Combining CTG & 1st

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Combining CTG & 1st

Unread post by Jenn in NC »

Posted: Fri May 30, 2008 2:18 pm
We are finishing up CTG right now (wk 33), and I am doing 1st with my 6yo at the same time. He is only about halfway through the program though, so we will continue on with 1st at his pace into next year sometime, alongside RTR.

It all works out really well! We have had a great year. But I suspect you want info that is a little more specific than that. Was there some aspect in particular you would like to hear about? If you just give me a blank check like "Tell me about your year," you are liable to end up with a very long book. ;)

Toni@homezcool4us wrote:Those who have taught CTG and 1st together... Did you teach both sciences? If so, did you schedule science at the same time for both levels? How did it work out? TIA.
Posted Wed Aug 27, 2008 6:51 am by Jenn in NC
We just did that combination last year. I found it very difficult to fit in both sciences in a regular week, but they are both so good that I hated to miss any of it! We ended up doing some of the 1st grade science on Friday's (or on the weekend with Dad -- that was fun.) But we weren't able to finish all of it by the end of the regular school year. We decided to finish up over the summer.

It actually makes a good summertime activity.

Just what we did. CTG is a wonderful year, hope you enjoy it as much as we did :)
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Unread post by Valerie »

Posted: Sat May 31, 2008 10:19 am
We are just finishing up 1st and CtG. My advice with doing two programs at once is don't rush through the material too fast just to stay "on schedule".

Spend most of your time with the younger child and make sure they learn and understand how to read. Be sure to explain to the older children that you will be spending more time teaching the younger how to read and how important it is. Depending on the age, maybe the older children could help you out by reading to or listening to the younger one.
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Unread post by dhudson »

Posted: Sat May 31, 2008 8:31 pm
In the '06/07 school year I did 1st with my twins and CTG with my oldest and it was one of my favorite years! I loved that they were all learning the Old Testament though on a different schedule at times, but it allowed us to be on a very similar timetable. My little ones joined in on all the feasts and festivals and my oldest enjoyed hearing the twins read their Bible Reader.

I thought it was a very doable year and would encourage you to do as many of the feasts, sabbath and festivals as possible and allow the younger children to join in, they'll remember more.

My kids still like to celebrate Sabbath every so often and we helped others celebrate Passover this year because of all the things we learned the year before. Oh and "Celebrating Biblical Feasts" has one of the best bread recipes I've found! We use it all the time now!
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Teaching MFW1 and CTG -- Your Experience?

Unread post by kellybell »

Ariasarias wrote:I was just wondering if anyone could share how they taught MFW1 and CTG together.
What worked well together? or overlapped really well?
Were you able to do both sciences or did you just focus on one?
Any insights would be very greatly appreciated!!! :)
Nicole :)
MFW1 and CTG work GREAT together. Both are heavy on Bible and doing the CTG activities (feasts, etc.) enhanced MFW1 a lot. Sometimes, of course, the timing would be less than perfect but you'd just tell the "early" student(s) that this activity is a preview to a lesson coming up (or the late student that this is a review of what he did last month.) K and ECC fit together but MFW1 and CTG REALLY fit together.

We did focus just on Genesis for Kids instead of doubling up on science.
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MFW 1st, CTG, summer, help???

Unread post by mamacastle2 »

RB wrote:We are currently at Day 49 of 1st grade with my youngest. Learning to read has been a thorn in his side this year. We've been using MFW 1st for a few months and he's just beginning to read with a small amount of fluency. Praise God!!!

I'm thinking that completely stopping for summer (we have 8 more school weeks left, then a 6-7 week break) might be a really bad idea. Right now my thought is to continue the reading lessons from MFW 1st with him 2-3 days/week in the summer.

Also, he is so excited about CtG and I think he will be ready to participate in alot of it next fall, even though he'll still be doing the end of 1st. He's always been able to listen to books way above grade level with great comprehension (just what happens when you're a toddler playing with toys in the homeschooling room) and he loves hands-on projects and such. I don't want to keep him from joining in CtG just because he's not quite done with 1st.

