Badges - Ideas for wearing them and alternatives

If you are using God's Creation From A to Z, please share your ideas with us.
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Badges - Ideas for wearing them and alternatives

Unread post by Marie »

Please share your ideas for badges in My Father's World From A to Z.

Note: MFW Kindergarten badge activities have gone through three stages:

1. The original manual suggested making badges, generating LOTS of posts in the ideas forum, many of which are saved below and might still be useful for some families.

2. For a few years, the MFW-K instructions were to use the "premade badges" in the student sheets, which were in the shape of calling cards.

3. Currently (2012), the MFW-K instructions include using the "premade badges" as flashcards, and there are also templates or "badge patterns" in the student sheets.
Some ideas regarding these new materials are further down in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=9562&p=58220#p65422

Therefore, the ideas in this thread are not required but may be useful for families who want to use the new badges in creative ways, as well as for families still using their older edition K manuals.

More ideas may be found in other archives:
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Unread post by Julie - Staff »

Patterns for Badges
Posted by Lindsay » Thu Jul 08, 2004 9:44 am
If you are needing some help in finding patterns for the badges, the following resources had about 3/4 of what was needed for MFW -K:

* Animal Patterns by Jean Warren, Warren Publishing House, Inc.

* Nothing but... Patterns Credited and Illustrated by Karen Sevaly

I was able to get these at my library.

Scrapbook idea
Posted by zoinks » Sat Sep 18, 2004 10:33 pm
I found my just turned 6yr ds did NOT want to wear the badge, but was VERY interested in creating it. So, we are creating a scrapbook instead. The first pages are the creation story, then each week he is creating a scrapbook page to add to his book with the badge on one side and the theme with a bible verse on the other side. This has allowed him to have ownership of the message without the embarrassment of the badge. He does love to "read" his book to anyone who comes over. It is amazing how the theme has stuck with him.

Just a suggestion in case you are doing this with an older Kindergartener.
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K Badges

Unread post by Lisa B »

Posted by Lisa B » Sat Aug 07, 2004 11:54 pm
I have another idea for badges that I conceived while out shopping for school supplies. I purchased a pack of badge holders, which are vinyl pockets with a punched hole at the top into which a namecard or ID can be placed. Then I found a colorful lanyard-type cord with a clip on the end onto which the badge holder can attach. On a slip of manila paper which fits into the badge holder, my kindergartener will draw the symbol of the week on one side and I will write the Biblical concept on the other.

She can wear the badge around her neck. And guess what--the badge holder size is the same size as a sports card or business card, so I will get a 3-holed sports card holder/organizer to fit into her notebook and file the old badges away there. I'm so excited about this idea--I hope it helps someone else!


Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 1:05 am
I bought my daughter a clear name badge holder attached to a lanyard that she wears around her neck. I'll write the Bible truth on one side of a slip of paper and a simple drawing on the other, and insert it into the name badge.

When it's time to make a new badge, I take the old one out and put it into a clear sports card holder that fits into her "Kindergarten Notebook": a 3 ring binder.

This seems to be an easy way to organize the badges!
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An alternative to the unit badge --

Unread post by ls22221 »

Since we live in the country, stay home most days, and have an only child, the idea of wearing the badge with the week's unit theme and statement was not useful.

We have chosen to make craft foam mini-banners to hang with mini-clothes pins from a string across my son's bedroom ceiling! The banners are roughly 4x6" and have a white foam strip to write the unit's statement at the bottom with the animal/thing that God made from other colors of craft foam - all glued on with kids' glue stick. We are half-way through the year and haven't had any pieces falling yet. My son loves to look at them, count them, recite the statements, think ahead to what we'll do next.... It's a hit here!
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Memory Quilt instead of Badges

Unread post by Marsi »

Instead of making badges every week, we decided to make a memory quilt. Each week, we paint the object of the week onto a 6x6 square of muslin fabric with acrylic paints mixed with textile medium (buy at craft store). I help my daugter to draw an outline of the leaf or kangaroo or whatever we are learning about, and then I help her paint it. She almost always looks at a picture from a book, or the actual real object (such as a leaf) while painting (observation skills!). She chooses the colors, and we use VERY tiny paintbrushes, to minimize "coloring outside the lines." After it dries, we iron it to set the paint, and use a fabric pen to write the words to remember on it. In June, when we finish, we are going to put it all together, and hang it on the wall as a keepsake. I've noticed her fine motor skills have greatly increased with this painting activity over the year. I would recommend using 8x8 squares, as that gives more room for sewing it together at the end of the year. Ours is going to be a tight squeeze.
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For those who have trouble with badges, here's another idea.

Unread post by semushlich »

I shared this with someone else and it was recommended I post here, so here it is!

We have the same problems as others do with the badges - they end up just creating mess and clutter. What we've done is to make each circle, and then glued them onto a sheet of paper on the wall to make a caterpillar or worm, which gets longer with each unit we do.

