# 2 - Moon

If you are using God's Creation From A to Z, please share your ideas with us.
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# 2 - Moon

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Lesson # 2 Moon

Story about my son; book recommendation

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Author: Sabrina
Date: 6/26/2001

We couldn't wait to start MFWK until this coming school year so I started it as soon as we got it. I knew we would be taking a break from school this summer to rest and do needed repairs on the house so I have worried a little that we'd have to start all over again in mid-July, but I'm not so sure we will. My ds (just turned 5 3 months ago) is constantly talking about letters and numbers, what sound this letter makes what that one's name is etc.!

On Sunday I found out again how much he is retaining when his SS teacher told me that at circle time Nat asked if they could make a "half moon" circle instead. He then proceeded to place the chairs in a "half moon" circle! I guess the phases of the moon made a real impression! :)

By the way, "Tell Me Why the Moon Changes Shape", is a really good book for info. on the moon at an easy level. It even includes a few experiments and a recipe for Moon Rock Cookies! We checked it out of our library and enjoyed it very much!
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Moon Rocks

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Author: Lisa Dickinson
Date: 9/26/2002

take a walk with your kids outdoors to collect rocks
bring them inside, wash them , spread out newspaper for kids to paint their moon rocks with FLOURESCENT Tempera Paint and decorate with glow in the dark stickers.

* have a Nightime Moon rock hunt outdoors
* indoors, hide the rocks, turn out the lights and find the moon rocks!
Have fun!!


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Author: Lisa
Date: 9/28/2002 3:03 pm PDT


this site The US NAVAL observatory website- was linked to http://www.zoomschool.com - solar system stuff (ETA: Look under 'Astronomy')! Look for the link under Moon and then other links...
enter your date and location, city state...it will give you the details and phase of the moon!

To add some pizzaz to our moon phases I drew the phases and the boys painted them in with bright sparkle glow in dark paint from Crayola.

For art we are also doing a 2 page layout for each weeks lesson, recording what we did with photos, smaller scans of books we read, art work etc... Mom really likes this part of schooling!

Moon Cake

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We have been enjoying our Mm-Moon week spread out over two weeks because of several activities we have going these two weeks. So today we made the moon cake recipe . Both of my boys loved it - they are 5 & 8. We looked at a book from the library that showed actual pictures of the moon's surface and then made the cake. While it was baking my 5yo went to get the little phases of the moon booklet we made last week to show Dad. He remembered them all even - crescent. I was impressed and so was Dad!

So here's the recipe in case anyone else wants to try it. Sorry I don't know who to give credit it to - I only printed the recipe.

Moon Cake

Mix and bake in a 9 inch round cake pan.

Moon Sand:
1 1/2 c. flour
1/2 c. brown sugar
1/2 c. sugar
1 tsp. salt
4 T. cocoa

Form 3 craters in the moon sand, one large crater in the center and one medium crater and one small crater anywhere on the moon sand.

Add 1 tsp. baking soda to the medium crater.
Add 5 T melted butter to the large crater.
Add 1 tsp. vanilla to the small crater.

Pour 1 T. vinegar into the medium crater and watch it bubble like a volcano.

When foam stops, add 1 c. milk and mix together to form moon mud.

Sprinkle with 3/4 c. miniature marshmallows (moon rocks).

Bake at 350 for 35 minutes or until toothpick in center comes out clean.

More Activities for Goodnight Moon

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Here are some more activities you can use when reading Goodnight Moon.

Listening/Memory Skills: Have the child listen and try to recall what the bunny told goodnight. (You can make a list on paper.)

Art: Using black construction paper and white chalk, have the child draw black and white pictures like the ones in the book.

Language: Read the story and have child listen for words that rhyme.
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We enjoyed the All About the Moon video by Space Science for Children. And these books:

Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me by Eric Carle
Happy Birthday Moon by Frank Asch
Mooncake by Frank Asch
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We got Daddy involved by having him help us make the 4+ ft. sun, as detailed on Day 3. (which used up all our yellow construction paper for the year!) We then went to our local elementary school's football field. Since we knew the field was 300 ft. we only had to measure 161 ft. to get the right distance between sun & earth.
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6 boys, 1 girl + 1 long-awaited baby sister
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Phases of the moon craft project

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Here is a link to a phases of the moon art project with templates.

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Space activities and crafts

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Here is a link to all kinds of space crafts.

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Illustration for moon phases

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To help my kids understand the different phases of the moon, I found a small yellow ball and painted half of it black. Then I designated an object to be the earth (we used a blow-up globe but any object will do) and another object to be the sun. I held the "moon" between the sun and earth so that the yellow side was facing the sun and the black side was facing the earth. We could then see that from the earth, all of the moon was in shadow, so we could not actually see it in the sky. Then, I slowly moved the moon around the earth, keeping the yellow and black sides in the appropriate places, and we could see the waxing crescent appear and then grow to the first quarter, waxing gibbous, full, etc. It was a great illustration that really helped us all to understand why the moon's appearance changes.
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Very good book

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I wanted to share the title of an excellent book to use with this unit:
"Night Light" by Dana Meachen Rau
It is right on the Kindergarten level, but not dumbed down. The pictures are engaging and informative.