So my real question is what would you do about the Bible Notebook? He's working on the creation page right now, and will be scheduled to move to other pages. I'm a bit nervous because writing is even more of a struggle than reading for him.
I saw your post and wanted to chime in just to encourage you and let you know I'm saying a prayer for your decision. Sometimes being the mom and the teacher and the one in charge of curriculum is hard. I'm not a good decision-maker (especially when pregnant and I've been pregnant 5 times in the past 8 years!!) and I know I just need to pray and pray and pray and pray.
RB wrote:Option 1: Keep up with the reading lessons as scheduled, including the blue book, bible reader, and bible notebook
Option 2: Keep up with the blue book and bible reader, but save the bible notebook to use with him next year during CtG. Has anyone done this?
We have done pretty much option 1 this year, but instead of CtG, we've used ECC. My 1st grader did phonics instruction, handwriting practice, his own math, and then the Bible reader & notebook. Then he sat in on all the parts of ECC and we worked together as much as he wanted to. I made the Bible notebook more about Bible and art than about writing. Once it gets to that part (which is several weeks away if you have only just begun; at first it is just copying the title), I let my son narrate one or two sentences to me, I edited them with him then wrote them down, then he copied them. If he had had issues with writing, I probably would have gone ahead and wrote the narration for him, too. But my ds was okay with writing. Anyway, then we thought about what would be a cool thing to draw for that story (adding crafty items as they fit, i.e., cotton ball clouds, clothes on the stick figures cut out with spare cloth, etc.) and then he drew the page for the day. He is very proud of his Bible notebook. We did it 3 times a week and just finished it 2 weeks ago.

Honestly, all of his 1st grade stuff including the Bible notebook and reader, math, etc. only took us 1/2 hour to 1 hour every day. It was not time consuming and was doable for our family. I am glad I didn't skip out on the Bible notebook because it really is a great Bible resource for a 1st grader and a great keepsake, too. If I were you and really wanted to do it, I would definitely make it more about learning Bible stories and discussing the stories than about the writing or reading if that stresses your ds. You can have him narrate and then write it down for him, have him copy it, or brainstorm together for the narration. It'll be a fun thing for your ds if you can make it un-stressful. However, if you just can't see finding the time to do it or it stresses you out, then I would drop it. It's not worth it if it's going to make you or your ds crazy! :)
RB wrote:Also, how do you know if it's time to have a child tested for learning delays, as opposed to chalking it up to being a wiggly, distractible, strong-willed little boy?
Wish I could help you more on this one. I haven't had any issues in my own family, but have known several friends whose children have been late readers and writers. A friend of mine was still reading pretty much everything aloud for her 8yo dd because her dd just couldn't get the reading thing. But then she turned 9 and voila, she got it. As homeschoolers, we can speed up or slow down to meet our kids' needs without calling them gifted or learning disabled. But then again, some serious diagnoses can be helped with therapy so you wouldn't want to miss out on that. Another decision for mom and dad. Saying a prayer right now for wisdom in this decision also...

Hope this helps. Wishing you insight and wisdom as you ponder all these decisions.
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Re: MFW 1st, CTG, summer, help???

Unread post by Julie in MN »

I think you can encourage your little guy that he will officially be in CTG next year -- he will just have his own language arts and math at his own level, just like everyone else. He can use MFW-1 for that. He can use it for as long as he needs. He may be doing his Bible notebook for language arts, or maybe you'll adapt in some of the ways Jeanne suggested.

Also, I wouldn't put too much effort into matching up the Bible notebook stories with CTG. He'll probably want a CTG notebook, too, with a few things in there that match the other kids. If it works out, you could insert Bible notebook pages into the CTG binder. But if it doesn't, it will all be good review & reinforcement. I'd put the learning to read first in terms of using the MFW-1st materials for that primarily, and let the rest sort-of fall into place as God has planned.

