Math - Ideas for math in God's Creation from A to Z

If you are using God's Creation From A to Z, please share your ideas with us.
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Math - Ideas for math in God's Creation from A to Z

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Please share your ideas for enriching math in My Father's World From A to Z

More math ideas may be found here:
100th day:
Liesl A.
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Teaching letters and numbers with lotion

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Posted: Tue Sep 21, 2004 1:08 pm

At bedtime the girls ask for lotion, and I started writing letters and numbers on their hands with it. We just went in order a to z and 1 to 20, one each night. It was a great way to teach and fun for them, but it gets hard with little hands!

God bless - Liesl

100 items can

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I stole this idea from an old Martha Stewart Kids magazine. It works well for just about anything.

I am using colored craft sticks instead of straws for the 100's counting (because I already had them). I took two handfuls of them and tossed them all over my scanner and scanned the mess. Then I printed out 2 sheets, so I could cover the small coffee can. It sits on the bookcase waiting for a new stick to be added.

You could do this with anything, we have a money can with a slot in the lid, stamps, sewing notions, pencils, seed packages, etc.
A big coffee can could hold craft supplies, painting supplies, etc.. A large popcorn can would be harder to cover, but you would know what was in it.
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Student Worksheets

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We also used a set of little animal stamps or dot paint markers. Crystal mentioned stickers. Great idea, especially when you get up into the 20's!

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Student Worksheets

Unread post by cbollin »

Now's there an idea that my 5 y. o will like.... dot stamp markers. Thanks Rachel.

My dd loves to make a circle, call it a cookie and put "chocolate chip" dots on it. well, at least that's what her occupational therapist and I decided to call it. WOW!!!!! I think I'm going to take in some of the K worksheets to her therapist class.

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Student Worksheets

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We've been using stickers and stamps, too. One more thing I've been doing with him (after passing number 10) is to have him circle ten things (stickers or whatever) and that shows him that 15 (for example) is ten plus five more.

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Recommended age for Singapore?

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rtlmom wrote:I couldn't find the recommended age for Singapore 1A. I assumed it was first grade. He will be 6 mid-year.
If your child was born and raised in the country of Singapore they would be around age 6 when they are enrolled in Primary 1. But, that's not your case. In the country of Singapore a non-national student would be starting in 1A around an average age of 7 years old (or older). So due to differences in how we teach math, even if your child is very good with math, it would be better to wait until age 7 before starting that series. They are not rushing to start that program at K age and still beat the pants off of everyone in international math tests. I think you might be setting yourself up for him to be frustrated in math if you start that book too early. It requires some extra thinking skills that will just be easier and more beneficial when the child is a little bit older and had more time with hands on math learning that is part of MFW K and 1st grade.


If you want to add more math to MFW K with a child who is showing interest in math, look for natural ways to do math in your everyday living. Look at adding in (couldn't resist it) math literature books. Teach them about telling time.

and play games!!!!!!!!!! that involve math. That can be computer games if you do that, it can be card games, board games.

Look at expanding with age-appropriate critical thinking games and/or workbooks to do more with the math they have -- simple worksheets from the local stores (not full curriculum)

Get them involved in cooking -- lots of math is developed that way.

Let them help you balance the check book and "help" pay the bills with you.

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Math calendar binders

Unread post by RachelT »

We also used the math calendar binders from a website that someone else pointed me toward. You may want to do a binder with your K'er and there are lots of fun math ideas on this website:

Enjoy K!
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Does the 100s chart include weekends?

Unread post by RachelT »

If it makes more sense to you (like it did for us) you could just add a number to everything (hundreds chart, beans, popsicle sticks, whatever) for each day of school and then celebrate the 100th day of school. We did it that way in K and 1st and we are doing it again now. It's just easier for us. When we get forget, say popsicle sticks or the hundreds chart, we just make it up on one day. At one point last year, we would just do the popsicle sticks once a week and add 5 at a time. I think the point is that your children are gaining an understanding of the numbers.

