Introduction - Creation

If you are using God's Creation From A to Z, please share your ideas with us.
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Stampers and alternative creation book idea

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Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2006 10:55 pm

My ds is challenged in the fine motor skills area and that is the hardest thing for him. However, back when we did the Creation unit in August I also purchased these markers that are more like a stamp or a bottle with a sponged tip that you can make dots with and my ds "colored" the numbers in with these. You hold these with more of a fist than a pincer grasp for a pencil or crayon, so they are easier for him and it's a larger arm movement than trying to use fine tipped markers or crayons.

We made little books with the illustrated number on each day and didn't add other writing. I try to have my son cut on the straight lines and I still help with curves some, but his cutting abilities have improved since we've been working on it every week with the cut and paste page. Good luck!

Using MFW-K with autistic child

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I’m using MFW’s K program this year with my youngest child, who has autism. Age 6.5 I wanted to try to share what is working for us so that someone else who might be out there, might be able to do some of this too.

Background – she is verbal (receptive/expressive about 2.5 years old) IQ seems normal. And is very active. She’s had many years of play based therapies. Has pretend play (now). Enjoys computer. In addition to MFW K, she has outside speech and OT. Likes to play starfall dot com We tend to use floortime and /or RDI techniques for playtime.

The first unit in K –
10 days of creation and get use to school:
She has enjoyed making her craft each day. Lots of time to practice speech and language therapy too (put the cotton on the top of the page, etc.)

We played an extra game to help review.
I printed a single sheet of the days of creation with no numbers.
from this source, click here
We play matching games with the sheet using textured numbers to pick up and match. Also, my daughter really likes to get a “wrong” answer with each other because she likes to hear me say “Nope. Try Again” just like on her favorite computer games. Another one of her favorite things was to get it wrong and let me make the "buzzer sound" for the wrong answer. Lots of relationship building with those creation days.

Additionally – we just played very active sing and dancing during this unit

Posted Tue Sep 02, 2008 6:38 am by cbollin
We combined the letter name steps into a game as well --- most of it was putting it in order. My daughter is also in speech/language therapy and one of the things we're working on it is stuff like "before, after", "in between" "next to" --- so we combined those letter names (which she already knew somehow) with those goals and just let her pick up the Lauri letters.

My dd had done a lot of this in Sunday School (or at least been exposed to it), but I liked that it helped to establish a routine of :
math (numbers)
and science/Bible activities.
(some songs)

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Alphabet game

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I also have an IDEA to share similar to yours Melissa [ ... 1580#p1580 ] ... my son really enjoys music -- I've done a "MUSICAL FLASH CARD GAME" in the past with him when he was younger & just learning his colors and numbers.

It works sorta like "musical chairs". Put your letters or numbers or whatever you're reviewing for that week in a big circle on the floor. And while you play MUSIC have the child march around in a circle, hop on one foot or whatever gets the "wigglies" out. Then when the music stops say [i]"Find the color BLUE and sit down on it". [/i]This is alot of fun for a child with this type of learning style! A variation would be for your child to be the one to stop the music & call out a card to sit on. It's always fun for the child to be "the teacher" every once in awhile (LOL)! :) Enjoy!!

Melissa L. :)
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Creation photos

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Another fun idea is to give them a disposable camera & let them take photos of the different days of creation. :) Maybe photos of the sky for the heavens & the ground for the earth, etc. Develop their photos & let them make a little scrapbook with stickers, etc. :)

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Creation Museum, California

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If you are near (or visiting) Southern California, there is a very neat Creation Museum that you can take the kids to visit. We went there last week to tie up our Creation unit and we all loved it!

Here's the website:
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Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky

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There's also a pretty amazing Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.
My husband took our youth group this summer and they LOVED IT!!! :)

Visit this link for more info. -
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Creation Song

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For a song to use during creation, I found "God Made Me" by Andrew Peterson and Randall Goodgame very fun! The kids loved it and we played it over and over and over. It can be found on AP and RG's Slugs & Bugs & Lullabies CD.

Re: did anyone skip over creation unit in K?

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Homebychoice wrote:Did anyone skip over creation unit in K? My child knows the letter names and is anxious to get started on "school." I'm thinking of doing it in 1 day.
I’d like to make some suggestions to condense the creation unit if you are really sure that your child will not enjoy going for 10 days in the unit and is already used to a daily school routine with you. Part of those 10 days is to get used to doing school time too.

My ideas to rethink the 8 steps of the first 10 days, for children who already know the letter names (don't do this with the ones who don't know them yet.)

