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Re: MFW Kinder Math Question

Unread post by BHelf »

My 8 year old still has a hard time with place value.

Yes, place value is important, but it is also difficult to understand--especially for a younger child like a K'er. And it really is okay if she isn't getting it just yet. Every child is different and matures at different speeds for different things. They don't all crawl, walk, talk, etc at the same times and they aren't all going to get certain math, spelling, reading concepts at the same time either.

To take the stress off of you and her, for awhile just model for her what you're doing. Don't ask her for the answers. You give them. When you're adding the next number--if it's 17--let her add the next stick/straw/whatever and then you do the counting with the bundle plus 7 singles. You write the math problem and say it out loud. Do this for awhile until the pressure is off. You may find that after a few weeks, it has sunk in with her and she'll get it. After a few weeks, ask her if she'd like to try it today. If yes, great--but if you see it causing stress, back off again. If no, that's okay--you continue to do it for awhile.

Also google "place value games" and "place value file folder games." This might give you ideas on other ways you can show her place value. It looks like there are a few fun free computer games for place value.

If she has an understanding of money values (pennies being .01, dimes being .10, dollars being 1.00) you can try teaching place value with money. If you have 10 pennies, you can trade them in for one dime. One dime and 6 pennies makes how much? Then you still have your tens and ones being taught and it might be easier to understand. But obviously this would only make it more frustrating and difficult if she doesn't know the value of pennies and dimes. :)

And to reiterate what Crystal said--don't give up! You aren't a bad teacher. My DD was in public school for Pre-K and K and they taught place value the same way--with the bundles and such. Some kids got it without a problem, others didn't. Another teacher in a different setting isn't going to do it differently. Your child just needs to reach a point when she's ready to learn it. It will come with time. Again, my DD is one who still struggles with the concept even though she can go through all the motions of doing it correctly. But I can now see some light bulbs going off and she's been able to move on to harder math concepts beautifully even without full grasping of place value. Model this portion of math for her everyday but don't hold her back on learning other things just because she hasn't grasped this part. :)

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Re: MFW Kinder Math Question

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Crystal and Brooke have given you wonderful ideas.

I'm just writing to add a couple of thoughts:

1. Public schooled kids don't all learn everything just because the teacher has presented it (like Brooke mentioned). All my kids were public schooled for at least K-2. What I saw was that teachers had to move the class along, so kids who didn't get things sometimes worked for years on them, with teachers pulling them out for extra lessons, keeping them after school for extra lessons, and always sending them home with extra lessons for the parent to do with them. Sometimes the older kids who still didn't get it were just sent off to remedial classes with underpaid aids who varied in quality. It isn't perfect over there, so don't let that illusion make your decisions for you.

2. Kids all learn differently. My youngest just has to "sit on it" for a while. He's a smart math kid, but he can't tell me how he understands things. He just absorbs them by osmosis or something. So over the years when we came to a big new concept that he didn't get, we'd sometimes sit there for a while and sometimes move on and sometimes do a bit of both, but it just took him time. Eventually he'd say it was "easy" and race ahead. Your little learner may be different than mine and different than you were, but she is getting one-on-one tutoring tailored to her needs and will surely get a strong foundation.

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Re: MFW Kinder Math Question

Unread post by kacairo1 »

Dear Mary Lou,

Please be ENcouraged and not DIScouraged today! Learning is a process, just like anything else in life, and is often not mastered with the first lesson. Instead of thinking in terms of mastery after each lesson, think in terms of mastery after a quarter, or semester, or year.

I taught as a public school teacher for several years before staying home with our children and there is a reason why certain concepts such as place value are taught throughout a year and for several years. Children need lots of exposure to new concepts. We wouldn't expect our children to be fluent readers right after teaching them the sounds of the alphabet--they need lots of practice with letter sounds and blending them together before they able to read words, then sentences, etc. The same is true with math.

So, be ENCOURAGED! You're doing a great job and have the best intentions for your daughter. Give little exposures everyday (to not overwhelm) and think in terms of long-term goals as you plug away at the concepts each day. Hope that helps! :)
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Re: MFW Kinder Math Question

Unread post by MelissaM »

I just wish I could HUG you. I haven't read all the replies, so I'm sorry if I'm repeating something that's been said.