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Re: MFW 1st, CTG, summer, help???

Unread post by jasntas »

I think I would continue with 1st through the summer but only 2 or maybe 3 days a week. I would take maybe a week long break after the official school year is over and take breaks for vacations, etc. And maybe take the week off before starting again in the fall but keep the momentum going. Just not at full speed. I would probably have your other dc continue with their LA and math as well in the same manner. Not only so the younger one doesn't feel like he's being punished or something but also to keep the other ones from loosing any ground as well. This is what we do.

With the writing, I might suggest to take it slow and maybe extend it over a longer period. Instead of doing the writing all in one day, do it in 2 or more days in small chunks. If he still struggles maybe you could write it and have your ds copy it. Or even have him trace over what you have written. At least for a while. You could just experiment and see what works.

As far as testing for learning delays, I don't know if I would worry too much about that at this stage. As mamacastle2 was saying, some kids just don't catch on as quickly. Not to mention you recently started 1st over again a few months ago. I think that if he continues to struggle and doesn't seem to be making any improvement even into 2nd then I would probably look into it. But if you feel strongly about it now you could start researching and asking questions now. I'm no expert so I don't really know what to tell you there.

HTH at least a little.
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Re: MFW 1st, CTG, summer, help???

Unread post by cbollin »

are you doing the games in the reading section? worth asking? what about something like
RB wrote:Also, how do you know if it's time to have a child tested for learning delays, as opposed to chalking it up to being a wiggly, distractible, strong-willed little boy?
He might be just on the "late side of normal". So don't get too worried. just because I feel like talking....this is very general experience about testing/labeling/ but not a solution to your situation

1. Labels and testing can be useful to help you find out what to do and what works. If you have a child who is struggling to read, it could be anything from the fact that he is just on the "late side of normal", or needs eye glasses, or other vision issues, or might have other stuff going on.
Never overlook the obvious. Have you checked his vision both for need for glasses and/or developmental vision?

2. Keep records for 3-6 months and look for changes. Begin researching on teaching methods for common roadblocks and try using techniques for that roadblock. Some kids might benefit from a tweak in a teaching technique. That is one way to speed up or slow down to meet kids without going through the formal diagnosis.

3. at pre school age -- basically, if you notice that they aren't like other kids the same age -- make notes and ask the doctor. Ask for an in office screening if something just doesn't seem right. I knew my youngest lost language skills from age 12 months through 16 months. This was not because other things were developing such as running or something. But they were able to make notes on her chart and we got speech and OT started very quickly. ugh. I remember those days and shudder. we were doing full speech and sensory stuff. and shudder.......

hang in there (((hugs)))

remember too -- one of Marie and David Hazell's sons was a late reader. That son graduates college in a few weeks. I think with dual degrees or something. Here's an oldie but goodie post from David Hazell:
maybe something in there would help.

You know... you might use the notebook paper from 1st grade for some of those CTG "free style" summaries.
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Re: MFW 1st, CTG, summer, help???

Unread post by RB »

Thanks for the prayers and wisdom!
I appreciate the advice to make learning to read the first priority, and use the bible notebook according the the 1st grade plan. I wanted an excuse to postpone it :~ but it seems like using it with some flexibility (such as helping him a bit more than I needed to with dd 2 years ago or stretching it out) is a good approach.

I like the plan of "officially" letting him do CtG as a 2nd grader but using 1st for his language arts for the first part of the year. I think he'll like that, too, and it would be a shame to hold him back in the areas he's excited about.

I really took mental notes today while teaching, and my mommy intuition says that the issues ds is having are more about focus, attitude and personality. We had a big struggle in the morning (25 minutes spent just trying to get him to do his best on the Bible reader with no success). I ended up sending him to play for awhile, finished school with the girls, and then tried again and he read very well in just a few minutes. At that time there were no distractions (sisters and dog were outside) and the house was completely quiet and he was motivated by wanting to go outside, too.
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Re: MFW 1st, CTG, summer, help???

