General Ideas for God's Creation from A to Z

If you are using God's Creation From A to Z, please share your ideas with us.
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New website for animals stuff

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I just found out about this website from one of my yahoo hs groups. It has pictures, videos, and facts about animals.
try I thought some others outside of MFWK would like it too.

We are in MFWK and are on the elephant unit. It has some great video of baby elephants playing.

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field trip ideas for K and 1st

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mikesherry wrote:Does anyone have any field trip ideas for K and 1st? General ideas or ideas for specific lessons....

Posted Sat Sep 06, 2008 3:35 pm by Amy in NC
Here's what I can come up with off the top of my head. Some are specific to K & 1st topics, others are just things we've done or seen organized by local hs groups.

Apple orchard
pumpkin patch
post office
fire station
small airport
children's museum
nature museum
grocery store
pizza place/ restaurant
pet store
children's theater production
gardening center
quarry/ mining facility/ gem mining
water processing facility

During the summer maybe a symphony-in-the-park type thing. I should have exposed my olders to more classical music when they were young, because now my oldest groans every time I take out the Vivaldi CD.

Posted Sat Sep 06, 2008 4:25 pm by lyntley
fish hatchery
U.S mint
Paper mill
any kind of factory
dairy farm
corn maze
The local Newspaper

If you call a public facility like the Post office or grocery store fire house etc they will usually be more than happy to take the kiddos through the ins and outs of how things work. Lots of fun

Posted Sat Sep 06, 2008 7:23 pm by BHelf
We went to the zoo yesterday and it was the biggest hit of anything we've done! In fact, it was such a big hit that in addition to the regular science topics we are learning to are going to start studying animals and becoming a member of our zoo (which is an incredibly well-priced deal for a family) and make trips to it often!

Posted Wed Sep 10, 2008 3:29 pm by melodylw
There is a book I just ordered from Amazon "101 Places to See Before You're Kid turns 12"...It has some interesting places to go to for field trips...(one of the examples was a wind farm) and it seems to cover various age groups.
Mel :-)
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Re: General Ideas for My Father's World From A to Z

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I wasn't sure where to post this, but I will post it here and in the H-h horse unit. ... /index.htm
This is the Bible in pictures, almost word for word. It's good for telling kids Bible stories, especially your visual ones. We used these today when I told him the story of Jonah (the lesson on obedience in H-h Horse). It uses KJV text (which we use anyway) but then you can paraphrase the story for each page.
Download the zip files and you get all the pictures in better quality.
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Re: General Ideas for My Father's World From A to Z

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I am compiling everything I find for our units here ~ you just need to click on the MFWK tag to see what I've found!
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Re: General Ideas for My Father's World From A to Z

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WOW - I just found a series of books at my library called "My Sound Box Library" published by a company called "The Child's World". They have a book for each letter of the alphabet! The one I'm looking at is for the letter "g". It is called "My 'g' Sound Box" and in the story a little girl goes looking for things that start with the /g/ sound to put in her Sound Box. It's perfect for MFW K! They have all the letters of the alphabet (xyz are in one book together), plus "My First Book", "My Sound Parade", "Play with 'a' and 't'"(also e & d, i & g, o & g and u & g). Then there are books called "Short (vowel) and Long (vowel) Play a Game". ISBN on this particular one (the 'g' book) is 1-56766-773-2. Hope someone else can enjoy these! I just wish I'd found them sooner.
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resources to use with K

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Just wanted to share a couple or three things (mabye four) that I am doing with my kindy-girl in addition to MFW (not that MFW is incomplete in any way :) We love it!) I used these things with my oldest when she was in kindergarten, so I'm using them again now...

A website called First-School Preschool has free printables to use with the letter we learn about each week. I print worksheets that have one big traceable upper and lower-case letter and a mini-book. (You have to cut out 'stickers' from the letter page to glue in the mini-book.) We then attach the mini-book and the big letters to a piece of cardstock to put in her notebook with her other stuff for the current letter.

I also have a simple children's picture dictionary that we look at one day a week for the current letter. This dictionary only has 5 - 10 pictures for each letter (very simple), but she likes to find the letter in the dictionary and then say the name of each picture. I read the defintition to her. It only takes a few minutes, but I think it reinforces some good skills.