I started out by making a circle with eyes and feelers which I pasted onto the paper as the caterpillar's head. Now each "badge" we glue on overlaps the circle before, creating a "caterpillar". I add legs each time, too. So as we learn and grow, our caterpillar grows too.

Hope this helps someone!
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Badges - Many ideas

Unread post by mamaofredheads »

sandi wrote:I am currently using MFWK with my soon to be 6yr. old. What did some of you do for badges? How did you make them? Thanks,
I bought a couple of badges from Michaels. They are plastic & come apart. You insert your "badge" inside and put it back together to wear it. It has a pin on the back. We would change it out each week & put the previous week's badge on the bulletin board. I used my Creative Memories circle template and cut out circles for the whole year at one time & filed them in the weekly files. As I found stickers, etc. I dropped them down in each file. We loved it! :)

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Unread post by kellybell »

We made a neckace with some cheap plastic beads on the cord. It's got an ID badge holder so we made cards that size (the back of a business card is perfect).

Postby kellybell » Mon Mar 19, 2007 9:20 pm
Oh, I just had an idea (a very rare occurrence these days, so I'm pretty excited about that).

One reason the kids do badges is so that store clerks, bus drivers, neighbors, etc. will ask about them. I cannot think of another way to get so much exposure.

However, the ideas people have thrown out have limited "visibility." Not many people outside of the immediate family will see the notebook, card collection, etc. (although they are great ideas and worth doing).

I was trying to think of something that had even a little "outreach" built in. Why not make notecards or stationery? I could see cute little notecards that had "Even the octopus praises the LORD" written on them with kindergarten-style artwork. Then the family can use these cards to send thank yous, welcome to the neighborhood, birthday cards, etc. They won't get the "outreach" of the badges BUT if a kid doesn't want to wear a badge, then the badges are hidden anyway.

Too bad we're done with kindergarten. We might have to make some cards like that anyway!

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Unread post by Winkie »

my ds really wasn't interested in wearing a badge. so i got blank business cards at an office supply store (like you would print out from a computer). i would write the words across the top & then he would draw a picture of that week's topic below. then we put them in page protectors made for business cards - i think it holds 10 to a page. i was saving all his work in page protectors in a 3 ring binder anyway, so the badges went in the front.
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Unread post by niki »

Wow, you guys are great. Maybe since I have olders who always want to be doing the little one's projects, they could make the cards while the little one's make a "badge" - you guys are so great, these ideas are superb! I need to print off these posts! :)

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Unread post by MJ in IL »

What I did for badges was cut out a simple shape from construction paper, write the character/Bible info for that letter on the back and laminate them. We taped them on the refrigerator, sometimes used them for flashcards or played matching games with the letters. I got a lot of the animal shapes from animal stencil book that we had (Dover. I think).

I never thought about wearing them. I guess I'm a bit slow:) This is making me want to do K again! 2 more years....
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Unread post by TurnOurHearts »

I decided to draw each unit's theme & "timeless truth" on a piece of foam paper. I had picked up a pack of multi-colored foam at the dollar store, and now I had a reason to use it! ;)

After we draw the picture, we cut it out & punch a hole in it somewhere. To decrease clutter, and because my daughter is not interested in wearing them out, we keep them all on one necklace-length string in our classroom. When we go to review, they are all together and they have a neat place to be kept.

Probably my #1 reason for doing it this way though was for sentimentality! I plan to use all the badges on the Christmas tree for years to come. A little bit of ribbon & a hook, and I have precious memories to hang on our tree!

Oh! And I just had an idea!!! Since there are 26 units, we may use this as an advent thing...Begin on the last day of November, choose 1 out of the stack, look up the scripture verse we chose to reference on the badge, and then hang that one on the tree!!! Hmmm....I think I like it!

Anyway, I hope this helps. :)

Paige in NC

Here's a picture of our last two badges:
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Unread post by Erna »

I was thinking that another neat idea could be to turn the badges into fridge magnets. I haven't done this but am thinking of it. For now, my daughter likes having her badge as a "necklace." I think the fridge magnets would be great because our fridge operates as our bulletin board for artwork, etc.
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K badges

Unread post by hollybygolly »

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2007 8:48 am

I'm making an extra badge each lesson (because ours are demolished within a few days) and posting them on a bulletin board on the twins bedroom door. Eventually they'll be taken down and scrapbooked/put in a photo album with pics. of the girls doing kindergarten. I'm sure there are a ton of great ideas that I haven't thought of yet...hope that helps!!
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K badges

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2007 11:38 am

We made two, too. :-) Actually I made one and dd made one. I posted all of the alphabet flashcards around the room like a wallpaper border, then we stapled the appropriate badge under each letter as we finished each lesson. It looks so cute, and they are such great character trait lessons that we're leaving them up for first grade. Her badges went in the scrap book.
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K badges

Unread post by StarrMama »

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 12:10 am

My son did NOT want to wear a badge, so we glued it to a board (like our 2nd grader's Adventures memory verse board) and it's displayed in the basement (our home school area). I wrote the date, S,s Sun and Jesus is the light of the world on the badge in small letters.
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K badges

Unread post by LizCT »

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 6:16 pm

What I am doing is a shape on cardstock, writing on both sides as instructed, and then laminating the badge & punching a hole in the top for a bit of yarn to wear around the neck. This way, even though they are getting use, they are staying very nice.