Unread post by cbollin »

Sounds to me he is just easily distracted and needs to have quiet while getting focused instruction.

you might check out Melinda Boring's website (she's a speech pathologist, homeschooling veteran of 2 graduates and one in high school, 2 of the 3 kids have all kinds of sensory issues, and her husband has adult add.)

You might re-read a section of David Hazell's "advice when kids hit a plateau in reading".
david wrote:Have Dad entertain all the kids when he gets home so you can isolate the slow learner with a one-on-one uninterrupted time in the evening for a final review or possibly teaching phonics entirely at that time. (That is what we had to do with our 3rd child who seemed like he would never learn to read at age 7. He not only learned to read but is among our best with academic scholarships to a major university. He also doubled his curriculum in High School and had enough credits to graduate by age 16. He is dually enrolled in College and will enter next year with 28 or more college credits toward his major.)

You see sometimes it is patience not frustration that wins the battle.
and that hazell kid graduates college in just a few short weeks. ;)

it's a blessing knowing that even the MFW authors have kids with some struggles and problems and don't hide that from us. One of their other kids even had some vision issues. David says he has some reading disabilities himself. (I heard that phrase on one of his workshop cd's and thought, what? is he kidding? No) isn't it nice to know that even with imperfect bodies and all of that -- we can still homeschool, and that others ahead of us have been there, done that? it's real world.
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Re: MFW 1st, CTG, summer, help???

Unread post by RB »

cbollin wrote:Sounds to me he is just easily distracted and needs to have quiet while getting focused instruction.
I think you're right, and this might be a key element for him. We're going to try a schedule tweak today and save the phonics lesson for a time when the sisters are on break and there are no distractions or interruptions.
Boy, it's a blessing to toss around ideas on this board!
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Timelines - 1st Grade and CtG - a ?

Unread post by jasntas »

MelissaM wrote:Are the timeline pieces for 1st grade and CtG the same? Anyone know? In my effort to streamline, I'm still picking and choosing what from the 1st grade package to do. We'll be starting the timeline in a couple of days. BUT - we'll be starting CtG in Dec or Jan, and if the timelines are the same, I will just wait and do it then, lined up with CtG work.

If anyone knows if the pieces are the same, it would really help me out. Or, I guess I could open the CtG student sheets, but I'd just really rather not until I have to so they stay nice and neat. TIA!
They are a little different and CTG has more pieces. I think the difference with the ones that are the same is that CTG includes dates. HTH
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Re: Timelines - 1st Grade and CtG - a ?

Unread post by Poohbee »

Hi! We're doing CTG and 1st this year, too. As Tammie said, there are some extra pieces in the CTG timeline, but otherwise, the timeline pieces are the same. The timeline pieces are introduced earlier in CTG. However, as my 1st grader sits in on CTG Bible time with us, she wanted to do her timeline pieces when big sister was doing them. So, I had my first grader color hers and add them to the timeline when the story was introduced in CTG and my oldest dd was doing hers. They both like to color their own timeline pieces, so we are using one timeline, but my 5th grader puts her timeline pieces above the timeline, while my 1st grader puts hers below the timeline. I'll have to try to post a picture sometime. It is working well for us to do it this way.

I know what you're saying about streamlining. It would just be too much for me to do everything for both programs. So, I decided to skip the science in 1st grade, and my 1st grader joins us for the science in Genesis for Kids. Those experiments work well for both age levels. I also opted to skip Drawing With Children this time around. I did that book with my eldest when she did 1st grade. This time, I decided to go with an art book from Barry Stebbing (How Great Thou Art ministries) for my 1st grader. I had purchased the Baby Lambs book several years ago but never used it. We are using the drawing portions of that, and then I will probably have her start on portions of I Can Do All Things (which I have from doing ADV). These 2 art programs are fairly independent. I just have to get my 1st grader started by helping her read the directions and then she does the assignment.

