Introduction - Creation

If you are using God's Creation From A to Z, please share your ideas with us.
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Introduction - Creation

Unread post by Marie »

Introduction - Creation

You can listen to "This Is My Father's World" on our board -- click on the hymn for Weeks 1-2.

Additional ideas may be found on other areas of the message board:
Creation ideas: (1st)
Creation ideas: ... 770#p54111 (CTG)

Snacks for Creation

Unread post by Nancy »

Author: Nancy
Date: 8/23/2002
Here are snack ideas for the creation story:
Day 1 Oreo cookies and milk for light and dark.
Day 2 Marshmallows and water for sky and water.
Day 3 Dirt cups(chocolate pudding with crushed Oreso mixed in).
Day 4 Cheese and crackers for the moon and planets.
Day 5 Fish crackers.
Day 6 Animal crackers.
Day 7 Sundaes for rest.

Happy Snacking

Creation Quilt

Unread post by Brenda »

Author: Brenda
Date: 4/24/2004

I found an art project to color and cut out a picture for each day of creation, plus a saying of what happened. You glue each piece on a separate square of construction paper (3 squares per day), hole punch, then tie together so when you are done you have a little "quilt" 3 squares across and 7 down showing all the days of creation.

Here's the link to the creation "quilt". There are some other activities as well.

DLTK is a good website for added arts and crafts. My ds at 5 can do most projects. They are easy enough to do in a short time but not so easy he is bored.
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Song about Creation

Unread post by Nancy »

Author: Nancy
Date: 8/25/2002
God created the World for US (tune: Mary has a little Lamb)

God crated the world for us, world for us world for us,
God crated the world for us, and it was so good.
The first day, He made night and day, night and day, night and day,
The first day He made the night and day, and it was do good,
The second day, He made the sky , made the sky, made the sky,
The second day He made the sky, and it was so good.
The third day He made the land, seas, and plants and it was so good.
the third day, He mad the land, seas,and plants, and it was so good.
The fourth day, He mad the sun, moon, and stars, sun, moon and stars, sun, moon, and stars,
The fourth day, He made the sun, moon, and stars, and it was so good.
The fifth day, he made the birds and fish, birds and fish, birds and fish,
The fifth day, he made the birds and fish, and it was so good.
The sixth day, He made animals and people, and animals and people, animals and people,
The sixth day he made animals and people, and it was so good.
The seventh day, God, He did rest, He did rest, He did rest,
On the seventh day, God He did rest, from all His glorious work.
We should praise and thank our God, thank our God, thank our God
We should praise and thank our God who made the world for us.

Hope this song will help your little ones remember the days of creation. Also can print this song out and have children find all the letters as a review. Example: With a yellow crayon color all the s letters, blue crayon color the m letters.....
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Creation Mobile

Unread post by AnointedHsMom »

Here is another link from dltk bible for a creation mobile.

Hope someone can use it!
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Creation game

Unread post by kellybell »

I had my two older girls (2nd and 4th grades) work through creation too. It was review for them. I drilled them and my K student on their days by rolling a die. They tried to shout out what was created on the day on the die (roll a 6 and we say "animals and people", etc.). We waited until the end of our creation unit to try this.


seeds day 3

Unread post by rushmomof2 »

If you plant some seeds ( used kidney ) now you will have plants to use for Lesson "L." Then when you pluck off the leaf, who wanted to go his own way, it will be from their very own plant.

We put four bean seeds in a plastic bag with very wet paper towels and placed them in a dark location. They sprout in a day or two and then can be planted.
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Creation dynamation

Unread post by HeatherB »

Check out this beautiful dynamation of the creation!
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Creation activity

Unread post by sbaker »

My daughter has her sites set on getting a fish when she starts kindergarten next month. We decided to give in to the request and use it as a part of her homeschooling. Once I started lesson planning for starting kindergarten, I realized we could use the fish and needed supplies for relating it to the Creation part of MFW.

Day 1 - We are going to set up a tank
Day 2 - We will fill it with water
Day 3 - Fill with rocks and plants
Day 4 - Hook up the light in the tank
Day 5 - Buy the fish
Day 6 - Add some animals and fisherman figures
Day 7 - Feed our fish and watch it swim and be happy :)

She is excited and it will be a way to keep the creation theme going all year!
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Creation book

Unread post by pruegert »

I am teaching my 4 yo with this curriculum, and he is doing very well and loving it! We just did day 7 of Creation. He knows it better than I ever did (except for now.....I know all the days now!).

Anyway, I'm working with a couple of my friends who have girls the same age. One of them said she is having her daughter do her illustrations with only flat materials so she can laminate the pages for the book. She is also putting the Creation number that is colored and cut out on the back of the illustration page, so it will also be part of the book. I wished I had been doing that, but I think I can still laminate them at least!

Donna T.

day two of creation... we dressed like clouds!!