1. I would not do all of the creation unit in one day. Why? Because you want your children to have a solid foundation of what was made on each day. If you had to condense it and really rush it, may I kindly suggest at least 3 days? Do Days 1-3, on the first one. Days 4-6 on the second and then a fun day to do Day 7 and other fun activities, and review? Why? Because it might help you and your child to recognize the pattern of what was created on Day 1, and Day; Day 2 and Day 5, Day 3 and Day 6. and Day 7 for rest. Don’t miss that opportunity to help a younger child see that pattern.

You might consider a matching game to put a number on the right day. Here is a link to a printout that might be helpful. Then match up number magnets or number toys, or pegs, or put pennies on them to match it up. You'd want to make sure they are beginning to learn what was made on each day, as well as on Day what, this was made. (in other words, both ways)
http://www.christianpreschoolprintables ... ipArt2.pdf

2. Variation on Steps 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 to be combined for children who already know letter names, and sounds. ... =25#p51585

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Re: did anyone skip over creation unit in K?

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I condensed it into 8 days because all of mine were already reading so we didn't really do the phonics at all but I wanted to make sure we got the creation story down. I know there are different opinions on creation but for us we appreciated that MFW takes the time to teach creation the way it does. To beef up the week we also got some books and materials from Answers in Genesis. We really like the videos and the museums guides. I would have them watch a video and look at some of the things God created on the day that we were studying. It really set us up well for the rest of the year as well as for the rest of their elementary years. My kids can still tell you what day God created what. We talked about it just this week as we were studying Botany as plants were created before bees and other pollinators and plants need pollinators to survive and multiply so God had a plan and a design already set up. Plants, then bees - because pollinators need plants for food.

The other bonus was that it gave us a nice easy start for the beginning of the year. I am a proponent of starting the school year light and then adding in difficulty and more academics each week. It gives time for the kids and Mom to get used to school and to work out a doable schedule inside and outside of school. It also allows us to work out any behavior and attitude issues that inevitably come along in the course of the first week.

So here's a vote for making sure that the creation unit is fully covered! This is a worldview issue for us so it's important in our home.
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Re: did anyone skip over creation unit in K?

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Just wanted to send a note of encouragement . I hesitated on doing the creation unit with my 5 yr old daughter because I thought she'd be bored too. I'm mean I've been teaching sunday school since before she was born so surly she's already caught all this right?

Boy Am I glad didn't skip it! She loved it (turned out she didn't know it too well) . It's like a little light turned on in her . She has talked about it and showed everyone her little book she made for months. One evening last fall she was just staring up at the sky in wonder and said "Mommy , Jesus made the stars, that's amazing) . So Sweet. we've put mfwk on hold until next yr because her therapist said she wasn't ready to learn to read and she was really beginning to struggle. Can't wait to begin again.
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Re: Introduction - Creation

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Awesome book for creation - helped DS grasp the concepts and remember the days. I am hoping to add it to our book collection.

God Made It for You!: The Story of Creation
Charles Lehmann (Author), Kathleen Kemly (Illustrator)
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Re: Introduction - Creation

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I don't know if these have been posted and I hope it's ok to link to other sites but there are some great ideas. ... ation.html

I found these after we did creation but I hope they can help someone else. :-)
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Re: Introduction - Creation

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Do you need some ideas for tweaking steps 3-6 on the Creation unit?

I know that children will start a Kindy program at different levels. Some kids already know letter names and sounds and you might be concerned that your child will be "bored" or done too quickly on those first 10 days of the creation unit.

Here are some ideas to “beef up” or tweak those 8 steps in the 10 day Creation Unit if it is just too easy for your child with the phonics stuff. Remember, some of it will be easy for some kids. It is also a time for them to become use to doing school with mom. Enjoy the time together and the easy start to homeschooling.

Give yourself permission to make it easy for the child and do not over challenge them with my ideas. So grab your manual and read along

Steps 1 and 2: leave as is even if it is familiar to them. God's Word is being read. No tweak needed for advanced phonics kids :)

Variation on Steps 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 to be combined for children who already know letter names and sounds really well. not for kids who need to learn those names/sounds. Just for those who already know it and to give them a new challenge.

Put the ABC chart in front of child. Let child sing the song if they want to. They will like to have something easy.
Then have your child name the letter than comes before the "focus letter name" of the day. And then the letter that comes After the letters of the day. Have them find the letter from the ABC game cards. Don't just let them say it out loud. And have him focus on the lower case ABC cards.

For Example, on Day 6 ---- ask your child to tell you "What letter comes before the letter L?" What letter comes after the letter N
Encourage them to *not* sing the song during that part. Look on a chart if needed. Try to cover up the chart. If it is too challenging without singing the song, it's ok to let them sing or to look it up and figure it out. Don't discourage them.

Try with many other letters as well with Before and After. Ask randomly as well. Does the Letter H come before or after the Letter Z?

have your child sort the ABC game cards into alphabetical order.
have your child match upper case to lower case in a concentration style of game.