Otherwise, I pretty much do everything else in the 1st grade program. It has streamlined it a bit to skip the art and science in the 1st grade program.
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Streamlining CTG and !st grade

Unread post by DS4home »

mr.hickswife wrote:We are using ECC and K this year and really like it. We like it enough that we have already purchased CTG & 1st grade for the fall. As I'm glancing through the TM's and see all the wonderful things we get to explore together, and I'm noticing some similarities. Week 2 of CTG has you making a Jewish Calendar while Day 2 of 1st grade also has you make a Jewish calendar. Week 3 of CTG has you a draw a Bible Lands map and 1st grade has a simpler form on Day 31.

In the overview of pages of the CTG TM the History section even had a blurb about some of the activities being repeated from 1st grade.

So all that being said, I'm excited that they are similar and see this as a bonus, except the timing is completely off. Any suggestions on how to get them on track together???? And is there a list somewhere of all the similar items????

Things I've thought of:
1. Completely reconstructing the curriculums. My least favorite option.
2. Starting 1st grade reading - but not the Bible, science, math, etc - now(ish) with my advanced kindergartner. Then have her start the Bible reader (Day 39) when we start the CTG. She is already reading short and long vowel words well, and is comfortable in handwriting. This seems like a really great option. Although I'm not really sure it would work ???
4. Do the similar activities separate at the different times and levels of the kids. While this sounds reasonable, we really like to do things together…. especially Bible stuff!!

Thank you in advance for any help, tips, suggestion, or encouragement :)
I would tend to do the activities with everyone as they show up in the TMs. Then later when I see something repeat, like the Israel map in the first grade TM, I would just automatically check it off as being done and not actually redu it with the child. Without doing the work of going through both manuals with a fine tooth comb ahead of time... that's probably the way I would approach it. Since you have the heads up ahead of time on a couple of things, I would consider when would make the most sense to do that activity and cross it out in the other TM. But then, I am kind of a wing-it type of person ;)

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Re: Streamlining CTG and !st grade

Unread post by Poohbee »

We are doing CTG and 1st together this year, and we just do things as they appear in the curriculum. Both girls do CTG Bible together, so my 1st grader is hearing the Bible stories before actually doing them in her 1st grade curriculum. However, in CTG, we go more in depth, so I think at some point very soon, in 1st grade we may catch up to and pass by where we are at with the Bible stories in CTG.

As Dawn said, we do things together when they come up in the curriculum, and then if the 1st grader is scheduled to do those things later, I usually just review with her and say, "Remember when we did such and such?"

I'm finding that even though my 1st grader has already heard the Bible stories as we do the Bible time for CTG, when we get to them in her 1st grade curriculum, the stories are a repeat for her, but they are a good review. After having read the story in CTG, then later, I read the story to her from the 1st grade TM, and then she reads it in the Bible Reader, and she does her Bible notebook, my 1st grader thoroughly knows those stories! And, it's great for her to know the Bible stories so well!

I loved how ECC and K topics fit so well together! And, CTG and 1st are the same way! The timing is a bit off, but it still works very well, because the topics and some of the activities are the same, even if the timing does not work out so that they are perfectly together. It still works very well!
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1st grade and Creation to Greeks

Unread post by 4Truth »

karlafoisy wrote:I am looking over next year's curriculum for both my 1st graders and my 5th graders (CtG). It looks like alot of their Bible will be similar. Is that correct or is it just temporarily for the first few weeks I looked through. They both start with creation, they both will be drawing and summarizing Bible history and both will do a timeline. I'm wondering if anyone has done both of these grades at the same time and if it is possible to do it together?
Oh yes, you can do them together, but they're not a "perfect" match because 1st grade does a full Bible overview. Okay, not "full" -- it primarily covers the main Bible stories and uses the Bible reader as a "tool" for some of the reading, writing, and notebooking/illustration lessons, but it does go all the way through the Bible (hitting the highlights). CTG covers ONLY the Old Testament, which is part of ancient history (approximately 4000 years there!), as the New Testament is studied more in-depth the following year in Rome to Reformation after Christ came and the Church was being established. The history of Ancient Rome is a significant part of the New Testament/church era, which is why Rome is studied at the beginning of RTR and not during CTG. CTG stops with the Greek era, between the Old and New Testament periods.

