thank you!! I knew I could count on this board :)
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