I have another book, From Abeku to Zapotec, that describes a group of Bibleless people for each letter of the alphabet. Again, very simple... one page per letter, but colorful pictures and reinforces the cause that MFW so lovingly supports. I believe it is published by Wycliffe. Rainbow Resource has it.

Lastly, I really liked using Ruth Beechick's Language and Thinking for Young Children five years ago with my oldest (and now with my K-er). It is an oral language manual that covers vocabulary skills, language games, memorizing, how to use a telephone, poetry, manners, and using field trips in your homeschool. It is meant for teaching K and primary children. We still enjoy playing some of the language games that we learned while riding in the car.

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Re: resources to use with K

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What wonderful ideas! That reminds me to mention a book we have that I found in a THROW-AWAY box at our former church (if you can believe that). It's called Around the World with my Red Balloon by V. Gilbert Beers. It's a children's picture book about a boy and girl and their red balloon, and what he imagines he could do if he could go around the world with it.... sharing about Jesus with people in other lands. It's really a wonderful go-along book with either MFW K, or ECC if you have a younger child in the group. What a gem!
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Re: resources to use with K

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We have the book From Abeku to Zapotec and are using it this year too. We are doing K and ECC so it fits in perfectly. Also thanks for the idea of using the dictionary, I haven't thought of that.
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Re: General Ideas for My Father's World From A to Z

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As we have been working our way through Kindergarten, my daughter is aching to read more and loving that part the best. It's hard to find books that use only the short vowel sounds, but we have been using the Bob Books and have gotten them from the Library. They're perfect for giving them confidence reading and working their way through the learning to read process.

Hope that helps someone else!
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Kindergarten Literature Selections

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I just wanted to let any other K Moms out there know that I'm going to be reviewing each of the Kindergarten's Literature Selections on my Blog for the next 26 weeks. The Link is in my signature, and I'd LOVE to hear all of your thoughts each week as well!

I just posted letter "Ll" ... A Tree Is Nice review. Here is the direct link:
http://afragmentaryaccountofdays.blogsp ... %20Reviews
samandsawyersmom wrote:We are starting MFW K but not till end of Oct. so I will keep looking at your blog so I know what to expect!! Let me know what misstakes not to make cause I am sure I will make many!! :~ YEAH MFW!! So glad we found you!!! :-)
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Re: General Ideas for My Father's World From A to Z

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We're really enjoying MFW K. Here are a couple ideas that we are using.

I found a spiral bound multi-pocket folder that has 3 pages with 6 pockets inside, plus pockets inside the front and back covers. Printed materials for Days 1-6 go into the assigned pocket, whole unit things go into the front, and 100 chart & calendar go into the back pocket. Each week I just pull the materials from that week's file folder and sort them.

Each time we start a new unit, I hide post-it notes around the house with the letters for the new theme: S-U-N, etc. DD is at the stage of sounding out CVC words, so she likes to try to put the letters in different combinations and sound them out to see if she can figure out the topic. I help out with unfamiliar sounds (o-o says "ooh"). One week I forgot to put them up, and she was NOT HAPPY!

We post the preprinted badges in our dining room. It makes a good review, and a way for Daddy or visitors to see what we're doing. As an art activity, we're making a kindergarten caterpillar on the wall in our playroom. We do some vaguely circle based design for each unit: a colored in globe for Creation, sun with googly eyes, etc. that DD or I print the words for the Bible truth on.

We're using LOTS of library books to go along with it, and try to have 2-3 books a day. We still do the Day 6 literature read, music selection, Cuisenaire rods, and make our unit end caterpillar circle.

Really enjoying our journey through MFW K here!
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Re: General Ideas for My Father's World From A to Z

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I made a wall mural. I started with a basic background, a strip of black at the top for space, a strip of blue for the sky, green for grass, and brown at the bottom for dirt. I made a big tree on one side and a blue section on the other side for the ocean. Every time we learn a new concept we add it to the mural. For example for the week we did "A" they colored printed apples that had the Fruits of the Spirit wrote on them and we hung them on the tree. For "N" they made nests to put in the tree. When we are finished with the school year the mural will be completed. I put it across one wall of our dining room, which is where we have our lessons.
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If You're Using K this year ...