There will sometimes be a science lesson tied in with those 1st grade Bible lessons, but if you're doing 1st and CTG simultaneously, you can pick and choose which activities to do from either science or history/Bible related activities in which program. Don't try to do it ALL, and don't worry about trying to line them up to match perfectly. The primary focus in 1st grade (when doing it simultaneously with an older program) should be on the "overview", combined with the reading/language arts. Your 1st grader can still sit in on the assigned Bible readings from CTG, too... but wouldn't necessarily *have* to. That would be an independent family decision. Or, you may choose to do the Bible lessons from CTG as a family in the evenings instead of part of your "school" time. However you want to do it.

Here's a thread from the archives that might be helpful: Combining 1st grade with an Older Program.
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Re: 1st grade and Creation to Greeks

Unread post by asheslawson »

We did 1st & CTG together & they are a very nice fit. I had my dd do all of her 1st curriculum together with me. My son was in 5th as well & he worked independently wherever possible - but for all of the CTG read-alouds and bible memory work my dd sat in with us. I let her participate as much as she wanted - she especially loved the readers & some of the other activities - but I let her have busy work in case she needed to zone out a bit when it was more than she needed. Basically, she was in the room, but I allowed her to have play-doh, a book to color, a project she was working on, etc...when she wanted it. I expected her to sit quietly - and often, when I thought she was absorbed in her project, she'd interject with a great question on what we were reading. Enjoy - I thought those two curriculums fit together beautifully.
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Placement - Help! Please!!

Unread post by TriciaMR »

aecastleberry wrote:Last year we did ECC with my daughter and K with my son.

My daughter is really advanced - reading and writing in cursive at 3 - so I can't hold her back. The girl learns by reading and teaching herself if she is bored. However, my son is not advanced (not behind, just an average little active boy). He is still learning to read, and his attention span is not what his sister's is.

BUT...I really wanted to teach them together. We have a toddler running around, too, so the thought of teaching them together is so appealing. :)

Before we moved to MFW curriculum, I did a year of American History, learning the states and their capitals, etc. So Adventures would be a repeat for her.

I have already purchased the CTG curriculum for my daughter, and it looks perfect for her. I really thought that I could "lighten" it for my son, but I am not sure. I love the thought of both of them starting history from the beginning together (instead of him starting in the middle of the cycle next year).

However, I really want/need some experienced advice. Should I just do Adventures with my son next year to keep him more on his level, or should I bring him into CTG and modify it for him as we go?

Help!!! Pretty please!!
I would do CTG as you have planned. Do math and reading at your 6 yo's level. He can join in the Bible, History, Science and fun projects of CTG. I would focus on getting him to join in on the Bible and Science... The "history" part might be over his head, but remember, he'll repeat it in 5 years, so no big deal. It will be fine. I did CTG with my dd when she was in 4th and my twin boys were in K. We did math and reading at their level, and they sat in on Bible, History and Science - and they LOVED the feasts.

It will be fine. I wouldn't try to do two programs, especially with a little one running around.
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Re: Placement - Help! Please!!

Unread post by gratefulmom »

I totally agree with Trish. Math and reading are the nuts and bolts for a six year old, and he can just listen in on the rest and do only the activities that appeal to him or you.
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Re: Placement - Help! Please!!

Unread post by aecastleberry »

Thank you, Trish and Deborah!

Your responses were so helpful. I was honestly just trying to convince myself to suffer through a year of back and forth and back and forth running between curriculums, but now I am just going to go with CTG. Surely he will have a "full" year by doing as much as he can with his older sister.