Not to confuse you further if you've already figured out what works for you!
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Cyndi (AZ)
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Calendar & 100s Chart

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Chrystal in TX wrote:OK...I know this is minor... but how do you do it? Do you keep your calendars up and out. Do you keep them filed in the kindergarten notebook and pull it out? Do you write in the day/number or does your kindergartener. I would love to hear how you gals make this work in your home!
Chrystal H
From the "here's what we did" file:

We posted the monthly calendar next to the 100 chart on the bulletin board (at a height my dd could easily reach). Every day we had school, she added a number to the 100 chart and circled/squared/heart-ed :-) the day on the calendar. She liked to make a game of picking a different color and shape to use.
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Unread post by cbollin »

In my house this year:

I use one of the fancy store bought teacher calendars. My youngest enjoys putting the number on the chart each day. (I should have her trace it with her finger, shouldn't I?)
The package came with Yesterday Today Tomorrow and even weather and seasons. $15 and buy my own velcro for it. I love using it and so does she.
It's big. The main part of it (with number of days) is on the back of the front door, held on by magnets. The rest of it (weather, yesterday, today, tomorrow) is over in another part of the house near my main kitchen calendar. Our main kitchen calendar is a reminder to pray for various Bible translation projects that month so, that's how I get her over to at least be near us for that.)

We're just starting the idea of drawing in patterns with her and we'll use the calendar sheets from MFW K for that. And probably file them with the worksheets. I keep a binder/folder for that. That way she'll get the writing practice. She get more writing practice with worksheets and just playing on dry erase board. But it's October now, so time to start doing a little more with her to keep raising the bar on her.

100's Chart:
I write the Next Number on the chart. She's not ready for the size of those boxes yet. (My daughter has several delays, so other kids might not have that problem).
The chart is on a wall near kitchen table.
Below the chart is a 12 inch by 17 inch display board. Top half is dry erase (where my daughter can practice writing numerals). Bottom half is cork board.
On the cork board part, we have our large plastic baggie for doing "bundles and sticks" (i.e. counting and place value with craft sticks)
All of it is at her height level, which truth be told isn't much lower than my height level. ;)

MJ in IL
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Calendar & 100s Chart

Unread post by MJ in IL »

I have posted them on the walls, but this time through we have the calendars and 100s chart in her binder. I didn't want to have 1 more thing on the wall or fridge right now. I do have a large calendar up in our hall with app'ts etc. On the fridge is the calendar from God's Word for the Nations so we use those for our "walking and talking throughout the day" lessons.

Our K school day starts out by pulling out the binder and doing calendar 1st. We sing the Days and Months and practice "Today is..., yesterday was..." I found a cute weather page that has a chart for graphing cloudy, sunny, snow, etc. days. We move to the 100s chart, then review our phonics songs. BTW, this is our "speech" time too. I encourage good speech sounds and correct pronoun use during this time. Then on to the other K activities.

100s chart: I write the number with a yellow marker. Dd traces it. BTW, we are doing most of the handwriting like that or with little dots right now. Her fine motor is just not ready for a lot of the writing yet. She loves tracing and it makes K more fun for her right now!

Your posts remind me that I do have a cute magnetic calendar...somewhere. If I find it I may put that up in her room. The other children all are calendar-box-checkers!...especially counting down for those special vacation days or (currently) braces off day!
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Calendar & 100s Chart

Unread post by kugoi »

I print calendars from On days we do school we talk about wha day it is, color in the square or draw a shape, depending on the pattern, ds says the days of the week and the months. He already understands yesterday, today and tomorrow, so we don't do that.

Then we do the 100 chart. We count groups of ten, he writes that number, count ones, write that number, then he tells me what the full number is. He counts to that number, at about 50 he started countng by 2s, and I'm thinking of adding counting by 5s and 10s where appropriate.

Both the calendar and 100 chart are in the front pocket of the binder we put all his work in.
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Calendar & 100s Chart

Unread post by my3boys »

We have a bulletin board with 2 calendar sheets and 100 chart on it. One calendar is for the date and the other is our weather chart. The bulletin board is on the wall near the floor and we have a foam puzzle mat on the floor there. Every day we sit and have 'circle time'. We put the date on the calendar and make a sun or cloud on the weather chart. Then we count and fill in the next number on the 100 chart and put a stick in our number cup and count those. After that we sing a song and read a book on the theme of the week. With the calendar we have learned 'months of the year' and 'thirty days has September' poems as well as the 'days of the week song' from Barney. I'm really happy with how much they've learned from the calendar and number lessons - I never did this with my older ds.
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Number Cup

Unread post by cbollin »

kidswife wrote:I just started MFW-K, and I'm looking ahead to the section where the student is supposed to pick a number out of the number cup and write that number down and draw however many # of things in the box. I see where the student does this drawing and writing but what is this cup?? Do I just write #s 1-10 on little pieces of paper and put them in a cup, or is this tied in with my 100 chart some way?? Thanks for the clarification!
You'll need to provide a cup. I use a baggie to be honest. Easier to tack a baggie on a bulletin board. :-) Seriously, where was I going to put a cup for the entire year and it not get knocked over? So I used a plastic sandwich sized baggie and tacked in on the wall. But we all do what works on that.