I had purchased an inexpensive hot/cold laminating machine at the start of the year at Sam's Club. This is working out very well and my dd loves her badges. In fact, today the older dd who is doing adventures announced that she wants badges each week too for her topics. I really should have seen that coming.....

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Unread post by sarajoy »

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2008 12:25 pm

I cut blank 3x5 cards in half and let my kids draw a picture for the unit. I wrote the words to remember in pen on the back of the 3x5 card after they drew their picture. These fit great in plastic name tag badges I found at Staples or Office Max. They wore these, on a piece of yarn, for the unit or hung them on the door knob to their door. When we were done with that unit the card stored easily in the "baseball card" sheet protectors for their binders. It was simple, didn't require me to be too artsy and made a neat way to keep them with out them being too much.

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Unread post by Laura D. »

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2008 8:04 pm

I used a lot of die-cuts and stickers from the scrapbook store. I also searched online for free, printable pictures. I found a die-cut sun for the sun and a die-cut moon for the moon. I put the moon on black paper and wrote the words with a white scrapbooking marker - that one looked really neat. If you have a big scrapbook store, they may offer session times during which you can use their die-cut machines and get exactly what you need. You could copy a real leaf on a copy machine for "leaf" week and then have your child color it. You could copy a picture out of the book (or books) you get from the library for that week. I know my daughter's favorite ones were the ones that were made from construction paper. I cut out "pieces" of the theme, like a black body, red wings, a black head, black dots, black legs from colored paper for the "insect" (a ladybug) week and she glued the pieces together on a 4 x 6 piece of construction paper to make the insects on the badge. She glued together three black ovals and little black legs to make an ant, etc. I used a mini, 4 x 6 brag-book album I bought at the dollar store for her badges. She carried it everywhere and showed anyone who look at it! Hope some of those ideas spur your creativity!

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Unread post by LoveBaby »

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2008 1:32 pm

we use die-cuts and stickers from my overflowing scrapbooking supplies (might as well use them for school, since i'm sure not getting any albums done! LOL)

i used triangles, wrote the words to remember on the bottom, let my k'er decorate it w/ the stickers/die-cuts/drawings and then when the week is over we attach it to the bottom of our ABC flashcards that we have hanging on the wall!

it makes it really easy when we do a review each week of the different letter sounds and our words to remember to have them stuck right w/ the letter they correspond with!
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Alternative to badges

Unread post by johanna »

I am on my third round of MFW K with dd5 and we have been doing what we like to call: "Kindergaten Keeper Folders" with this curriculum. My dc just adore them and they always pull them out to remember what their K year looked like...and also to remember the precious bible/character/science lessons we learned.

After each unit, we take all our pictures, our badge, our little booklets, our little paper crafts (that I add from sites like "enchanted learning", and our bible verse and we simple tape them into the File folder (these are sorta likelapbooks....simplified and easy!)

Its that simple, yet is so much better for us than then the badges (or just a place to glue our badges to save them forever). This way we can punch holes in our folders and savor them in a binder to show friends and family!
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MFW K Badge resource

Unread post by Buttercup78 »

I am making badges by printing out 2" circles and using badges bought at the craft store that open up to put the picture in. I found the majority of the pictures I needed on this site.
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Re: Can someone explain K badges?

Unread post by cbollin »

The idea is to be able to make a visual reminder of the theme of the lesson to help with memory work. I don't make necklace style badges, but instead make them as wall decorations. My youngest loves to read her badges. We keep them on the door heading to the basement. It's in our kitchen. Great and easy way to review lessons all day too.

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Re: Can someone explain K badges?

Unread post by momofsix »

My dc usually liked to keep the badges in a 4x6 file box for a time so they can take them out and look at them or wear them again, etc.

By the end of the year I took the yarn off all the badges & taped them to 8 1/2 x 11" paper, then inserted the pages in clear page protectors to be kept in an art notebook (3 ring binder with all drawings, projects, etc. we wanted to save).
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Re: Can someone explain K badges?

Unread post by momto6 »

We are not very skilled at drawing around here so this is what I did:
1.I made a file in my word processor titled "words to remember"
2. then my son and I would find clip art to go with each weeks lesson (word has a bunch of clip art with the letter and the same pic as we needed...praise God!)
3. we used a text box to put the words on the picture
4. we printed them out on cardstock...we may not draw, but we do scrapbook :-)
5. sometimes he wore them, sometimes not
6. I have a medium bulletin board just for the badges, where they still are to this day...we are starting Adventures soon...maybe I should take it down? NAH!!!

HTH and was not too long ;)
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