I would just encourage you to take a deep breath, exhale, and relax. Much easier said than done, I know. You CAN do this.

My ds is doing K. I think it probably took until we were close to number 20 before he just "remembered" there were 10 straws in the bundle. That's okay! Every day, we would just count how many in the bundle, and then keep going with the "ones" outside of the bundle. So, for example, day 15:

We've just counted on the hundred chart, and written the number 15 in today's square.

Me (holding up our bundle of 10): "How many do we have here?"
DS: "Uh...I don't know."
Me: "Let's count them." (We counted them - I didn't unbundle tho, just marked our place and counted each straw.)
Me (holding up the "ones"): "And how many do we have here?"
DS: "4!"
Me: "Right. So we have this bundle of how many? (If he didn't know, I'd just tell him - We have this bundle of 10.) And then we have 4 more - and how many is that?" And he wouldn't know, so we'd just start counting from 10. When we got to 14, I'd say - "Uh-oh! We're supposed to have 15, that's the number we just put in the chart. What do we need to do to get 15?" And he'd (hopefully) know we'd need to add another straw. And if he didn't know, I'd just tell him, "Let's add 1 more and see what happens." And then we would, and we'd count them again, from ten. I'd just hold the bundle in one hand and say "10" and then count each of the others, "11, 12, etc."

The next day, we'd repeat the whole thing. One day, we took out the straws and I held up the 10 bundle and said, "How many do we have here?" And ds said, "I don't...wait - it's 10!" And that was that. Today, we made our 4th bundle and wrote the number 40 on the chart. He's never forgotten that there are 10 in a bundle and, and when he counted the "ones" today and came up with 10, he looked at me and said, "Wait a minute....we need to make another bundle!" Yay - he's getting it! (PS - my 9yo dd is in the room, absorbing all of this as well - it's great reinforcement for her. And assurance for me, that this is not the last time ds is going to have to get this!)

I promise you, just repeat it - calmly, no stress, every day. Just for a few minutes - long enough to count through, write the number on the chart, etc. It's okay to give her the answers, I promise. One day she'll just get it. And it might be at day 20 or 50 - or it might be in 1st grade, or 2nd grade or later, but she WILL get it. This exposure to counting and place value is NOT going to be the only time she ever sees it - this isn't her only chance to catch on, and in K...just really, really try to enjoy the time you're spending with her. It's so much more about building relationships than making sure she gets that the bundle contains 10 straws, kwim?

And I would say that's the same for every subject across the board in K - this is not going to be the last time they ever get to learn about the moon, right? So, no need to try to become an expert - it's all about exposure and enjoying the learning process. Not that you're not trying to lay a firm foundation, of course you are - and you ARE doing that. You CAN do that. Really.

I'm sorry - I've written a novel here, and I don't even know if I answered your question.
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Re: MFW Kinder Math Question

Unread post by MelissaM »

I'm sorry, I'm going to add one more thing.

I don't write addition sentences with or for my Ker - I don't see the need for that right now, it's pretty abstract. Right now, just making the 10s and ones is enough.

Also - I just *knew* I was too dumb to teach my dd math when she was in K. I knew it - I was lousy at math in school, and I stressed about it, and I think I *did* mess her up - because I brought my stress to the table and and shook her confidence. So, to answer your question about if you are messing her up...I mean, I don't think you're damaging her, by any means. But I would say, you are going to have to FORCE yourself to relax and not stress about what she "gets" at this point. Just go through the process, a little bit every day. She'll get it and you'll get it. Reassure her - if she asks you what number comes next, just tell her, no problem. Force yourself to smile, even if you are terrified on the inside.

Is there a list in the TM (I can't remember off the top of my head) of what the math goals for K are? Maybe reading something like that would show you how much on track you actually are. She's doing fine. You're doing fine. If it's not in the manual - maybe someone here will see this and be able to post one or a link to one for you.