Instructions for the number cup are listed in the Day 2 yellow page section, as the last step of the Handwriting Page where it says MATH. The numbers on the card will be the same as the number of the unit lesson and practiced on the handwriting sheet. It is not the same number as the "number of the day" on the 100 chart. Example, for unit 15, your child practices the number 15 on the handwriting sheet, and then you write 15 on the card and drop that card in the number baggie (or cup) and use it on Day 3.

For lesson 1, I had my child do both zero and one. ;)

Mississippi Jenni
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Re: Number Cup

Unread post by Mississippi Jenni »

We did school at the table last year. I had a large, shallow plastic container that I put supplies in. For the number cup I used an icing container. I had clear stickers with black numbers that I put all over the container. The kids loved to smell the number cup.

Re: Math - Ideas for math in My Father's World From A to Z

Unread post by cbollin »

We're in the part of the curriculum after the end of the 100 Chart and where you do the coin cup. To help my child with autism with this activity and to do skip counts by 5's, 10s , we used the 100 Chart along with nickels and dimes. We put a nickel on the 5, then 10, 15, 20, etc. and counted out loud. That way she could make the connection that the coin called a nickel helps me count in groups of 5. Same with the dimes, 10, 20 etc.

I plan to transition it to counting out groups of 5 pennies and putting those pennies on the 100 chart, to try to make a connection that 5 pennies can be used where nickels are used, and 10 pennies can be used where a dime is used.

Also, when the coin cup was introduced in the kangaroo unit, we took the make a pencil holder activity and turned it into a coin cup holder inside a kangaroo pouch.

We're near the section in the manual that suggests adding a simple workbook for extra stuff (optional of course). We bought something inexpensive at a local chain book store. Just look for something in K math workbooks.

Re: Math - Ideas for math in My Father's World From A to Z

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For a more hands on worksheet for early addition and subtraction, I made a match the number and dots card set. Here's a pic.
math activity
math activity
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Re: Math - Ideas for math in My Father's World From A to Z

Unread post by cbollin »

Nothing like being in the section of the K program where it is suggested to add a simple workbook for Addition and Subtraction to make you go out and look for stuff.

I was at Walmart today in the school supplies section and there was this really cool wipe off booklet just for practices simple addition. Our store didn't have the subtraction one. But it was less than $3 and could be used over and over for practice.

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math - finishing K

Unread post by tiffany »

my3boys wrote:We are near the end of K and I am wanting to add some extra math work as suggested in the manual.

I looked in the store, but couldn't find a workbook that looked like it was at their level. They know shapes, recognize patterns and differences, understand bigger/smaller, and can count to 100 by ones and tens. I'm looking for a little more independent work here that they can work at over the next couple of months in preparation for First. Any suggestions for workbooks, on-line sites, activities?
You could try the Kumon books. I'm using that with my K guy for math basics. Target sells a few titles, but Barnes and Noble has a better selection and you can get an educator's discount of 20% there.

Another workbook one of my children liked was Gold Star Math. That has to be ordered as far as I know. I got mine at Love to Learn.

You could also try some of the Usborne books. I just bought one for my K child for next year to go along with MFW 1st grade math. It is called Sticker Math Fun for 5-6 year olds. It is very visually appealing.

I looked at the Singapore Early Bird/K books and it seemed they included a lot of things already in the MFW curriculum, so I decided to skip that and go for more of a write in activity book. I could be wrong about the Singapore books for that age though, since I haven't used anything below 1A.
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Re: Math - Ideas for math in My Father's World From A to Z

Unread post by AKmomto2 »

I started writing one number on large sheets of paper. Number 1 on one sheet, number 2 on one sheet, etc. Then I tape the sheets of paper all over the kitchen floor. My boys take turns throwing a small stuffed toy onto the papers. Whatever number the toy lands on, they have to tell me the number and then count out that many raisins, almonds, etc. They love this and do not realize they are learning anything. For some reason, number recognition is much harder for them than letter recognition.