Unread post by beaglemamma »

If you're using K this year and are looking for organizational tips or printable resources, this post may be helpful. ... mfw-k.html

And enjoy your year! K is an amazingly sweet program!!! :)
alisoncooks wrote:That was a very helpful link. And I loved the link to the other blog with the handwriting pages! Those would make a wonderful keepsake book at the end of the year...! THANKS :)
erin.kate wrote:So incredibly wonderful. Thank you, Jennifer!!! The caterpillar badges are genius!
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Tactile letter idea

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Just saw this great idea in Family Fun- I thought it would work well for drawing letters:

Cut various lengths of yarn and then let your child 'draw' with it on 40-grit sandpaper. The yarn is moveable and can be repositioned, while the roughness of the sandpaper keeps the yarn in place. They also suggested drawing letters on the sandpaper with a crayon, then letting the child trace them with yarn.
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Mister Rogers Neighborhood & Kindergarten

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I just found out that Mister Roger's Neighborhood (1979-2001 Seasons) are available on amazon on demand. I'm sure most of you probably knew this already - I'm behind the times. If you have amazon prime all episodes are free, if you don't then it's $1.99 an episode.

I have a roku player hooked up to the tv in the kitchen and we watch these during lunch after school. My children are 5, 2, and 1 and they all enjoy it. Sometimes we watch random episodes that don't specifically tie in with school and even I am enjoying the calmness of this show.

It's a fun supplement for our family. Just wanted to share.

I'll post specific season and episode numbers in the "Kindergarten Ideas " by week on this board as we watch them.

*Edit - for those who are not familiar, amazon prime is $79 a year. I went ahead and got it because I also wanted access to "Really Wild Animals Season 1" to use with kindergarten and that plus unlimited access to Mr. Rogers made it worth it to me
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Re: Mister Rogers Neighborhood & Kindergarten

Unread post by ivparker »

Thanks for the info. I'm going to totally do this. Also, I have Amazon Prime but didn't have to pay for it. Its a Amazon Prime for moms thing, I think? Basically if you spend at least $25/mth on Amazon prime qualified purchases they keep your amazon prime for free. I buy a lot of my organic products cereal, beans, snacks, etc from amazon and they all were considered amazon prime moms qualified purchases so I haven't had to pay the yearly fee.
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Re: Mister Rogers Neighborhood & Kindergarten

Unread post by Christine »

Wow. Thanks for the tip. I didn't know about the free streaming shows. I also got Amazon Prime for free by signing up for Amazon Mom. I get my diapers through Amazon mom and it extends my free subscription.
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What we've been up to! (MFWK)

Unread post by kaiakai »

We are having such a great time with MFWK!!
Miss K tells me, "Mommy likes my school more than she does her own!" (and it's true....)

So here's what we've been up to: ... ndergarten
NJCheryl wrote:I LOVE the oreo moonphases - why didn't I think of that! We are finishing Apples today. Have fun with it.
Wonderobyn wrote:OK, you are a way cooler mom than I am - LOL. Those are awesome projects! Way to go! I also love the phases of the moon cookies. =)
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Re: What we've been up to! (MFWK)

Unread post by kimber79 »

We are also doing MFW-K and are having loads of fun! I really feel like the student more than the teacher on most days :) Here's my latest blog post from our Creation weeks and will be updating more on our sun and moon weeks that we've just completed:

My kids also get super excited when they hear This is My Father's World and we practicing singing along. Thanks MFW!
alisoncooks wrote:That constellation thing was super-cool!! Wish I'd known about that for the creation unit (or moon unit). I always seem to stumble across the fun ideas after we've passed a unit. Thankfully, I have another kiddo coming along to K in a couple of years! :-)
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Great site for Bible stories/studies and Character Training

Unread post by kimber79 »

Hi everyone!
I found this great site from Focus on the Family that provides lessons on character training and heart issues for kids - it includes the lessons already prepared that can be downloaded as a PDF and then printed.

For anyone doing MFW-K, this site has some lessons that match up with the weekly units like perseverance, obedience, etc. Hope this helps!