Teacher divides the ABC cards into two halves by alphabetical order.
Place the cards on the table in front of the student.
Ask if a letter is in the First half or Second half of the alphabet.
Let them point. Help them understand which set of cards is the first half and which set is the 2nd half. Might be a good time to play match the upper case and lower case cards. Is B in the first or 2nd
half of the alphabet? yeah! now put the lower case B with its upper case B.

Have your child trace with his finger the lower case letters instead of just saying the names. Mastery of letter writing will come later.

Only play those games for a few minutes and move on to steps 7 and 8. Don't try to do each game on each day unless your child is just really interested. And even then, try not to because you can save it
for Tomorrow!!! and give him something to look forward to.

Step 7 and 8: keep as is.

Hope some of those ideas help you if you have a child who is ahead of the curve for those days and still lets them have fun learning and lets you have fun getting to teach them.

For the phonics in other lessons if you have a child who is advanced of it:
Check out this thread

Hope something in there helps you have more fun on those introduction days in Creation unit. It's about fun and learning for your student and for you as a teacher to enjoy time together.

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Re: We are starting K tommorow - advice?

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We really enjoyed making the "Creation Book". It turned out to be really cute. We tweaked some of the directions, like one day we painted the picture. I had a book that helped us see how to paint sea creatures with different parts of my child's hand so that is what we did for the birds/fish day. Then for day 6 we drew stick people for Adam and Eve but used animal stickers that I found in the scrapbooking dept. at our Wal Mart for the animals. On day 7, we "rested" from official K school. I let my child watch The Letter Factory and I read books to him, but that was it. You may not want to do that, but I was having a busy day with my other two in ECC so we took that break on day 7.

Another thing that we all really enjoyed were the snacks someone posted on the Kindergarten ideas thread.

We are having a good time, busy, but good. :)

Enjoy your Kindergartener. They grow up so fast! ;(
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Re: Introduction - Creation

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I borrowed the book "Crafts to Celebrate God's Creation" from the library. My kids made the grass hats and the bottom of the sea dioramas and loved it! The girls plan to make handprint flowers today as well. I love that I can reinforce the days of Creation while they are doing something they enjoy.

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Newbie with a Kinder question

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hsmomintexas wrote:We started MFW Kinder program yesterday. For the first 10 days, it's maily about The Creation. My son is 5 yrs old and what we have done for day 1 & 2 is not enough for him. Do you think it would be okay to start with Unit 1 on letter "S" simultaneously with The Creation? He needs and wants more and I would like to give it to him. Just looking for opions from home schoolers who have been there done that. Thanks so much,
In His Name,
I think it would be fine if you want to do them together. I did not, but I think it would work. The first 6 Thematic Lessons have less reading (yellow pages) to do, so that extra time could easily go to the 1st 10 Creation days.

Enjoy! My ds5 loves it. :-)
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Re: Newbie with a Kinder question

Unread post by jasntas »

We doubled up on creation and I think we actually did it in 4 days. It worked out for us and was a fun way to start the school year. We just didn't do it in 2 weeks like suggested. Just another idea. :)
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Re: Newbie with a Kinder question

Unread post by cbollin »

You might consider looking at the Ideas forum for the Creation Unit to extend school time each day

and here are some ideas to 'beef up" the ABC portion ... =25#p51585

and one more... ... =25#p48028

Another idea when "He's just not ready to be done with school when we finish each days lesson regarding The Creation and the ABC stuff. I guess I will try it tomorrow and see if it is too much too soon..."

*get out the Music CD and start the activities in there.
*just read out loud to your child from any library or family favorite book (in other words begin to establish a read aloud time during school)
*go ahead and let him work with the Cuisenaire Road alphabet book a little.
*go play outside as school day and enjoy a nature walk together looking at What did God create.

then, take a look at a classic thread on this forum about what to do with unstructured time but keep it productive

yes, you can condense, but remember too, that you might have state requirements to have a certain number of school days each year, so you'll already be "adding" in some days.. so the fewer you take away, the easier on you to not add in too much.

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Re: Newbie with a Kinder question

Unread post by hsmomintexas »

All wonderful ideas! Thank you all SO much! I did the letter "S" today and saw why you would start that after Creation is done. They have us reading scripture regarding Creation that we haven't covered yet because we haven't finished Creation. Duh....But, today did go better. We have been doing the rods and read aloud time. He's just soaking all this in so quickly. I'm shocked at how much he loves it. He can't wait to start and doesn't want to finish. I hope that keeps up.

I think tomorrow I will double up on the creation. We'll do 4/5, and Friday we'll do 6/7. Monday we'll start off with a review of Unit 1 day 1 that we did today and jump right into Day 2 after that. It will all be good.