I highly recommend this book to anyone on the Moon unit. :-)

God bless!
God bless ~
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Here are some of our very favorite reads from m m moon :)

Papa, Please get the Moon for Me by Eric Carle
The Night the Moon Blew Kisses by Lynn Manuel

The "bear" books by Frank Asch: Happy Birthday, Moon, Moongame, and Moon Cake

We also enjoyed The Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System
Note on the MSB books: sometimes I have to edit the content a little, but dd loves Miss Frizzle!
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If you like contemporary Christian music, you might want to listen to
Salvador's Shine. The lyrics of the chorus go nicely with the overall theme of the moon lessons.

(thanks to a local friend of mine for sharing that after hearing it on the radio after the eclipse a few mornings ago. neat huh?)

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A great book!

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The Moon Seems to Change by Franklyn M. Branley is a great book for this unit. Great illustrations, great ways of describing how the moon orbits the earth.
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Lunar Eclipse Learning

Unread post by Julie - Staff »

Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2008 4:02 pm
Author: dhudson

We too watched the lunar eclipse and it was a great chance to remind the kids about the MFWK lesson regarding Jesus being the Sun and that we are the Moon. We don't have any light of ourselves but we are only able to reflect Jesus light. It's been several years since we used MFWK but it was great to re-visit. As the kids are older, we were able to discuss the things that stop us from reflecting the light of Jesus and make us "dark". It was totally unplanned but provided much insight into their hearts and enabled us to have a conversation that we wouldn't have otherwise.

On another strand someone was asking why she should use MFWK, but I think this is it for me. It's not about the academics (although they are great),it's not about the hands-on activities (we love those too), but it's about heart training and giving our children a firm biblical foundation which, in the end, is all that matters. Years after my kids used MFWK, they are still remembering those simple lessons. Thanks, MFW we are blessed by what you do.


Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2008 4:10 pm
Author: MJ in IL

We discussed that last night too. My mom had called and wanted the kids to explain the difference between a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse (I don't think it was a test; I think she thought it would be interesting to hear their explanations.) AS a part of his explanation, my son told her about the moon not having a light of its own but that it only reflects the light of the sun.

I later reminded him about the K lesson and how this works in our lives too. It was fun reminiscing! I agree that the K curriculum does a great job of teaching to the hearts of our children!

[more at http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php?p=36803 ]
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Just some ideas on how I used the Moon lesson with my 6 year old autism child.

Moon –

With my autistic kid, I got a bit creative with the flashlight. She was enjoying playing with the flashlight. I just continued to say Jesus is the Light of the World to her.

One day while she was playing in the tub, I decided to do the K lessons with her. I kept it to very simple sentences. I started with the flashlight shining in the tub and then the flashlight shining off the mirror into the tub.
Out loud I said: flashlight. Mirror light!! Flashlight! Mirror Light!
Then after a few rounds of that:
I adjusted my script with my observations:
Sun light is bright like the flashlight
Moon light reflects back like the mirror light.
Then more adjustments
Jesus is the flashlight of the world
I am the mirror light of Jesus.

Then I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to make it make sense.

In general -- we're doing ok with the science lessons. We read very simple picture books about the topic and look for creative ways to demonstrate the lessons. Lots of prayer.

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MFW K Moon Activity Idea

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We just began our M-m Moon week and we came across a fun activity in a book that I checked out from the library. The book is called Moon by Steve Tomecek. It's a National Geographic book for younger kids. In the back was the idea to put flour in a pan and drop pebbles into it. The flour is the moon dust, and the pebbles make craters. We also then used the flour to do our tactile letter activity by drawing m's in the flour. Ok, so this was a little messy, especially since my two and a half year old had to be in on the fun. But what good is Kindergarten without a little mess. My kiddos did this activity for a half hour and had a blast. Just thought I would share in case anyone else would enjoy another hands-on activity for the Moon! It's so much more fun to write m's in "moon dust"!
Michelle in WA wrote:We really enjoyed this book too! There is also one in the series on the Sun. Good activities in there as well.
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Moon Books

Unread post by FreshKid »

We finished the Moon unit on Wednesday. I don't think he is "getting" the "I am the light of the world" as being a reflection of Jesus. He keeps saying the moon reflects Jesus. I think it is too deep of a concept for him. I tried to explain it as "we should try to be like Jesus and show his love. So, when we have "situations" with little sister or playmates, I ask him if he is being like Jesus.
Some of the moon books we used were: (Apologies if they have been mentioned before)
Moon, Sun, and Stars by John Lewellen
Night Goes By by Kate Spohn
Catching the Moon by Myla Goldberg
Regards to the Man in the Moon by Ezra Jack Keats (this one was in the sun unit too. I asked DS to pack up the library books keep out the moon ones. He kept this one ... I guess he really does pay attention!)
If You Decide to Go to the Moon by Faith McNulty (This is a good one to try to act out. We read it twice. Once early in our lessons and once when the plans called for discussing what to take on a trip to the moon. The second time, we used our playhut...think 2 1/2 foot bottomless cube with a pyramid shape on top ... as our space ship and when we got to the countdown in our book, I lifted the frame off the ground. This book was another testament to reading more than just on book day. There is a page where it tells you to look for the astronaut camp, I didn't think the Apollo flag was in the picture, but DS found it on the second read. Somethings you don't pick up on the first time. There is also a fold-out page (makes a 4-page spread) towards the end with a beautiful mural of sea animals, people, trees, land animals, and water. A great follow-up to the creation unit.)