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Re: General Ideas for My Father's World From A to Z

Unread post by mama102507 »

For learning the alphabet, I made a small inexpensive photo flip book that I found on sale at Walmart for $1. We took one picture of something that started with each letter, put them in order and printed out the words and glued them on each page. THE TRICK IS TO GET THE CHILD IN EACH PICTURE. KIDS LOVE LOOKING AT THEMSELVES! For example, we did a picture of her with Mommy for the letter m, her with Daddy for the letter d, her holding an orange for the letter o, her holding an umbrella for the letter u .... You get the point. That was years ago... now I would probably go to Snapfish online and print out a real book. They really are quite reasonable (less than $20) and it is a real book, wonderful keepsake! Hope this helps someone!
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More children's songs - cultural literacy

Unread post by Yodergoat »

I've realized recently that my little K girl does not know many of the "traditional" children's songs and rhymes. Since she is not in public school and we don't watch television, she just doesn't have access to them unless we provide it. I don't want her to be so removed from the culture that she doesn't even recognize old folk songs or rhymes. :~

MFWK is good about introducing some of these (we're currently on C-c-cow and it has the words for "hey diddle diddle," I remember that T-t-turtle had a rhyme about the turtle who live in a box, etc). I'm glad of that. And I've been intentionally introducing some along the way, and picked up a CD of animal-themed songs (Ants Go Marching, etc). She is very musical and picks these up quickly.

Can anyone suggest a good source for wholesome, fun traditional songs and rhymes like these? I can't listen to any online because we have dial-up. I just can't remember all of the ones I knew as a child off the top of my head... I need a good jogging of the memory here.
Thanks for any suggestions!


Here is a lengthy but fun story about this....

So today I heard Gail humming a tune and it sounded like "She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain." I asked if that was the song, and she said she had never heard of it. So I sang the lines I could recall and then Gail proceeded to make up more. "She'll be reading the newspaper when she comes" brought a laugh because I explained that if she is driving horses in a wagon then she should not distract herself by reading when she should be managing the horses. To which Gail replied that she could if she trusted her horses, and she sang this line in tune, "She'll have really well-trained horses when she comes." I enjoyed her creativity. :)

But, since I was stuck at "chicken and dumplings," I looked up the rest of the lyics online, where I discovered that the tune was based on an old African-American Spiritual about the secong coming of Christ called "When the Chariot Comes." I first explained to her that it was an old song from a long time ago and that the "she" in the song refers to the chariot... not to Jesus of course because He is male. So I sang the first lines of it to her.

"O, who will drive the chariot
When she comes?
O, who will drive the chariot
When she comes?
O, who will drive the chariot,
O, who will drive the chariot,
O, who will drive the chariot
When she comes?"

The next verse says:

"King Jesus, he'll be driver when she comes,
When she comes
King Jesus, he'll be driver when she comes,
When she comes
King Jesus, he'll be driver
King Jesus, he'll be driver
King Jesus, he'll be driver
When she comes."

Gail was still thinking about her earlier added line and the quaundry it provided, and quipped without hesitation, "So, she could be reading the newspaper, since Jesus is driving."

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Re: OT: children's songs & cultural literacy?

Unread post by cbollin »

learn something new everyday!
thanks for sharing.

Check on the song lists on the Cedarmont cd
such as School Days, Toddler Tunes, Preschool days.

that'll be a start.

The Wiggles have a nursery rhyme theme CD Sing a Song of Wiggles.......
and... Pop Goes the Wiggles

maybe library?
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Cat in the Hat books for K

Unread post by vanderhoof »

The Cat in the Hat Learning Library is a great series of informational books in typical Dr. Seuss rhyming style. Several are appropriate for K topics, such as:

Inside your Outside:All About the Human Body by Tish Rabe
I Can Name 50 Trees Today: All about Trees by Bonnie Worth
My, Oh My - A Butterfly: All about Butterflies by Tish Rabe
On Beyond Bugs: All about Insects by Tish Rabe
Oh Say Can You Say Di-No-Saur: All about Dinosaurs (contains one reference to "millions of years ago," but great descriptions of individual dinosaurs and pronouncing their names)

There are many more titles you may enjoy, here's a list created by one homeschooling mom on Amazon
[search for The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library, A Listmania! list by Amy Johnson "Homeschooling Mom"]

Another great Dr. Seuss book for K is Fox in Socks!
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Unread post by MelissaB »

Great site for looking up information about the different animals (videos, too):

Enjoy your year! :-)
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