I will also look at those links and see what I can pull from it.

Again, I thank you all very much.
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Silly Bands idea & where to find them

Unread post by Julie - Staff »

Postby HeyChelle » Sun Aug 15, 2010 4:20 pm
I founds some silly bands that go along with Creation at Mardels. I picked some up and plan to use them with week 1 of Kindergarten. Just thought I would share!

Postby samandsawyersmom » Sun Aug 15, 2010 8:14 pm
I was at Family Christian Store today and they were there too. Hope that helps. I never thought of using them for MFW K. That is a great idea! Thanks!
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Postby Kelly1730 » Sun Aug 15, 2010 8:18 pm
I think that I saw some in the CBD catalog too.

Postby baileymom » Sun Aug 15, 2010 8:34 pm
Thanks! I found them at FaithBands .org

Postby 1974girl » Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:36 pm
We are sending Silly Bandz to missionaries overseas. It brings the kids to the Missionaries to trade. It opens the door for the conversations to be started. God loves Silly Bandz....I just wish they weren't taking over my house. And now they have silly RINGS...and they are even smaller! But if you are doing ECC, consider finding a missionary and giving them some!
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Lovely Book on Creation

Unread post by matriarch918 »

I am teaching MFW K for the second time this year, and thought I might grab a book or two for my 5yo dd's first two weeks while I was getting books for her old sister's first two weeks doing "Adventures" Its not part of the schedule, but it would be nice to through into our casual reading during those weeks. I found a book called Creation My Father Loves Me by J D. Wise. It is a poem of the creation story and the fall done with beautiful African artwork. I was glad to find it because I want my daughters to grow up understanding that God's love and Word applies to all people, and that He is present in and relevant to the whole world. I also thought it would be a good book to recommend for those who have adopted overseas and would like to include books from the their little ones' culture of origin.
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Creation Unit - binding?

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Postby HeyChelle » Thu Sep 09, 2010 3:49 pm
We have finished this all out and I plan to have their numbers put together with the pages they made and have it bound into a book. Has anyone else done this that would like to share how they did it? For my oldest, we did this long ago and just used staples. LOL Well that works well enough, but I'd like to do something nicer this time and have it bound at Kinkos or at a professional printer.
Thanks for any help!

Postby MelissaM » Thu Sep 09, 2010 4:01 pm
For my oldest, we used construction paper and staples.

This time, (for my middle), we upgraded - to cardstock and staples. then I covered up the staples with yellow duct tape. Faaaancy. ;)

Maybe in another 4 or 5 years, I'll be clever enough to do something nicer for my littlest. :-) Seriously, I hope someone has some good ideas for you! (Though, really, ds was THRILLED with the duct tape idea. Boys!)

Postby jasntas » Thu Sep 09, 2010 4:07 pm
I have my own binding machine. (I make my own calendars). But it could be taken to Kinkos or wherever as you stated you plan to do. I glued the numbers and picture pages on colored paper. I did it so the #1 faces the day 1 picture page when opened. (So the #1 is glued to the back of the cover page and the picture page is glued to the front of the #2 page. If you do this, make sure that they don’t end up being upside down when the book is open. I hope this makes sense). I think I laminated the first and last pages for durability. I think it would have been better to have laminated all the pages for durability but laminating is not necessary. The cover page was a general coloring page I got online somewhere that had animals on the front with 'Creation" on the bottom. :) If this is unclear, please ask.
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Re: Introduction - Creation

Unread post by MuzzaBunny »

DD and I had a lot of fun with this introductory unit. The books we added were:

God Made It for You - Charles Lehmann (Lovely book)
Alice in Bibleland: The Story of Creation - Alice Joyce Davidson
Tomie de Paola's book of Bible Stories - Tomie de Paola
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Re: Introduction - Creation

Unread post by Smoakhouse »

Here are a few ideas I ran into while planning...

Day 3 - God Separated the waters
Science experiment - on water condensation (clouds) ... day-2.html
A blog- she posted all of her creation days. She has some great ideas for all the days!

Day 4 - God created the Moon ... day-4.html
Craft project on making a textured moon.

Day 6 - God made Man ... ation.html
This is a great link with tons of ideas for making a "God Created Me" booklet and other related activities. This is similar to the "All about me" books that you often see at the beginning of the year. I love these because it is amazing to see how much they grow in a year. And really cute to look back on in future years ;)
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Creation Booklet

Unread post by Smoakhouse »

DLTK has a cute creation booklet. My church used this for children's church.

DLTK also has many crafts to go other lessons. We are going to use toilet paper roll crafts for a lot of the units. My son will have a TP zoo when we are finished.

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