But I'd say (from experience - I have been exactly where you are) that the first step is to pray, pray, pray - don't let Satan get to you with those "I'm too dumb" thoughts. Do whatever you have to to shake those off and come to school cheerful and relaxed for your dd - even if it's all just an act for her benefit. Once her confidence starts to build, so will yours, because you'll see that she's getting it and you CAN teach!

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Re: MFW Kinder Math Question

Unread post by tangomoon »

There are some good suggestions here (and more have probably been posted since I began this reply ;) ). You CAN do this. Please don't beat yourself up when something doesn't go well at first ~ making a few small changes may be all it takes. We have ALL had those frustrating days. Something to keep in mind . . . Satan doesn't want our children to learn the wonderful truths about God that are in this program. And one of the ways he tries to make that happen is by convincing us mamas that we're not capable of teaching our own children. He wants us to think that we're the only ones having problems, that no one would understand, and that there is something flawed about us. There's a spiritual battle going on around us that is sometimes easy to forget.

One thing that I've had to keep reminding myself is not to make things harder than they need to be at this stage, and to not push too far ahead of where my specific child is in different levels. Melissa's description of how she does the 100 chart is very similar to what we do. Since they're (most times) just learning how to deal with the higher numbers, it will take a lot longer to catch on. Writing the numbers along with the sticks might more than your daughter is ready for right now . . . if so, that's ok. :) You can always add it in later.

The constant repetition over the year of bundling each time you reach 10 will help them understand it. Try taking turns counting them, especially when you get to several bundles of ten. If dealing with numbers higher than ten is a bit too much right now, just keep bundling the individual sticks as you reach ten, but try the counting a different way. Put the bundled packs on the left and the loose sticks on the right.

Mom: Since each of the bundles has ten sticks in it, let's count how many bundles there are
Child: 1 .... 2....3.
Mom: Great job! There are 3 bundles of ten . ten, twenty, thirty (touching or picking up each bundle as you say that)
Mom: We'll put a 3 on our hundreds chart for the three bundles of ten. Now let's count the loose sticks.
Child: 1 ....2.....3......4......5.....6.....7...8....9
Mom: Good work, there are 9 loose sticks. So we'll write a 9 on our hundreds chart to show how many loose sticks there are. 3 tens and 9 ones is 39. Can you say 39 with me?
Both: 39!
Mom: Tomorrow when we get add another stick to the 9 loose ones, we'll be making a new bundle of ten.

Or you can try echo counting as you do the sticks. You say a number, then DD says it right after you. Don't be afraid to try different ways, even when they don't always look a lot like what we remember school being like for us.

Place value is covered again in 1st grade, too. Much of the place value teaching in schools is done through calendar activities at the early levels, too. Some kids catch on right away, others will take a couple years to really understand it. So don't feel that by sitting in a classroom your child would be getting it explained in a very different way right now. :)

At this age, it's ok if they don't master a new skill right away. And I'm finding that when my DD is learning a new skill, the things she previously did well on suffer for a little bit while she shifts brain focus to the new thing. Once the new skill isn't so new anymore the other things tend to come back as well. While it sometimes makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong that she keeps trying to write a 3 like an S some days, I'm finding it's better for both of us to just say with a smile, "That 3 is trying to be an S. Let's make another 3 together. (Then I'll put my hand on hers and we'll write a 3, saying the strokes out loud: Roll around, roll around.)" I've discovered that she needs a LOT more than one day's instruction on how to make a number or letter, so we're trying to do a little bit every day, making good use of the tactile activities whenever we can.

Know that you're NOT alone. :)
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Re: MFW Kinder Math Question

Unread post by jasntas »

Been there, done that. Tried K with another, more aggressive program thinking I'd have a genius at the end of K with my ds. Became so discouraged that we sent him to ps for 1st and 2nd. Decided to try again for 3rd with MFW ADV (and K with dd). Took a much more relaxed approach. ADV and K where wonderful and my dc would pick up things that I didn't even realize at the time.

As other have mentioned, everything is not to be mastered in one day. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. We, as new hs-ers, tend to be a bit over zealous. Relax and just enjoy your time together.