Thanks again! Blessings!
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CtG with a first grade tag-along

Unread post by klewfor3 »

Kelly Marie wrote:We are looking ahead to CtG and I will have a fourth grader and a first grader tag-along. She hasn't really engaged in many of the ECC things. So I'm wondering how CtG is going to work for her. I need some suggestions for helping her stay interested. Any thoughts?
Has anyone else tried to pare down information (i.e. Streams) for a younger kid?
We went through CTG last year with my 4th, 2nd, and kindergartener. We loved it (I REALLY did and which is nice so I was motivated to help the kids enjoy it ;) My kids often still look at school as just school :~ .) I didn't pare anything down for my 2nd grade dd but I did pause more often at different points during all the readings to explain things or to ask questions. That way she was able to understand things and really participate. On the other end, my kindergartener and I did her schoolwork and after that she just wanted to be in the room with us while I taught the other two. She played and painted and had time on the iPad.

I guess you'll be somewhere in between. Maybe let her participate in what portion she wants to but stay on course for your older?

As far as ideas to fill the time there are lots of coloring pages online, and websites like starfall and funbrain. I've also checked out library books that are at a 1st grade level and are on the same topic or close generally (ie Greek mythology).

I have found that 2nd grade is the best time to have my younger kids join the cycle. Although I am sure I'll be posting questions myself as my soon to be 2nd grader with be joining us next year for Exploration to 1850. I am going to have to use their supplement for 2nd. The thought of trying to include 3 different grades in the cycle is a little scary for me as I don't have an independent leaner yet :~ It'll be interesting!

I hope that helps. Enjoy CTG when you get there!
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Re: CtG with a first grade tag-along

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We're doing CTG now with 5th, 3rd, and 1st. The first grader is free to join in if something interests him, but to be honest it doesn't happen much for several reasons. I think the biggest one is just appropriate workload for that age. He already had to adjust to the increased work expectation from K to 1st. During K he probably spent an hour or so a day doing schoolwork, this year is more. Adding lots of CTG would overwork him. Another is just interest level- history doesn't hold his interest yet.

Here are the things he does sometimes join, most needing no adjustment for his younger age:
-Science in the Beginning is actually written to include this age level and some of the experiments have been interesting to him.
- Bible he will sometimes listen in.
- Art he has recently asked to join in.
- Music because if it's playing then everyone hears it!
- I almost forgot the feasts! It's easy for everyone to participate in those!

Hope some of that helps!
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Re: CtG with a first grade tag-along

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Since the majority of history in CTG is the Bible, those reading could be a fun family time to do together with dad in the evening, making your school-day reading shorter. We did the related activities in the evening as well, such as the 10 plagues with dad getting all the boils on him, and all of us sitting in the sukkoth tent together and drinking bubbly grape juice.

The hardest book, Streams, is for parents and older kids, to help see the historical accuracy of the Bible. Only small portions are read, sometimes just a map or a caption. It isn't meant for the little ones, and the parent can just summarize if needed, which is mentioned in the manual. Here's something from Marie on that:

With little ones around (like my grandson), I like to focus on the hands-on. Don't skip making hummus or playing senet or making a desert home out of clay, because even older kids will learn by hands-on, especially when the whole family is participating.

In addition to the great responses you've received so far, here are a few more CTG/1st experiences:

Enjoy the year. Your 1st grader will repeat this year, and your olders will get a very rich Old Testament/Ancients year in high school, so prioritize the activities together while you can !!
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Re: CtG with a first grade tag-along

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I'm planning to do exactly that, starting this fall, with my 5th and 1st grader.
I am coming from TWTM and SOTW, and wanting to start the history cycle with ancients. I will be using the SOTW audiobook in conjunction with CTG (I will just leave out the parts that I don't agree with!). I really hope my first grader can learn along with his big sister, and focus on his 3 Rs. :)
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