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Question about teaching about the sun

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kewkew34 wrote:Okay, so obviously I am not going to go into a huge amount of detail with my 5 and 4 year old girls. But as I was reading parts of the book The Sun by Seymour Simon, some questions popped into my head.

If we can't actually travel to the sun how in the world do they know the make up of the sun? You know, the core, the radiative zone, the convective zone, etc.
two major ways to do that:
1. probes and satellites. to learn more, do some research about solar space missions. plenty of those since 1959 and still being done currently. find out about what NASA does and what SOHO is.
2. spectroscopy :)
kewkew34 wrote:And how do you make sense of this:
"Around the core are two layers, the radiative zone and the convective zone, which make up most of the sun's interior. Here X rays from the core move outward toward the surface. Normally, these rays move at the speed of light-186,000 miles per second. But inside the sun, X rays are greatly slowed down by the tightly packed gases. It takes an X ray millions of years to reach the sun's surface." (emphasis added)
I make sense of it like this. the author of the children's book simplified the information. the photons still move at the speed of light, but they are moving in extremely dense material so saying it is slowed down is a relative way to understand it. the millions of years that you emphasis added.. I just know it takes longer, but not sure how it would be observably measured.
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Re: # 1 - Sun

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We made outer space play-doh. This would be a good one for a rainy or cloudy day. I bought black play-doh but there is also a recipe here: (where I found the idea) http://fairydustteaching.blogspot.com/2 ... dough.html
We mixed in glitter and glow-in-the-dark stars. We discussed how star and space also start with "S" ... After playing for a while, I had my son form S's out of the play-doh. Then he rolled it out flat and used the rounded end of a watercolor brush to practice writing S's in the play-doh. It was a hit! We will probably get it out again for the "Moon" unit.

We also used the sun to "recycle" old crayon pieces. We put broken crayon bits in three individual muffin tins, placed those in a bread pan and covered the whole thing with plastic wrap, similar to this: http://mamasmiles.com/sun-upcycled-crayons/ After several hours out in the sun they melted together to form new circle-shaped swirly crayons. I guess you could also choose all red/yellow/orange shades and your new crayons could be little suns!

I found a beautiful alternative idea for the sun painting here: http://mrskarensclass.blogspot.com/sear ... %22%20Week
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Anybody have some advice for the sun bread in K

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kewkew34 wrote:We are on our second week of Ss Sun (we are taking 2 weeks for every Unit) and yesterday afternoon we made the Sun Bread following the recipe on the back of the book Sun Bread by Elisa Kleven. I was wondering if anyone else had made it recently or in past years. Our bread turned out way too dark, though not quite burned. It was very hard on the outside and we could only eat the inside. If I had been paying attention I would have thought twice about baking it at 425 as per the directions. We would like to try it again but I was wondering if anyone had any advice on oven temp and time to cook the bread as I would like to be able to eat it this time.
Thank you
I though your post looked lonely, so I wandered around the Internet a bit. I did find an Amazon review and a blog that both said their bread was overcooked a bit. The reviewer speculated her oven might run hot, and the blogger said they made up for it with lots of butter or peanut butter.

Interestingly, the author website had the recipe with a temp of 400, so you might try that?
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Re: Anybody have some advice for the sun bread in K

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quick question? I'm not seeing this book mentioned in my 2nd edition Kindy? is this just something neat you added or maybe saw on the board? or do I need new glasses? (I think I need new glasses either way)

on the web out there.. this is from the book or so it says
http://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-d ... pe=1090376
400 degrees.

and like julie found... the author's website.. 400

sigh.. I'd be upset if the book itself had 425. I agree that 425 for 20 minutes would not work...

so. I"m doing a half recipe of this....
I'm letting my dough rise the first time as I'm typing... I was surprised at how little liquid the yeast is to dissolve in. I've never seen yeast paste before so that was new to me.... :~
and I did not melt the butter when I put it in the flour.... the author's website said softened.. the other site had it melted.... silly me... I picked up the half stick from the fridge instead of the softened.... still is ok....

let you know later.....

just punched it down... shaped it... looks odd, but I'm not an artist.

oh... I found where "fresh kid" posted her experiences with the recipe
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... =25#p41143
Fresh Kid wrote:Sun Bread by Elisa Kleven -- There is a recipe on the back of the book. We made it. I thought it was a strange recipe -- different than other breads I have made and I had to add more flour to make it "workable" to knead. The flavor was a little "off" My husband said it was kind of a like a sourdough. You might just want to use a your own recipe or by frozen dough in the store."
any other mention of this extra book that people liked... it was more along the lines of planning to try the recipe later (and no follow up)... or hmm... I have egg allergy and can't do this recipe...

well.. on 2nd rise... back to digging plants that are growing in wrong place......


I did "half" recipe. at 400 degrees... took it out after 8 minutes. I was smelling it and it's golden brown on top. If I had left it in any longer..
agreeing with other post where they said the taste was slightly odd... but it's not a bad taste (the kind that you'd want to spit out)... just not that flavorful..

very light bread. (no pun intended)
fun to do once. probably not a recipe I'd do again.. it did rise well. which can make it fun to watch. It looked really cute after 2nd rise and all of that.
the yeast paste clump wasn't an issue.....

keep an eye on it while it's baking.