I so wish I would have gone with my gut and used MFW K with oldest and I wish I would have found this board back then, too. He so would have enjoyed K. Well, after I would have relaxed and done what many have already suggested here. But we are happy where we're at now.

To me, this board has been invaluable in helping me through the rough spots. (And continues to help). MFW and this board are what makes it possible for me personally to hs.

I'm going to pray for you now.

Keep asking questions. We are all here to help one another. :)

Take care and hang in there.
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Re: MFW Kinder Math Question

Unread post by momem3 »

Mary Lou,
I, also, am teaching K (and 1st) right now. Although math is a subject I love (I am a total nerd about it), I am not pushing it on my kids. I want them to love it because it explains how the world works, not hate it because I pushed too hard.

I do not believe that writing the equations out is even part of the K curriculum. We basically do the number of the day (with me doing most of the counting...DD is not quite up to par on counting but I am not stressing about it), we do the number cup and we do the number sheet on the days the TM calls for it. She is catching on to the numbers for the number cup as we go along. We write the number of the day every day...but I am not stressing about her knowing it or being able to count to it. I have noticed that the repetition of it all is helping her catch on. When we get to the unbunched sticks she starts saying "51, 52, 53..." She would have never done this before. Once your daughter gets to 1st grade, you will incorporate more of the place value, addition, etc.

Trust me, you want to make math fun for now. Play games on a board that just involves counting. Have her set the table and count out the forks for everyone. Play hide-and-seek and have her be the counter first. Maybe some more or less concepts...nothing astronomical for now. Once she has counting down, then I would start asking "word problems". This is fun at the grocery store as well. Put 2 cans of something in cart and ask her to get 2 more and tell you how many you have in all. Ask questions like "If we have 2 bananas but we needed enough for our family of 6, how many more bananas would we need?" Simple things that make it so she doesn't know she's doing math. Point out numbers on a daily basis. On cans, on receipts, on recipes, etc...makes numbers more comfortable than foreign.

Best of luck! Not sure I was much help...
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Re: MFW Kinder Math Question

Unread post by Poohbee »

Hi Mary Lou!

My post may be a repeat of some others, but I just wanted to encourage you that K is just an introduction and the same topics will be covered again. Having been through MFW K, 1st, ADV and now we're doing ECC, I know that the science topics come up again, so you don't need to feel like your K'er has to "get it" all right now. You learn about the sun, moon, space, etc. in K and again in 1st, and maybe even again in ADV. The same is somewhat true with math. You do the 100 chart and calendars in both K and 1st grade. So, in K, with my 2nd dd right now, I am writing the numbers on the 100 chart and she traces over them with a colored pencil or crayon. She doesn't know how to write her numbers yet. She is just learning. So, I think it is just fine for her to trace the numbers that I write. I know that she will do the 100 chart again next year, and she can write the numbers then. I just ask my dd to count the straws everyday, and that's about all we do with it. In time we may work with adding and subtracting, but I certainly don't feel the need to do that right now. I just want to be sure my dd has a good foundation in counting and learning her numbers. With math, just work with your child at the level she is at. She will get to a point where it will click with her and she'll "get it." But until then, just let it be an informal and relaxed time. Work with her right where she's at. You CAN teach your daughter, and she WILL learn what she needs to learn.
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Re: MFW Kinder Math Question

Unread post by mlhom4him »

It is amazing what a little sleep and many prayers from myself, my husband and from you lovely ladies does for my outlook! I greatly appreciate your encouragement. I have a much better perspective now than I did yesterday when I posted.

Break for the daily activities!

It is evening now....should head to bed soon. Just wanted to post a huge thank you to each and everyone of you that posted here in response to my thread and who sent me a private message. What an encouragement you ladies are to me!

Today went so much better! Calendar time, 100 chart and can went so much better today. I think we spent about maybe 10 minutes at the most on it. We enjoyed reading books from the book basket that I have not had time to read to her. What a joy that was to sit on our back porch in the sun and beautiful Indian summer weather going over these books. We even had time to do some music today. :)

We are playing Sorry! and Uno. We have a number of other "number" games that I made up on the fly that she really likes.

