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MFW-K- Number Cards

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lisabee wrote:So I was blog hopping the MFW Blog Roll back in August and I stumbled across someone who had made their own Number Cards to be used with the MFW-K program. They are super cute with a flower, grass and sky with the number. They have it as a free printable on their blog. I only printed off the first page of numbers (1-3) and FORGOT TO SAVE THE PRINTABLE for printing the rest of them!! Now I have NO IDEA where on earth I saw it--I have SOOOO many favorite blogs and I've checked the ones I THOUGHT might have had it. No luck.

So if anyone knows where I might find them again...I promise to love you forever! ;)
Yay! I found them!
If anyone is curious I discovered them on the Training them Up Blog--here is the post you can find the link to her download in: ... mfw-k.html
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Re: MFW-K- Number Cards...I saw them...and lost them...

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We cut up squares of card stock and wrote the numbers on, then counted out that number of beans. When we were done, the beans and the stack of cards went back in my little (not)Tupperware container.

I have to go check out the pretty number cards now...I'll be doing K again! :-)
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Re: MFW-K- Number Cards...I saw them...and lost them...

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Lisa, glad you found them again and glad they'll help you and your children in some way this year!

When I did K with my oldest three years ago, we did use plain old index cards with plain old handwritten numbers stored in a plain old Tupperware container. ;) And did it get the job done? Absolutely! That was the plan with my youngest, as well, but because she was getting her 6 and 9 and her 2 and 5 confused, I knew I needed something with a definite top and bottom to make it a little easier on her. (Just trying to help her build a little confidence.) And when you combine my Type A personality with my past life as a technology teacher, this is the kind of thing you get! ;)
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Re: MFW-K- Number Cards...I saw them...and lost them...

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tnsunshine3 wrote:Can anyone explain how the number cards are used? I have an older edition of MFW K and dont remember seeing anything about number cards in there.
Welcome along!

if you have an older manual, it is in there. This is actually a cross over between math and language arts. So the instructions are in the Yellow Phonics pages. Look at instructions for
day 2, routines, handwriting page, section "math"
then look at
"day 3 routines", step 4, Math page.

That's the number cups and number cards that we're talking about.

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Coin cup - more visual layout ?

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Post-It Notes helped us
Smoakhouse wrote:We just started doing the coin cup in Kindergarten and I would really like something more visual. Has anyone else come up with a more visual way to display the coins each day so its easier to see and count them? If so, do you have pictures? Thanks for your ideas.
Hi, Cheri -

I don't know if this will help, but we kept post-it notes and a crayon in the same bag as our change. Each day, we would take out the money, count the pennies, being careful to place them on the right side of the post-it note. Then we would add a penny, take out a new post-it note, and write down the new amount.

When we reached 10-cents (we didn't use nickels until 1st), we would count the dimes first, place them on the left side of the post-it, write the number of "10's"; then count the pennies, placing them on the right side. So....

(one dime over here) 15 (five pennies over here.) :-)

It provided a visual, and helped solidify how dimes are the same as the "tens" popsicle sticks we had been counting.

That's just one idea... :)
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Re: Coin cup - more visual layout ?

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My youngest dd has recently discovered a cool part of starfall math. You have to watch the 100 fingers screen, and then it goes to a coin cup game... you put in 1 penny at a time, until it reaches 10.. then it converts to a dime... eventually to a dollar. doesn't do the nickels that I've seen... ... nt-100&y=1

it goes slow and you have to click for each penny. but she likes it and all of a sudden she gets it.. (I never know with this youngest... )

I remember when we did coin cup... I had snack size zip baggies on a bulletin board for our cup. and I also did a Kangaroo cup.. here ... =34#p47197
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Re: Coin cup - more visual layout ?

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I like that you left the nickel out at first. I can see how that would make it easier to see the place value.

Crystal, the zip lock bag is a good idea too. It is at least see through.

I'm contemplating getting play money and adding velcro dots to attach to a velcro strip.
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Question about the 100 Chart in Kindergarten

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kewkew34 wrote:Yep, just a quick question.
Why are we supposed to wait until day 1 of Unit 1 to start with the 100 chart?
I would like to start on the first day of school so when we get to the 100th day it will actually be the 100th day of school. Is there a problem with this??
I wouldn't think so, and I can not think of any reason why not to do it.

Marie tends to ease into school at the beginning of the school year in the TMs that I have used. It may be that the 100 chart starting later is a part of the easing in.

If you want to start it on day 1 I would say go ahead and do so.
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