Unread post by Donna T. »

This was alot of fun. We put white pillowcases on with cut outs for our arms and heads. I tied up the bottom like a drawstring with yarn. We stuffed ourselves with cotton stuffing that we got at Wal-Mart. This was such fun! We ran around the yard and took alot of pictures! Very simple but the kids thought it was great!

Alphabet game

Unread post by ~melissa »

We did something fun that ties into learning the alphabet in the intro. We are just on week 2. I am doing it w/ my 5 yo dd and 3 yo dd is joining in some of the time. My older dd already knows most of her alphabet, but we are reviewing it anyway and it's building confidence. After several days doing the bingo and the cards, I tried something different for a little variety.

We have die-cut alphabet letters in a stiff felt. We laid those out on the floor and I would say "Can you hop to the "M" ?" Or "Tip toe to the letter 'B'" They both had a lot fun and got some wiggles out at the same time. Even my 7 yo ds wanted to join in! You could use index cards or even letter flashcards. I also varied it a bit by holding up a letter on the blue cards and telling them to go to that letter and tell me which it was. Just wanted to share our success. We had a lot of fun!

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Creation Flashcards and gameboard

Unread post by OkieLiz »

I ran across some downloadable flashcards for the 1st 6 days of creation that you could use as a game like "match". Also on the same page is a creation gameboard. On the gameboard, I had to save it and print it to get it all on one page.

7 days of Creation song

Unread post by OkieLiz »

I guess everyone is just about through with Creation, but I am not starting until September. There is a great song about the 7 days of Creation on Miss PattyCake's Eggstavaganza CD. If you have it already, it is a CD that uses the Ressurection Eggs (I got it at Mardel's for $2.99 on sale). The song begins "In the beginning, God made the heavens and the earth, --and it was good." This song is on the menu under EXTRAS.

P.S. The CD has been a favorite of my Grandson since he was 2 and we keep the R eggs out all year so he can open the eggs with Miss PattyCake.
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Music for This is My Father's World Hymn

Unread post by AnointedHsMom »

I found this site that you can download 2 versions. When you click on this link it takes you to a page that says 4 part harmony or band. I downloaded it to my desktop so I could play it every day any time I wanted.

Hope this helps someone,
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Unread post by firsttimer »

The first two weeks (we are on day 3) I am doing handwriting readiness sheets I found at under the Handwriting page.
We also listened to the sound bites on the message board (thanks!) and talked about different kind of music today. We made a tube horn from a toliet paper roll by making fingering holes in it and putting a square of wax paper on the end. It didn't work, but it was fun.
Monday we went on a nature walk and used duct tape bracelets to keep our "findings". Today for our Day 3 illustration we used our findings to make a tree and we glued small pebbles under the three.
We matched coins today, and did a puzzle yesterday.
Monday (our first day of school!) we made tye dye t-shirts. I think we will have the name of our homeschool (Little Piggy School) added. This may become a 1st Day project for each year. It was a big hit. We also made the clay mentioned in the cirr. too - that was a lot of fun.
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Day 4 Activity

Unread post by Texas Gal »

On the night of Day 4, after we've learned about the moon and stars, go outside and lay on a blanket and look for constellations. You can print starmaps from ... events.asp and then you'll know what you're looking for and where to find them. (Our kids are usually in bed before the stars come out, but for this activity we made an exception and kept them up later.)

If you can find the Bear, Orion, and the Pleiades, you can point out that these constellations are mentioned in the book of Job (9:9). Isn't it awesome to think of Job and other Biblical people looking up at the sky and seeing the exact same stars that we're seeing now!
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more good books!

Unread post by RachelT »

We have really enjoyed our first 10 days of homeschooling and MFW! We have a great library and we found two picture books that have beautiful illustrations and are written from the King James version of Genesis, so we are still reading the Biblical text. Mychildren and I read these several times during this unit and really enjoyed them; "The Story of the Creation: Words from Genesis" by Jane Ray (my favorite) and "Let There Be Light" by Pauline Baynes.

I also found a book of crafts that might be useful throughout the MFWK curriculum, but certainly during the Creation unit. It is "Crafts to Celebrate God's Creation" by Kathy Ross.

Also, there are many resources at that are written for teaching science from a Biblical view (Creation). One that goes through all the days of creation is "My Creation Bible" by Ken Ham. It's a really appropriate book that explains the days of creation, the fall of Adam and Eve, Jesus'birth, Noah and the flood, the Tower of Babel and the gospel message.
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Creation Craft

Unread post by ljudah07 »

On day four of creation, we made a paper mache globe using a balloon as our base. The following day we did a simple paint job by painting the whole globe blue and then adding some brown for the "land". Then, during the SUN and MOON lessons we were able to use the globe in the demonstrations of the how the earth moves around the sun and the moon moves around the earth. It was a lot of fun!
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Creation Mural

Unread post by Mom2MnS »