Tonight she and I stayed home from church since she cannot seem to shake her cough. We had such a lovely time as we watched church via U-stream and joined in the worship time.....listened to the teaching. During the bed time routine she looked out the window and was so excited to see the moon. She was able to recognize the moon phase! She was so excited. Tomorrow she will record this in her Night Sky Observation Notebook that we are making. What a joy it was today!

Intellectually I know that she is so much better off with me than she is in public school. Yesterday emotions were definitely getting the better of me. Late, late last night I chatted with my wonderful husband. What a relief to hear him say that "even if homeschool fails this year, which I know it won't, I have it in my mind that she will be homeschooled."

Thank you again!

Time to go to bed.
Mary Lou
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Re: MFW Kinder Math Question

Unread post by mamacastle2 »

Just a quick reply to encourage you - I am not doing number sentences and honestly, when we get to the number cup and our bundled numbers, I just say, "Okay, here is 10. Now let's count 11, 12, 13, ..." I don't even ask, "How many is in the bundle?" or anything like that. I am so laid back now with it because I know she'll get it when she's ready. So we spend about 5 minutes on math, the hundred chart, then add a craft stick to our cup and count "that's 10, now 11, 12..."


Postby mamacastle2 » Thu Aug 25, 2011 10:58 am
As a follow-up, after doing this with my daughter for a few months, she can now count by 10's, then add 1's to it, no problem - ALL BY HERSELF!! So, for example, she'll pick up the bundles and say "10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60" and then the singles "61, 62, 63, 64, 65." She counts all the way through the hundred number chart every day by herself (1-whatever number we're on), then counts the craft sticks. And she's started "adding" and "subtracting" on her own. "Mommy, 64+1 equals 65, but 65-1 equals 64."
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Re: MFW Kinder Math Question

Unread post by CindyLou »

Last year when I tried to do "K" (ds just turned 5; dd was 5 1/2 - six months older) neither of my children really grasped the concept of math. Since HS wasn't really working for my son (and I wanted to homeschool them together) I waited another year. They are now 6 and 6 1/2 and we're flying through MFW-K. BOTH of them love doing the 100's chart and are getting it (and begging me to let them do more than one number a day). DD (who had trouble every once in a while remembering all her numbers and would tend to skip over one when counting) LOVES workbooks so I purchased the Singapore Earlybird Kindergarten 1A and 2A workbooks, and some of the Critical Thinking workbooks, and some "Numbers" Kumon workbooks for her to work on when we aren't homeschooling - sometimes she would complete an entire workbook in one day! Anyway, those really seemed to help her grasp the concept of math and remember her numbers.

For my children, age 5 was too young to really grasp "math"; funny how just a few months can make a difference!

That said, I have a nephew who taught himself to read at 2/12 and could do easy math equations at age 3, so obviously not all children are the same!
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MFWK - Blank Calendar Sheets

Unread post by gratitude »

I did the blank calendar sheets at the same time that I did the 100 chart each day.

I would have him write the new date, and on Monday he would write 3 dates. We would look at what month, day of the week it was, and the number for each day we were doing. I had my oldest do this too at the same time for MFW 1.

Then this January (they had done the calendar sheets from April - Dec.) I went to the teacher supply store and bought a crayola (fairly inexpensive) pre-made calendar. My oldest loved coloring all of it and putting on all the stickers and holidays, and hung it on his bedroom wall. The pictures coordinate to traditional New England seasons. My Kindergartener is still working on it, but also really likes it.

For the K calendar sheets, by writing the new date each day, they received a solid footing in the flow of the days of the month, days of the week, and exposed to the order of the months of the year.

We also memorized the Mother Goose Rhyme: 30days hath September, April, June, and November. The rest have 31. Except for February alone, which has 28 days clear, except for 29 each leap year.
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Re: Math - Ideas for math in My Father's World From A to Z

Unread post by tangomoon »

Just wanted to share how we handled the 100s sticks and coin cup that ended up working really well. I used an approx. 12 oz plastic coffee can, which was the perfect size for the regular size wooden craft sticks. We used the plain wood ones, but for every 10th used a colored one. Bundles of 10 rubber banded together along with the loose sticks fit really well. We even kept going after 100, bundling all ten smaller bundles together in one large hundred.