I know I asked this already.. but it may have been lost in my cooking ramblings.... this isn't part of mfw, right? it's not in my manual?

it would be fun to hear how it went for others.

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Re: Anybody have some advice for the sun bread in K

Unread post by kewkew34 »

Wow, thank you Julie and Crystal for taking the time to look up answers to my question.
To answer your question about the use of the book Sun Bread, it was mentioned several times in the Kindergarten Ideas archives.
Funnily enough I hadn't followed the links in there to the recipe that you, Crystal, posted.
I did check and the back of the book definitely says 425.
The girls were very disappointed (as was I) and we definitely want to try it again.
Thanks again ladies.
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Re: Anybody have some advice for the sun bread in K

Unread post by cbollin »

you're welcome. :) kinda fun to do this yesterday between last touches from yard work that didn't get finished on Saturday....... in my family... it led to talking about quick regular bread recipe (we do a one hour dinner bread recipe modified from Whole Foods for Whole Family) for the project, versus something even along the lines of using biscuit recipe.. which in turn led us to figure out if it should be biscuits from scratch or could be cheat and use 'whomp biscuits".. which led to lots of laughter as we got out some old Jerry Clower routines.....

well, I still think I need new glasses but I'm glad to know to I wasn't missing it in the manual. that is frustrating with the typo in that book on temp. let us know how it goes on next try. and if the flavor is better for you.. share your secret. I know I usually have at least a pinch or two of salt in my yeast breads and this one has none. The flavor is like a day old bear claw from grocery store. it's not like sourdough.. but you know..... it's not awful either... just a lot of fun to do the recipe and make a sun face and corona.... watching it rise.. punching it down is fun... that's fun stuff to do at home even when the flavor wasn't what we wanted.

and keep an eye on the oven while it bakes... it's a hot temp and short time to cook...

now I"m off to sing "Sound of Sunshine" by M. Franti. or maybe Soak up the Sun.. Sheryl Crow. I think I need to have a sun shiny day with my exercise class.... it's rainy all day here..

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Re: # 1 - Sun

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Today we had oranges with our snack and pretended it was a sun. It turned into a math lesson once we cut the orange into slices. (Counting, addition, subtraction, even a bit of fractions- very basic)
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hollydolly wrote:Hey, we are just starting up MFW K this week and did the sundial today. It didn't work very well?!! Did anyone else experience this? At 2, it was showing 1...and as the day went on it got further and further off. It was moving in the right direction- just not fast enough. Does anyone have any ideas of why this might be? Thanks!
This is how we have done sun dials in the past. We stick a pencil in some clay and set it in the middle of a blank sheet of paper outside. The paper should have no markings on it at all. Look at the shadow the pencil makes and trace the shadow line (with another pencil or pen). Look at your watch and write the time on the line you just drew. Go inside. A while later check it again. Trace where the shadow is now and mark it with the time your watch says. Compare the two lines that are now on the paper. Make predictions. Later check the sundial again, tracing the shadow line and marking it with the time on your watch, and so forth.

Your paper will not look exactly like a clock face when you are done. But you can see how the sun moves the shadow around the paper as the day progresses.

Did you start with a blank sheet of paper? Is this how others have done it? :~

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Re: Sundial

Unread post by dschurma »

We did it the same way that Dawn just explained. It worked great, and then we were able to compare the next day to see that the times we'd marked the previous day were accurate. It was really fun!
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Re: Sundial

Unread post by hollydolly »

Thanks! I will try that next time.
I followed directions I found online using a paper plate, clay and a pencil. I did mark the clock beforehand. That was the issue. We could definitely see it moving around the clock...just not at the same rate of a regular clock.
I'm not sure if daylight savings time can affect it? Or maybe because winter is just finishing here? Maybe it would work better in the summer? I don't know. Maybe we will try again this summer :) We will see.
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Re: Sundial

Unread post by mommaklee »

Daylight savings time will affect it, because the sun will not be at it's zenith at noon, but at 1pm. It will change the way the shadow falls. But the experiment is mainly about observing the sun move through the sky, so you'll be fine.

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Re: # 1 - Sun

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We used a piece of SunPrint paper to use the sunlight to make a picture. It didn't work as well on a January afternoon as it would have on a summer day, but it was fun. I remembered having some of this paper at some point when I was growing up.
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Help with K # 1 - Sun

Unread post by MunkyWrangler »

We're supposed to do the sundial today, but we woke to extreme cloud coverage. I have two kids looking at me owl-eyed, droning "..sccchhhoooooolll.. ..we want scchhooooll.."

I had looked at this thread several months ago and liked what I saw about rainy-day activities. http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... =50#p40692
Naturally, those would never be needed because our S-s-Sun week would be S-S-Sunny ;)

We just did the Day 5 activities today and will do Day 4 tomorrow. :)
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Re: # 1 - Sun

Unread post by meremc »

Nine of the best classical works inspired by the sun...

http://www.classical-music.com/article/ ... spired-sun
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