While still in the sun unit, we came across an episode of Mythbusters where they were testing myths surrounding the first lunar landing. They had some real photos and talked about the environment of the moon. It wasn't real in-depth, but was very interesting.

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Crater Cake from Family Fun Magazine...

Unread post by jenniferblake »

We made the moon cake recipe above (and added pecans as well) and it was amazingly YUMMY!

I happened upon this Crater Cake after the fact at Family Fun Magazine's website. Thought it might interest someone along the way.

http://jas.familyfun.go.com/recipefinde ... y?id=50070[/url]
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Unread post by Buttercup78 »

Posted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 7:29 am

Summer Moon Illusion - June 18-21!
Beginning this Wednesday night, June 18th through June 21st, step outside with your little ones at sunset and look around. You'll see a giant moon rising in the east. It will look like Earth's moon with the usual craters and shadows - but something will be different. This full moon will be strangely inflated. It's huge! It's the "Summer Moon Illusion." You can find more information about this phenomenon at: NASA: Summer Moon Illusion.

While observing this big, beautiful, mysterious full moon be sure to talk about what you see:
  • What shape is the moon?
    What color is it?
    Does the moon look smooth or rough?
    Is the moon low or high in the sky?
    Is the moon close or far away?
    Is the moon big or little?
    Is the moon bright or dull?
    Is the moon light or dark?
Talking about your observations helps your child to understand concepts such as comparing and contrasting opposites -- all important skills for language arts development.

While you're at it, try to think of words that rhyme with the word "moon." For example: room, broom, spoon, zoom, noon, soon, croon, balloon -- and although not spelled the same way -- these words sound the same: June and tune. Can you think of others?

Here are some fun Moon Activities your young child may enjoy...

Paper Plate Glow In The Dark Moon
Paint one side of a white paper plate with glow-in-the- dark paint. (You can get this at craft stores.) Let it dry, then expose it to lamp-light for an hour. Put the paper plate on the wall or attach it to the ceiling and turn off the lights. Enjoy the "moonglow."

Make Moon Cookies!
Make your favorite batch of round sugar cookies. When they come out of the oven allow them to cool for about 2 minutes. Then roll them in powdered sugar, put them on racks to cool completely. Once completely cooled, roll them in powdered sugar again. Enjoy these melt-in-your-mouth Sugar Moons.

Moon Dot-To-Dot

Here's a free alphabet dot-to-dot printable of a crescent moon. Print it out, do the dot-to-dot activity, and color it in!

For more moon activities, moon recipes, a book list of wonderful "Moon Reads," some moon rhymes, and instructions on how to make "Magical Moon Rocks" read this entire article at UniversalPreschool.com.
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Re: # 2 - Moon

Unread post by homebychoice »

Here's a great way to show the moon phases.

You will need a styrofoam ball and a craft stick (really any ball and just your hands will work, but you will get the best results with a white ball I think, and not having to use your hand); and a lamp.

put the ball on the stick

now, the lamp(without the shade) will be the sun, the ball will be the moon, and your head will be the earth. hold the ball between your face and the lamp. this is like a new moon. slowly turn your body while holding the ball in front of you. the shadow will slowing move, and you will see the crescent moon, half moon, and whole moon. It is really cool to see them all so plainly!
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Re: # 2 - Moon

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We are doing some m&m activities - go to www.thevirtualvine.com and look under themes. She has a lot of m&m printables. We are going to be doing a graphing activity today, and she has one that has pictures, that you are supposed to put a m&m on the ones that start with M sound. at the bottom she has some links,one of them has a rainbow and adding activity. we are going to have fun! You can also search something like m&m learning activities.
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Re: # 2 - Moon

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We finished the moon lesson about a week ago. One of the story books we read was The Always Moon by Judith Patterson Pierson. I really liked it, because it shows that the moon isn't just at your own house, but everywhere.

The Always Moon [Hardcover]
Judith Pierson (Author), Karen Stormer Brooks (Illustrator)
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Re: # 2 - Moon

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While teaching the phases of the moon, we used Oreo cookies to demonstrate. Twisting them apart normally gives new moon and full moon, then just use a knife to spread/cut the filling to make the other phases.

After we made them and arranged them on a plate, we read a book about moon phases and ate the appropriate cookie phase as we read. Tonight we'll use them again to teach Daddy about the phases of the moon for dessert.

This works good for those kids whose "language" is food! :)
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