For the coin cup, I found an old plastic film container (remember those! :) ), which fit well into the coffee can along with the sticks. For the coins that weren't in use, I kept them in a small snack size plastic bag with our daily work.
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Days of School Number Chart

Unread post by Smoakhouse »

Hi Ladies,
I wanted to share my weekend project! My husband just doesn't get excited about these things, wonder why? 8[]

I made a Days of School Number Chart. I had one of these when my girls where young and we used it for years. I put it on a standard poster board. The post it notes are 2x1 1/2. Any bigger and they won't fit 10 across. I highlighted the even numbers (I used crayons, real highlighters smears the markers).

As the school year goes on we can use it to count by ones, by twos, by five, & tens. Plus keep up with how much school we have completed and how much is left. I also wrote on the post it notes with start, 1/4, 1/2, 100 days, 3/4, finish. When I did it before I changed post it colors every 9 weeks but I really like the look of this one.

Here are some pictures of my master piece. :-)
This would be on day 7
This would be on day 7
IMG_1522_2.jpg (7.34 KiB) Viewed 18540 times
The number chart
The number chart
IMG_1519_2.jpg (10.97 KiB) Viewed 18541 times
All covered and ready to start
All covered and ready to start
IMG_1521_2.jpg (6.69 KiB) Viewed 18541 times
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MFW K 100 Chart...sort of dreading it *blush*

Unread post by cbollin »

Mom2theteam wrote:I'm really not looking forward to counting every day. :~ Anyone else feel this way? I'm working on my attitude and planning to fake it to make it. :-) So, I know this is a silly question but, here goes. We are supposed to actually count, out loud, to the number we are on that day, correct? So, toward the end, we will be counting to "almost" 100 daily, right? This just does not sound fun to me. :~ However, let me assure everyone, I think my son will enjoy it and I see the benefit. We are going to do it. :-)
I remember my daughter (youngest with autism) picked up the patterns. I would sometimes vary it and combine counting by 10's to get to the tens that we were in, and then slow it down for the units.

so it would be
Yesterday was 76
Today is 77.

Let's skip count by 10's up to 70, then slow down and count from there.
then, while pointing to each number on the chart.
70, 71 72 73 74 75 76 77

It will not take as much time or dread factor as you might think. You might find that your child will say them faster while you point. You can combine the goals of skips by 10's. Or get super fancy and say "let's skip by 5's up to 75"... you might consider skip by 2's.

just point along, say it.... yes, math drills in an area does require repetition. You'll do a lot of reps! (uh oh... is crystal making an exercise analogy on her day off from work?) High Reps means more toning and definition! you can do it!

anyway (((hugs))). it might not be as bad as you are thinking. Yes, it's hard to repeat over and over a..... I have a child with autism who wants to play the same pretend game too long. I get that.

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Re: MFW K 100 Chart...sort of dreading it *blush*

Unread post by InfertilityMom »

We've done it much the same way, working on skip counting as the numbers get higher. My kids love the straw cups (make sure to use the kind with the bendable neck and bright colors as they are more tactile), taping pennies to their 100 chart (they know they get to put them all in their piggy banks when we get to 100!), and we also incorporate manipulatives as well. There are also a lot of fun "100" books in the library. We ended up buying one about the first 100 days of school (though some parts weren't too applicable for us since it involved school buses, cafeterias, etc.) and would read the corresponding page each day as well. Yes, fake it to get going, but if you can get your student excited, I think the fun just might end up rubbing off an you as well. :D
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Re: MFW K 100 Chart...sort of dreading it *blush*

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Skip counting!! Why didn't I think of that?! Thanks! I'm really glad I asked. Now, I'm not dreading it like I was. :-)
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Re: MFW K 100 Chart...sort of dreading it *blush*

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I like the idea of taping pennies to the 100 chart!! I think I will laminate it after all!