Can I use math U see blocks with cuisinaire rods book?

Unread post by cbollin »

joyfulmom wrote:This is my first year using MFW K and I am wondering if the blocks from math u see would work with the cuisinaire rods alphabet book? Are they similar enough or would it frustrate my daughter because the size or something is too different?
The size of the MUS blocks is larger so they wouldn't be an exact fit on the patterns in C. rod book. and some of the thinking skills questions wouldn't make sense because the colors would be different.

possible work arounds on that:
a "conversion" chart on the colors.
and making the puzzles on a table top instead of in the book -- this might frustrate some kids to duplicate a pattern freestyle like that.
I guess the other idea is to make the puzzles match the size of the blocks in some fancy way that I wasn't creative to do a few years ago. I ended up splurging and getting the C. Rods and now use both kinds of manipulatives.

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Help executing the Kindergarten curriculum

Unread post by mtnmama »

mtnmama wrote:100 chart-- my son doesn't know how to write his numbers. There are practice pages later on in the year but of course we haven't gotten there yet, so for now he hates to try writing his numbers at all.
100 chart: those boxes are small. For a long time I did the number writing in them until one day my youngest pulled the pencil from my hand and said "my turn now". I'd suggest practice with easy to erase stuff like a dry erase board, or make yourself some 'sandpaper numbers" to trace. Or just practice with salt tray, pudding, shaving cream on the bathtub wall. Sometimes that is not on paper. But let him watch you draw the numerals on the 100 chart.
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Re: Help executing the Kindergarten curriculum

Unread post by DaniWestRN »

With the 100 number chart, I would write the number on it in dots and allow her to trace it. We did this with a lot of her handwriting papers too early on. It worked well and now, at just turned 5. she is writing number and letters with limited help.
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MFW Kinder Math Question

Unread post by cbollin »

mlhom4him wrote:We were able to go to the local homeschooling conference and hear David speak at several seminars. We left feeling so energized and ready to tackle the task at hand just knowing that all would be rosy.

Okay so we were wearing rose colored glasses. But you all have been there. You all know what I mean. The first few weeks were good. Even the first lesson on S. We did the 100 chart every day. So she wrote her number 4 backwards. No problem. I knew that writing it the correct way would come with time.

We arrived at number 10. Counted the sticks.....10......bundled them many? A confused look........I don't many......10! many?......UH........7?.......

Did this for what seemed like an hour until she understood that there were 10 sticks in the bundle.

Okay.....deep breathe......

Number 11........What number did we write yesterday? 10. How many in the bundle? ................ 7? Went through this again ..... probably not as long.

Added 1 to the bundle can to make 11. Wrote 10 +1=11 on the mini chalkboard. Went through this over and over again with her. An hour later.......10 +1 = 11!

We sort of just skipped school for a week or so. Went to bed last night with a determination that we would get back to it today. We did great on the calendar time. I skipped the addition sentences. She was not getting it. She has a hard time counting from 10 to the following numbers. Now, her confidence is so shot on math that she can't count from 1 to 10 without stopping to ask me what number comes next Mommy!

Math is taking such a long time that we are not getting to anything else. It is taking all day. Now I know that it is not supposed to take all day. I get that. I just don't know what to do. I am beat up by myself so please don't tell me that it isn't supposed to take all day. I know that. Help! How do I teach math? When do I say, maybe the public schools which will be our only option is the better solution?

She is so discouraged. I am so discouraged.

I have known in my heart that homeschooling was what I wanted to do since before I was even married (and I got married later in life and had her later in life). I don't want to send her to public school especially ours. I want to succeed at this. Am I making any sense at all?

Mary Lou
Mary Lou,
2 Cor 12:9 reminds us: But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me."

Place value is important and if it takes many weeks to get it, that's ok. She will really get it then. Some of it will involve perhaps some different ways to involve her in the learning process. Some will involve not doing all of the routines in math every day early on. Some things might be just modeling it for her and repeating the correct answer.

Some of it might involve something like musical chairs or let's fill up the sofa with 9 stuffed animals who want #10 friend to join them, but he has to sit on the floor next to the couch.

Sometimes, as teachers, we have to play around with ways that help our individual child grasp concepts.

there are lots of great people on here with ideas to encourage....

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