For step 7 - the creation book - we did a mural instead, on the ceiling of our hallway! We hung banner paper there and illustrated the day and then attached each one to the banner.
For day 1 - one sheet of white card stock half filled with black glitter, half filled with white glitter for light & darkness.
For day 2 - two sheets of white card stock, one sheet turquoise construction paper – drew cloud shapes on one piece of white card stock, cut them out and glued on cotton. then glued the clouds on the turquoise const paper for sky. covered the other piece of white card stock with blue and green pieces of tissue paper for water (crinkled them, left some flapping – this way, when hung it had some dimension)
For day 3 – half sheet white posterboard – drew in land/water, grass and tree trunks with crayons, then used green construction paper to cut out tree tops. punched out tiny red circles for cherries, medium orange and yellow circles for other fruits. Glued tree tops on and then decorated with punched circle fruit.
For day 4 – black construction paper, two sheets white card stock. cut sun out of one piece of card stock, the moon out of the other. Colored the sun yellow with orange swirls using bright markers, then painted over that with clear orange glitter paint. Added metallic gold and orange curling ribbon rays. Colored the moon light yellow with bright markers, then painted over that with clear yellow glitter paint. Mounted moon on black const paper. punched stars from aluminum foil and added around moon on black paper.
For day 5 – six or seven sheets white card stock – used clip art in computer to make large outlines of several types of birds and fish. Printed them very large on the card stock and cut out around them. Used oil pastels to fill in bright colors and texture.
For day 6 – five sheets white card stock – my dd used colored pencils and drew some of her favorite animals and adam/eve.
For day 7 – get blankets and pillows out and pile them in the hall under the mural. Lie down and rest and enjoy the wonderful things God made!
We had SUCH a great time with this! Each evening when dh came in, we showed him our newest mural piece and he hung it for us...
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Creation Co-op

Unread post by chrellis »

Thanks for all the great ideas for Creation! I'm going to use the Creation lessons from MFW to teach a class at our Co-op this Fall for preschool through 2nd graders. Our co-op runs one day a week for six weeks. I will cover one day of Creation each week and days 6 & 7 the last week. If anyone would like to see the outline for this class, I would be happy to email it. I think the kids are going to love it. If all goes well I will teach a unit on Butterflies in the Spring co-op using ideas from MFW.

I used MFW-K with my dd 3 years ago and am excited to be using it again this year with ds. I thought it would be fun for him to cover those topics in the co-op with others. And because he will be learning about them in the co-op, I will have more time to spend on ECC with DD on the days we should have been covering Creation and Butterflies at home.
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creation idea

Unread post by trinabambina »

We start Creation next week and I had a crazy idea. We are going to make people out of mud - just like God did...but we are going to see what happens to our people! Breathe on them, set them in the garden, etc. I know the kiddos are going to love this one!!

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Bible coloring pages

Unread post by CatherineBennet »

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 7:34 am

I found these when I was looking for state information for Adventures. Thought I would pass the information along. I know that K and 1st both study creation and this might be a fun thing the smaller little ones can do along side.
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"Days of Creation" puzzle

Unread post by mom2h »

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2007 5:11 pm

A while back, before I had even decided to use MFW, I ordered a "Days of Creation" puzzle from Doorposts. It is an inexpensive "make it yourself" project, but we have used it on days 8,9 and 10 as our coloring time. (It works best with careful colorers.) I just had my local glass and frame shop cut me two 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of smooth white matboard on which to mount the colored page. I did take their recommendation to use Elmer's Spray Glue and it worked great. Then you cover it with Contact paper.I then used an x-acto craft knife to cut through the mounted colored page, contact paper and matboard. VOILA! Also, it is a neat website.

HTH someone!
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Creation pages for a non-writer

Unread post by Ariasarias »

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2006 9:59 pm

I am in the middle of doing creation pages with my 3 year old. I used suggestions from Hubbard's Cupboard (
Go to pre-kindergarten and click on the 3's curriculum. The ideas are on the first two weeks. I'll try to summarize, but I still would look there. She has great ideas. These may be helpful for any non-writer.

Day 1 -- I cut a black triangle, dd glued it on a piece of paper (for light and dark)
Day 2 -- dd glued blue syran wrap on bottom and cotton balls on top (for sky and sea)
Day 3 -- dd glued brown, rectangle construction paper on bottom and one perpendicular to that for a tree trunk. She painted her hand green to finish the tree, using her finger tip to print fruit on it. Then she used her finger to print grass. Then she put flower stickers on the grass.
Day 4 -- Glued a moon that I cut out; glued a yellow circle, drawing lines to finish the sun and added star stickers.
Day 5 -- Glued blue syran wrap for the water, adding fish stickers and then "drew" stick birds in the sky
Day 6 -- Use aluminum foil in the center to act as a mirror so dc can see himself or glue a picture of child; add animal stamps or stickers
Day 7 -- glue clipart of the earth and add a red sticker or cutout of a heart

I hope this is helpful. My dd has really enjoyed it.
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