Skip counting is a great idea, too..
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Re: MFW K 100 Chart...sort of dreading it *blush*

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I just wanted to say my dc didn't like doing the straws/ bundles for the 100 chart, so to motivate my ds last year we put pennies in a container, one for each day, but when we reached ten pennies we exchanged for a dime. Then he was sooo excited, knowing that he would get to trade the 10 dimes for a dollar bill (and get to spend it too :) )! It really did motivate him. I should mention that we did not count each day, (my son would have, I think, but I didn't want to &)) but we did pay attention to patterns, skip counting by 10s, etc., but not necessarily every day.
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Re: MFW K 100 Chart...sort of dreading it *blush*

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I am doing even/odd. We pick a number and then count out that coins/buttons and see if "everyone has a walking partner."
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Restarting after a break - calenders and 100 chart

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jenmar30 wrote:We started MFWK in July.. Last week we went on vacation so we haven't had school for about a week and half.. Should I have my daughter go back and fill in the august dates for the calender or just start with the September Calender? Also with the 100 chart, we are to day 12. We have bundled our 1st group of 10's so do we just get out the bundle everyday and know that is 10 and count from there or do we unbundle the 10 sticks and count them all.
hmmm..... knowing me, I'd probably fill in the August dates myself and point to them just to make sure my child knew those days happened. (sounds silly, but....)
then start with Sept. for "school time". It wouldn't take much time, and could be fun. I know most of own calendar time that year was done with pre made numbers and velcro and store bought stuff. My youngest daughter did calendar as part of wake up routine. sometimes we'd miss and it helped her to fill in the "missing" stuff.

I would try to not unbundle the 10, but to count the bundle by saying "10". It's a good question in my opinion. Part of learning to add numbers is not always starting back at 1 with the counting but starting from the first number...... if you did it the other way, it would take longer, but it's ok to do that but I would try to get the 10 group bundled so that it builds a foundation for regrouping with number bonds (math family facts) for a few years down the road.

P.S. There is nothing bad or wrong with unbundling them. Hopefully, as the year progress, the need will be less for it.
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Re: question about kindergarten calenders and 100 chart

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I would probably not worry about the calendar, but that's just me. I think either way would be fine. If I wanted August to be filled in, I would do as Crystal suggested, and fill it in myself and then just point out those days to the child, rather than having her fill them all in herself. Save a lot of time that way. :)

As far as the bundle of 10 goes - I would unbundle if you need to, but try not to. With my son, for the first few days after we'd made a bundle of 10, I would hold up the bundle and ask, "How many is this?" And he would have. no. idea. So, I'd unbundle and we'd count, and then I'd go over it again - so this is 10, and we have 2 more, so 10, 11, 12. Then, we'd do it again the next day. Finally, one day, I held up the bundle and said, "How many is this?" And he said, "I don't...wait - it's 10!" Ta-da! He got it from then on. So, do what you have to do, and rest assured she'll get it eventually. She may already get it, in which case, no unbundling is necessary, and you can just teach how to count on from 10.

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Re: question about kindergarten calenders and 100 chart

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We did MFWK last year. When we would miss the days on the calendar, my daughter would fill in the days. She likes to have everything in order and complete. It helped her a ton understand calendars, months, weeks, etc. I think it is pretty important to the learning process.

As far as the bundles of sticks, it took her three to four months to understand that a bundle of ten had ten sticks in it. We unbundled and rebundled daily for a LONG time! 8| I mean a LONG time! It really, really helped in the learning process to have her touch and feel each stick as we counted them out until she understood that the bundle represented 10.

Do what your son or daughter needs! If that means the bundles get unbundled everyday than so be it. If that means that each stick needs to be physically touched each day then the bundles get unbundled!

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Re: question about kindergarten calenders and 100 chart

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We have JUST gotten to the point of Little Britches "knowing" that 1 bundle of "ten" actually has ten in it...and that if you add that to a bundle of 5 you now have 15...but he has the hang of it now and is starting to be able to pick up counting wherever the bundles leave us!
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